Chapter 5

Harry’s POV:


            “So, who’s single?” the interviewer asks. When none of us raise our hands, her eyes widen. “So all of you are taken?”


            We all nod, smiling. “We’re all happily in a relationship,” Louis smiles.


            The lady nods. “You recently were seen a lot with Carly McKinley,” she says, looking down at her index cards. “How’s that for you, Harry? Since she’s a former flame for you.”


            I smile, giving a one shoulder shrug. “Carly and I have looked past what happened and are now good friends,” I say.


            “And how does your girlfriend feel about that?” she asks.


            I bite my bottom lip lightly. “She’s totally fine with it,” I lie through my teeth. “She trusts me, so it’s fine.”


            Actually, Kate was anything but fine with me being friends with Carly. When she had found out that Carly and I were hanging out again, she was unpleased. She started ranting about how Carly would try to get me back. Kate even said she didn’t want me hanging around with Carly. But I told her no. I didn’t tell this to Kate, but Carly’s the first person I’ve ever truly loved. I’ve been trying to get over her, but it’s just not working. If we can stay friends, I’m taking it. It’s better than nothing. I’ll take whatever I can get. It’s weird to say and hard to explain, but I just want to be around Carly. Kate and I got into a huge argument about this too, so we’re not exactly on the best of terms.


            Once the interview had ended, the boys and I stood backstage as we waited for Paul to bring around the van. As we waited, Louis pulled me to the side. “What are you going to do about Kate?” he asks.


            I had told Louis about Kate and I’s argument, and he knew how frustrated I am with her. Kate can be so controlling some times – I remember why I broke up with her in the first place. “I don’t know,” I sigh.


            “Break up with her!” Louis suggests with a hopeful grin.


            I look at him, giving him a ‘really?’ look. “Seriously, Louis?” I roll my eyes.


            He shrugs nonchalantly. “You can’t blame me for trying.”


            I roll my eyes once again, and then walk out when Paul had pulled up with the van. As we sit in the van and Paul drives, Liam asks, “So where are we headed now?”


            “Photo shoot,” Paul replies.


            We all let out loud groans as Paul simply chuckles. No way am I boring myself at a photo shoot, I think to myself as I take out my phone.



Carly’s POV:


            “You owe me,” I mumble as I walk in to the set of the boys’ photo shoot. “I could be taking a nap right now.”


            Harry laughs as he gives me a side ways hug. “I can’t believe you actually came,” he chuckles.


            Harry had texted me a while ago, saying that him and the boys were going to a photo shoot, and that it would be boring. He requested for me to come, and being the most amazing friend I am, I agreed. So here I am, dressed in a red tank top with black leather jacket, skinny jeans, boots, and a dark blue beanie.


            I roll my eyes. “I can always leave.”


            “No, no,” he says quickly, grabbing my upper arm and dragging me towards the dressing room.


            I chuckle lightly as I enter the room, and immediately spot the adorable baby playing in the corner with a few toys. “Lux!” I cheer, running over to the little girl. She looks up at me, a huge grin on her face as I pick her up. She giggles in my arms as I smile down at her.


            “She really missed you,” Lou smiles over at me as she does Zayn’s hair.


            I smile at her, looking back at Lux as I bounce her in my arms and she plays with the strands of my long hair. “I missed her too,” I say.


            I play with Lux on the couch while the boys were busy getting ready for the photo shoot. Zayn and Harry’s hairs were the longest to prepare, since Zayn wants his to be perfect and Harry’s hair is a curly mess. I leaned back on the couch as Lux sat on my lap, facing me, as I tickled her sides and she giggled cutely.


            “There’s my God daughter!” Harry exclaims breathily, plopping down on the couch next to us.


            I look over at Harry, chuckling. “Careful. Don’t mess up your hair.”


            Harry rolls his eyes. “I won’t,” he says. “Now gimme Luxy.”


            This time I roll my eyes, handing him the baby. Just then my phone buzzes, and I take it out to see that I have a text from Hayden.


From: Hayden<3


You. Me. Ashley. Movie night tonight!


            I smile as I read the text.


To: Hayden<3


Definitely! Come over at 7:30! Xx


From: Hayden<3


I’ll be there!


            I grin as I put my phone away. Movie night with my two best friinds sounds so perfect right now. Once the boys are finished getting ready, Harry gives me Lux back as the boys head out the dressing room. I pick her up and follow them out on to the set of the shoot, resting Lux on my hip as we watch the boys walk on. Lux and I watch them from afar as the photographer gives them instructions on what to do and where to stand. I take out my phone and snap a picture of Niall, Louis, and Harry as they start to pose.


@CarlyMcKinley: Back stage at @OneDirection’s photoshoot!(:


            Lux and I watched as the boys goofed off on the set, getting their pictures taken as they laughed and smiled through it all. It was fun watching them be kids and just have a good time; it shows that they’re still young at heart. Especially Louis, who’s always the most energetic no matter what the circumstances. After a while, Lux was getting fidgity so I gave her back to her mother, while I still watched the boys.


            It was almost seven o’ clock when I realized that I should get going because of movie night with my friends. As the boys were getting ready to change outfits for the next set of the shoot, I gathered my things. “Lads, I have to get going,” I say.


            “Aw, why?” Niall pouts.


            “It’s movie night with Hayden and Ashley,” I give them an apologetic smile. “Wait, when does your shoot end?”


            “In like, fifteen minutes,” Zayn says.


            I smirk. “Hold that thought,” I say, taking out my phone. I quickly open up a new message and start typing away.


To: Hayden<3; Ash:*


Do you mind if I bring along the boys for movie night? Xx


From: Hayden<3


I’m totally cool with it! They were pretty awesome dudes.


From: Ash:*


It’s fine! I miss hanging with them.


            I grin as I put my phone back in my pocket. Turning to the boys, I say, “Come to my flat when you’re done with the shoot. We’ll wait for you before we start the movie.”


            The boys all grin. “You sure that’s okay with you?” Liam asks. “We don’t want to intrude on your time with your friends.”


            I roll my eyes. “You boys are my friends. Plus, Hay and Ash are totally fine with it.”


            “Okay, then, if you’re sure,” Harry gives me a smile. “We’ll see you in a bit, love.”


            I smile as I say goodbye to everyone, before walking out of the building and into my car. I got to my flat in ten minutes, and by the time I pulled up, I saw that Hayden’s car was already parked in the driveway. Grabbing my bag, I got out of my car and walked up to the door. Entering my flat, I yell out, “I’m here, babies!”


            As I close the door, Coco runs up to me, barking. I grin as he jumps in my arms licking my face. I laugh as Hayden appears from out the living room, smiling. “Where are the boys?” he asks.


            I let Coco down, straightening up. “They’ll be here in about twenty minutes. They just need to finish up their photoshoot.” Hayden nods and I add, “I’m gonna change into something comfy. Be right back.”


            I go up the stairs two steps at a time and walk into my room, closing the door behind me. I quickly change out of my clothes and put on grey sweatpants, a black tank top, and this hand made rop headband type thing around my head. It’s so cute, it was given to my from a fan. Grabbing my phone, I walked down the stairs just in time to see Ashley opening the door and the boys coming in.


            “Oh, hey,” I smile, walking down the last of the steps. “You guys are early.”


            “The photoshoot wrapped up sooner than we expected,” Niall shrugs, smiling. “You got any food?”


            I roll my eyes, chuckling. “In the kitchen, Nialler.”


            Him and Zayn go to the kitchen while the rest of us go into the living room where Hayden was playing with Coco. Ashley had just ordered Chinese food for all of us for dinner, so we waited for that to arrive before we started watching the movie. We all talked for a bit, just hanging around and chilling. My phone buzzed, and I saw that it was a mention from Louis.


@Louis_Tomlinson: Movie night with the lads, @CarlyMcKinley, @AshleyC & @HaydenL. Here’s me & my wittle Carly :D


            I chuckled at his tweet, retweeting it until the bell rang. I got up to get it, and saw that it was the Chinese delivery guy. Once paying for it, I called into the house, “Anyone wanna help me with these bags?!”


            A second later, Harry appeared. “Here, let me,” he says, taking five of the bags. I took four of them and we walked into the living room where everyone else was. I had given Coco his food earlier, so he was knocked out upstairs in my room, sleeping peacefully on my bed.


            We were all seated on the couches, love seat, recliner, and floor; everyone sitting in any comfortable place they could fine. I was sitting on one of the couches with Harry on my right and Louis on his other side. I used my fork as I rolled some noodles around it, putting it in my mouth and swallowing it down. “I have no chicken left,” I pout.


            “Take mine,” Hayden rolls his eyes from the floor, lifting up his noddle box.


            I grin as I poke a chicken piece with my fork, taking it and putting it in my mouth. “Thanks, Hay,” I say, but my voice is muffled since I’m trying to eat my chicken as well.


            “So what movie are we watching?” Zayn asks from the love seat he was sharing with Liam. Aw, Ziam.


            “Not a chick flick, please,” Louis says in a pleading tone.


            “Why not?” Ashley and I ask in unison.


            “We don’t need any of that!” Niall says. “Plus, we’re six guys against you two girls. I think we out number you.”


            I narrow my eyes at him. “You all win this time,” I say, putting my now empty box of noodles on the table beside the couch. “So what movie is it then?”


            “Here Comes The Boom!” Harry suggests. “The new one with Kevin James.”


            Ashley and I roll our eyes as we reluctantly agree. Ashley puts in the DVD and sits back on the recliner as the lights shut off and the movie starts playing. Not even half an hour into the movie and I’m almost fast asleep.


Louis’s POV:


            “That was a great movie!” I exclaim as the lights turn on.


            “Shh!” Zayn hisses, putting a finger to his lips. “You’ll wake up the sleeping beauties,” he adds with a smirk.


            I look at him, confused, and then turn my head. A smirk graces my own lips as I see the sight next to me. Carly was fast asleep on Harry’s shoulder, as he was asleep as well but his head was on top of hers. The two of them looked so adorable, sleeping like that, and it practically pained me to see them like this: Not with each other.


            I have known Carly for a while now, and I know her well enough to know that she still loves Harry. If not love, then has feelings for him. And I’m more than posotive that Harry still wants Carly. But that horrid Kate keeps him from doing so. She’s been on his case lately just because he’s friends with her, and I personally don’t see anything wrong with that. Harry’s being mature and is being friends with an ex, which is something he doesn’t do. Usually, he just forgets them and moves on, because those past relationships of his were never anything too serious.


            But his relationship with Carly, well, was a whole other story. The two of them together were like a match made in Heaven. They acted like best friends, fought like an old married couple, but loved each other till no ends. I have to admit, they were cuter than Eleanor and I. Which, if you know me, is something I rarely say. I mean, come on; no couple is cuter than El and I.


            Carly and Harry, though, were different. Harry can literally just stare at Carly all day and just be infactuated with her. Not only has Carly’s beauty pulled Harry in, but it’s also her charming, funny, confident, and out-going personality. She’s cheeky and can be flirty, just like Harry. Harold praises the ground she walks on, loving every single part of her. And Carly, well, let’s just say she has made Harry a better man.


            She looked past all of the bullshit the media was saying about him. She looked past the fact that he’s had one-night stands, gets drunk whenever he’s upset, and also looked past him as the flirty, hot-headed member of the group. Carly has gotten so close to Harry, she uncovered the sensitive, loving side of him faster than the rest of us ever could. She didn’t judge him as quickly as anyone else would. Instead, she took the time on becoming his friend and seeing the true side of him; the caring, fun-loving side. And I’m guessing that’s what got Harry falling for her.


            I’m saying all of this because Harry’s my best mate. I want what’s best for him, and I know that Carly’s the best choice for him. The two of them fit perfectly together. Fans want them together, the media wants them together, the boys want them together, Ashley and Hayden want them together, their families want them together, Eleanor and the rest of the girls want them together, I want them together. Heck, even  they want each other to be together. The two of them are just too blind to notice that.


            And that upsets me.


            Ashley stands up from the recliner. “You guys can spend the night, if you want,” she says. “We have enough space; besides, it’s already late.”


            “You sure?” Niall asks her.


            She nods, smiling. “Totally,” she says. “We have a guest room with a bed big enough for two. One of you can sleep in Carly’s room – I’m sure she won’t mind. Hayden, you’re with me. The sofa turns into a bed too, fit for two people. That’s enough space, yeah?”


            Liam nods, smiling. “Yeah, it’s fine.”


            Ashley grins. “Great,” she says. “Someone help me with the pillows and blankets.”


            “We’ll come,” Zayn says as he and Niall stand up.


            As they leave to get the things, Liam stands up and stretches, as I take it upon myself to wake up Harry. “Haz,” I whisper, shaking his shoulder slightly. “Harry, wake up.”


            He mumbles something incoherent as he stirs a bit, lifting his head from on top of Carly’s as he looks at me with sleepy, green eyes. “Is it time to go?” he murmurs.


            I shake my head. “No, we’re staying the night,” I inform him. “Why don’t you go and take Carly up to her room?”


            Harry looks on his shoulder to see the sleepy Carly and nods. He carefully moves her head so he can stand up, and then gently picks her up bridal style, before walking up the stairs. Liam, Hayden, and I then make the sofa beds as Ashley, Zayn, and Niall walk in with the blankets and pillows. Liam and I decide to take the sofa bed while Zayn and Niall take the guest room. Just in time, Harry comes down stairs, scratching his head.


            “Uh, where am I going to sleep?” he asks, confused.


            “Carly’s room,” Ashley answers, causing Harry’s eyes to widen. She chuckles, handing him a blanket. “You can either sleep on the bed with her, or I can pull out an air mattress for you.”       


            “I’ll take the air mattress,” Harry says. “I don’t wanna push my luck with Carly.”


            I was impressed; Harry didn’t want to make any of the wrong moves with Carly. He was being safe than sorry. Ashley takes out an air mattress and walks up the stairs to set it up, and Harry follows her to help. As I put my pillow down on one side of the bed, I look at Liam. “We don’t have our toothbrushes or anything.”


            “Don’t worry,” he smiles. “I texted Paul about it; he should be dropping off our stuff now.”


            I look at him funny. “What’s Paul doing out at eleven at night?”


            Liam chuckles. “Probably spending time with Carly’s body guard, Randy.”


            I chuckle, agreeing. Like he said, a few minutes later someone knocked on the door and I opened it to reveal Paul. “Hey, Pauly!” I say, taking the two duffel bags from him.


            He rolls his eyes. “You should know your plans from beforehand, you know.”


            I give him a sheepish smile. “Sorry, Paul.”


            “It’s fine,” he cracks a smile. “Have fun.”


            I say goodbye to him and close the door. I put the bags on the bed and open one to see Liam and I’s stuff in it. I grab the other bag and go up the stairs and into the guest room where Zayn and Niall were. “Here’s your stuff,” I say to them. “Wait, let me get Harry’s.”


            “Thanks, mate,” Zayn says, and I walk out of the room with Harry’s things in my hand.


            I walk into Carly’s room to see her sleeping peacefully on her bed, and an air mattress set up next to her bed with a pillow and blanket on it. I stood in the door way quietly as I watched Harry sitting on the edge of Carly’s bed, looking at her as she slept and swept a strand of hair out of her face. You can just see the love in his eyes.


            “Haz,” I walk in quietly.


            He looks at me and quickly stands up from the bed. “Oh, hey Lou,” he says. “What’s that?”


            “Clothes and toothbrush,” I hand them and he takes them.


            “Thanks,” he smiles.


            I look past him and at Carly. Letting out a sigh, I look at my best mate. “What are you gonna do, mate?” I ask. “You love her. You know you do. So why are you doing this to yourself? Why are you not telling Carly how you feel about her?”


            Harry’s jaw tenses, and he lets out a sigh through his nose. “Because if I do, then it’ll just mess up things,” he says. “It’s already unbelievable that Carly’s forgiven me and agreed to become my friend. But she’s still hurting, and I know that. I hurt her too much. What if it’s too soon for us to go back to the way we were? What if... What if I hurt her again?”


            I look at him, my blue eyes searching his face as he looked down at the ground. He looked genuinely concerned about hurting Carly, and I can tell he feels extremely guilty about it as well. He understands that the girl he truly cares about and loves was the same girl he hurt, and he just doesn’t want to make that same mistake again.


            “Mate, I get where you’re coming from,” I give him a small smile. “But you’re gonna have to show Carly that you’re not gonna hurt her. Show her that you still care for her like the way you used to.”


            Harry looks at me, his eyebrows furrowing with confusion. “How do I do that?”


            I lick my lips as I give him a dead-serious answer. “Break up with Kate.”