Chapter 9

Carly’s POV:


            “I should go and get ready for Harry’s party,” I say, standing up while I still hold Riley.


            Mum nods. “Alright, sweetie,” she says. “I’ll see you later.”


            “Bye, Mum,” I say, pecking her cheek and handing her Riley.


            Mum gathers her things and leaves the hotel room, leaving just me and my friends. Hayden and Ashley were already getting ready for Harry’s party, and I should too. The party was like a clubbing scene, but not too overly dressed. Harry had said we could even show up in jeans and a tank, and that’s what I’m going with. I changed into dark blue skinny jeans and a black tank top that said in white words ‘You Make Me Happy When The Skies Are Gray.’ I put on silver hoop earrings and a golden necklace, along with black boots. My hair was slightly curled and make up was done.


            I grabbed my phone and instead of putting on a jacket, I wore a red plaid shirt. Rolling up the sleeves and leaving the front unbuttoned, I took ahold of the bag that had Harry’s gift in it and walked out of my room. “You guys ready?” I call out to Hayden and Ashley.


            The two of them appear from their rooms. “Yup,” they say in unison.


            Walking down to the lobby, we get into the car that Kristen had called for us and it drove us to Harry’s party. It was eight o’ clock at night, and by the time we got to the club, more than two dozen cars were already parked. We asked the driver to just drop us off, and once we were out of the car, he drove away. We entered the club, giving the bouncer our name and walked in.


            Loud music was thumping throughout the club, and lots of people were dancing. Strobe lights were going off as I made my way through the dancing bodies, with Ashley and Hayden behind me. I got to the back of the club, where I saw the boys, Danielle, Perrie, Eleanor, and Soha all sitting there.


            “Hey, guys!” I say over the loud music.


            They all see us and grin, standing up to greet us. I go over to Harry, who’s wearing the dorkiest – yet adorable – shirt I’ve ever seen. It was a blue button up shirt with white hearts. I’m not even gonna ask. “You made it!” he grins, exposing his cute dimples.


            I laugh, wrapping my arms around his torso as he wraps his around my neck, hugging me tightly. “Of course I did,” I say as we pull away. I give him the bag, grinning as I say, “Happy birthday, Haz.”


            He takes the bag from me, smiling. “Thank you, love,” he says. He opens the bag and his eyes widen at the sweatshirt as he sees his name on it.


            “I know it’s not much but – ” he cuts me off.


            “It’s perfect,” he interrupts, smiling down at me. “I love it.”


            I smile, happy he liked the present. I suddenly hear someone call his name, and Harry looks past me to the person and then back at me, not knowing if he should go or not. “Go to your friends,” I smile. “But save me a dance,” I add with a wink, before going over to the girls.


            “Carly!” Soha grins as I approach them.


            “Soha, Perrie!” I exclaim, hugging the two girls. “I haven’t seen you two in forever!”


            “I know, right?” Perrie says in her thick British accent as we pull away. “It’s been too long.”


            I sit down next to them. “How’ve you been?” I ask them.


            The next few minutes consist of me catching up with Soha and Perrie, and then the music dies down as a slow song comes on. I feel someone tap my shoulder, and I turn to see that it’s the birthday boy himself. “How ’bout that dance now?” he grins, offering a hand.


            I smile as I take it in my own, as he helps me stand up. Harry leads me to the dance floor where I see other couples dancing. Even the boys were dancing with the girls. Harry’s arm slides around waist as his left hand holds my right one, and my left hand is on his shoulder. As we sway to the music, I look into Harry’s sparkling green eyes as he looked at me, a small smile playing on his pink lips.


            “Why’re you smiling?” I ask quietly.


            “I’m happy,” he simply replies, his hot, minty breath hitting my lips. 


            “Why are you happy?” I say. “Other than the fact that it’s your birthday.”


            He chuckles lowly and deeply. “You’re here,” he says. “I didn’t think I’d see us dancing together on my birthday ever since we broke up.”


            I bite the inside of my cheek as we sway to the music along with everyone else. “Neither did I,” I say, but it comes out more as a whisper. “I’m just happy that we’re friends.”


            “Yup. Friends,” Harry sighs, somewhat bitterly.


            I look up at him, my eyebrows furrowing in confusion. “Is something wrong?”


            Harry shakes his head, making his curls bounce. A few seconds later, the song ends, and everyone stops dancing. Suddenly, loud music is once again blaring through the speakers, and I walk off the dancefloor with Harry following me. Just then, Louis walks up to Harry and says, “Come on, you two. We’re gonna play Suck and Blow!”


            Oh Lord. I knew about that game. It’s a game when one person sucks on a paper with their mouth then the person sitting next to them tries to take it by sucking it with their mouths, and the person that has it blows. If they drop it in the process, then they have to kiss. I’m definitely making sure I don’t sit in between either any of the boys or someone I don’t know. Louis leads Harry and I to the back of the club, where we see the boys, girls, Nick Grimshaw, Ed Sheeran, Hayden, and a couple of unknown girls are sitting. I sit down next to Hayden, since I don’t mind kissing him since the guy is gay. And guess who sits next to me?




            So if one of us drop it when we have to pass it, then we’re gonna have to kiss.


            Oh no.


Harry’s POV:


            Ed started off the game by putting a peice of paper against his lips, and then passing it along one of my friends, Rose. Everyone sucked and blowed on the paper, and Perrie and Zayn had dropped it so they had to kiss – which they most definitely did not mind. The paper was continued to being passed, and then it got to Hayden and Carly. I watched as she placed her lips on the paper, and Hayden puffed his cheeks slightly as he blowed on the paper, and Carly’s cheeks hollowed and her cheek bones became a bit more defined as she sucked on the paper. Once it was off of Hayden’s lips, she turned her head and faced me.


            I lick my lips slightly as I leaned in and watched as Carly’s brown eyes looked at me. I could feel everyone elses eyes on the two of us, but I tried to ignore them. Placing my lips on top of the paper, I could feel Carly’s lips on the other side of it. I stared into her brown eyes as she looked into my green ones, immediately mesmerizing me.


            I was so caught up in staring into her eyes, I didn’t realize she was blowing on the paper. Since I didn’t have enough time to suck on the paper, it fell on to the ground, and Carly and I pulled away. She looked at me with her brown, wide eyes as everyone started screaming, cheering, and clapping.


            “You gotta kiss now!” Danielle exclaims, grinning madly.


            Carly glared at her, and I looked at Louis for help. He just shrugged, not hiding his grin either. Carly opened her mouth to protest, but Eleanor cut her off. “Sorry, babe. You’ve gotta kiss Harry.”


            I rub the back of my neck uncomfortably as Carly looks at me. “We might as well get this over with,” I say quietly.


            Carly glances around, before letting out a small sigh. “Okay,” she whispers. I lean in, and she starts doing the same, knowing everyone is watching us. Our eyes flutter close when finally, I feel the soft lips against mine.


            The kiss was bloody amazing. Her lips moved perfectly against mine as my right hand went up and cupped her cheek. I could feel the million sparks go off as our lips moved in sync. This was the feeling that I had missed so dearly, the feeling of Carly’s lips against mine. Ten months since I had to go without kissing her, and now, I’m finally getting to do it. The kiss was gentle and sweet, full of nothing but care.


            “You’re supposed to be kissing, not making out!” Grimmy’s voice suddenly shouts, causing Carly and I to pull apart.


            She looked into my eyes, her eyes widening and a blush clear on her cheeks. Carly quickly looked away, and I turned my head to glare at Nick, who was just laughing his arse off along with Louis.


            The game soon ended right after that, and we all went our seperate ways into the party. As I was walking down the room, I heard Carly call for me. “Hey, birthday boy!” she says, causing me to turn and look at her. “Can I get a picture?”


            I grin and nod. For some reason, I still had the paper from the game with me, so I put it against my lips. I put my arm around her waist as I looked at the camera, with Carly smiling next to me as Ed took the picture for us. I couldn’t exactly smile, seeing as I had a piece of paper stuck to my lips. Once Ed took the picture, Carly took her phone back and I looked over her shoulder as she posted it on Twitter.


@CarlyMcKinley: Me & the birthday boy! Happy birthday @Harry_Styles! Much love. Xxx


            She puts her phone away then, smiling. Her smile drops when she notices how close the two of us are. My eyes move from her eyes and trail down to her lips, locking my gaze there. I instinctively lean in towards her, until she puts a hand on my chest, pushing me back slightly. “No, Harry, don’t,” she says, but it comes out more as a whisper.


            “Why not?” I whisper back, looking down at her.


            Carly shakes her head. “It’s... It’s not right.”


            “It’s right,” I say quietly, tucking a strand of loose hair behind her ear, letting my hand then linger on her cheek. “You just don’t want to believe it,” I say, before walking away, and leaving her in the middle of the room.




Carly’s POV:


            Harry’s birthday party lasted for about five hours. I’m surprised that the boys are still sober, seeing as more than half of the guests are totally wasted. I was about to leave with Ashley and Hayden, unti Harry stopped me. “Carly, wait,” he says, grabbing my upper right arm and pulling me back. “We need to talk. Can you come to my place? I’ll drive.”


            “Um, sure,” I say hesitantly. I turn to face my two friends who are waiting for me. “You guys go ahead. I’ll see you there.”


            Hayden and Ashley nod, and give Harry one last wave before leaving. Harry and I till the last guest is gone before we get into his Range Rover and drive off to his flat. The rest of the lads were either at their own flats or out with their girlfriends. We reach Harry’s flat in no timem and once we got there, we entered the empty flat. Louis was probably dropping Eleanor off, since he isn’t here. Once we’re inside the large flat, I turn to Harry.


            “So what’s up?” I ask, feeling a bit uneasy.


            Harry locked eyes with me, his green eyes boring into my brown ones. The first few buttons on his shurt were open, revealing the chains of the necklaces he was wearing, and his hair was disheveled. “That kiss,” he suddenly says, startling me. “At the party. Did it mean anything to you?”


            I was a bit taken aback by his question. That kiss back there was the most amazing thing I have felt in months. The feeling of his soft lips against mine was pure bliss. The usual sparks went off as we kissed. I had craved Harry’s kiss; longed for the feeling of his lips against mine. The kiss was so gentle; so sweet.


            But back to Harry’s question.


            Did the kiss mean anything to me? I’m not so sure. Yeah,  I enjoyed kissing Harry. But does that mean I’m ready to be back with him again? I don’t know, and I’m terrified to find out.


            I look at Harry, who’s patiently waiting for an answer. “I-I don’t know,” I finally stutter.


            Harry took a step towards me, and I automatically took a step back. “It meant something to me, Carly,” his deeply, slow voice stated, not breaking his eye contact with me. “It gave me hope that some day, you’ll take me back; that I’ll be able to call you mine again.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. With each word, Harry took a step towards me and I took one back, until I was pressed up against the wall and a tall Harry looked down at me. I look up at Harry, my mouth slightly parted. “I want you to be my girl again,” he huskily whispers in my ear, sending chills down my spine.


            Before I could say anything, Harry dipped his head and his lips met mine for the second time tonight. Unlike the last kiss, this one was more passionate and filled with hunger. I don’t know what came over me, but I kissed him back equally with as much passion. My hands reached up and tangled themselves in Harry’s curls as his hands went down to my bum, slightly squeezing it. I knew he wanted me to jump, so did, wrapping my legs around his torso as his hands were under my thighs, supporting me. Harry carried me over to the couch, never once breaking our lip contact. He sat down on the couch with me on top of him, kissing me like there’s no tomorrow.


            Something clicked inside of me. What the hell am I doing?! I pull away from Harry, my eyes widening in shock. Harry’s eyes shoot open, green eyes looking at me in confusion. “What’s wrong?” he asks.


            I push myself off of Harry until I’m standing on my feet, and he remains seated. “This. This is what’s wrong, Harry!” I exclaim, motioning between the two of us with my hand. “We can’t be doing this.”


            “Oh, I think we can. And we just did,” he smirks, now standing up.


            “This isn’t bloody funny!” I say, running a hand through my hair. “I don’t... We can’t...”


            “We can’t what, Carly?” Harry asks, suddenly angry. “We can’t be together? Why not?” he asks. “Why is it that I can’t love you? That you can’t love me? That I can’t call you mine and you can’t call me yours?”   


            “Because you hurt me, Harry!” I scream, tears springing in my eyes. Curse these sensitive tear ducts. “I can’t and I won’t be with someone that I can’t fully trust!”


            “Why can’t you just move forward?” he spits out, anger clearly lacing his voice as he glares at me with his green eyes. “It was a mistake I made, for God’s sake! Kate’s gone, out of my life. Why can’t you see that I’m sorry?”


            I glare right back at him, tears now falling out of my eyes. “I know you’re sorry, Harry. But what’s to say that this won’t happen again in the future?”


            “We’ll get there when we get there,” he says, his voice much calmer as he steps towards me. He takes my hands in his, squeezing them. “Please; just take me back.”


            I shake my head, tears falling much faster as I wrenched my hands from his. “I can’t,” I choke out. “Not yet, anyway.”


            Before Harry could respond, I run out of his flat, slamming the door shut. I’m half disappointed and half relieved that he doesn’t come out to chase me. I sink on to the floor next to his door, pulling my knees up to my chest as my left hand covers my mouth to stop the sobs from coming out. I begin to sob loudly, but since my mouth was covered, they came out more muffled. Tears pour out of my eyes as I replay what had just happened in my head. It was like Harry and I were breaking up all over again. It hurts, so much.


            My sob-fest was suddenly interrupted when I saw Louis walk in. He stopped when he noticed me crying on the floor. “Carly!” he exclaims, wide eyed as he rushes over to me. “Carly, babe, what’s wrong?” he asks, kneeling down next to me.


            “H-Harry and I-I, w-we –” I couldn’t even complete my sentence before a new wave of tears hit me.


            “Shh, shhh,” Louis soothed, hugging me tightly. I cry into his chest as he holds me. “You don’t have to explain anything to me, okay?” he says, kissing the top of my head. “Come on, I’ll drive you back to the hotel.”


            Louis helps me up and down the hallway until we get into his car. I sit in the passenger’s seat as Louis starts driving to the hotel. I wipe the last few tears away, sniffling. “Thank you, Louis,” I whisper.


            Louis glances over at me, smiling. “It’s no problem, love. What are friends for?”


            I smile slightly, looking out the window. It’s at times like these when I realize I’m so lucky to have friends as amazing as Louis.