Chapter 6

Carly’s POV:


            I woke up as golden sunlight seeped through my windows and through the thin curtains, waking me up. I sat up on my bed, my hair falling over one side of my shoulder. Sleepily, I swung my legs over the edge of the bed. Standing up, I started to make my way towards the door when I suddenly tripped on something, and then fell face first on to something on the floor. But the floor wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It was hard, but not as hard as a floor should be. My eyes opened and they widened as I saw what I had landed on.


            It was Harry’s chest, and he was sleeping. My body was right on top of his, making it look like something it wasn’t. I scrambled to get up, and right when I was about to, I felt Harry’s large hands grip either of my upper arms. I watched as his eyes opened, his green eyes locking with my brown ones. A smirk forms on his face, making me bite the inside of my cheek.


            “Can’t get enough of me, I see,” he smirks, his face only a few inches away from mine.


            My heart was literally thumping against my chest, as if it was trying to escape.This is the closest I’ve been with Harry ever since we had broken up. “Shut up,” I mumble, not finding anything else in my brain to say.


            Harry laughs, still holding me on top of mine. “Good morning to you too.”


            I roll my eyes. “Good morning,” I say bluntly. “Can you let go of me?”


            Harry puts on a thinking face. “Depends what I get out of it.”


            “I spare your balls by not kicking them,” I smirk slightly. He lets go of me, and I stand up. “Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?”


            Harry rolls his eyes. “Yeah, thanks,” he says sarcastically, running a hand through his curly hair as he sits up.


            “So what are you doing here?” I ask, looking down at him.  


            “Ashley said we could sleep over,” he says, rubbing his left eye.


            I nod and open my room door, in time for Coco to walk in. I watch as he trots over to Harry, jumping on the bouncy air mattress and licking his face. I smile at the sight, before turning and walking down the stairs. As I walk down, I pass the living room where I see Louis and Liam sprawled on the couch that’s been turned into a bed, sleeping. I smile and walk into the kitchen, where I see Hayden drinking a glass of milk.


            “Morning, Superstar,” he grins as he sees me. His shaggy hair was a bit of a mess as he wore a pair of pajamas that he had left the last time he was here.


            “Morning, Hay,” I smile back, sitting on the counter top. “Poor me a glass of milk too, please?”


            He chuckles, taking out another glass. “Sure.” Hayden gives me the glass of milk and I thank him. “Listen, I’ve got to get going. I have to watch Lily,” he says, referring to his eight month old niece.


            I nod. “Okay,” I smile. “Give Lils a kiss from me.”


            “Will do,” Hayden chuckles, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving.


            I stay on the counter top, drinking my milk as my legs swing over the counter edge. As I drank, the kitchen door swung open and a sleepy Harry walked in. His hair seemed a bit more tamed, and he was dressed in a grey T-shirt with blue pajama pants. I give him a small wave as I drink my milk. As I lower the glass, a breathy chuckle erupts from Harry.


            I look at him, confused. “What?” I ask.


            Instead of answering, Harry takes three steps towards me and lifts up his right hand. His hand cups my left cheek as his thumb moves over my lips, as if wiping something off. “You had a milk-stache,” he smirks.


            A blush creeps on to my cheeks, probably making my face a crimson color. Trust him to be the one to catch me with a milk-stache. I put the glass next to me, sucking in my bottom lip as Harry stands in front of me.


            Suddenly, everything seems as if it’s frozen. It’s just the two of us. I sit on the counter top as Harry looks down at me, towering over me. Our proximity was almost painful; like the two of us want to lean in, but are afraid to.


            The door swung open and Harry moved away from me, and it revealed Louis and Liam in the door way. They look at us, confused, with their eyebrows raised. “Um...Morning?” Louis says, but it comes out more as a question.


            I jump off the counter, giving them a smile. “Morning, guys,” I say. “Sleep well?”


            They nod. “Your couch is comfortable,” Liam chuckles as they walk in.


            I notice Louis give Harry a look, but I quickly look away. Hopefully nothing is too awkward now...


Harry’s POV:


            “So are you gonna break up with her?” Louis asks me as we sit in Carly’s back yard.


            It was late in the afternoon, and we all were still here. It was our day off, so might as well spend it with friends. I sigh, running a hand around my face. “I don’t know, Lou. I’m confused.”


            Louis sighs aswell. “I’m not very good at giving advice,” he says. “But I know who is.” I look at him, confused, as he takes out his phone. I watch as he dials someone’s number, putting his phone to his ear. “Hey, El,” he grins, greeting his girlfriend. I chuckle; of course he’d call Eleanor. “I have a love sick puppy who needs your help.” I roll my eyes. “Here,” he says as he hands me his phone. He gets up, giving me a thumbs up, and goes back inside the house as I’m left to talk with Eleanor.


            “Hey, El,” I smile as I put the phone to my ear.


            “Ah, so you’re the lovesick puppy,” Eleanor says in a playful tone. “Well, what can I do for ya, Haz?”


            I seat myself properly on the glass, bringing my knees up to my chest as my left arm wraps around my brought up legs and my right hand holds the phone. “I need your help, El.”


            “I think I figured that much, Harry,” she laughs. “Now, what’s the problem?”


            “I don’t know, El,” I sigh. “Kate’s been on my case lately, and it’s driving me nuts. She found out about me being friends with Kate, and doesn’t like it. And personally, I don’t care what she thinks about it. I keep comparing Kate to Carly, when I really don’t mean to. It just happens. Carly understands me in a way no one else does.”


            Eleanor stays quiet for a moment. “Do you still love her?”


            I pause. Do I still love her? Everytime I lay eyes on Carly, I remember the times we spent together and all of the words we’ve said. I can’t get her out of my head. It’s always about Carly. It’s always been about Carly.


            “Yeah, Eleanor,” I say after a moment. “I think I still do.”


            I could tell Eleanor was smiling as she spoke. “Then you really don’t need my help, Harry,” she says. “You know that you still love her. All you have to do is prove it to her.”


            “But how?” I groan, letting my legs slide down and I lay down on the grass.


            “Um,” Eleanor hums for a minute, thinking it over herself. “Well, first thing’s first, you’ve got to get rid of Kate. When you do, you’re gonna be single and it’s gonna be a tad bit easier to get Carly.”


            “Done,” I say. “Then what?”


            “Don’t immediately go for Carly,” she says. “You should wait a couple of days, then make your move. Flirt with her, but not too much where she gets annoyed. Get her trust back – that’s the number one thing you need to do. Once she trusts you again, just spend time with her like you used to. She’ll realize that she’s been missing you as much as you’ve been missing her. And then ta-da! Harly will be back.”


            I crack a smile at the last sentence, thinking her little plan over. “That seems like a good idea,” I say, nodding even though she can’t see me. “Thank you, Eleanor.”


            “Of course, Haz,” she says, chuckling slightly. “If you need any more help, you know my number.”


            I grin. “Alright,” I say. “I’ll talk to you later, El. Bye.”


            “Buh-bye!” she exclaims, before hanging up.


            I stand up from the grass, brushing the back of my pants as I walk back inside. Louis is the first person I see, so I walk over and give him back his phone. “Everything okay?” he asks, putting the phone in his pocket.


            I nod, smiling. “Yeah,” I say, fixing the orange beanie that was on top of my head.


            Louis nods and we return to the living room where the rest of the lads, Ashley, Coco, and Carly were. I watched as Carly stood up and wore a grey cardigan over her maroon shirt, and tying her hair into a high pony tail. “Going somewhere, love?” Zayn asks her.


            “Yeah,” she says, picking up her phone. “I just remembered that I need to buy some dog food. If I don’t get it soon, Coco’s gonna starve.” She puts on her shoes and asks, “Any of you wanna come?”


            “I will,” I offer with a smile. Carly nods and smiles, and I put on my grey hoodie. The two of us said goodbye to everyone else and walked out in the somewhat cool LA air, winds blowing around ever so slightly.


            As we walked in the streets to the nearest super market, Carly’s phone beeps, telling her she has a text. She checks it as we walk, and then keeps her phone in hand once she’s done. “We need to buy Dortios,” she rolls her eyes. “Niall’s craving them, apparently.”


            I chuckle. “Typical Nialler,” I say as we quickly cross the street. Carly and I quickly walk into Food Mart and go to the dog food aisle. As Carly and I walk, I ask her, “Any specific type of brand?”


            Carly nods. “Coco likes the IAMS Mini Chunks,” she says. I nod as we look down the aisle, searching for the dog food.


            I finally found the dog food on a top shelf. I easily reached up and grabbed the bag, calling over Carly. “I got it,” I call.


            She comes over and smiles. “Great,” she says. “Okay, now for Niall’s Doritos.” I carry the bag with me as we go to the aisle where the chips are. Carly grabs two bags of Doritos and turns to me. “Let’s go.”


            I nod and we head over to the cashier.The lady behind the counter was a somewhat old woman, and she smiled at us. “Aren’t you two an adorable couple,” she says as she checks out the Doritos.


            “Oh, we’re not a couple,” Carly says with a small smile. I swear I almost saw a hint of disappointment in them.


            The lady made an ‘o’ shape with her mouth. “That’s a shame,” she says, checking out the dog food. Once she’s done, she hands us two bags. “Have a good day.”


            We thank her as I take the bag of dog food and Carly takes the other one that has the chips. We exit the shop and walk back to her house. As we walk, I suddenly blurt out, “I’m thinking about breaking up with Kate.”



Carly’s POV:


            “I’m thinking about breaking up with Kate.”


            That one sentence made my heart leap out. He was considering to break up with the blonde bimbo bitch? Am I dreaming or what? I bite the inside of my cheek as we walked back to my house. “You are?” I ask, trying to sound indifferent. “How come?”


            Harry nods. “I don’t think it’s gonna work out,” he says, licking his pink lips. “We’re not on good terms right now, and I don’t think we’ll ever be.”


            “Oh,” I say quietly, using my left hand to move away my side bangs from my eye. “When are you gonna do it?”


            “Probably tonight,” he says. “The sooner I get it over with, the better.”


            I nod, silently agreeing. I didn’t know what to say or do. I’m actually pretty happy that they are breaking up. I mean, no one really likes Kate. And it’s about time that Harry’s getting rid of her.


            But if Harry and Kate break up, will there ever be a chance of us being together again? Will we be able to go back to being as we were? I know I still love him, but I don’t want to just go back to him so easily. I’m being stubborn, but I honestly don’t care. I know I love him, but going back to him so quickly is just me being desperate. At least, in my book. Harry’s great, but he needs to prove to me that I can trust him. That nothing like this won’t happen again. Forgiving Harry is easy, but trusting him is a whole different story.




Harry’s POV:


            “So you’re just breaking up with me?” Kate’s voice shrieked through the phone. “Just like that? Over the Goddamn phone?!”


            “Kate, please stop shouting,” I beg. “You’re gonna burst my eardrum,” I add with a mutter.


            I can tell Kate was breathing heavy as I could hear her breathing. “Why are you breaking up with me?” she asks, thankfully a bit more calmly.


            “It’s just not working out, Kate,” I tell her, clutching my phone as I looked out the window of my hotel room. “We’re just not... Compatable.”


            “Compatable?” she asks in disbelief. “You’re breaking up with me because of that? Harry, what the hell.”


            I use my free hand to rub my forehead. “Kate, I just... I just don’t like you like that anymore. It was great while it lasted but I don’t think there’s no future for us.”


            “Wow,” she lets out a bitter chuckle. “Okay then, Harry. If that’s what you want.”


            “Thank you,” I say, sighing slightly.


            “Just tell me one thing,” she says quickly. “Is it because of her? Are you breaking up with me because of Carly?”


            I bite my bottom lip, contemplating on whether or not I should tell her. “Yeah,” I say after a while. “It is.”


            “Alright, then,” Kate says. “If Carly really means that much to you, then fine, we’ll break up. But remember, Harry, I’m always here if you need me.”


            And with that, she hung up.