CHapter 20

Carly’s POV:


            My head throbbed and my heart hammered against my chest as I waited in front of Ashley’s hospital room. My knee kept bouncing as my upper teeth bit my bottom lip hard, tired of waiting. Not only was I as sick as a dog, but my best friend was inside, having surgery done. I was worried sick about her, and all I want is for her to be okay. I pulled my cardigan around my cold body closer to me, my arms wrapped around myself as I hugged myself to keep me warm. This stupid flu was making it impossible for me to just stand. I had a fever and a cold, but I was too stubborn to go home and rest. Ashley needs me.


            What happened to her was kind of unexpected and sudden. I had gotten an urgent call from Kristen, telling me Ashley had gotten into an accident. I panicked, immediately asking what happened. Apparently, Ashley was crossing the street from Uni to her car when suddenly another car came speeding and hit her. Ashley took a pretty hard hit, and by the time an ambulence came, she was lying on the road in a puddle of her own blood.


            I had practically dropped my phone as I rushed out of my house and to the hospital. Ashley has been my best friend for as long as I can remember, and I will probably die if something happens to her. Kristen had also contacted Ashley’s parents to let them know about it, and arranged a flight for them to come down here.


            As I waited for a doctor or nurse to walk out of the surgery room, I heard heels clacking down the hallway. Lifting my head, I saw that it was Kristen. I stood up, walking towards her. “Are Ashley’s parents coming?” I ask.


            Kristen nods. “Yeah, they’re on the plane now,” she says. Kristen then looks at me, and shakes her head. “Carly, what are you doing here? You should be resting in bed.”


            I shake my head. “No. No way, Kris. Ashley’s my best friend, I’m not leaving her.”


            “Carly, you’re sick. You have the flu,” she says. “You’re not only just hurting your health, but possibly everyone else’s around here. Please, just go to bed. I’ll stay here and I’ll text you if anything happens with Ashley.”


            I bite my bottom lip, looking at Kristen, then at Ashley’s closed hospital door, and back again. “Fine,” I say with a sigh. “I’ll leave.”


            Picking up my bag, I slipped on my sunglasses and walked out of the hospital. Getting into my car, I drove back to my house. Walking into my living room, I took off my shoes and sunglasses and sat on the couch. Coco was somewhere upstairs since I could here his small feet patting above on the floor. Sitting on the couch, I run a hand down my face, a sigh escaping my lips.


            Tears gathered in my eyes as I thought of Ashley in the hospital. All I want is for her to be okay, for her to just wake up and come home. I sniffle, partly because of my cold and partly because of how upset I was about Ashley. She just needed to be okay.


            The tears soon started leaking out of my eyes, a quiet sob escaping my lips. I sat there, on my couch, as I cried for my best friend. Hoping Ashley would be okay soon. Soon enough, I had cried myself to sleep.




            The loud knocking on my front door woke me up. I grumbled as I sat up from the couch, walking over to the door. Who in the world could it be? Before opening the door, I looked at the mirror in the hallway. Taking in my appearance, my eyes widened. My hair was a knotted mess and my eyes and nose were red from crying and because I’m sick. I sniffled, running a hand through my messy hair as I walked towards the door. Opening it, my eyes widened. What was he doing here?


            His eyebrows were furrowed in concern as he looked at me with his wide, beautiful green eyes. “Carly,” he whispers.


            Tears gathered in my eyes as I jumped into his arms, my head burying in his neck as his did the same. “Harry,” I gasp, hugging him tightly.


            “How are you feeling?” Harry asks, pulling away slightly.


            “Awful,” I sigh, pulling him inside my flat and closing the door behind him. “Where are the boys?”


            “They got a later flight,” he answers. “They’ll be landing in a few hours.” The two of us sat on the couch as I turn to him.


            “What’re you doing here?” I ask.


            Harry bit his lip. “I needed to see you,” he says. “You’re sick, plus Ashley’s in the hospital. I needed to come here.”


            Tears sprung in my eyes. “I just hope she’s okay,” I mumble.


            “Hey, come here,” Harry says, pulling me in for a hug. I closed my eyes as I wrap my arms around his torso, the side of my face pressing against his chest. “Ashley’s gonna be okay,” he says. “You don’t need to worry.”


            We stayed like there for a few more minutes, until Harry pulls away and looks at me. “Do you have any medicine you need to take?”


            I nod. “Yeah,” I say. “But it tastes disgusting,” I add, my face scrunching up in disgust.


            Harry rolls his eyes, pulling me up as he stands up. “Come on, you need to take it.”


            “Nooo, Harrryyy,” I whine as he pulls me into the kitchen.


            “How else are you gonna become better, love?” Harry chuckles, looking for the medicine. “Where is it?”


            “In the fridge,” I mumble, sitting on the counter top.


            Harry opens the fridge and takes out the medicine that I needed to drink. He takes out a tablespoon and pours the pink liquid into it. Once full, he walks over to me, spoon in hand. “Open up,” he says in a teasing, playful tone.


            “Mmhmm,” I shake my head, smacking my lips closed.


            “Carly, don’t be difficult,” Harry says, coming closer. I continue shaking my head, not parting my lips. Harry walks closer until he’s standing right in between my legs, not letting me escape. “Carly,” he says, his voice dropping to a whisper.


            I watch as Harry dips his head and placing his lips on top of mine. I instantly kiss him back, and Harry cocks his head to the side to get better access. Harry suddenly pulls away, too quickly for my liking, and before I can say anything, Harry had shoved the spoon full of medicine into my mouth.


            I swallowed the horrible tasting medicine, giving Harry an incredulous look. “That was mean!” I cried.


            Harry chuckles. “As long as you drank the medicine, I don’t care.”


            I huff before placing my hands on his chest and shoving him away. He stumbles back as I hop off the counter and grab a glass and pour some water in it, before gulping it down. I ignore Harry and walk into the living room.


            “Aw, come on. You’re not mad at me, are you?” I hear Harry ask behind me. When I didn’t reply, I felt Harry’s strong arms wrap around my waist before pulling me into his chest, stopping me from walking.


            “Come on, I flew all the way over here for you,” Harry whispers, his hot breath fanning the spot over my neck. “You’re not really mad at me, are you?”


            I roll my eyes, not fighting his grip on me. “No,” I say. “But I suggest you stay away from me because you’re gonna get sick. Incase you don’t know, the flu is contagious.”


            “Do I look like I care?” Harry asks, lips still against my neck.


            “But I don’t want you to get sick,” I argue, turning myself around so I could face him.


            “Like I said, I don’t care,” Harry says, hands now cupping my face. “I’m staying here with you, alright? I don’t give a damn if I get sick or not.”


            A smile came on to my face. “You’re sweet,” I say.


            “I know,” he smirks, before coming down and kissing me softly.


            I hesitantly kiss him back, not wanting him to get sick, but he seemed persistent. Chuckling against Harry’s lips, I kiss him back. His warm hands were cupping my warm cheeks, cocking his head to the side. We pulled away a few minutes later, and he looks at me.


            “Wanna watch some movies?” he asks.


            “And order Chinese?” I add hopefully.


            Harry pecks my nose. “Whatever you want.”


            I seriously have the best boyfriend in the world.