Chapter 23

Carly’s POV:


            “I have to say, Haz, you’ve got pretty good taste,” I chuckle, looking at myself in the mirror.


            Harry and I were completing two things on our bucket list today – picking each other’s outfits and going to the zoo. He had picked out a dark blue button down shirt for me with the sleeves rolled up, black skinny jeans, and grey ankle booties. My hair fell into waves as I did my make up. Harry was dressed in jeans that hung low at his hips, Converse, a blue tee, and a beige jacket on top.


            “You sound surprised,” Harry chuckles, tying his shoe laces.


            I simply laugh as he stands up straight and grabs my car keys. “Let’s go.”


            The two of us exit my house and get into the car as Harry drives us to the zoo. We soon enough get to the zoo and walk inside, making sure we had our sunglasses on. Harry laces his left hand with my right one, and I feel tingles spark in my palm like they always do whenever he held my hand. We both walked to where the lions were, and stood in front of them. There was a lion on top of a big rock and a lioness on the bottom next to it, kind of reminding of the Lion King. There were four cubs running around and playing together.


            “They remind me of the boys,” Harry chuckles, looking at the cubs.


            My eyes trail over to them as I see a cub growl slightly at the three others, before turning around and trotting away. “That one’s definitely Louis,” I say, laughing.


            Harry laughs as well as we continue walking, hand in hand. We saw all different types of animals; tigers, monkeys, hippos, ostriches. It was nice, just being out with Harry and not being bothered by anyone for anything. At one point, I asked a lady passing by to take a picture of us. I made a kissy face with my red lips as Harry put a hand around my shoulder and a thumbs up with his other hand, being his awkward self. Thanking the lady, I posted it on Twitter.


@CarlyMcKinley: At the zoo with the boo. Xx @Harry_Styles


Harry’s POV:


            As Carly and I walked around the zoo, she suddenly got a phone call. “Hello?” she answers. “Oh, hey Kris! Yeah? What? Already? Wait, what?! No way!” she exclaims. “Yeah, yeah I’ll tell him. Okay, bye thanks.”


            “What’s up?” I ask her as we stop in front of the elephants.


            Carly turns to grin at me. “I can start recording my third album soon!”


            “That’s great!” I grin.   


            “That’s not it though,” she says, and I wait for her to continue. “I get to record it in London!”


            My eyes widen a fraction, my jaw dropping. “T-That means...” I stutter out of excitement, “you’re coming with us?!”


            Carly’s grin widens. “Yup,” she laughs.


            I cheer as I hug her tightly. The thought of leaving Carly once again was eating me alive; I didn’t want to just leave her again. But now that she’s coming with us, it just makes everything so much better.


            Carly laughs as she hugs me back, pulling away to look at me. “You’re so cute when you’re excited.”


            I roll my eyes. “I’m cute all the time.”


            “Whatever floats your boat,” she giggles, kissing my nose.




Carly’s POV:


“London! Oh, how I missed thee!” I exclaim as we climbed off the private jet.


            The boys and I were finally in London. I was so excited to be back in my home city, and it was sort of nice to be in the cold London air instead of the boiling hot Los Angeles air. Paul laughs as he follows us off of the plane.


            “Come on, let’s get you lot out of here,” he says.


            We get into the van and the driver drives off first to the boys’ flats. The boys get off, except for Harry. He wanted to visit Riley, and I didn’t mind. When we got to my parents’ house, we got off as Paul grabbed my bags. Knocking on the door, it swung open, revealing my mum.


            “Carly!” she grins, wrapping me in a tight hug. “Oh, Harry!” she adds, hugging him as well. “It’s so good to see you two!”


            We grin as we enter the familiar looking house. “Where’s Brian?” Harry asks as we enter the living room.


            “He took Riley out to the park,” Mum says, sitting comfortably on the recliner. “How are you two doing?”


            “We’re doing great,” I grin, my head resting on Harry’s shoulder.     


            “That’s so good to hear,” Mum smiles. “Oh, Carly, I forgot to tell you,” she adds, as if remembering something. “Austin is coming to visit.”


            My blood freezes as I look at my mum, lifting my head off of Harry’s shoulder. “A-Austin?” I stutter, my eyes widening. “Why is he coming?”


            Mum gives me a funny look. “You two were the best of friends, Carly,” she says. “I thought you’d be glad to see him?”


            “Who’s Austin?” Harry asks, looking confused.


            “Him and Carly used to be best friends; joined at the hip,” Mum says, still looking confusedly at me.


            “That was before,” I mumble.


            “Before what?” Mum frowns.


            “Before he did something,” I snap, standing up and walking into my old bedroom.


            No way am I ready to see Austin Hamilton. No way in hell.