Chapter 27

Carly’s POV:


            I fluttered my eyes open and squinted as the rays of sunlight escaping the curtains hit my face. Turning my body to the other side, I smiled as I see the body next to me. Harry slept peacefully next to me, his bare chest moving up and down as he took breaths. His body was turned to face mine, his plump pink lips slightly parted and eyes closed as he slept. Smiling sleepily, my left hand reached up and played with his curly hair, and Harry stirred slightly.


            Harry’s eyes opened and his sparkling green eyes met my brown ones, a smile tugging on the corner of his lips. “Morning, birthday girl,” he smiles.


            “Mor – wait, what?” I look at him, confused.


            Harry frowns. “Babe, it’s June eleventh... Your birthday?”


            My eyes widen as I look at him, sitting up. “It’s my birthday?” I ask, bewildered at this new piece of information.


            A bark of laughter escapes Harry’s lips as he sits up, looking at me. “You forgot it was your birthday?” he asks in between laughter. “Babe, your nineteen today!”


            My jaw drops as I hear him say this. It’s my birthday, and I had no idea. Who forgets their own birthday? And my nineteenth one, at that! It’s my last year as a teenager, and I completely forgot about it. I shake my head, a chuckle of disbelief escaping my lips as I ran a hand through my hair.


            “I’m nineteen,” I muse, looking at Harry.


            He grins, dimples in view. “Happy nineteenth birthday,” Harry says, leaning in and pecking my lips. “I’m just gonna go to the bathroom and change, then we’ll go down for breakfast. You wanna go first?”


            I shake my head. “Nah, you can go.”


            “Or we both can go,” Harry says with a cheeky grin.


            “Or,” I say, emphasizing the word, smirking, “you can go by yourself and I’ll go after.”


            “Kill joy,” Harry mutters before standing up and walking to the bathroom.


            I laugh as I take my phone out and turn it on, going on Twitter.


@CarlyMcKinley: Woke up this morning and totally forgot that it’s my birthday! 19 baabbyyyyy!


            I went through my mentions and saw that already fans had been tweeting me happy birthday since last night, and it brought a smile to my face. Putting my phone down, I saw Harry come out of the bathroom and I got up to go inside. I freshened up as I washed my face and brushed my teeth, before gathering my long, brown hair and putting it up in a messy bun. I was wearing my night shorts and one of Harry’s T-shirts that was really big on me, but comfortable at the same time.


            Walking out, I saw that Harry had put a shirt on and the two of us walked down stairs. In the kitchen, I saw Mum making a huge stack of pancakes as Riley ate her own as she sat in her high chair and of course, Austin sat on the table as well. Brian went to work I guess, since he wasn’t here.


            “It’s the birthday girl!” Mum grins as I walk in. “Happy birthday, sweetie,” she says, kissing my cheek.     


            “Thanks, Mum,” I smile.


            “Happy birthday, Carly,” Austin nods.


            I give him a small smile. “Thanks.” Might as well be civilized with the guy. Harry and I sat down as I sat next to Riley’s high chair, tickling her stomach. “Morning, Riles,” I coo, kissing her chubby cheek. She giggles in response, causing me to laugh.


            Mum sets a plate of pancakes in front of Harry and I as we dig in. “The boys and girls are coming over,” Harry informs me. “Perrie’s here too.”


            “She is?” I ask, grinning. “That’s great!”


            “They’ll be coming around in an hour or so,” Harry says. “So I suggest you get ready when you’re done eating.”


            I laugh. “Yes, Dad,” I say in a playful tone.


            Throughout this entire conversation, Austin just glared at Harry. Either Harry didn’t notice or he was just ignoring Austin, I don’t know. Once I was done with my breakfast, I went up the stairs and into my room. Like Harry said, I got ready and put on black high waisted shorts, a white blouse with my sleeves ending at my elbows, and black wedge sandals. My straight hair fell over my back and I applied some make up, before bounding down the stairs. Harry was already dressed in jeans, a white V-neck, and a dark blue and black button down shirt with the buttons open.


            “You ready?” Harry asks, putting his phone away and I nod. “Okay, they’ll be here in a couple of minutes.”


            Just then, Austin comes into the room with my mum following him. “I’ll be back by tonight,” he says. “I’m just going to go visit a couple of my friends.”


            Mum nods and Austin leaves without even glancing at Harry or I, and Mum goes up the stairs. A few minutes later, I heard the front door open and Louis’s unmistakable voice shout, “WE’RE HERE!!”


            Soon enough, the rest of One Direction along with their girlfriends walked into my living room, and I grinned upon seeing them. I greeted the girls and Perrie, giving her an extra tight hug since I haven’t seen her in a while.


            “Happy birthday, Carls!” they all shout in perfect unison, making me laugh.           


            I grin. “Thanks, guys,” I smile gratefully.


            “Tonight,” Niall says, pausing for dramatic effect, “we party!”


            Everyone cheers and I laugh. Tonight we most definitely will be partying, because I was in the partying mood. “It’s your last year as a teenager, Carls,” Perrie grins from the other couch.


            “Don’t remind me,” I say with a laugh.


            “Enjoy it while you can,” Zayn says. “Because the minute you turn twenty, everyone’s gonna be screaming how old you are.”


            This causes all of us to laugh, and Louis rolls his eyes. “Please. I’m the one who’s turing twenty two by the end of the year. How do you think I feel?”


            “It’s amazing how you’re the eldest but the...” Liam trails off, thinking of the right work. “Stupidest,” he ends off seriously. Louis sticks his tongue out at him and Liam smirks. “Exactly my point.”




            “So where exactly are we going?” I ask the girls as we walk into my room.


            “Some where,” Danielle answers mysteriously. “You’ll find out when we get there.”           


            “Oh!” Eleanor says, as if remembering something. She exits the room and then comes back in, holding a big box. “You have to wear this.”


            “What is it?” I ask as she sets it on my bed.


            Perrie grins. “Open it.”


            Biting my bottom lip, I opened the box and my eyes widened. Inside was a beautiful beige dress that sparkled lightly. A gasp escaped my lips as I picked it up, and it unfolded by itself and I noticed that it went down to my knees. It was a beautiful dress, and I was already in love with it.


            “Whe – where did this come from?” I ask, examining it.


            The girls smile. “It’s part of your birthday present from your boyfriend,” Soha grins widely.


            My lips form an ‘o’ shape. Harry bought this for me? It was a beautiful dress, that’s for sure. “Wow...” I trail off.


            “Go put it on!” Danielle urges. “We need to be at the place in like, an hour.”


            I nod and go into the bathroom. Taking off my clothes, I put on the dress as it fit my body perfectly, hugging my curves. I walked out of the bathroom and the girls grin at me. “Gorgeous!” Eleanor exclaims. “Now come on, hair and make up time.”


            They sit me down on a chair as Eleanor begins on my make up and Perrie works on my hair as Danielle and Soha get themselves dressed. A while later, I look at myself in the mirror. The make up was done naturally, with pink lip stick, blush, and bronze eye shadow with black eyeliner and mascara. My hair was straight from the top and as it went down it fell into cute curls.


            I then helped get the other girls ready with their own hair and make up, and they all got in their dresses. Once we all were dressed, we walked down the stairs. I noticed that my parents or Riley weren’t here, and it made me wonder where they were. That soon diminished when a black stretch limo pulled up in front of my house.


            “Um,” I say, frowning.


            “Don’t worry,” Perrie laughs. “It’s taking us to ‘the place’,” she tells me.


            I nod and we all slide in. The driver closes the door once we’re all in and starts driving to wherever this place is. A few minutes later, the car stops and we step out in front of a building. “What is this place?” I ask.


            “You’re about to find out,” Danielle grins.


            We all walk towards the entrance and as soon as we step in the dark room, the light goes off and several people jump out, shouting, “SURPRISE!”


            My eyes widen as I look around, seeing many familiar faces. My parents, Riley, the boys, Anne, Gemma, Robin, Ed, Grimmy, Lulu, Ashley and her parents, Hayden, Sammy, Clare, and many other people as well. There were balloons and streamers hanging from the building, tables and chairs, a table that was full of presents, and there was a stage with a DJ and above it was a colorful banner that read ‘Happy 19th Birthday Carly!’


            “Oh my God,” I gasp, looking around as a smile came on to my face.


            Everyone came towards me, engulfing me in a big circle as they said happy birthday to me. Suddenly, Harry’s arms wrap around my waist as he looks down at me, smiling. “How’d you like your surprise?”


            I laugh. “I love it,” I reply. “Wait, did you do all this?”


            “With the help of the boys,” Harry chuckles.


            I grin, reaching up and pecking his lips. “Thank you,” I say. “This is amazing.”


            “It’s your last year as a teen,” Harry grins. “Might as well make the most of it.”




            “Can we have your attention?” Louis’s voice rumbles through the speakers as the music stops.


            Everyone was sitting down, and I was sitting with all of the girls as we turned to look at the stage where all of the boys stood, microphones in their hands. “We have a little something to perform for the birthday girl,” Zayn grins into the mic.   


            “The song’s mainly coming from Harry, but we hope you like it,” Liam says, smirking over to Harry who just chuckles lightly.


            Harry brings the mic up to his pink lips, green eyes locking with mine. “Happy birthday, Carls,” he says directly to me, making me smile as the girls giggle.


            Music starts playing through the speakers as Liam brings the mic to his lips. “Hello, hello, I know it’s been a while but baby, I’ve got something that I really wanna let you know, yeah. Something that I wanna let you know, oh, oh, oh,” he sings perfectly.


            “You say, you say to everybody that you hate me,” Louis sings next, his left hand on his stomach as his right grips the microphone. “Couldn’t blame you ‘cause I know I left you all alone, yeah. I know that I left you all alone, oh, oh, oh.”


            Zayn was next, singing his lyrics perfectly. “Yeah, now I’m back at your door. You’re looking at me unsure. I should’ve seen it before.”


            Harry’s eyes lock with mine as he sings. “You’re all I think about, baby.”    


            Everyone starts clapping along to the beat of the song as the boys start singing the chorus, and I can’t help but grin and clap along as well. “I was so stupid for letting you go. But I-I-I know you’re still the one. You might have moved on but girl you should know. That I-I-I know you’re still the one. I know it’s saying too much, but I will never give up. I was so stupid for letting you go, but I-I-I know you’re still the one. I-I-I know you’re still the one.”


            They walk down the stairs of the stage as they stand in the middle of the empty floor as we look at them and Niall starts singing. “Hello, hello, I’m really hopin you’ll forgive me. I keep talking, begging, tell me what I wanna hear, yeah. Girl, just tell me what I wanna he-e-e-ear.”


            Harry walks over to me his left hand gripping mine as he sings while staring at me directly in the eye, a smile on both of our faces. “I tried, I tried to start again and find somebody. But I remember all the times and all the words we said, yeah. I can’t get it out of my he-e-e-ead.”


            He kisses my cheek as everyone cheers, making me blush as he walks back to where the rest of the boys are and Zayn starts again. “Now I’m back at your door. You’re looking at me unsure. I should’ve seen it before.”


            “You’re all I think about, baby!” Harry exclaims, and they all spread out.


            “I was so stupid for letting you go, but I-I-I know you’re still the one. You might have moved on, but girl you should know. That I-I-I know you’re still the one. I know it’s saying too much. But I won’t ever give up. I was so stupid for letting you go. But I-I-I know you’re still the one,” they sang.


            “Hey you, you’re still the one,” they chanted. “Hey you, you’re still the one. Hey you, you’re still the one. Hey, you –”


            They got cut off as Harry brings the mic back up to his lips as he sings in his raspy voice. “You’re still the oneeee!”


            “I know it’s saying too much. But I won’t ever give up, come on! I was so stupid for letting you go, but I-I-I know you’re still the one. I know you’re still the one!”


            By the end of the song, I was grinning widely and clapping along with everyone else as they cheered on the boys’ performance. I loved the song, really. It just showed how much Harry loves me and that I’m the one for him.


            And maybe, he’s the one for me too.