Chapter 26

Harry’s POV:


            “Are you that worried of leaving her alone that you have to stay with her?” Austin’s voice rings through my ears.


            I turn around glaring at him. “No,” I reply. “I’m worried about leaving her alone, with you.”


            Austin rolls his eyes. “What, are you afraid of a little competition?”


            I scoff. “Competition?” I repeat. “Last time I checked, Carly loved me, not you.” I watch as Austin’s jaw clenches, and I smirk to myself. Hit a soft spot there, I think. I took a step closer to Austin, not feeling a least bit intimidated by his pathetic glare. “Listen here, Austin. Carly is my girl, not yours. Okay? Just back off. You hurt her enough already, and you don’t need to do it a second time.”


            Austin never got a chance to reply because Carly walked into the room, running a hand through her silky brown hair as her other hand held her phone. She looked at me, completely ignoring Austin’s presence. “I need to go to the recording studio,” she tells me. “I’ll see you in a bit.”


            She comes over and pecks me on the lips and I kiss her back. “Have fun recording,” I chuckle.


            Carly laughs. “Oh, I will,” she says, grabbing her bag. “Love you.”


            “Love you too,” I reply as she walks out, and I can see Austin roll his eyes from the corner of my eye.


            I walk out of the room and out to the backyard where the rest of the lads were. They were chilling on the ground, talking and laughing like the idiots they were. “Hey, Harold!” Louis grins as I sit down on the grass next to him. “Where’s Carls?”


            “She had to go to the studio,” I tell him.


            “Aw, bummer,” Zayn pouts, causing us to laugh.


            “So what’s the deal with that Austin guy?” Liam asks, leaning against the fence that was bordering up the yard.


            I clench my jaw at the mention of his name. “Wish I knew,” I say.


            “Do you think he wants to get back with Carly?” Niall asks, a worried expression on his face.


            “I’d like to see him try,” my hands form into fists. “She’s mine; he’s gonna have to go through me to get her.”


            “Yeah, Haz!” Louis cheers. “Fight for your girl!”


            We all laugh and move on to a different conversation. Twenty minutes later, my phone buzzes and I see that I have a mention on Twitter from Carly.


@CarlyMcKinley: Look who I ran into at the studio today, it’s @EdSheeran! @Harry_Styles you jealous your bff came to visit me & brought brownie bites?(;


            I look at the picture she had posted along. It was one of Carly and Ed sitting on a couch at the studio, a box of brownie bites next to Ed as he held on to one and Carly was biting into her own, both of them smiling. Smirking, I put my phone back in my pocket and stand up, dusting my pants off.


            “Where are you going?” Zayn asks, looking up at me as he squints since the sun is hitting his face.


            “To see Carly,” I chuckle.


            “Aw, the lad’s so in love he can’t fathom to stay away from his girlyfriend,” Louis coos. “Disgusting,” he adds with a snort.


            I flip him the bird before bidding the boys goodbye and getting into my car. I drive to where the studio Carly was at, since it was the studio the lads and I used to record at usually when we were in London. When I got to the studio building, I parked my car and got out, locking it. I ignored the paparazzi that was flooding the place, pushing through the obnoxious cameras and people and walking into the studio. I walked to where Carly was recording, and knocked on the door. The door swung open, and there stood my ginger friend.


            “Harry, mate!” Ed grins, giving me a hug.


            I laugh, hugging him back. “Whatcha doin’ here?” I ask, walking in as Ed closes the door.


            “Just visiting Carly,” he laughs.


            My eyes look over to where Carly was in the booth. She had those big headphones on and her eyes were closed as her head moved to the rythm of whatever song she was listening to. Her eyes then opened, her beautiful brown eyes locking with my green ones. Raising her eyebrows, she took off the headphones and hung them on the microphone stand as she walked out of the booth.


            “What are you doing here?” Carly asks me.


            I smirk. “Just visiting a friend,” I say as I put an arm around Ed’s shoulders and he chuckles.


            She raises an eyebrow. “And not me? I’m offended,” she gasps dramatically, causing me to laugh.


            I laugh and walk over to her, pecking her lips softly. “You know I love you.”


            Carly grins and Ed makes a gagging noise. “Please, not in front of me.”


            “Please,” Carly rolls her eyes. “Haz and I have to deal with enough of that with the other boys.”


            “You’re right...” Ed says. “I feel bad for them.”


            I grab a pillow from the couch and chuck it at him, hitting Ed straight in the chest. Carly laughs, her forehead on my shoulder as Ed glares at me. “So what’re you doing?” I ask Carly.


            She shrugs. “Nothing really,” she says. “I just recorded one song.”


            “What’s it called?” I ask, plopping down on the couch.


            “‘Outlaw’,” Carly replies, sitting on my lap.


            “And it’s a bloody amazing song,” Ed pipes in, sitting on the swirly chair.


            I look at Carly, who’s smiling proudly. “Did you write it?” I ask and she nods. “And when do I get to listen to this bloody amazing song?” I ask with a smirk.


            “Hmmm,” Carly pretends to think. “When the album comes out.”


            My lips part in shock. “How’s that fair?” I ask with a laugh. “Why does Weasley get to hear it and I don’t?”


            “Because, Potter,” Ed smirks. “I was here when she was recording it.”


            I cross my arms over my chest, pouting as Carly and Ed laugh. “Don’t be a baby,” Carly says in a playful tone, patting my cheek. “You’ll hear it soon enough.”




@Harry_Styles: With my girl and Weasley. They’re evil when they’re together... #beware


            I grin at the picture I had posted. It was a selfie I had taken just now. Carly was sitting on the couch with her feet on it as her face was formed into a duck face and she was doing a peace sign. Ed sat next to her, simply grinning. I had been sitting in the swirly chair, but you could still see my grinning.


            Carly’s studio session was done, and now we were going back to the house. Ed left, and I was driving back to Carly’s house as she drove in her own car. By the time we returned to Carly’s house, we found out the boys had left so it was just us, Riley, Brian, and of course, Austin. Walking into the house, immediately Austin holding Riley came into our view.


            Carly visibly tensed at the sight of him holding her little sister, meanwhile Riley just giggled cutely in Austin’s arms. “It’s about time you got home,” Austin says, smirking.


            “Sorry, I had some music to record,” Carly says in a faux sweet tone.


            Austin rolls his eyes. “Whatever,” he says. “Your parents went to get the food.”


            “Good to know,” Carly says. “I’ll take my sister now.”


            “I don’t know,” Austin smirks, bouncing Riley in his arms. “She’s much more pleasant to be around than you are.”


            Carly glares at him. “Fine,” she says, grabbing my hand. “Harry, come with me.”


            She drags me up the stairs and into her room, closing the door behind her. “What’s wrong, love?” I ask her.


            She shakes her head, running a hand through her hair. “He’s so annoying,” she breathes out. “So much cockier than I remember him to be.”


            “Ignore him, babe,” I tell her, looking down at her as I cup her face. “He’s gonna be gone sooner than you think.”


            “Not soon enough,” she mumbles.


            I dip my head and kiss her lips softly, and she kisses back. Our kiss got interrupted with the door slamming and Jenna’s voice came through the house. “Harry, Carly! Come down, dinner’s ready!”


            We pull away, and I smirk down at Carly. “We’ll continue this later,” I say with a wink, before pulling her down the stairs.