Chapter 17

Carly’s POV:


            “I’m gonna miss you,” I mumble, my face buried in Harry’s chest.


            Harry’s arms wrapped around my body as he hugs me tightly, his face burying itself in the crook of my neck. “I’m gonna miss you more,” his thick accent whispers. His accent is so much stronger than mine, which is almost gone.


            “Call me when you land?” I ask as we pull away about an inch.


            “Promise,” he says.


            Here we stood, in the middle of the airport as we once again had to say goodbye. Harry had to once again return back to London for work purposes. I really hated saying goodbye. It’s selfish of me, but I just don’t Harry to leave. I just got him back, and now he’s leaving again. We never said that this would be easy, but I wish it just didn’t have to be as hard as it is. Harry’s large hands cupped my cheeks as he looks down at me with those gorgeous green eyes. He bites his bottom lip lightly before dipping his head and kissing my softly. The tips of his curly ringlets tickle my forehead as I kiss him back, my hands reaching up and gripping his biceps. It was the perfect goodbye kiss, full of care and love. When we pulled away, Harry rested his forehead against mine.


            “I’ll see you soon, okay?” Harry says, nudging his nose slightly with mine.


            I smile at him, staring into his mesmerizing eyes. “Yeah,” I whisper.


            “Flight 357 to Heathrow Airport, London now boarding,” a woman’s voice speaks over the intercom. “Flight 357 to Heathrow Airport, London now boarding.”


            Harry lets out a sigh, pecking my nose. “That’s me,” he says. I bite my lip as I watch him bend down to pick up his duffel bag, throwing the strap over his shoulder as he pecks my lips lovingly. “I love you.”


            I give him a small smile. “I love you too,” I reply, tears stinging my eyes. Gosh, I’m gonna miss him. With one last smile, Harry walks towards his gate. I watch as he turns around and gives me a smile, before disappearing.


            God, I hate airports.




Harry’s POV:


To: Carls<3


Just got to the flat! Missing you. Xx


From: Carls<3


Missing you too! Who picked you up? Xx


To; Carls<3


Zayn & Lou. I just realized that it’s 1 in the morning in LA. Go to bed! Xx


From: Carls<3


Yes, dad. I’ll talk to you tomorrow! I love you, boo. Xx


To: Carls<3


I love you too, baby girl. Sweet dreams. Xx


From: Carls<3


Night. Xx


            I put my phone away in the back of my jeans pocket and sighed. “You are whipped, my friend,” Louis’s voice says suddenly, startling me.


            “Jesus, Lou,” I gasp, cluctching my heart as Louis walks around and in front of me. “You scared the shit out of me.”


            Louis laughs wholeheartedly. “Oops,” he says. “But really. It’s so good seeing you two all mushy again. No matter how sickening it is.”


            I chuckle, rolling my eyes. “Gee, thanks, Lou.”


            Just then, the front door opened and I saw Eleanor walk in. “Harry!” she exclaims when she sees me. “You’re back.”


            “I’m back,” I confirm with a chuckle as I give her a hug.


            She pulls away and looks at me with her light brown eyes. “So? How was Carly? What’d you two do?”


            “Um, El, are you sure you want to know?” Louis asks his girlfriend, raising his eyebrows.


            A look of realization washes over Eleanor’s heart shaped face as she scrunches it up in disgust, shaking her head as I just laugh. “We didn’t do anything like that,” I assure them. “We just hung around a lot, and went to an awards show.”


            “Oh, yeah! Carly did a phenominall job performing,” Louis grins, causing me to smile.


            “And you two looked so adorable on the red carpet!” Eleanor added with a squeal.


            Louis rolls his blue-green eyes. “El went crazy when we saw you and Carly arrive.”


            “Dani almost fell off the bed when I told her you two were going together,” Eleanor says matter-of-factly.


            “You know, mate,” Louis says, putting a hand on my shoulder. “I feel like you and Carly are gonna be that couple that when you walk by people, they’re gonna go, ‘Damn, they’re still together?’.”


            I smile at that. I really do hope Carly and I are that couple. That couple that are going to be together for a long, long time. Carly means the world to me, literally. I love her and every single thing about her, and I would do anything for her. I just got her back and when I had to leave her, it pained me. But I’m going to make this long distnce thing work. I don’t need to make any other mistakes and screw up what Carly and I have like I did the first time. I learned from my mistakes. I love Carly too much to let her go again so easily.


            “Harry, you’re back!” Zayn’s voice screamed, before I was tackled on to the couch.


            I let out an ‘oomph’ as Zayn hugged me, and I laughed and hugged him back. “Missed me so much, Zayn?”


            Zayn pulls away. “You have no idea,” he says. “Those three were driving me insane.”


            I raise an eyebrow. “Even Liam?” I question.


            Zayn nods. “You won’t believe it, but yes.”


            “Hey, we weren’t that bad!” Louis pouts, crossing his arms over his chest.


            “I have to agree with Zayn, Lou,” Eleanor laughs. “You almost blew up the microwave.”


            My eyes widen as I stare at the three of them. “You don’t even wanna know,” Zayn shakes his head.


            I nod, agreeing. “No, Zayn, I don’t think I do.”




            “Come on, guys, I wanna go to McDonald’s for dinner!” Niall whines, stomping his feet on the ground.


            “Alright, alright,” Liam stood up. “We’ll go. Come on lads.”


            We all also stood up and went over to where my car was. Zayn sat up front with me as the rest of them sat in the back, and I drove us all to McDonald’s. As we drove, Zayn turned on the radio and Carly’s familiar voice flooded the car. We all grinned as her song A Year Without Rain played on the radio, and we all started singing along to it. When the song ended, we all laughed and I pulled up at McDonald’s.


            The lads and I got out of my Range Rover and walked into the fast food place, the smell of fries hitting my nose. We were all wearing sunglasses and hoodies, and not a lot of people were here anyway, so we didn’t need to worry about getting recognized. Once we had our food, we grabbed a booth and sat down and ate. As we ate our food, the flat screen TV that was hooked up here started showing an interview that was supposedly live. The lads and I watched the TV as George Lopez came on to the TV, introducing his guest of the night.


            “Today we have a talented young artist with us,” he says into the camera, sitting on his couch. “She has over ten million followers on Twitter and is one of the most prettiest ladies I’ve seen. Please welcome, Carly McKinley!”


            The lads and I exchange looks before looking back at the TV, my eyes fixed on the beautiful girl walking out. She was wearing a purple knee length dress with black heels, hoop earrings, and her hair was perfectly straightened. Carly walked up to George and hugged and gave him a kiss on the cheek before sitting on the couch across from him.


            “Hello there, Carly,” George grins.


            “Hey, George,” Carly smiles. “How’re you doing?”


            “I’m good, I’m good. How about you?” he asks.


            “I’m great,” she replies, her smile still on her face.


            The lads and I continued eating as we watched Carly’s live interview. “So Carly, what have you been up to lately?” George asks her, lacing his hands together.


            “I’ve just been relaxing,” Carly smiles. “Been going to photo shoots here and there.”


            George narrows his eyes playfully. “Been spending some time with your boyfriend, have you now?”


            The lads snicker as I watch Carly try to supress her smile. “That’s a possibility,” she chuckles.


            “And is your boyfriend this guy you’ve been seen out with?” George asks, and pictures of Carly and I walking around in LA and of us from the AMA’s come up on the TV screen behind them, and the audience screams.


            Carly bites the inside of her cheek as she smiles. “Yeah. Yeah, that’s him.”


            “Harry Styles,” George muses. “The little British nutter that’s been all over the place.” Carly lets out a laugh as she turns to look at the audience who laughs as well, and the boys burst into laughter as I just roll my eyes, a smile on my lips. “How are you two doing?” George asks her once the laughter dies down.


            Carly nods. “We’re doing great,” she smiles. “He just left back for London to go back with the band, but yeah, we’re doing great.”


            “That’s good to know,” he nods. “How do you two make it work? Obviously, both of you are famous all around the world. Does it get hard for you to keep up with each other?”


            Carly shrugs. “It gets hard sometimes, but we try to make it work,” she says. “I mean, like we call and text each other when we can, but the time differences gets in the way a bit. The two of us have different schedules, but we try to make time for each other.”


            “And the rest of the band? Do you get along with them?”


            The lads lean in to listen on what Carly has to say. She laughs, nodding. “Yeah, we get along great. They’re like my brothers, and are just really fun and sweet guys.”


            The boys all grin, satisfied with her answers. Even though we were all done eating, we still stayed a while to finish watching Carly’s interview. We left when the interview finished, driving back to the flats. When I entered mine, I took out my phone and texted Carly.


To: Carls<3


Watched your interview while we were out to McDonald’s. You looked beautiful. Xx


From: Carls<3


Thank you, boo. I missshh youu. Xx


To: Carls<3


I miss you too. But we’ll see each other soon, alright? Xx


From: Carls<3


Yeah :) I have to go babe. I have a meeting to go to. Xx


To: Carls<3


Alright. Talk to you later! X


From: Carls<3


Bye! Love you. Xx


            A smile was brought on to my face as I read that text. This girl really has no idea how much I love her back.