Chapter 30

Carly’s POV:


            I knew me going on tour was a big toll on Harry, because it was on me as well. Harry and I had been back together for only a couple of months, and now I was being whisked away on a North American tour. Even more, the tour was three and a half months long, and we’ll be seperated throughout the entire time. But he can come and visit me once  and a while when he’s free, right?


            The boys and I were back in LA right now. I was getting ready for the tour with rehearsals and the boys were doing some photo shoots and interviews here and there. The tour was called the We Own The Night Tour, since it was titled with my third album.


            The opening act for the tour was All Star Weekend, an American band. They were actually really good. Each of them had girlfriends, I think – or so I’m hoping. I don’t need Harry freaking out about me touring with guys he doesn’t even know. Everyone knows how overprotective he gets.


            “And the last stop is going to be Mexico City,” Kris finishes off, checking something off on her paper.


            I nod, running my fingers through my hair, as a smile comes on my face. “I’m so excited for the tour,” I say.


            Kris grins. “I am too,” she says, and then looks at me. “How’d Harry take the news?”


            I bite my bottom lip. “He was upset at first, but I think he’s going to be okay with it,” I tell her.


            “He can always visit you when he’s free,” Kris reassures me.


            I nod, agreeing. “I know,” I say. “It’s just... I’m gonna miss him, you know?”


            Kris gives me a soft smile. “When you’re in this business, Carls, you have to make a lot of sacrafices, which include having to put a hold on your relationship. Last time, you were on tour with your boyfriend, but that’s not going to be the case all of the time. One Direction has their own career, and you as Carly McKinley, have your own. It’s not like you and Harry are never gonna see each other again. Trust me, your relationship is way too strong for not being together. You’ll be able to go through it. Who knows? Maybe these three and a half months will fly by quicker than you think.”


            I sit there, taking in Kris’s words. If Harry and I are strong enough, we will be able to get through these months swiftly. And I was willing to do whatever it took to do that. Harry and I had already broken up once, and I most certainly do not need that happening again. I love him too much to let something like this get in the way. It’s just a tour, after all. We’ll be fine.


            After going over some more details about the tour with Kris, I leave her office. Getting into my car, I drive back to my house, but not before going through the drive-through at McDonald’s. I order myself some chicken McNuggets with fries and a drink, and then drive back to my house. When I get there and walk in, I stop short when I see a certain boy on my couch.


            “What are you doing here?” I ask him with a laugh, sitting down next to him as I place the food on the coffee table in front of me.


            Harry looks at and grins. “I got bored; the photo shoot ended early.”


            He looked so cute today. He was dressed in jeans and a grey shirt with his dark grey beanie on top. But instead of wearing a headband like he usually does, he didn’t so his hair was popping from underneath the beanie. Either way, he looked adorable.


            I just chuckled as I opened the chicken nuggets box and took one out. “Want one?” I ask, biting into the nugget.


            “Don’t mind if I do,” Harry smiles as he takes one for himself. Biting into it, he looks at me. “Love the glasses.”


            I blush as I take off the glasses I was wearing. I didn’t have my contacts on, so I needed them. “I’m gonna go wear my contacts,” I say, standing up.


            “No, don’t,” Harry stops me, grabbing my wrist and pulling me back down on the couch next to him. “You look beautiful.”


            Again, the blush creeps back on to my cheeks as I put my glasses back on. Harry and I stay on my couch as we share the food, watching reruns of Fresh Prince. As Harry drank some of the Pepsi, I took it from him. “Hey, save some for me,” I laugh, sipping the drink through the straw.


            Harry rolls his green eyes, smirking. “Don’t be so dramatic.” I stick my tongue out at him, putting the drink down. “So do you know who the opening act for your tour is?”


            I nod, swallowing down a fry. “Yeah, it’s um, Allstar Weekend.”


            Harry raises an eyebrow. “Who’s that?”


            I roll my eyes. “It’s another boy band, and they’re actually really good.”


            “You’re going to be touring with guys?” Harry asks, raising an eyebrow.


            I sigh. “You don’t need to be too worried,” I tell him. “As far as I know, they all have girlfriends and are really sweet guys. Don’t need to be so jealous,” I add with a teasing tone.


            Harry grins, dimples in view. “Just making sure.”




            Countdown to the tour was T minus four days, and I was so bloody nervous. Fans on Twitter were going crazy, saying how they got tickets and were really excited for the concerts. And just yesterday, Kristen had told me that the tour was sold out. I had literally jumped and started doing a happy dance, with the boys joining in. A sold out tour? How amazing is that?!


            At the moment, I was at a soundcheck. It was an open stage, but there were barriers. There were barriers because fans had tickets to come see me at the soundcheck and ask questions, and gaurds were there to make sure they stayed there. I had sang through a couple of songs already, and I was now sitting on a stool in the middle of the stage and taking questions from the waiting fan.


            “Are you excited for the tour?” a little girl asks me into the microphone that was being passed around.


            I grin. “I’m most definitely excited,” I say. “It’s going to be so much fun.”


            “Who are your musical inspirations?” another girl asks me, looking about a year younger than me.


            I think for a moment, the cool microphone against my lips. “I’d have to say Jessie J,” I say. “I love her style and her music is just so fun to sing and dance along to. I love Jessie J.”


            The microphone was passed to a boy around the age of fifteen, I would say, and he grinned widely. “What’s your phone number?” he asks.


            Everyone laughs and I giggle into the mic. “I don’t know if my boyfriend would like that!” I laugh.


            The boy pouts as he passes the mic. I answered all of the questions that were thrown at me, and I had a few conversations with the fans. It was fun talking to them and just having conversations, and then I continued the soundcheck and performed a few more songs for the fans. Once the soundcheck was done and the fans left, I drank some water from my bottle as I grabbed my phone from Kris. Turning it on, I saw a text that made me smile.


From: Haz<3


Tomorrow, you and I are going on a date. Xx




            “So where are we going?” I laugh as Harry drives us to some unknown destination. “And please don’t say it’s a surprise.”


            Harry grins, looking over to me. “Mini golfing.”


            I grin widely, loving the idea. Thank goodness I had dressed casually. I was wearing light blue skinny jeans, a fitted black spaghetti strapped tank top with a dark purple crop top over it, and my black boots. Harry was wearing his own washed jeans, Converse, his grey beanie with a headband underneath this time, and a simple grey T-shirt.


            We soon pulled up in front of the mini golf place, and walked inside. Harry paid for us and got our clubs, and we made our way to the first hole. Harry and I both were really good golfers, if I say so myself, so playing this was so much fun and easier than actual golf.


            The night was full of laughter, chatter, and golf, of course. By the last hole, Harry and I were tied. As it was my turn, I paid extra close attention to where the hole was and how far it was. Then, swinging the golf club back, I hit the ball with just the right amount of force. And to my pleasure, it went inside the hole.


            “Yes!” I cheered, my right fist going in the air.


            “Calm down here,” Harry chuckles. “It’s my turn, and if I get it in, we’re gonna be tied.”


            I stick my tongue out at him as he gets ready to hit the ball. Right when he was about to hit the ball, I coughed loud enough for him to hear. “I love you.”


            That made Harry hit the ball harder than he needed to, and it went flying past the hole. He glared at me as I stood there, laughing my arse off. “That’s cheating!” Harry exclaims, stomping his foot down.


            I laugh, shaking my head. “What?” I ask innocently. “I only said I loved you.”


            “Yeah b-but,” Harry tried to protest, but failed.


            I grin, walking over to him. “I win.”


            He narrows his green eyes at me, and I suddenly feel his arms around my waist. “Then I guess you should get your prize,” his slow, deep voice says.


            I raise an eyebrow, a small smile on my lips. “And what would my surprise be?”


            Harry smirks, before leaning down and pressing his lips against mine. I smile against the kiss as our lips move in perfect sync. My arms wrap around his neck and as I kiss him, I take off his beanie and set it on top of my head. Harry pulls away ever so slightly, close enough for our noses to brush against each other’s.


            His green eyes flicker from my eyes to the beanie on the top of my head, and then looks back at me. “You can keep it,” he murmurs, before pulling me in for another kiss.