Chapter 28

Carly’s POV:


            “Are you seriously eating your left over cake for break fast?” Harry laughs as he walks into the kitchen.


            I look up at him, seeing as he’s only in his Calvin Klein boxers and a thin, white T-shirt. I chuckle and nod, swallowing down a piece of the chocolate cake. “Duh,” I say. “Don’t want it to get wasted, now do we?”


            Harry chuckles, leaning down and pressing a soft kiss on my lips. “You’re strange.”


            “But you love me,” I grin, my fork digging into the cake.


            “That I do,” he says, grabbing a fork. “Now share your cake with me.”


            “Get your own piece!” I exclaim, pulling my plate closer to me.


            Harry raises an eyebrow challengingly. “Excuse me, but who was the one who bought the cake?”


            I sigh in defeat, putting the plate in between us. The two of us share the cake, and I savored the taste of the rich chocolate and white frosting. I leaned my head against Harry’s shoulder, moaning quietly in delight at the taste of the dessert. Just then, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and I turned my head to see that it was Mum and Brian, holding suitcases and Riley.


            “Where are you going?” I ask, lifting my head off of Harry’s shoulder.


            “We need to visit your mother’s parents,” Brian says.


            “Your grandfather slipped in the bathroom,” Mum sighs. “We need to see if he’s alright.”


            Concern fills me as I nod. “Alright,” I say. “Say hi to Pops and Mams for me,” I add.


            “Will do, sweetie,” Mum smiles, kissing the top of my head. “Be good.”


            I chuckle. “Aren’t I always?”


            “I meant with Austin,” she rolls her eyes. “He has a relative visiting town so he’ll be off your backs.”


            I nod. “Okay then.”


            “Bye,” Harry and I say as my parents and Riley walk out the door, leaving just us two.


            As soon as they leave, Austin bounds down the stairs, and I look at him with a raised eyebrow. “Who’s this relative of yours that’s coming?” I question.


            “A cousin of mine,” he replies. “You might know her,” he adds with a smirk.


            As far as I remember, I don’t know any of Austin’s cousins. Back when we were kids, it was just him and his parents that lived in town, and those were the only family members of Austin I knew of. So how in the world will I know this cousin of his? Without another knowing smirk, Austin grabbed an apple and walked out of the house.


            I frown, looking at Harry who was glaring at the door. “Oi,” I say with a slight laugh, snapping my fingers in front of his face. Harry shakes his head, his head snapping towards me. “Stop glaring at the door – it did nothing to you.”


            Harry chuckles softly, shaking his head. “I just don’t like the guy.”


            “I know,” I say with a sigh. “Trust me, neither do I. But only a few more days, and he’ll be gone.”


            Harry nods, leaning in and pecking my lips. “We need to get dressed.”


            “But I’m too comfy in my pajamas,” I whine childishly.


            Harry grins devishly before scooping me up in his arms, bridal style, effortlessly. “Come on, kid.”


            “Harry!” I exclaim, laughing as he takes us up the stairs.


            He ignores me, walking into my bedroom and putting me down on the bed. I watch curiously as he walks over to my closet, rummaging through it. He then pulls out a simple white T-shirt and pants, throwing them at me as I catch them.


            “Just wear that,” he shrugs.


            I roll my eyes, standing up and walking over to the bathroom and closing the door. I took off my pajamas and put on the clothes Harry gave me. Washing my face, I grabbed a scrunchie and tied my long hair into a neat, high pony tail. With my make up bag within reach, I applied some eyeliner and lip gloss, before walking out.


            Harry had changed into chinos and a simple black T-shirt, ruffling his curls. “So what do you wanna do today?” I ask him.


            He bites his bottom lip, thinking. “Mall?” he asks, looking at me.


            I grin widely. “I like the way you think, Styles,” I say, grabbing a scarf.


            Harry and I walked out of my house and got in my car, with him in the driver’s seat. With our glasses on, Harry drove us to the mall. We got there in about ten minutes, and entered the giant building.        Harry and I walk around the mall, window shopping as Harry laces his hand with mine. A store sign suddenly catches my eye, and I literally drag Harry towards it.


            “Calm down there, love,” he chuckles deeply as I drag him towards Sephora’s.


            I grin. “Come on, I love this store.”


            Harry and I enter the store and I look around at all of the different lip glosses, lip sticks, eyeliners, and other cosmetic items. “I think I’ve just been stripped of my manhood just by stepping foot in this place,” Harry says.


            I laugh, rolling my eyes. “Don’t be so dramatic.” I walk over to where the lip glosses were and pick up a baby pink sampler. I apply some of it on my lips and look at my lips in the mirror provided, checking whether or not if the color’s good. “Do you like it?” I ask Harry.


            He looks at my lips and just chuckles. “You’d look good in any color, babe.”


            “You’re not supposed to say that,” I whine.


            “Why not?” Harry laughs.


            “Because whatever color I try on, that’s what you’ll say and it’ll be impossible for me to choose what color I want,” I explain.


            Harry rolls his green eyes. “I’m going over to the Jack Wills across from here.”


            I fake a gasp. “You’re ditching me?” I exclaim. He looks at me and I laugh. “Go on, I’ll meet you there later.”


            Harry rolls his eyes once again, pecking my cheek before walking out. As I look for different type of make up, I see two girls approach me, about a year younger than me or so. There was a brunette in a beanie and a blonde in glasses, and their eyes widened when they saw me.


            “Oh my God, it’s actually you,” the brunette breathes out. “We’re such huge fans, Carly!”


            I smile at them, not minding the fact that they came over. If anything, I love meeting new fans. “Thanks, you guys,” I smile.


            “Can we please get a picture?” the blonde asks.


            I nod, smiling, and ask for a worker to snap a picture of us with each of the girls’ phones. When they take it, they smile at me. “Thank you so much!” the brunette says.


            “It’s no problem,” I grin.


            “By the way, you and Harry are totally the cutest couple ever,” the blonde says. “I totally ship Harly.”


            I laugh. “Thank you,” I say.


            “We’ll leave you to your shopping now,” the brunette says, and with one last thank you, they leave.




            “Fucking paparazzi,” Harry cursed as we pulled up to my house.


            When the two of us were leaving the mall, we had been surrounded by at least two dozen paparazzi. They were getting way too rowdy for Harry’s liking, pushing and shoving. One camera had hit my head, which angered Harry even more. He had become protective of me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders and shoved his way through the crowd.


            “It’s fine, Harry,” I tell him, running a hand through my hair.


            “Carly, they could have hurt you,” he literally growls. I hated it when he got angry like this, and I know that not much could calm him down.


            “But I’m fine, aren’t I?” I ask, raising an eyebrow. “So stop frowning.”


            He looks at me, and I give him a big cheesy grin which causes him to chuckle. The two of us then grab our shopping bags and walk up to my house. Entering the house, I hear chatter coming from the living room and Harry and I walk in. We freeze when we see Austin with a blonde girl, laughing and talking away. What makes my blood boil is that I know exactly who she is.


            The two of them notice our presence and turn to face us. The girl gives a fake smile, pretending to be delighted to see us. “Harry! Carly! It’s good to see you!”


            My jaw clenches as Harry tenses next to me. I look at her – more like glare – as I spit out her name through clenched teeth. “Kate.”