Chapter 12

Harry’s POV:


            I had planned a little outing for Carly and I today. It was nothing really too extravagant, just the two of us hanging around in London. We will grab some lunch and possibly go to the London Eye. I don’t know if this is classified as a date, but I just want Carly and I to have fun together, like we used to before. I want to show her that the two of us can still have fun, and that I really am serious on having her back with me. Nothing would make me happier.


            Though, I do understand why she wants me to wait. I told her I would, but honestly, I don’t know how much longer I can wait. I love Carly, I really really do, and all I want is for her to be mine again. This girl is driving me crazy, and she doesn’t even know it.


            I got dressed in a black T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers before slapping my Rolex watch on my wrist and grabbing my sunglasses. I walked out of my room and towards the flat, passing by Louis. “Have fun on your date!” he screams.


            I stop and give him a look. “It’s not a date,” I say.


            Louis chuckles, rolling his eyes. “Sure,” he says. “Whatever you say.”


            I huff before grabbing my keys and going out of the flat. Opening the door for my Range Rover, I climb in and drive to Carly’s hotel. I get there and park my car, before pulling my phone out and texting Carly.


To: Carls(:


Waiting outside of the hotel! Xx


From: Carls(:


Alright! Coming down right now! Xx


            Two minutes later, the passenger door opens and Carly slides in. She was dressed in jeans, boots, a dark blue full sleeved shirt, and had sunglasses on. Her dark hair was straightened and fell to about her waist. She smiles at me, revealing her perfect white teeth. “Hello there,” she says, putting on her seat belt.


            I smile back. “Hey,” I say. “You ready to go?”


            Carly nods. “Where are we going?”   


            “You’ll find out when we get there,” I wink.


            Carly huffs, muttering, “You and your secrets.”




            I pulled the car up in front of the London Eye, and I watched as Carly’s eyes widen. “Oh, wow,” she breathes. “I haven’t been here in such a long time.”


            I grin as we get out of the car and approach the big sight. I pay for Carly and I and we step into one of the big pods along with several other people. Carly and I walk over to the big windows as our pod suddenly moves up, going higher and higher.


            “I really miss London sometimes,” Carly whispers, her eyes travelling over the beautiful city.


            A small smile plays on my lips. “Yeah, I can imagine,” I say.


            The two of us look over the window and out at the city. Glancing at Carly, I can see that she’s thinking about something. She has that calculating look in her eyes and is biting the inside of her cheek. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t want to say anything to annoy or disturb her thoughts. The ride soon came to an end and we climbed out of the pod.


            “So where to?” Carly asks, smiling up at me.


            “I was thinking we’d grab some lunch?” I suggest.


            “Sounds good,” she nods.


            Heading back to my car, I drive us to this little small restaurant I saw. It was more of a diner, but their food was actually pretty good. Pulling up to it, we got out of the car and headed towards the door.



Carly’s POV:


            Harry and I walked into the small diner and sat down on a booth. “I know it’s not much, but – ” I cut him off.


            “It’s perfect,” I send him a smile. “I like it.”


            And I did. I loved how Harry was making such an effort to take me out, at the same time not trying to make this into a date. He was giving me time and space, which was exactly what I needed. This guy right in front of me was the most sweetest person ever. And it’s safe to say that he’s making things so much more easier for me...


            “So what do you want?” Harry asks, looking down at the menu.


            I look at it before answering, “Fish and crisps, a turkey sandwhich, and a strawberry milshake.”


            “Little hungry, aren’t we?” Harry smirks, and I roll my eyes. “Kidding; I’m gonna have the same.”


            “Oh, now who’s hungry?” I tease, causing Harry to laugh. Harry chuckles and a waitress comes to take our orders. She then leaves to get our food, and I look at Harry. I catch him staring at me, a small smile on his pink lips, causing me to blush slightly. “What?” I sheepishly ask.


            Harry shakes his head, his curly hair moving around slightly. “Nothing,” he says.


            Our food comes a while later, and we immediately dig in and eat it. Taking a sip of my strawberry milkshake, I let out a moan of delight. Harry looks at me, smirking, and I give him a look. “It’s really good!” I defend myself. “Here, try it,” I push my shake towards hm.


            “Fine,” he says, taking mine. “But you should try mine.”


            I agree and take his. His milkshake was banana while mine was strawberry, so they were obviously different flavors. I took a sip of Harry’s milkshake and nodded aprovingly, as Harry did the same while drinking the strawberry one. “This is good,” I say.


            Harry nods. “This is too,” he says, and then slowly pulls my shake towards him. “Hope you don’t mind me taking it.”


            “Hey!” I laugh. “Give me my shake!”


            “Nope,” Harry grins, yet again drinking from my shake.


            I lean across from the table and try to reach for my shake, but Harry leans back in his booth. I bite my bottom lip, before my left hand reaches  up and grabs the chain for Harry’s airplane necklace. His eyes widen slightly as I wrap the chain around my left index finger, and gently pulling Harry forward. A smirk forms on my lips as I use my other hand and take milkshake from Harry.


            Leaning back in my chair, I look at Harry while sipping my milkshake. “My milkshake,” I say.


            Harry bites his bottom lip, quietly muttering, “That’s what I get.”




            “Thanks for tonight, Harry,” I smile as he pulls up in front of the hotel.


            “No problem, Carls,” Harry dimply grins. “I’m glad you had fun.”


            I nod. “I did.”


            “Come on, I’ll take you up,” Harry says, getting out of the car.


            I smile at him as I also get out of his car. The two of us cross the lobby and into the elevator. As soon as the doors slide close, the elevator music starts. “I hate elevator music,” I mumble.


            Harry laughs. “Why?”


            I shrug. “It’s so useless and annoying. It’s just there, ringing in your damn ears.”


            Harry chuckles wholeheartedly. “You never cease to surprise me.”


            I smirk. “I know.” The door slides open and we walk down the hallway. Once we were in front of my suite door, I turn to smile at Harry. “Thank you for today, Haz. I had a really great time.”


            Harry smiles down at me, a somewhat nervous glint in his eyes. “I did too,” he bites his bottom lip lightly. “I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?”


            I nod, smiling. “Night, Harry.”


            “Night, Carly,” Harry says, taking a breath.


            Taking out my key card, I give Harry one last wave before walking inside the suite and closing the door. Most of the lights were off, so Hayden and Ashley were probably asleep. When I was about to walk away, someone knocked on the door. Frowning, I put my bag down and turning back to the door. Who was it? Opening the door, I saw Harry standing there, looking somewhat nervous.


            “Harry? What’s wrong?” I ask him, leaning against the door.


            Instead of answering me, Harry licked his lips before taking a step forward, and placing his lips on top of mine. I was in a state of shock, not really registering what was happening. But when I did, I eagerly kissed Harry back as his hands cupped my cheeks, and I could feel him smiling through the kiss. His soft, perfect lips molded against mine, making the kiss become pure bliss. When we pulled away a few seconds later, Harry smiles down at me.


            “Goodnight, Carly,” he whispers, before walking out and closing the door.  


            I’m frozen on my spot, my breathing erratic.


            What just happened?