Chapter 13

Carly’s POV:


            “So when’s your flight?” Mum asks, putting Riley down on the floor.


            “Not for another six hours,” I chuckle.


            I was at my parents house, while Ashley had taken Hayden out to finish some of his sight seeing. But last night kept replaying in my head as I thought about Harry kissing me. That kiss was all it took for me to change my mind. And I’m happy with my choice.


            As if reading my mind, Mum asks me, “You’re thinking about Harry, aren’t you?”


            I sit back on the couch as Mum sits next to me, and I run a hand through my hair as I drink my coffee I had gotten from Starbucks earlier. “Yeah, I am,” I say. “Mum.... I want him back.”


            Mum grins excitedly at me. “Then you should take him back, love!” she says. “From what you’ve been telling me, both of you want each other. Then go for it. What’s stopping you?”


            “I’m leaving today, Mum,” I sigh. “Do you think we’re gonna be able to make this long distance thing work?”


            Mum takes my free hand in both of hers. “Sweetie, if you and Harry love each other then you’re gonna be able to work it out. Trust me, I know.”


            I bite my bottom lip. “Yeah, you’re right...”


            She claps excitedly. “Now you call him and tell him to come over so you can talk it out.”


            I nod, taking out my phone. “Alright.”


            Taking out my phone, I dial Harry’s number, and he picks it up after two rings. “Hello?” he asks.


            “Hey, Harry,” I say somewhat nervously. Gosh, I feel so nervous. “Can you come over to my parents’ place?”


            “Uh, yeah, sure,” he says. “I’ll be there in ten minutes.”


            “Okay, see you then,” I say, and then hang up. I look at Mum. “He’s coming.”


            Mum squeals, causing me to laugh. The two of us talk, and I take one last picture of Mum and I. I’m on her lap, much to her protest, and take out my phone and take a selfie of us with my coffee cup in front of my face.


@CarlyMcKinley: Love my momma @JennaMK <3


            A few minutes later, the bell rang. I exchange look with Mum and she nods. Standing up, I walk towards the door and open it, revealing Harry. He’s wearing the dark blue Jack Wills hoodie I gave him for his birthday with jeans and Converse.


            “Hey,” I smile, and then look inside my house before looking back at him. “Let’s talk on the porch.”


            Harry nods and I step outside while closing the door. The two of us then sit on the porch and I put my coffee cup next to me. “So you wanted to talk?” Harry asks, resting his arms on his knees as his hands lace together.


            I take a deep breath and nod. “Harry, what would you do if I told you I’ve made my decision about us?” I ask, biting the inside of my cheek.


            Harry’s head snaps towards me, his green eyes widening. “Y-You have?” he stutters.


            I nod. “I have,” I confirm.


            Harry bites his bottom lip. “And what is it?”


            “I...” I take a breath. “I want to be with you again.”


            A smile forms on Harry’s lips, dimples coming into view. “You do?”


            I nod, smiling. “I do,” I say. “But, I don’t know if it’s fair to you. I mean, I’m leaving today and –”


            “We’ll make it work,” Harry cuts me off. “I’ll come visit you whenever and you can come too. I just... I just wanna know that you’re mine.”


            I grin. “Well, I’m yours.”


            “So you’ll be my girlfriend?”


            I grin widely. “Yes, Harry, I will be your girlfriend.”


            Harry grins widely as well, before leaning in and kissing me full on my lips. I chuckle against his lips, but kiss him back as I wrap my arms around his neck. This was the best feeling ever, knowing that I was back with the guy that I’m in love with. When we pulled away, Harry leaned his forehead against mine, and I let out a small sigh.


            “I wish you were coming with me,” I mumble.


            “I can always catch a flight tomorrow,” he suggests with a smile.


            My eyes widen. “You’ll do that?” I ask excitedly.


            Harry nods, pecking my lips. “Of course.”




            “You’re WHAT?!” all of the boys and girls shouted, wide smiles on all of their faces.


            All of the lads and girls were all here at my parents’ house. They were shocked when they found out that Harry and I are back together, but in a good way. Harry and I grin at them, our hands interlocked together.


            “Finally!” Niall cheers.


            Louis steps forward. “I thank not only God but also Jesus,” he says seriously, before stepping back next to Eleanor.


            I laugh, rolling my eyes. “It honestly took you two long enough,” Zayn rolls his eyes. “It was driving me crazy.”


            “You guys are so dramatic,” Harry says, chuckling. “But anyway, I’m going to LA tomorrow as well.”


            Liam nods. “I think that’s a good idea,” he says. “Plus, we have a couple of days off. So you can go.”


            I silently cheer on the inside as I smile on the outside. Our flight leaves in four hours, so we all have some time to spend together. We were all sitting in the backyard as the cool London air blew around us. At one point – with me having my obsessive nature of taking pictures – wanted to take one for Twitter with the lads and girls. Hayden and Ashley stayed out of it, since they said they’re gonna be with me. So the rest of us all laid down on the grass in a circle with our heads joining. We were staring up at the sky, as Ashley took my phone and reached her arm forward, and we all smiled up as she took the picture. Once taking the phone from her, I grinned and posted it on Twitter.


@CarlyMcKinley: Gonna miss my buddies! Xx




            “Ah, home sweet home,” Ashley smiles as we walk into our flat.


            We had landed in LA half an hour ago, and were back in our beloved flat. The goodbyes in London were a bit teary, since Mum got a bit emotional. The lads and girls had given me tight hugs as well, and it wasn’t too emotional between Harry and I. We just hugged and then I left. We would have shared a goodbye kiss, but I was seeing him tomorrow and we didn’t really want people to know yet about our relationship. When people find out, they find out. Until then, they really don’t need to know.


            I groan as I drag my bags to my room, and then plop down on my bed face first. As I laid down, my phone suddenly rang, and I picked it up. “Hello?”


            “Welcome back, Carly,” Kristen’s voice rang through my phone. “I wanted to tell you that you have an interview tomorrow.”


            I let out another loud groan. “Seriously, Kristen? I just got back and I’m jet lagged.”


            “Sorry, kiddo,” she apologizes. “I can’t cancel it.”


            I mutter incoherent words under my breath, before letting out a sigh. “Fine.”


            Kristen laughs. “That’s the spirit!”




To: Hazza<3


When does your flight land? Xx


From: Hazza<3


In about an hour. Are you home? X


To: Hazza<3


I wish. I’m backstage for an interview.


From: Hazza<3


Shucks. Alright, I’ll call a cab and I’ll meet you at your flat.


To: Hazza<3


Just call up Ashley! She isn’t doing anything and I’m sure she won’t mind.


            I then open up a new conversation, texting Ashley.


To: Ash:*


Hey, do you mind picking Harry up from the airport in about an hour? Xxx


From: Ash:*


Sure, that’s no problem! Xx


From: Hazza<3


No, no it’s fine. I’ll call a cab.


To: Hazza<3


Oops, too late. Ash already said she’ll pick you up.


From: Hazza<3




To: Hazza<3


YOU LOVE ME. But I gotta go. Interview timeee.


From: Hazza<3


I do ;) But okay! See you soon babe xx


            I smile to myself as I put my phone away. “Please welcome, Carly McKinley!” the interviewer, Sabrina, calls out. Taking a breath, I walk out and smile and wave at the audience as I give Sabrina a hug, and then sit down on the couch opposite of her. “Welcome to the show, Carly,” she says and I smile. “So how’ve you been?”


            “I’m great, thank you,” I smile. “Just a bit jet lagged.”


            “Oh, you were just in London, weren’t you?” she asks, lacing her hands together.


            I nod. “Yeah.”


            “How was the trip?” Sabrina questions.


            “It was great,” I grin. “Met up with some friends and visited my family.”


            “How’s your little sister?” she grins.


            “She’s wonderful,” I chuckle. “The cutest thing ever.”


            The interview goes on with the same questions and the same answers. The interview was almost finished when Sabrina asks, “So are you in a relationship, Carly?”


            I bite the inside of my cheek, knowing this question was coming. With a smile, I nod. “I am.”


            Multiple gasps are heard from the audience as Sabrina raises her eyebrows. “Well, that’s news for us,” she laughs. “With who?”


            “We’re trying to keep it on the down low right now,” I tell her with a small smile. “A bit private, before we’re both ready to come out with it.”


            Sabrina nods. “Understandble,” she says.


            A few more questions later, the interview ends. Grabbing my bag and phone, I get into the van with Randy as the driver drives us home. Home to where Harry is waiting for me.