Chapter 14

Carly’s POV:


            “So where am I staying?” Harry asks as we sit on the couch, watching Wipeout on my living room TV.


            “Well, there’s the guest room, and then there’s my room,” I chuckle, resting my legs on top of his, which were propped up by the coffee table. Coco was on the floor in front of us, laying down as he stared at the TV.


            Harry gives me a knowing smirk. “I’ll take your room.”


            I roll my eyes, laughing since I knew that’s what he’d say. “Sure thing,” I say.


            As we watch the show, Harry says, “You know what I have with me?”


            I turn my head to look into his brown eyes, frowning slightly. “What?” Harry shifts a bit, taking something out of his pants pocket. It’s a folded piece of paper. He gives it to me, a grin on his face. Confused, I open it and a gasp escapes my lips as my eyes widen. It was our bucket list. “You still have this?!”


            Harry chuckles, nodding. “I do,” he says. “We never got to finish it,” he adds in a raspy whisper.


            I bite the corner of my bottom lip, my eyes scanning over the paper. My eyes land on an item, a smile on my lips. “Can we do this one?” I ask Harry, pointing to my choice.


            Harry looks down at what I’m pointing, a smile on his pink lips as well. “A Harry Potter Marathon,” he reads of. He grins widely, dimples and all, as his green eyes look at me. “Do you have all of the movies?”


            I roll my eyes, scoffing. “Obviously,” I say, standing up and walking over to the shelf where all of our DVDs were. I took out the Harry Potter set, showing it to Harry. He grins and stands up.


            “I’ll make popcorn,” he says, walking into the kitchen.


            I smile as I take out the first movie’s DVD and put it in the player. Turning the lights off, I grabbed the TV remote and sat down. Two minutes later, Harry walked in with a bowl of buttery popcorn that I could smell from a mile away. I grin as Harry and I get comfortable on the couch, as the first Harry Potter movie starts playing.


Harry’s POV:


            I can’t even pay attention to the movie.


            Normally, my attention would be on Harry Potter one hundred percent, since it’s one of my favorite movies. But today, I don’t think that’s gonna be happening. My eyes keep on trailing over to the girl cuddled up next to me, not failing at bringing a smile on to my face. I can’t believe after all this time, we’re back together. It’s what I have wanted for so long now, and finally, I’ve got it. Carly and I are finally back together again, and nothing has made me happier. Just being able to hold her and kiss her like I used to all those months ago... It just feels amazing.


            I sound like a girl.


            But it’s true though. When Carly told me that she wants us to get back together, and that she had made her decision, I was the happiest guy ever. I mean, what guy wouldn’t be happy when the girl you love tells you that she wants to be back with you? It’s the best feeling, in my opinion.


            We were now half way through the second movie, and Carly started to get up. “No! Where are you going?” I pout, wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her back on to my lap.


            Carly laughs, trying to wiggle out of my grip. “I need more popcorn,” she says.


            I huff and let her go. She just rolls her eyes and walks into the kitchen as I continue watching the movie. As I watch, Coco gets up from the floor and climbs on to my laugh, causing me to chuckle as I pet his head. Carly walks back with a bowl of freshly popped popcorn and when she sees Coco, she chuckles.


            “So have I been replaced?” she asks, raising an eyebrow as she looks down at us.


            I shrug, smirking. “Yeah, you have.”


            Carly narrows her brown eyes at me, and then nods. “Fine. Let’s see if you like sleeping with Coco.... On the floor.”


            My smirk drops as I narrow my own eyes at her. “You wouldn’t do that to me.”


            Carly leans down, her face inches from mine. “Try me,” she says. I smirk and lean forward an inch before placing my lips on hers. She kisses back, until she adruptly pulls away. “Ew, no, I have popcorn breath,” she scrunches up her face in disgust.


            I roll my eyes, placing two fingers underneath her chin. “Do you really think I care?” I say, before pulling her forward and kissing her again.


            A few seconds later we pulled away, and Carly stood up as she looked at the Harry Potter movie that was now ending. “Well, that didn’t go as planned,” she says.


            I chuckle, running a hand through my hair. “No it did not.”


            “Let me see the list,” she says, turning back towards me. I pick up the paper and hand it to her as I watch her eyes look over it. A smile forms on her face as she says, “Let’s get ice cream!”


            I raise my eyebrows. “Are you saying that because it’s on the list, or because you’re actually craving it?”


            Carly giggles. “A little bit of both.”


            I laugh as I stand up, turning off the TV. “Come on, I’ll drive.”


            She cheers as we walk out of the door and get into her car, driving to the nearest ice cream parlor.




            “Harry, your like, sprinkles are falling off,” Carly laughs, brushing some of the sprinkles off of my shirt.


            “It’s not my fault!” I laugh, licking my chocolate ice cream cone.


            Carly rolls her eyes, licking her own cookies and cream ice cream. “Of course not, Haz,” she says. “It’s never your fault.”


            The two of us were sitting on one of the couches in the ice cream shop, enjoying our tastey desserts. As we ate, Carly’s finger reached up and started twirling around one of my ringlets that popped from underneath my beanie. “What’re you doing?” I laugh.


            She shrugs, licking her ice cream. “They look so adorable.”


            “You’re weird.”


            “You’re mean.”


            “You’re cute.”


            “I know.”


            I give her a look and she just laughs, causing me to laugh as well. One thing I love about being with Carly is that she can be so random sometimes, yet it’ll always make me laugh. Being just around Carly brings a smile to my face, something Kate never was able to do. I watch as Carly runs a hand through her dark, silky hair and gives her ice cream another lick. She catches me staring at her and gives me a funny look.


            “What?” she asks, confused as to why I’m looking at her.


            I smile as I shake my head. “Nothing,” I say, a small smile evident on my face.


            Carly simply chuckles as she continues eating her ice cream. Suddenly, Louis’s voice screams out of nowhere. “TELL ME WHAT YA WANT. WHAT YA REALLY REALLY WANT!” causing Carly and I to both jump in our seats, startled.


            “Louis,” she mutters, taking out her phone. Accepting his call, she immediately says, “Lou, I’m changing my ringtone.”


            A chuckle escapes my lips when I hear him shout, “NO!”


            Carly rolls her brown eyes. “Then what do you want?” she asks, biting into her ice cream cone. She pauses for a minute as she listens to him, and then rolls her eyes once again. “You’re such an idiot. You almost made Haz and I choke on our ice creams.” She pauses again. “Kay, bye.”


            “What did he want?” I ask, finishing eating off my ice cream.


            Carly sighs, putting her phone away. “Nothing,” she says. “He just wanted to call because he knew he’d give us a damn heart attack.”


            I roll my eyes. “Typical Louis.”




            “That was the best Thai food ever,” Ashley says, putting her plate in the dishwasher.


            Carly laughs. “You’ve never even had Thai food, Ash.”


            Ashley sticks her tongue out at her friend. “You don’t know that.”


            I laugh at the two of them. “I have to agree; it was pretty good.”


            The girls chuckle as Ashley then asks me, “So, Harry, how long are you in LA for?”


            “About a week,” I say, causing Carly to grin.


            We all talk in the kitchen for a couple of minutes, until Ashley says, “I’m gonna go to bed. I have a big exam tomorrow.”


            Saying goodnight to her, Carly says, “I’m tired too.”


            “Come on,” I take her hand, “let’s go to bed.”


            The two of us walk up to her room and Carly takes out her pajamas and goes into the bathroom to change. With the bedroom door closed, I took off my clothes and remained in my boxers as the cool metal of my necklaces hit against my bare chest. I got into one side of Carly’s bed as I saw her walk out of the bathroom, wearing grey night shorts and a dark red tank top. She smiles as she gets in the bed next to me, and I instinctively wrap my arms around her waist, pulling her in as her back is pressed up against my chest.


            “I missed this,” I whisper, my lips pressed against her warm right cheek.


            I felt Carly smile, snuggling up against me. “So did I,” she replies.


            She then turns her head slightly to greet my lips with hers. I smile through the kiss as I softly kiss her back. I feel her smile through the kiss, making me smile as well. Once we pull away, I whisper, “Night, Carls.”


            Carly turns her head away, her eyes closing as well. “Night, Harry.”