Chapter 31

Carly's POV:


            It was that time now. I getting ready to leave for my tour. The boys and I were back in Los Angeles, much to Harry and I’s relief because we didn’t have to see Austin or Kate again. But I better not jinx that. The first stop was Costa Mesa, and since it was right here in California, it wouldn't take that long to get there. We were traveling by our tour bus, since the whole tour was in North America. I was sharing my bus with Allstar Weekend, of course. The bus was big and long, like the Take Me Home tour bus, and it had my name along with We Own The Night, and the cover art for my album was on it as well.


            I was all dressed up - well not really. I had on denim shorts, Converse, a loose tee, and Harry's beanie that he was letting me keep. We were going to leave in about half an hour, and I was currently with the boys. All of us were sitting in the front lawn of mine and Ashley’s house, just relaxing. Ashley was still in London with her parents because they wanted her to stick around for a while longer, so it was just me. The boys had offered to take care of Coco, which I found awfully sweet of them.


            “You look cute in my beanie,” I hear Harry’s husky voice whisper in my ear, causing a shiver to go down my spine.


            I smile, turning my head ever so slightly to look at him. “Why thank you,” I say.


            “So Carls, you excited for your first headlining tour?” Liam asks me, his ankles crossed and legs brought up to his chest, his chin resting on his knees.


            I nod, grinning. “I can’t wait,” I say excitedly, showing off my emotion really well.


            “We’re gonna make sure to come and visit you at some of your concerts,” Zayn grins.


            I laugh. “That’d be great,” I say.


            We all talked for a while longer, until my phone rang. Picking it up, I saw that it was Kris. “The bus should be coming by your house soon,” she tells me. “You have your stuff ready?”


            “Yeah,” I say, standing up, causing all of the boys to look at me. “I’m good to go.”


            “Great,” Kris  says, and I can hear the smile in her voice. “I’ll see you soon.”


            “Alright, bye,” I tell her, and then hang up the phone.


            “What’s up?” Harry asks, looking up at me, his green eyes squinting as the California sun beams down at him.


            I put my phone in the back pocket of my shorts. “The bus is about to come to pick me up,” I tell him along with the rest of the boys. “It’s time to goooooo,” I sang the last note.


            The boys chuckle and stand up too, brushing off the back of their jeans since they were sitting on the grass. My bags were already out here, so I didn’t have to go inside. The house was locked up, and Ashley had her own key with her just in case she came back to Los Angeles. A few minutes later, I saw the familiar looking bus pull up in front of my house.


            “THE BUS IS HERE!” I heard Louis shout loudly.


            I roll my eyes. “As if I couldn’t see that, Louis,” I tell him.


            “Wait, before you go!” Liam says. “Let’s get a picture!”                    


            I laugh as we all agree. Liam takes his phone out and gets the driver of the bus to snap a picture of us. We all stood in front of the bus, making sure you could see the name. It went like Louis, Zayn, me, Harry, Liam, and Niall, and the driver took a picture. When he did, Liam thanked him and my phone buzzed.


@Real_Liam_Payne: The boys and I saying goodbye to @CarlyMcKinley as she leaves for her We Own The Night tour! Who’s got tickets???


            I chuckle as I put my phone away, and the driver puts my bags inside. Then we got to the goodbyes. “We’ll see you soon, babes,” Zayn grins, giving me a tight hug.


            I smile as the rest of the boys hug me, and then I finally get to Harry. His strong arms wrap around my waist and mine around his neck as the boys go inside to check out the bus as it’s just Harry and I. His forehead rests against mine as his green eyes look into my deep brown ones.


            “I’m gonna miss you,” he murmurs.


            I smile. “I’m gonna miss you too, bub,” I chuckle slightly. “But you’ll come visit, yeah?”


            Harry nods. “Most definitely,” he replies. “I’m gonna watch you perform your little bum off.”


            “My bum isn’t little!” I exclaim, throwing my head back as I laugh.


            Harry laughs along, his grip tightening around my waist. “Of course not.”


            I roll my eyes, sighing. “I gotta get going.”


            Harry pouts slightly, before leaning in and pressing his lips to mine. I kiss him back, knowing that we may not get a chance to kiss for a while. We pulled away a couple of minutes later, and Harry smiles dimply.


            “Have fun on your tour, babe,” he tells me.   


            I peck his lips one last time. “I will.”


Harry’s POV:


            I watched with the rest of the boys as her bus drove away, a small sigh escaping my lips. Louis pats my back, and I look at him as he gives me a smile. “Don’t worry, mate,” he tells me as we watch the bus turn the corner. “You’ll see her soon.”


            I let out a breath, my cheeks puffing out. “This is gonna be hard.”


            “How do you think we feel mate?” Liam chuckles, his arm slinging around my neck as he pulls me in. “We have to leave our girls too when we’re on tour.”


            I sighed again, knowing he was right. All of the guys had to leave their girlfriends while we are on tour or going to different countries for promotional purposes, the girls are always by themselves. Just like that, my girlfriend is gone for a couple of months for her own tour, leaving me here. It’s kind of like the roles are being reversed. But I know that I’m gonna see her soon enough, and I’m just counting down the days of whenever I’ll be available to fly out and see her. First I gotta talk to Paul about it...




@CarlyMcKinley: First show for the tour! Everyone ready?! Xx #WeOwnTheNight


            My breath hitched as I looked at the picture of Carly. She was wearing a golden and silver sparkly dress that ended around her mid thigh that had spaghetti straps. It had a low dip on the back, and she looked freaking gorgeous. Her hair was curled as she smiled for the camera, standing in her heels. I retweeted her tweet and then sent her one.


@Harry_Styles: @CarlyMcKinley have fun tonight babe! The boys & I will see you soon! Xx


@CarlyMcKinley: @Harry_Styles Thanks doll! Love youu xx


            I smiled as I read her tweet, and then saw all of the fans freaking out. I chuckled, putting my phone away as I laid back down on my hotel bed. Tomorrow was a busy day for the boys and I. We had some interviews and photo shoots, barely any breathing time. I sighed. I guess I should go to bed now.