Chapter 33

Carly’s POV:


            Dressed in my white short shorts, gold strapped sandals, and a lavender full-sleeved crop top that showed my stomach, I was ready for tonight’s concert. Allstar Weekend was just about done performing, and I was waiting to go on. My hair was curled and make up done properly by Marissa and Carter, and all I needed to do was go on stage.


            I was a bit more nervous that usual. Kris had told me that tonight’s concert was full of surprises, and left it at that. So I was dying in suspense ever since she made that little announcement, wondering what in the world could be happening at tonight’s concert. I tried talking to Harry about it, but we only got to talk briefly before he had to leave since he had a meeting with Management. So yeah, that didn’t go well.


            So here I am, standing backstage as I wait for Allstar Weekend to finish their performance. When they finally did, returning backstage as they sweat, I took my black sparkly microphone from one of the stage producers and got into position.


            Three songs later, I found myself performing Who Says, which everyone loved more than the other songs. I guess it’s because of the message of the song, saying how everyone is beautiful inside and out. The fans cheered loudly and wave around their glow sticks, singing along to the song.


            “I’m no beauty queen, I’m just beautiful me,” I sang the verse right before the first chorus. “You’ve got every right to a beautiful life, come on!”


            But just when I was about to sing the chorus, another voice beat me to it. “Who says, who says you’re not perfect? Who says you’re not worth it? Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting?”


            The crowds’ screaming grew even louder if that was possible, and I spun around to see who that was. My brown eyes widened in shock when I saw the curly haired figure singing into the microphone, wearing Converse, his black jeans that hung low at his hips, and a black Ramones T-shirt. What in the world was he doing here?


            Harry walked over to me, singing the song as I stared at him in shock and everyone screamed louder. I finally snapped out of my days and brought the microphone up to my lips, singing along with him. “Trust me, that’s the price of beauty. Who says you’re not pretty? Who says you’re not beautiful, who says?”


            I grinned as Harry sent me a wink and we walked on either side of the stage as I sang the next verse. “It’s such a funny thing, how nothing’s funny when it’s you. You tell ‘em what you mean, but they keep whiting out the truth.”


            My smile widens as Harry sings the next verse in his beautiful, raspy voice. “It’s like a work of art that never gets to see the light. Keep you beneath the stars. Won’t let you touch the sky.”


            The two of us continued the song, singing in perfect harmony as the crowd cheered us on. When the song ended and the crowd clapped and screamed, I brought the microphone up to my lips. “Give it up for Harry Styles, every body!” I grin.


            The screaming grew louder and Harry strolled over to me, his long arms wrapping around my waist as he pulled me in for a hug, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. Flashes were going off like crazy and I smiled as we pulled away. Harry then went back stage, and then I continued the rest of the concert.


            When the concert is finally done and I say goodbye and goodnight to the fans, I run backstage to where I know Harry is. And when I see him, I tackle him in a huge hug, and he hugs me back tightly, not even stumbling at my attack.


            “What the hell are you doing here?” I ask, my face buried in his shoulder.


            “Thought I’d visit my girlfriend,” Harry’s lips curve up into a smirk as I pull away.


            I laugh as I pull him in, pressing my lips to his. He kissed my back immediately, biting my bottom lip. We stood there, backstage just simply making out. I then remembered where we were, and pulled away reluctantly.


            “I missed you,” Harry whispers, his lips brushing over mine ever so slightly.


            I give him a small smile, my arms still around his neck. “I missed you too.”


            It was true, even though it was only about two and a half weeks, I had missed Harry terribly. I had come to the conclusion that I can’t go more than a few days without him. I need his touch, and I need to see him. Or just simply hear his deep, raspy voice. And now that he’s here, it just feels right. I missed him.


            The two of us walked back into my dressing room, and Harry sat down on the couch as I looked for some comfortable clothes to wear. I walked into the small bathroom and changed out of my performance clothes and into short grey shorts, a dark blue tee, and put on a long black cardigan on top. Once I’m changed, I walk out and go towards where Harry was sitting on the couch and sit on his lap.


            Harry’s arms automatically wrap around my waist pulling me closer as my head rests under his chin, a sigh of content escaping my lips. “How long are you visiting for?” I ask him.


            “How does two weeks sound?” Harry’s voice speaks.


            My eyes widen as I lift my head up, my eyes locking with his sparkling green ones. “Seriously?” I ask, bewildered.


            Dimples form on the corner of his lips as he grins. “Yup.”


            A grin forms on my own lips as I cheer a little. “But don’t the boys need you or anything?”


            Harry shakes his head, curls falling above his eyes. “Not yet. In two weeks we’re flying out to Africa for some charity work for Red Nose, so that’s when I’m leaving.”


            I smile, pecking his lips. “You just made my night a hundred times better.”


            Harry smiles. “I’m glad.”


            After a few minutes, Harry and I left the arena. As we stepped outside to walk to the tour bus, flashes of lights blinded us. I inwardly groaned, knowing it was the paparazzi. Harry and I walk towards the bus as I keep my head down and a hand over my eyes, shielding me from the blinding lights. Harry opens the bus door for me as I step in and he follows, closing the door behind him.


            “Nice bus,” Harry grins, looking around.


            “Thanks,” I say. “Are your bags already here?” I ask him.


            Harry nods. “I put them under your bunk.”


            I smile. “Hope you don’t mind sharing a bunk with me.”


            Harry makes a ‘pfft’ sound. “I would never mind,” he says, leaning in and placing a soft kiss on my lips.


            “Ew, please, not in front of us,” Cameron’s teasing voice comes.


            Harry and I turn our heads to see the four boys of Allstar Weekend standing there. I roll my eyes, looking at Harry. “Last time we had to deal with your band mates. Now we have four other idiots to handle.”


            A laugh escapes Harry’s lips as the others glare at me. “You’re nice,” Nathan says sarcastically.


            “Aren’t I?” I grin widely.


            “But hey, I watched your guys’ performance. It was really good,” Harry grins at the boys.


            “Thanks,” Michael grins genuinely. “Means a lot, man.”


            Suddenly, I let out an involuntary small yawn, my hand covering my mouth. Harry chuckels from next to me. “Tired?” he asks.


            I nod, taking in a breath. “Yeah,” I mumble.


            “Come on, let’s get you to bed,” Harry says, and arm slinging around my waist.


            The others say something about staying down and playing video games, but I barely heard them because of my sudden urge to simply sleep. Walking to the room where the medium sized bunks were, I slide into mine, not bothering to change since I was wearing clothes that were comfortable enough to be my pajamas.


            Good thing the bunk was big enough to fit two people, or else Harry would have had to sleep on the couch. “I’m gonna go change real quick,” Harry tells me as I lay down.


            I nod absentmindedly, laying down on the bed. A few minutes later Harry appears, still in his white shirt from before but with pajama bottoms. He slides into the bunk, lifting the covers and then putting them down on both of our bodies. Harry turns so he’s facing me, his arms around my waist and his right leg on top of both of my legs in a protective manner.


            “Goodnight, love,” his raspy voice whispers as he kisses my forehead.


            My eyes flutter close, mumbling a “Night,” before drifting off to sleep in the moving bus.




            “You.” Kiss. “Are.” Kiss. “So.” Kiss “Beautiful.”


            I laugh in between Harry’s kisses, my hands on the side of his head as my fingers tangle in his curls. Harry’s lips rejoin with mine, moving perfectly in a slow kiss. “What’s with the sudden burst of affection?” I teasingly ask against his lips.


            Harry’s green eyes bore into my brown ones, his arms tightening around my waist. “Because I’m gonna be leaving in two weeks.”


            “Two weeks is plenty of time,” I laugh, my right hand running through his hair, my nails scratching his scalp ever so lightly.


            Harry’s eyes close at the touch, his forehead resting against mine. “Not plenty enough,” he murmurs.


            I smile, taking in his perfection that is his face as his eyes remained closed. His rosy pink lips were formed into a slight pout, his eyes closed as his long eyelashes framed them. Harry’s hair was styled up into a quiff, making me see his forehead and love his hair even more. My fingers moved along his scalp lightly, and Harry finally opened his green eyes.


            As soon as he did, I rejoined our lips, much to his liking. I don’t know why we were being so extra affectionate all of a sudden, but I didn’t question it nor did I complain. I loved the feeling of Harry’s lips against mine, his arms wrapped around me. It gave me a sense of his love, and that’s all that I needed.


            The two of us were in the middle of our shared hotel room at the moment. The bus needed to be checked out, so we were staying in a hotel here in Atlanta, Georgia. The Allstar Weekend boys were out and about in the city, so it was just Harry and I.


            We pulled away from the kiss a few minutes later. With both of us having the lungs of a singer, we can go without breath for a couple of minutes or so. Harry and I laid down on the bed next to each other, staring up at the beige hotel ceiling. I felt his left hand lace with my right one, bringing a smile on to my lips. This was perfection at it’s finest.