Chapter 29

Carly’s POV:


            A wave of different type of emotions filled me. Shock, confusion, and anger being the three major ones. I’m shocked and confused at the fact that Austin and Kate are cousins. With Austin being my ex and Kate being Harry’s, the two of them together reak of havoc. And I’m angry because of the fact that both Harry and I’s exes are sitting on my living room couch. What the actual hell.


            I was about to say something when Harry beat me to it. “What the fuck?”


            “What? You’re not happy to see me, Harry?” Kate smirks, standing up along with Austin.


            “Happy? No,” Harry replies. “Pissed off? Oh yeah.”


            “That’s not a way to talk to a lady, Harry,” Austin glares.


            “You were barely welcome here, Austin,” I speak up, ignoring what he previously said to Harry. “Do you honestly think I would let you and her in my house? You’ve got to be joking.”


            Austin rolled his eyes. “So, what? You’re going to kick me out of your house? You can’t do that.”


            “And why the hell not?” Harry snaps.


            Kate smirks. “You know how bad it’ll look for Carly?” she says and then looks at me. “Imagine, on the front page of magazines and headlining websites saying, ‘Singer Carly McKinley kicked out friends rudely’? How do you think it’ll make you look?”


            I bit the inside of my bottom lip. She was right. If they wanted to, Austin and Kate could just go to some gullible paparazzi and tell them that I kicked them out of my house, and I’ll be under the bad light of the media. I can’t risk that happening to me, and it will look bad on Harry as well. And the media has been exceptionally harsh on Harry for the past couple of days, and I don’t need anything else going down on him.


            “How long are you here for?” I ask through gritted teeth, glaring at the blonde.


            Kate gives me sickly, fake sweet smile. “Just until Austin leaves. Which is in three days.”


            Three days. I can do this.


Harry’s POV:


            “I swear, she follows you,” Louis shakes his head, taking a sip of his beer.


            I sigh, nodding. “I feel so bad for Carly because she has to face Kate after all that’s happened. But Carly’s not the only one who doesn’t wanna see Kate.”


            “They’re just staying for three days,” Niall says, sipping his own beer. “They’ll be gone before you know it,” he adds with a smile, revealing his straight teeth. He had gotten his braces off earlier today, and fans were going crazy about it, along with the fact that Louis and Zayn had gotten chest tattoos.


            “Where’s Carly, anyways?” Zayn asks.


            “At Ashley’s parents house,” I answer. “She wants to make sure if Ashley’s okay.”


            “Oh yeah,” Liam sits up from the couch. “How is Ashley?”


            I take my own beer bottle and take a swig from it. “She’s getting better,” I nod. “Her head’s healed up and so is her arm.”


            “That’s good to know,” Louis smiles.


            All of us lads were at Louis and I’s flat, relaxing since it was our day off. We basically just talked, drank our beers, and played some video games. As we played Fifa on the Xbox, my phone suddenly buzzed. Putting my controller down, I let Zayn take over as I stood up and walked away from the loud boys, putting the phone to my ear.


            “Hello?” I ask.


            “Hey, it’s me,” Carly’s voice came through my ear piece. “Can you come down for a quick second? I need to tell you something.”


            “Alright, be there in a minute,” I tell her, before hanging up. “I’ll be right back!” I call out to the boys, before walking out of the flat and down to the front door. Opening it, I see Carly getting out of the black van with Randy inside of it along with Kristen, and Carly walks up to me. “What’s up?” I ask her.


            Carly takes a breath. “Kristen just told me something really, um, major,” she bites her bottom lip. She lets out a sigh and lifts her head up to look me in the eye. “I’m going on tour, Harry.”


            My eyes widen, a smile spreading across my face. “That’s brilliant, babe!” when she doesn’t seem all too excited, I frown. “What’s the matter?”


            Carly’s hand runs through her long, silky hair. “It’s a North American tour,” she says. “And I’m leaving in about two and a half weeks.”


            “Oh,” I frown slightly, but then try to smile. “But it’s still fantastic news, Carly. You’re headlining your own tour.”


            Carly gives me a smile, licking her bottom lip. “I have to go right now, take care of some things for the tour. I’ll see you later, alright?”


            I nod, leaning down and pecking her lips. “Love you.”


            “Love you too,” she smiles, before walking back into the van and driving away.


            I sigh, walking back into the building and up to the flat. As I enter the flat and shut the door, the boys look at me. “What was that about?” Louis asks, pausing the game.


            “It was Carly,” I say. “She needed to tell me something real quick and had to take care of some things.”


            “What’d she say?” Niall frowns.


            I bite my bottom lip, my hand reaching up and rubbing the back of my neck. “She’s going on tour.”


            Their eyes widen and they all grin. “That’s great!” Liam grins.


            “Yeah. Yeah, it is,” I mumble, sitting down on the couch.


            Zayn looks at me curiously, before standing up and sitting next to me. “You’re upset because she’s gonna be away from you, aren’t you?”


            I sigh. “I’m happy for her. But I mean, I just got her back.”


            Zayn smiles sympathetically. “I know how you feel, man,” he tells me, his hand patting my back. “Perrie’s going on tour as well, and it’s gonna be hard to be away from them. But hey, we can always go and visit them, right?”


            I nod, thinking over what he said. “How long is Carly going on tour for?” Niall asks.


            “I don’t know,” I say. “Let me ask.”


To: Carls<3


How long are you going on tour for? X


            When I got her answer, let’s just say I wasn’t exactly thrilled.


From: Carls<3


Three and a half months... X