Chapter 15

Carly’s POV:


            The next morning I woke up to an empty bed. Opening my eyes, I saw that Harry wasn’t here next to me unlike last night. Yawning, I stood up and was greeted by Coco. “Morning, boy,” I coo, rubbing his head. “Come on, let’s see where everyone is.”


            Coco and I walk down the stairs of my flat and into the kitchen, where I see Harry and Ashley sitting and eating breakfast. Ashley was already dressed for the day and Harry was still in his boxers and a T-shirt. The two of them were drinking tea and just chatting, and then grinned when they saw me walk in.


            “Morning, sleeping beauty,” Harry grins, kissing my cheek. “Tea?”


            I nod, smiling. “Yes, please.”


            Harry hands me a cup of hot tea and I take it from him gratefully. “Well, I gotta go,” Ashley says, standing up. “See you love birds later.”


            We say goodbye to her and she leaves. Harry then turns to face me. “Kristen called earler. You have a photo shoot for Teen Vogue at eleven.”


            I look at the clock, and see that it’s ten-fifteen. Turning back to Harry, I ask, “You wanna come with?”


            Harry nods. “Sure, I’ll come.”


            The two of us finish off eating our breakfast, and then go up stairs to get ready. I grabbed a pair of flaired jeans and a light purple blouse and walked into my bathroom. I washed my face and brushed my teeth, and then changed out of my pajamas. Walking out, I said, “The bathroom’s all yours.”


            Harry chuckles and walks in as he’s holding some clothes. I brush my long hair and apply a thin amount of eyeliner. A minute later, Harry steps out. He was wearing jeans and a Rolling Stones T-shirt, and looked quite good looking. Gathering my hair over my left shoulder,I picked up and my brush and continued brushing it, and saw Harry looking at me from the mirror. I watched as he approached me, stopping right behind me and putting his hands on my shoulders.


            He then leans down, kissing my neck, and I smile as I feel his lips on my skin. Harry’s soft lips moved up from my neck to my jawline. I let out a groan, before turning my head and having my lips meet his. Harry kissed back, his hand cupping my face as our lips moved in sync. I then pulled away and smirk.


            “We gotta go,” I say, standing up.


            Harry lets out a groan. He looks at me, a glint in his green eyes. “We’ll continue this later.”




            The photo shoot was actually being held at Venice Beach, instead of a studio. They had closed up part of the beach so no one could intrude, and had lights and cameras set up. Kristen had told me that this interview was wanting a more of a natural look, so there was barely any make up included. They had a huge tent set up for me to get ready. I was currently getting dressed for my first look, which was me wearing nothing but my bra and an oversized jumper that fell over my shoulder and ended around my mid thight. I had baby pink lip stick on that barely showed and skin colored eyeshadow. My hair was also parted to the side and was i =n waves.


            Walking out of the tent, my flip flops sank into the sand as I walked. Harry saw me and grinned. “You look beautiful,” he says.


            I laugh. “Thanks.”


            “Come on, Carly!” Kristen calls for me.


            I give Harry a smile before walking to where Kristen was. The photographer, Markus, says to me, “Now, for the first few shots, we want you leaning against this tree right here.” He gestures towards the tree that was there.


            I nod and then sit down on the ground. The photo shoot begins as the wind slightly blows around and Markus takes the pictures. I see Harry standing with the magazine editors as he looks at a computer screen that has all of the pictures that are being currently taken of me, and a smile is playing on Harry’s lips. I wonder what he’s thinking about?


Harry’s POV:


            “She looks fantastic,” I say quietly as I look at the pictures on the screen.


            Carly was currently on her sixth look, wearing a long dark blue and white cardigan, white tank top, and dark blue short shorts. Her hair was in a high pony tail and she was walking along the shore as she smiled at the camera. This had to be my favorite photo shoot that Carly has ever done. She had close to no make up on, so you could just really see her natural beauty. People will be able to see that girls don’t need make up to look pretty, because Carly is proving that.


            I watched Carly as she had changed into her new outfit and was walking along the shore with a snow white horse, a smile on her face. Half an hour later, Carly’s photo shoot had ended and she was now back in her regular clothes, walking towards me.


            “Hey there,” she smiles.


            “Hey,” I smile back. “You looked so gorgeous in all of those pictures,” I add, giving her kiss on her lips.


            Carly smiles back. “Thanks, Harry,” she says. “You wanna grab some lunch? I’m hungry.”


            I nod and once the two of us say goodbye to Kristen, we leave. “So where do you wanna go?”


            “Can we get some pizza?” she asks, scrolling down her phone. “I’m craving some.”


            I chuckle as I drive down the road. “Sure.” I drive to Domino’s Pizza which was the closest pizza place, and Carly and I get out of the car and walk in. Holding the door open, I let Carly in and follow in beside her. The two of us enter and I ask her quietly, “Do you wanna get take out or eat here?”


            Carly bites her bottom lip, thinking, and then looks at me from behind her sunglasses. “Take out? I wanna go home and just be lazy.”


            I laugh, putting an arm around her. “Okay then,” I say. “Anything for you.”