Chapter 8

Carly’s POV:


            “Who says, who says you’re not perfect? Who says you’re not worth it? Who says you’re the only one that’s hurtin’? Trust me, that’s the price of beauty. Who says you’re not pretty? Who says you’re not beautiful? Who says?” I smile as I write the chorus down on the sheet of paper, putting down my red guitar.


            It was a song inspired by my haters. Yeah, they hate on me, telling me I’m ugly and other nasty things, but that only makes me stronger. And I’ve come to realize many of my fans get bullied every day – physically and mentally. So I want this song to go out to them, to let them know that they’re beautiful in their own way.


            The boys had left for London a few days ago, and Hayden, Ashley, and I were going there later on tonight. Our flight was in a few hours, and we already had everything packed. My friend Laura was dog sitting Coco while we were gone, so I didn’t have to worry about him.


            “TELL ME WHATCHA WANT, WHATCHA REALLY REALLY WANT!!” Louis’s obnoxious, loud voice startled. I looked at my phone and at the caller ID as I see Louis calling me, a goofy picture of him lighting up my screen. He had recorded and set that as his personal ring tone, and every time he called, my phone succeeded in giving me a heart attack.


            I pick it up, putting the phone by my ear. “Hey, Boo,” I smile.


            “ARE YOU ON THE PLANE YET?!” Louis shouts, causing me to flinch and move the phone from my ear.


            “My flight isn’t for three hours, Louis,” I remind him. “And why are you screaming?”


            “I don’t know,” he says, his voice much more calmer. “Anyway, did you get Harry a birthday present.”


            I roll my eyes. “Obviously, I did.”


            “Ooh, what did ya get him?” he asks.


            “A custom made Jack Wills hoodie,” I reply. “He gave his purple one to me, so I got another one made for him. It’s a dark blue color, and on the back it says ‘Styles’ in big white letters.”


            “Aw, that’s cute!” Louis giggles weirdly. “He’ll love it.”


            “Good to know you think so,” I roll my eyes, smiling. “And can I please change my ring tone? It kills me every time.”


            “NO!!” he shouts loudly. “If you change it then it’ll mean that you don’t love me!”


            “All the more reason to change it.”


            “Well I never!”


            “Stop being so dramatic.”


            “Stop being so undramatic.”


            “That’s not even a real word.”


            “Your point?”


            “You’re annoying.”


            “You’re mean.”


            “Bye, Lou.”


            “Bye, Carleh.”


            Well, that conversation ended quite randomly. I look at my phone screen that now says ‘Call Ended’, and then put it down. I roll my eyes as I climb out of my bed. My two suitcases were already downstairs in the living room with Ashley’s, and Coco was already at Laura’s place. I still needed to change, seeing as I was still in sweatpants and a baggy top. Grabbing my guitar, I put it in it’s case and then walked down the stairs and into the living room, where I saw Ashley watching TV in denim shorts and a off the shoulder red top.


            “I’m tired,” I say, plopping down on the couch next to her.


            Ashley smiles. “You’ll have more than enough time to sleep on the plane,” she tells me.


            I sigh as I lean back against the couch, watching Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. My phone suddenly buzzes, and I take it out to see that I have a new mention from the curly haired boy.


@Harry_Styles: @CarlyMcKinley Do you need me to pick you up from the airport? I’d text you but my phone’s dead & I’m on my laptop :P


            I chuckle quietly as I tweet him back.


@CarlyMcKinley: @Harry_Styles If you can, that’d be great! Xx


@Harry_Styles: @CarlyMcKinley Alright then! I’ll see you in a few hours. Have a safe flight, love! Xx


@CarlyMcKinley: @Harry_Styles Why thank you, Styles.


            I exit out of Twitter, but not before when I see the fans blowing up. Oops. “You wanna eat something?” I ask Ashley. “I’m thinking of making some Mac & Cheese.”


            “That sounds so good right now,” Ashley nods.


            I grin as I stand up and make my way towards the kitchen. I started making the Mac & Cheese, and throughout doing so, I had a small smile on my face. I remember once when I was back at Harry’s flat, the two of us were making Mac & Cheese together. I would be mixing it and his large hand would suddenly cover mine, mixing along with me as his other hand would wrap itself around my waist from behind. He’d nuzzle his face in my neck, kissing it softly as I would try and not to let the macaroni burn.


            Shutting my eyes tightly, I let out a deep sigh. Memories of Harry and I constantly played through my head. It was upsetting and cruel. I didn’t want to think of all of those times we shared together – they were all too painful. The smiles, the laughter, the long night talks, the cuddling, the kissing, the hugging, the everything. Every single moment was there, etched into my brain. Like a never ending movie, that would keep playing memory after memory.


            I wanted to forget all of those memories. Have them vanish from my brain, as if they were never there and they never happened. But that’s impossible. The curly haired boy snuck up on me, and I can’t seem to shake him off. He’s the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing that comes into my brain before I fall asleep. It’s like there’s no escaping him and his curly hair and green eyes. He’s everywhere.


            As I put the Mac & Cheese into two bowls, my eyes caught the sight of the black and silver bracelet on my right wrist. The bracelet Harry had given me on Christmas stays there, not moved from it’s position. I haven’t taken it off, ever, and I don’t plan on to. It’s the one thing that reminds me of him, of us.


            “You’re my anchor. Without you, there’s not me.”


            Tears sprung in my eyes as Harry’s words played through my mind like a symphony; loud and clear. I blinked the tears back, my heart aching inside my chest as I picked up the two bowls with forks in them. Walking into the living room, I handed Ashley one as she gratefully took it and I sat down beside her, looking at my bowl of macaroni. Seems like everything these days remind me of the green eyed monster.


            A few hours later, it was time to get ready for our flight. Ashley and I were rushing around the house, grabbing our things. I was dressed in a loose red Coca-Cola shirt with jeans and flats, and since it was a bit chilly out, I grabbed the first sweatshirt I saw. Grabbing our bags, we got into the van Kristen had gotten for us, which had Hayden already seated inside and waiting for us.


            “Cute hoodie,” he grins, looking at me.


            I look down at the sweatshirt I had blindly grabbed, and bit the inside of my cheek. It was Harry’s purple Jack Wills sweatshirt he had let me keep. Of course, it had to be the sweatshirt I had grabbed. I let out a small, quiet sigh as I mumbled a thanks to Hayden, looking out the window as the driver took us to LAX.




            Stirring in my seat uncomfortably, I opened my eyes, realizing we were still on the plane. Ashley, Hayden, and I were all sitting in first class as I took the window seat, looking down at the white-grey clouds. Wait a minute. If we’re flying above the clouds, then that means we’re almost in London. “How long till we land?” I ask, turning my head to face my friends.


            “The pilot announced a few minutes ago about half an hour,” Hayden says.


            My eyes widened. I had fallen asleep two hours after we had took off, so I was asleep for about five hours. Man, I guess I was more tired than I thought. Since we could use our phones, I took mine out and texted Harry. A small smile came on to my face when I saw that his name was still saved the same way.


To: Harry(;


Plane lands in half an hour; thought you should know. Xx


From: Harry(;


Okay, babe! I’ll be at the airport in time. See you soon! (: xx


            I smile as I read his text, putting my phone away. I notice a magazine popping out in the pocket of the seat in front of me, so I reach forward and look at it. Flipping through pages, I land on a small article. And guess who it’s about?


            ‘Everyone’s confused on what’s going on with Carly McKinley and Harry Styles. The singing beauty confirms that there’s nothing going on between her and the One Direction band member, but we can’t be too sure. Pictures of her walking around with the soon-to-be nineteen year old show them getting along quite well, laughing and smiling in each picture. And we get even more suspiscious when the two send each other flirty tweets and post pictures of them together.


            So is Harly getting back together at all? The curly haired boy had recently broken up with girlfriend Kate Summons, but doesn’t seem so upset over it. Is it that he’s actually hurting, but just doesn’t showit? Or is it that Carly is there with him, making him forget? Carly and Harry were almost named cutest couple of 2012 last year, until they had so suddenly broken up. No one saw it coming, and it was both shocking and heartbreaking at the same time.


            We recently took a poll on how many people want Harly to be back, and these are the results below!’


            Don’t want Harly back = 15%


            Want Harly back = 85%’


            My eyes nearly buldged out of my sockets as I saw the percentages. Eighty-five percent of the readers wanted us back together? I bit my lower lip as I put the magazine back, leaning back against the chair. A stupid poll can’t mean anything... Can it?


Harry’s POV:


            I stood in the middle of the air port, out side of the gate that Carly and her friends were gonna come from. I had on my Ray Ban Aviators to hide my eyes, and my hoodie up to hide my curls. I checked the Rolex watch on my wrist, and saw that her plane should be landing just about now. I was so glad that she was flying out here, especially since it’s for my birthday. Without her, I honestly don’t think my birthday would be complete. I suddenly saw people emerging from the gate, and my eyes looked for Carly, Ashley, or Hayden. My eyes landed on a familiar sweatshirt, making my heart skip a beat or two.


            Carly walked out from the gate with Ashley and Hayden at either side of her, carrying their bags. Carly looked adorable with her hair in a French braid along with jeans, flats, and sunglasses that keep her from getting recognized. But my eyes were glued on to the sweatshirt she was wearing. It was my purple Jack Wills hoodie that I had given her a while ago, when she was returning to LA from London back when we were dating. Seeing that she still has it, gives me a spark of hope.


            Grinning, I walk over to them until they’re right in front of me. “Hey, guys,” I smile.


            “’Ello, Harry!” Hayden grins, and I smile back.


            “Hi,” Ashley smiles as well.


            I look at Carly, a smirk on my face. “Nice sweatshirt,” I say. “Looks familiar.”


            A blush splashes across Carly’s cheeks as she tried to supress a smile. “It’s the first one I saw, okay?” she mutters.


            I laugh and guide them through the airport and out to the parking lot where my Range Rover is. Putting their bags in the boot of the car, we all get inside; with Carly sitting shot gun and Hayden and Ashley in the back seat. “So you want me to drop you off to your hotel first?” I ask, starting up the car.


            Carly nods. “Yeah, that’d be great,” she says.


            She tells me the hotel they were staying at, and drive over there. We get to the hotel in fifteen minutes, and I help them with their bags. “Are you gonna go visit your family today?” I ask her.


            “Yeah,” Carly replies. “I wanna see Riley.”


            I smile. “Want me to drive you there?”


            She shakes her head. “That’s fine,” she says. “I’ll get there by myself.”


            I nod understandingly. “Alright,” I say. “I have to get going, but I’ll see you later?”


            Carly nods, grinning. “Okay. Bye, Haz.”


            I smile. “Bye,” I say, getting into my car and driving away.