Chapter 21

Carly’s POV:


@CarlyMcKinley: Get well soon @AshleyC. I love you babe xx           


            “So how’s Ashley?” Louis asks, lacing his hands together.


            I let out a deep sigh. “She still hasn’t woken up,” I say. “But her parents are there and are by her side.”


            “She’ll be better soon, babe,” Harry says comfortingly. “Don’t worry.”


            I give him a small smile as I let out another sigh. I couldn’t help but worry about Ashley. She is like my sister, and knows me so well. If I lose her, then I just might go insane. Nothing can happen to Ashley. She has to be okay. I suddenly let out a sneeze, causing the boys to look at me.


            “How are you feeling?” Zayn asks, quirking an eyebrow.


            I shrug, sniffling. “I’m okay,” I say. “The fever’s gone down a bit.”


            “You better stay in bed, or else it’ll come right back up,” Liam warns.


            I roll my eyes. “Thank you, Dr. Payne.” He just rolls his eyes while everyone else laughs. “But what are you all doing here? You should stay far away from me. I might get you sick.”


            “Nah, we’re fine,” Niall says, putting his feet up on the coffee table.


            “If you lot get sick, it isn’t my fault,” I say.


            “No one’s gonna blame you, love,” Harry says, kissing my cheek.


            “If anyone’s to get sick next, it’s probably Harry,” Louis snickers. “He’s been around you a lot longer than we have.”


            Harry pouts from next to me. “What? I wanna take care of my girlfriend.”


            I just laugh and pat his cheek. “And you’re doing a very good job of it.”


            “Nurse Styles,” Zayn says, laughing. “It has a nice ring to it.”


            Everyone laughs as Harry just glares at the Bradford boy. “Zayn, shut up.”


            I laugh. “I’m gonna call you that from now on,” I tell Harry.


            He lets out a groan and then throws a glare in Zayn’s direction. “See what you do!”


            “Hey, Nurse Styles,” I say, nudging Harry with my elbow. “Get me a glass of water?”


            Harry’s green eyes narrow down at me. “Now you’re just pushing it.”


            “Please?” I ask, widening my eyes and pouting my lips.


            Harry looks at me for a second or two before groaning and standing up. “Fine,” he says, walking to the kitchen.


            The boys laugh as Harry then returns with a glass of water. I grin as he gives it to me, and I take a sip from it. “Thanks, babe,” I smile at Harry.   


            Harry shakes his head. “You’re lucky I love you.”




            “The surgery went well, though it may take some time for her to wake up from the amnesia,” the doctor explains to us. “We’ll keep an eye on her, but only her parents can stay the night if they want to. Only immediate family is allowed.”


            I let out a sigh of relief at the doctor’s words. Ashley’s surgery went okay, she’s going to be fine. Mr. and Mrs. Cook, or as I call them, Daniel and Amanda, visibly relax as the doctor speaks. “Thank you, Doctor,” Daniel says, shaking the doctor’s hand.


            The doctor nods and walks away and Amanda sighs. “I just hope she wakes up soon,” she bites her bottom lip.


            “She will, Amanda,” I give her a smile. “Don’t worry.”


            “Carly, you need to get some rest,” Daniel tells me.


            “But I’m getting better!” I whine.


            “He’s right, Carls,” Harry says, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. “Just because the flu’s dying down, doesn’t mean it can’t come right back up. You can’t be walking and going out.”


            Next thing I know, I’m sitting in my car as Harry drives me back to my flat. “I feel like a prisoner,” I grumble as I look out the window.


            “We’re only looking out for you, Carls,” Harry laughs, pulling into the driveway.


            I roll my eyes. “Whatever.”


            I was a bit upset, though. I hated how everyone’s so worried about me. I just have the Goddamn flu, for crying out loud. It’s not like it’s a life threatening disease. Ashley’s the one we need to be worrying about! She was in an accident and is lying unconcious on some hospital bed. And here’s everyone, telling me I need to just stop and stay in bed and relax. How can I possibly relax when I know my best friend is more than just being sick?


            They can’t expect me to just relax in bed when Ashley’s at the hospital. I need to be on the ball on knowing if she was okay or not, or if she has woken up or not. She’s my best friend, and I’m just so worried.


            Once we reached my house, Harry and I got out of the car and walked up. I didn’t say a word to him as we entered my house, and then I went into the living room and sat down on the couch. Harry must have noticed my off mood and gave me a funny look.


            “Are you okay, Carls?” Harry asks, frowning slightly.


            I shrug. “I’m fine,” I say.


            “Come on, babe,” he says, sitting down next to me. “I know you, and I know something’s bothering you.”


            I let out a sigh. “I’m just annoyed how everyone’s fussing over me,” I say. “It’s Ashley we should be worrying about, not me. She just got surgery done and I’m just sick with the flu. Why is everyone worrying about me?”


            Harry looks at me for a few seconds, green eyes searching my face. A small smile played on his pink lips as he continues to look at me. Why is he smiling?! “We’re fussing over you just to distract you,” his deep voice speaks. “Everyone knows how worried you are about Ashley, and this is our way of keeping your mind off of it. We’re all worried about Ash, trust me. But right now, Ash is asleep and you’re sick with the flu. At the moment, it’s my job to take care of you. And I’m willing to do whatever I can to help you get better soon.”


            A smile comes on my lips as I hear his words. He was thinking about me, and Ashley at the same time, which is adorable. He’s worried about my best friend and about me being sick as well. Aw, he’s adorable.


            I give a small smile. “You’re too cute,” I say.


            He shrugs, smiling. “I know.”


            I laugh and give him a shove. “So modest,” I say sarcastically.


            Harry laughs, before his eyes widen. “It’s time for you to take your medicine!” he says.    


            My eyes widen as I gulp. Not again...