Chapter 22

Carly’s POV:


            “She’s awake! She’s up!” Amanda cheers, a wide grin on her face as she exits Ashley’s hospital room.


            I stood up from my chair, Harry’s hand gripping mine. “Oh my God,” I let out a sigh of relief, burying my face in Harry’s chest as he wrapped his arms around me.


            All of the boys were here too, since they were worried about Ashley, which is really sweet. Amanda and Daniel first went inside to see her, since they’re her parents, while the rest of us waited outside. A few minutes later, they came back outside with smiles on their faces, and told us we could go inside.


            Taking a breath, I walked into Ashley’s room with the boys following behind me. My eyes landed on my best friend who was laying on the hospital bed. She was wearing a white hospital gown and her left are was wrapped up. She turned her neck as her eyes landed on me, and Ashley grinned.


            “Oh God, Ashley,” I let out a breath, hurrying over to her side, crouching down beside her. “How are you?”


            “I’m okay,” Ashley replies, giving me a small smile. Her eyes then travel to the five boys behind me, and she raises her eyebrows. “What’re you all doing here?”


            “We’re all here for you, love!” Louis chuckles, walking over. “We wanted to see you and Carly, and had to take care of Carly since she was down with the flu.”


            “Excuse me?” Harry raises an eyebrow at his best mate. “If anything, I’m the one who took care of Carly.” He looks at Ashley and smiles dimply. “But we wanted to make sure if you were okay too, Ash. Carly was a mess.”


            “You were?” Ashley asks, eyes wandering over to me.


            I bite my bottom lip and nod. “You had me worried sick, Ash,” I say, holding her right hand. “But I’m so glad you’re okay.”


            Ashley laughs slightly. “I’m fine, Carls. You didn’t have to worry about me.”


            “Are you crazy?” I give her a look. “You’re my best friend, Ash. I’d go nuts if something ever happened to you.” I then added, “Coco misses you.”


            She smiles. “I miss him too.”


            We all talked to Ashley for a few more minutes, until a nurse walked in. “I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to leave. The patient can’t have too much excitement; she needs to rest.”


            “Alright,” Liam says.


            We all say goodbye to Ashley, and giving her a kiss on the forehead, I walk out of her room. My best friend was okay, and that’s all that matters.




            “How’s Ashley doing?” the interviewer, Ellen, asks. “We heard she was at the hospital. Is everything okay?”


            I was on the Ellen DeGeneres show, and it was really fun. Ellen was a crazy woman, but at the same time she was really professional too. I’ve always been such a fan of her’s, so it’s amazing to be out here.


            I nod, smiling. “She’s fine,” I reply. “She was in a car accident and had to get surgery done. But she woke up yesterday and is doing great.”


            “That’s good,” Ellen smiles. “When’s your new album is coming out?”


            I think for a moment. “It’s coming out some time next month,” I grin. “I have a couple of songs written down, and once I have all of them, we’re gonna start picking which songs are gonna go on the album.”


            Ellen nods, smiling. “How’s Harry doing?” she asks. The audience claps and I can hear a few whistles here and there, making me laugh.


            “He’s good. He’s doing really well,” I smile, nodding.


            “Ya’ll are like, everywhere,” Ellen chuckles. “Every magazine I see, it has you two on it. Don’t ya’ll go to London like, every week?”


            I laugh, shaking my head. “No,” I say. “I mean, he lives and works in London, and my family is there too. Whenever I got visit my family, the two of us meet up since we barely see each other.”


            “Ooh,” Ellen stretches out the ‘o.’ “And isn’t he here in LA with the rest of the band?”


            I nod. “Yes, they are,” I chuckle.


            Ellen asked some more questions, and we even took some fan questions too from the audience. “So, Carly, what type of movies do you like?”


            “Um, I like horror and romantic comedies,” I say.


            “You like getting scared then?” Ellen asks, raising an eyebrow.


            “Well, I like getting scared, but I always cover up my eyes,” I say. “So like, I’m watching a scary movie but I’m the type of person who always close their eyes,” I say, reaching up and covering my eyes as I explain.


            Ellen shakes her head. “I hate scary movies,” she says.


            My eyes widen. “You do?” I laugh. “But why? You’re so good at scaring people!” I say, remembering all of the times she has scared all of her guests who come on the show.


            Ellen laughs. “Yeah, but –”


            She gets cut off when a guy in a scary looking costume and a chainsaw comes up from behind me, shouting and turning on the chainsaw as I let out a loud scream, covering my eyes putting my head on my lap. I hear Ellen and the audience laughing as I raise my head, my jaw dropping as I run a hand through my hair. “Oh my God, you’re terrible!” I laugh, nudging, Ellen.


            Ellen laughs loudly. “Come on, let’s see a playback of that.”


            “Oh god, no,” I groan as the big screen shows what just happened. I watch myself on the screen as I’m listening to what Ellen’s saying, and then I see the creepy guy with the chainsaw coming up behind me. He suddenly yells and waves the chainsaw around, and I watch myself as I scream and cover my eyes. When the clip ends, I let out a breath as I shake my head. “That was awful, oh my goodness.”


            Ellen laughs and then the interview goes by normally. Thankfully, nothing else comes out to scare me. “So what type of conversations do you have with your little boyfriend?” Ellen asks, a grin on her face.


            I laugh, a blush rising to my cheeks. “Our conversations are really weird,” I tell her. “Like, some times I don’t even understand them.”


            “What’s the last conversation you had?” Ellen asks, raising an eyebrow.


            “Hold on,” I say, taking out my phone. I go on my messages and to where my conversation with Harry was, and show it to Ellen. She looks at it and then lets out a laugh.


            “Aw, well I like the last message. It was cute,” she says, handing me back my phone. “Read them aloud so the audience isn’t left in the dark!”


            I laughed as I looked down at the messages, reading them out loud for the audience to hear.


To: Haz<3


Water you saying?


From: Haz<3


Don’t be such a beach.


To: Haz<3


Shell I stop then?


From: Haz<3


Could you be more pacific?


To: Haz<3


I won’t sand anymore messages.


From: Haz<3


What did one volcano say to the other?


I lava you (:


            When I finished reading them out, my cheeks were a crimson color as the audience laughed and awed at the same time. Putting my phone back in my pocket, Ellen laughs. “Aren’t they the cutest thing?” she exclaims.


Harry’s POV:


            “Oh, man, the way she got scared was hilarious!” Louis roared with laughter.


            I just chuckled, shaking my head. We were watching the Ellen DeGeneres show because we knew Carly was gonna be on it. But what we weren’t expecting was a guy in a costume to come out and scare the daylights out of Carly with a chainsaw.  It was adorable how she was covering her eyes and had her head down, and I wanted to do nothing more and hold her like I always do when she gets scared while watching horror movies.


            And when she read our conversation out loud, it just made me realize how much of a goofy couple we were. We sent each other the weirdest texts and our conversations made no sense at all. With her, I could be me, and not care what anyone else thought.


            Standing up from the couch, I got up and walked into Carly’s room. We all were at her house because we didn’t wanna stay at the hotel, and Carly didn’t mind. Walking into her room, I immediately noticed something on her dresser. Walking over, I picked it up and saw that it was her copy of our bucket list. Scanning it, I smiled when I saw which two items we’re gonna be doing next.


            “Oh, hey Haz,” Carly’s voice says.


            I turn around and find her standing in the doorway, and then she walks in. “Hey, babe,” I smile, pecking her pink lips. “Ellen didn’t scare you too badly, did she?”


            Carly lets out a groan, plopping back on the bed as she looks up at the ceiling. “You saw that? It was awful.”


            I laugh, walking over to her. I put my knees on the bed either side of her legs and the palms of my hands next to her head on the bed. “You look adorable when you’re scared,” I assure her.


            Carly looks up at me, her brown eyes twinkling. She then lifts her head up a bit, enough for her lips to meet mine. I kiss her back eagerly, and she wraps both arms around my neck and pulls me down slightly. My arms keep me up so I don’t crush her petite body underneath mine. The kiss soon slows down and dissolves into little pecks as I slightly pull away.


            “I’m taking you out,” I whisper against her lips.


            “Where?” she asks, looking at me.


            I grin. “The zoo.”