Chapter 7

Carly’s POV:


            Tonight we all were going out for a dinner. Don’t ask me why, it was just one of those spontaneous things that happens when you’re with One Direction. Ashley and Hayden were coming, and Eleanor and Danielle had flown in too to spend some time with their beaus. The dinner was in two hours, and I was sitting on my bed as I scrolled through Twitter on my phone. I was surprised when I looked at the tweets the boys’ and my fans were tweeting. It’s scary how they know our plans for tonight...


-Carly and the boys are going out for a dinner!


-Guys. If Harry & Kate have broken up, what if Carly & Harry get together?! Omgomgomgomg


-Awww. It’s so adorable how the boys, El, Dani, Carly, and her friends are going to dinner together. I need picturessss.


            I chuckle as I exit out of Twitter, and then put my phone down. “Hey, Carls,” Ashley says, opening my bedroom door. “You should get ready. We’re gonna leave soon.”


            I nod and stand up from my bed as Ashley closes the door and leaves. I quickly change into a cute Ganni FAY purple summer dress that has spaghetti straps, ruffles on the neckline, and goes down and ends a few inches above my knees. I also put on a white leather biker jacket that has studs on it but don’t zip it, and woven black sandals. My hair was slightly wavy and slightly curly, and had a braid going around and pulling my hair back. I put on silver hoop earrings and apply some make up, and then I’m ready.


(Outfit: )


            Grabbing my phone and wallet, I walk out of my room and down to the kitchen. I take out Coco’s water and food bowl as I pour the water and dog food in them. I check the clock and call out, “Ash! Come on, we’ve gotta go!”


            I hear Ashley’s footsteps as she comes down the stairs. She’s wearing an Emerald jaguar print top with boot cut jeans, and black one inch heels. She looked really pretty as her hair was slightly wavy as well and her make up done to a natural amount.


(Outfit: )


            The two of us then leave and get into my car, driving to P.F. Chang’s, where we all were meeting up. The car ride was a short one, but during it, I had only one thought running through my mind. Harry and Kate had broken up, and news like that spreads like wildfire. Especially in LA when you’re famous. The boys and their girlfriends were over the moon about it, because none of them ever liked Kate in the first place. I mean, I only met her once and she was a total bitch. She had no sense of politeness in her, which is one of the reasons why none of us liked her. The fans were also pretty ecstatic when they broke up as well; it was pretty sad. For Kate, that is.


            We got to the restaurant and I parked my car as Ashley and I got out of the car. It was six thirty in the evening, so the sky was in the middle of being dark and light. Ashley and I walked into the restaurant and up to the guy behind the podium.


            “Table for Payne,” I say. Liam was the one who had made the reservation, so it was under his name.


            “Right this way, ladies,” he says. “Your friends have already arrived.”


            The guy leads us to the back of the dim-lighted restaurant, and shows us to the big table that already has eight people seated. Hayden, the rest of the boys, Eleanor, and Danielle were already there, laughing and chatting away. We thanked the guy and walked over, and our friends looked at us. “Hey, you’re here!” Hayden grins as he sees us. Everyone looks at us, grinning.


            I sat down in between Harry and Danielle as Ashley sat in between Zayn and Louis. I move my chair in as Harry smiles over at me. “You look pretty tonight,” he grins, deepening his dimples.


            I grin back at him. “You look great aswell,” I say. He was wearing a full sleeved black T-shirt, dark jeans, and Converse. His hair was covering most of his eyes, causing me to crack a smile. I chuckle as I use my right hand and push his hair back. Harry just chuckles and I laugh along, retreating my hand from him.


            The waiter came a few minutes later, taking our orders and then leaving to get them. As we waited, Danielle snapped a picture of Harry and I from my phone, and I posted it on Twitter. I had my arm around Harry’s shoulders as I leaned into him, and both of us were grinning widely at the camera.


@CarlyMcKinley: Heeeeyyyyy. It’s @Harry_Styles & I. (: xx


            Just as the picture was posted, my time line and mentions blew up.




-Harry and Carly are purposely trying to kill us with their cuteness.


-Can Harly just come back please? it’s like they’re teasing us.


-I’m done. I need Harly back NOW.


            I exited out of Twitter as our food came. Once we had all of our food, we dug right in. “This food’s really good,” Eleanor grins as she ate a dumpling.


            “This spring roll is so delicious,” Harry murmurs from next to me. He then looks at me, holding out a roll. “Try it.”


            I chuckle as I hold Harry’s wrist, bringing his hand up to my face and taking a bite of the roll. I chew and swallow on it, and then nod approvingly. “Yeah, it’s really good,” I agree with him, giving him a smile.


            He smiles back, his green eyes sparkling. I quickly look away and back at my food. From across the table, I see Hayden wiggle his eyebrows at me, and I shoot him a glare. I continue eating my chicken wrap as Ashley sparks up a conversation. “So how much longer are you all in LA for?”


            “About five more days,” Liam answers. “Then we return to London.”


            “You three are coming to Harry’s birthday party, right?” Zayn asks, looking at Ashley, Hayden, and I.


            The two of them look at me, as if waiting for my approval. I look at Harry, who’s also looking at me, and then back at everyone else. Smiling, I nod and say, “Of course we’re coming.”


            They all grin, obviously pleased that I said yes. We all were laughing and talking, having a great time. Danielle and I started our own conversation, and she looked at me curiously. “So are you and Haz getting back together or what?” she asks in a hushed tone so only I could hear her.


            I blush slightly, glancing at Harry and relaxing once I see him making conversation with Niall. “I don’t know, Dani,” I whisper softly. “I don’t know if I’m ready to get back together with him.”


            Danielle’s eyes widen as she suddenly stands up. I look up at her, alarmed, as she grabs my hand and makes me stand up. “We’re going to the bathroom,” she says, giving Eleanor and Ashley some sort of look.


            Everyone, except for El and Ash, look confused as Danielle drags me to the ladies room. Once we’re in the empty bathroom, I look at Danielle, my eyes widening in confusion. “Dani, what’s wrong?” I ask.


            Just then the door bursts open and Ashley and Eleanor walk in, looking alarmed as well. “What’s wrong?” Eleanor asks.


            “That’s what I’d like to know,” I say, looking at Danielle.


            Danielle ignores me and looks at the other too. “Carly’s not sure if she should take Harry back.”


            That’s what this is about?!


            Ashley and Eleanor look at me, eyes widening. “What?!” they both shriek.


            “Why not?” Ashley asks.


            I run a hand around my mouth. “Seriously, guys?” I sigh. “I just... I’m not sure if Harry and I are meant to be.”


            “What in the world are you talking about?” Eleanor asks. “You two are so perfect together!”


            “See, that’s the thing!” I exclaim, leaning my back against the sink counter. “So many people are expecting too much out of the two of us. Practically everyone wants us to get back together. Has anyone thought about what we want? How we feel about all of this?”


            “Of course they have, Carls,” Ashley says softly.


            I shake my head, gliding my tongue across the inside of my left cheek. “I don’t think they have, Ash,” I say. “What if Harry and I don’t work out? What if we’re only kidding ourselves? Maybe it’ll turn out to be another big disaster.”


            “But you’ll never know unless you try,” Danielle insists. “You still do love Harry, right?”


            I look at her, then Ashley, and then Eleanor. “I’m not sure,” I sigh. “One minute I do, and the next I’m just telling myself we’re better off as just being friends. My feelings are all jumbled up.”


            The girls sigh in unison, looking at each other. “You two can make this work, Carly,” Eleanor smiles at me. “Harry, he... He broke up with Kate for you.”


            My head snaps towards her, eyes widening. “What?” I ask, wondering if I heard her correctly.


            Eleanor bites her plump bottom lip lightly. “Yeah,” she says. “He called me and asked what he can do to make things right between the two of you. He realized breaking up with Kate was the first step, so that’s exactly what he did.” She then quickly adds, “Please don’t tell him I told you! You weren’t supposed to know.”


            I can’t believe Harry would do that – for me. He was willing to end a relationship just to be with me, which is something sort of unbelievable. Does he really want us to be together that bad? “I don’t want to rush things with him,” I say finally. “I just want to wait, and make sure that we can actually get along better than before.”


            The girls nod, and Danielle lets out a sigh. “Come on, the boys must be getting worried.”


            We nod and follow her out the door and back to the table, sitting down at our seats. “Everything okay?” Harry asks me.


            I look into his green eyes, that seem to be showing off a sence of concern. I give him a small smile. “Everything’s good.”




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            I smile at the picture Harry had posted a few minutes ago. It was taken last night by a waiter. We all were turned so we could face the camera, grinning. Harry had his arm wrapped around my shoulders as we all smiled at the camera. Putting my phone back in my pocket, I stand back stage of my interview.


            Waiting for my cue to walk on, I turned to Kristen. “Did you get the flight for January thirtieth for Ash, Hay, and I to London?” I ask her.


            She nods, smiling. “It’s all settled. First class to London and you’ll be back by the sixth of February.”


            I look at her, frowning slightly. “How come so late?”


            “I figured you might wanna see your parents and little sister,” she smiles.


            I grin. “I think you just won the manager of the year award, Kris,” I tell her.


            Kristen laughs, and then it’s my cue to walk on stage. I walk on, waving at the small audience as I sat down on the couch. “Hi, Tera,” I smile at the interviewer.


            “Hello, Carly,” she smiles back. “It’s lovely to have you here.”         


            “It’s great to be here,” I laugh.


            “Now, Carly, we’re gonna jump right to the fans questions, because we’ve been getting literally over thousands of questions since early morning,” Tera chuckles. I smile and nod, and she begins. “What song can describe your lift right now?” she reads off an index card.


            I think for a moment. “Um, it would have to be Pricetag by Jessie J because it has such an amazing message behind it that I love to listen to, or I Do by Colbie Caillat.”


            Tera nods, and then reads off the next question. “How do you balance your busy life of music and your personal life?”


            “The balance is really important, or else I’ll go crazy,” I begin with a slight chuckle. “I need to have little time with myself or just hang out with my friends. My manager, Kristen, gives me some space whenever she thinks I need it and lets me go hang out with my friends or I’ll fly out to London to visit my family. It gets hard sometimes to do all of it but I’m having fun, and I haven’t gone crazy yet so,” I end with a laugh.


            “How do you see yourself in fifteen years?” Tera asks, reading off yet another question.


            “I hope that I’m happy, and I hope that my family’s happy as well. I hope I’m still doing what I love. Um, hopefully I’m married and have a kid or two as well,” I chuckle.


            “What was your inspiration to become a singer?” Tera asks, putting the cards away to know that now these are her questions.


            “I was raised with a lot of different types of music in my life. My mum would always be playing music around the house as I grew up, and I would always be singing along. I guess I just realized how much I loved singing, and it just went on from there, I guess.”


            Tera nods, smiling. “How do you deal with all of the haters that are thrown at you?” she asks with a slight frown.


            I shrug. “Everyone has haters,” I say. “I don’t really pay attention to it. I have such incredible fans and amazing messages I get.” I laugh slightly as I say, “But my favorite thing is when I’m on Twitter and I see someone send me a nasty message or something and I click on it, and I see that they’re following me. Like, I don’t know I just don’t understand it,” I chuckle.


            Tera laughs as well. “You’re always seen either in LA or London. One day you’re in London and the next you’re in LA. Like, what’s happening, Carly?” she laughs.


            I laugh along, tucking a strand of hair from my face. “LA and London are the two major places I’m always at,” I say. “I’m obviously here because of work reasons. But I go to London just to visit my family and some of my friends that are there.”


            “Speaking of friends that are in London,” Tera says slyly. Uh-oh, I know what’s coming next. “You are seen out a lot with One Direction. Especially your ex-boyfriend Harry Styles. What’s going on there, Carly?”


            I smile sheepishly, embarassed. “I haven’t seen those boys in a while, so we’re just hanging out and catching up,” I say truthfully. “And Harry and I are just friends, so everything between us is good.”


            Tera nods, smiling. “Apparently you have had lots of fun experiences with the boys,” she says. “Care to share some?”


            I chuckle, thinking it over. “We actually had a water fight once, outside of the tour bus,” I grin, remembering that one fight. “We were in Austrailia, and it was really hot, so it was the perfect weather to have a water fight.”


            “Are One Direction fun to be around with?” Tera asks, raising an eyebrow.


            “The best,” I nod with a grin. “There’s never a dull moment with them; they’re always up to something crazy. It’s a blast with those boys.”


            “Speaking of boys,” she says, “what’s going on in the love life of Carly McKinley?”


            I bite my bottom lip. “There’s nothing really going on,” I say. “Honestly, my love life is a bit dull at the moment,” I lie.


            My love life is anything but dull.


            It’s downright complicated.