Chapter 19

Harry’s POV:


From: Carls<3


You fucking made me cry with that letter. Oh my god Harry.


To: Carls<3


Glad you liked it ;) xx


From: Carls<3


I bloody LOVED it. You’re so precious aw. Xx


To: Carls<3


Would you believe that I’ve never heard anyone call me precious before?


From: Carls<3


I actually wouldn’t. I’ve heard a lot of your fans call you guys that. Lol


To: Carls<3


Then I must be living under a rock....


From: Carls<3


Possibly. But tell me when you get my letter! You should be getting it soon.


To: Carls<3


I’ll be checking my mail ;D xx


            “I swear,” Zayn sighs, “you can’t go a day without texting Carly.”


            “Can you go a day without texting Perrie?” I ask him, raising an eyebrow. He bites his bottom lip as I smirk. “That’s what I thought.”


            Louis huffs as he sits next to Zayn, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’m still mad at you for not letting me read your letter to her.”


            “Louis, you need to respect Harry’s privacy,” Liam says wisely as he sits next to me.


            “Yeah, Lou, respect my privacy,” I poke my tongue out at my best mate, who rolled his eyes at me.


            “So how’s Carly feeling?” Niall asks, eating a bag of crisps. “I heard that she was sick?”


            I nod, sighing. “She has the flu. I’m hoping she feels better soon.”


            “Don’t worry, Haz, she’ll be fine. It’s just the flu,” Louis says.


            “Wait, did any mail come in?” I ask. “I didn’t check.”


            “Harry, today’s Sunday,” Liam says, raising an eyebrow. “Which mean no mail.”


            “Dammit,” I mutter.


            Zayn snickers. “You’re waiting for Carly’s letter, aren’t you?”


            I scoff. “Pfft, no,” I say, not really convincing any of them.


            “Whipped,” Louis says in between fake coughs. My reaction? Flipping him the bird.




            “Haaaarrrryyyyyyy,” Eleanor’s voice sang as she walked into my room.


            I look up from my phone at the older girl, raising an eyebrow. “Yes, El?”


            “I have a little letter from a special somebody for you,” she grins, waving around an envelope.


            My eyes widen as I throw my phone on my bed and jump off of the bed, almost tackling the brown haired girl to the floor. “Gimme, gimme, gimme!” I yell, snatching the letter from her.


            “Jesus, calm yourself,” Eleanor laughs. “Enjoy your little love letter.”


            She then left and I ripped the envelope open, sitting on my bed. I grinned when I saw her cute, script hand writing on the two pages. Smiling, I read her letter.


Dear Harry,


            You honestly have no idea how happy I am to be with you. There’s never been a person that has understood me better than you. You’re my boyfriend, my best friend. You’re the only person I’ve been able to cry in front of whenever I’m upset. Those walls I put up, well somehow you were able to break through them. I don’t know how you do it. You’re the only person I can hold eye contact with without feeling weird. Maybe because you don’t look at me, you look IN TO me.


            I feel like no one understands me. But you do, and I understand you too. Every shoulder I have laid my head on has fel wrong, and uncomfortable but yours is the perfect make for me. Your flaws make up your perfection. You’ve made me realize a lot about myself, things I didn’t even realize by myself either. I’ve never laughed as much as I have with you. I don’t know where your wit and cheekiness comes from, but I bloody love it. We both hurt, we both fuck up, but we both pull through together.


            We’ve been together for more than a year, not counting our break up, and it’s been the best thing ever. You know me like no one else, it’s almost scary. You’ve been there for me through my ups and downs, and you’ve stuck by me through my bad days. I love you, you know? You don’t understand how much I do. You are honestly the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You have this power of me that I can’t describe. Whenever I’m with you, I feel my breath hitch, my knees go weak, and my heart hammer against my chest.


            You gave me a list of things you loved about me, so why not give you one? ;D


            I love your smile. I love your personality. I love how you act like my best friend. I love how you’re so over protective. I love how you’re always there for me and take care of me. I love how you know all of the right things to say. I love how you can relate to me in so many ways. I love how your hand fits perfectly with mine. I love your beautiful green eyes. I love your gorgeous, dimply smile. I love your soft curls. I love your deep voice. I love how you kiss my forehead. I love your sense of humor. I love your scent. I love how you’re so good with little kids. I love how you kiss my neck. I love how you hug me and tower over me. I love how you get along so well with my family. I love how you have me as your lock screen, ‘cause I have that picture of us kissing as my lock screen too. I love how you call me beautiful when I have no make up on. I love how you hold me from behind. I love how you know when to make me laugh. I love how you kiss my nose. I love how you bite your bottom lip. I love you.


            I know you hate it when people tell you this, but you’re bloody perfect, Harry. You’re sweet, caring, funny, beautiful, and just amazing. When you hug me or hold me, I feel this sense of safety. Like nothing bad can ever happen to me. You protect me from whatever you can, and try to protect me from things that you can’t. I feel like I can be myself around you, that I don’t have anybody to improve. Being with you just relaxes me, it calms me down. Being so far away from you is so freaking painful, but I have to deal with it. At one point, we’re gonna be able to see each other again in person. To be able to hold each other. To kiss each other. And for that day, I’m waiting. I love you Harry, I love you so much it hurts. I’ll see you soon, bub.




Your boo, your baby girl,


Carly xx


            A wide smile was on my face by the time I was done reading Carly’s letter. I was smiling so widely and so hard, my cheeks were starting to hurt. The letter was beautifully perfect, and I loved every bit of it. Folding up the letter, I put it in my bed side table drawer and grabbed my phone.


To: Carls<3


I know you’re probably asleep, but I just got your letter. I love you. So much. I’ll see you soon, love. Xx


            To my surprise, Carly had texted back.


From; Carls<3


I love you too, boo. Xx


            “HAROLD!” Louis’s voice shouts, bursting into my room.


            His loud voice startled me, causing me to fall off my bed, landing on the floor with a thump! “Geez, Louis. What?” I ask, standing up.


            He smirks. “El told me your letter from Carly arrived. Did you read it?”


            “Read it, loved it, hid it,” I smirk.


            “Damn,” he mutters, snapping his fingers. “I wanted to read it.”


            I chuckle, shaking my head. “Too bad, Boobear. It’s between me and my girl.”


            “Secrets secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone!” he sang, still standing by the door.


            “Louis,” I say in a warning tone, giving him a look.


            “Fine,” he sighs in defeat. “But come on, we have a CD signing.”




            “Hi, Harry!” a thirteen year old girl with honey blonde hair and blue eyes smiles at me.


            I grin at her. “Hey there, love,” I say as I sign her CD. “What’s your name?”


            “Maddie,” she says. “How are you?”


            “I’m good,” I grin. “What about you?”


            “I’m great. I went to your first Take Me Home concert. You guys were amazing!” Maddie chirps.


            “Thank you, dear,” I smile.


            Maddie then moves on to Zayn and another fan comes up to me. We have been at this CD signing for about an hour, and we have a half an hour more. I grabbed my water bottle that was sitting on the table top as I took off the cap and drank some water. Just as I put the bottle down, my phone buzzed. Taking it out, I saw that it was a text from Carly.


From: Carls<3


Yeah, I’m fine, but I’ve stayed in bed all day :/


            I had texted her before asking how she was feeling, and I’m guessing she just got the text.


To: Carls<3


Aw, I hope you feel better love :) If I was there, I’d be cuddling with you. Xx


From: Carls<3


Stop, I miss you enough already :( x


            “You’re texting Carly, aren’t you?” a voice asks, and I looked up to see a girl who looked about the age of fifteen smiling at me.


            “Yeah, I am,” I smile putting my phone away as I sign her CD. “How’d you know?”


            She shrugs. “You have that goofy smile on your face,” she smiles. “Everyone can tell by now that smile on your face whenever you’re talking to or about Carly, or even thinking about her. It’s quite adorable, actually.”


            I chuckle. “I didn’t notice,” I bite my bottom lip.


            The girl grins, and when she notices it’s her time to move on, she says to me, “Tell Carly Olivia says hi,” and with a giggle, she walks on.


            The signing continues on until it had ended, and we all gather into the van and drive away. As we drove back to our flats, my phone buzzed. Taking it out, I looked at a text from Carly that made my eyes widen in shock.


From: Carls<3


Ashley was in a car accident!