Chapter 4

Carly’s POV:


            Today was the day MTV was coming to start filming, and it was also the day of my album signing. FYE, a big entertainment store here in Los Angeles, was holding the album signing for me. Kristen had told me that the fans have been camping out to be the first ones in line, which was bloody amazing. I was currently sitting in my living room with Ashley as we waited for the crew to arrive and leave for the signing. My hair was curled and my make up was done. I was dressed in a casual white ruffled top, skinny jeans, and dark grey military boots. I could feel my stomach churning as we waited, and then it flopped as the door bell rang.


            I stood up, taking a deep breath, as I walked towards the door with Ashley following right behind me. I opened the door, revealing a middle aged man wearing a headset and a black T-shirt that had the MTV logo across the chest. Behind him was a huge camera crew, all smiling. “Hey, come on in,” I grin, stepping away and widening the door.


            “It’s nice to meet you, Carly,” the guy in the headset says. “I’m Dave, the producer.”


            “Nice to meet you,” I smile. “This is my best friend, Ashley.”


            Ashley waves and Dave grins at her. ‘Now, I know we have to go to your album signing, but I just wanna take a quick minute and fill you both in on what’s happening.”


            “Go ahead,” I nod.


            Dave smiles. “We basically want to know who Carly McKinley is,” he begins. “We’re gonna start with your signing. Now, Carly, we want you to talk to the camera, as if you are talking to the fans. You’re gonna say what you’re doing, where you’re going, and your friends are gonna be in it as well. It’s basically a reality show, but instead of pretending like the camera isn’t there, you’re actually gonna talk to it.”


            I nod. “Sounds easy enough.”


            “Oh, it is,” Dave says. “Trust me.”


            I nod. “Do you think One Direction could be in it?” I ask. “They’re my friends and I hang out with them a lot.”


            Dave nods, smiling. “That’s perfectly fine,” he says. “They’re your friends, afterall. We wanna know who Carly hands out with – whether they’re famous or not.”


            I nod, grinning. “Let’s do this then!”




            “We’re gonna be filming you as you talk to fans and sign albums,” Dave explains as we enter the store.


            I nod as we all walk further into the store, immediately hearing the screaming and chanting of the fans. Dave signals me, telling me that the filming has begun. I feel a bit nervous, not wanting to make a fool of myself, but I guess they are gonna probably edit out some stuff. As we walk, we meet up with Kristen and she tells me we’re ready for me.


            We step into the large room, and as soon as the fans see me, their screaming becomes even louder than it was before. Fans were wearing T-shirts with my name and picture on it, wearing either green or blue wrist band to show that they purchased the wrist bands to be in here.




            “Oh my God, it’s Carly!”




            I grin as I see my fans standing behind a barrier in a line, being held back by security. I smile as Ashley and I sit down behind a table where water bottles for the two of us were and Sharpies for me to sign the albums. Ashley sat next to me as Kristen stood behind with Dave and the camera crew. The CD signing soon begun and fans came one by one, bringing their own copies of A Year Without Rain or some notebook for me to sign.


            “Hey there,” I smile at a girl who looked about twelve or thirteen.


            “Hi!” she grins, handing me her CD.


            As I sign her CD, I ask, “How are you, love?”


            “I’m good,” she says. “I’m like your biggest fan. You’re so talented!”


            I smile back. “Thank you, sweetie.” She leaves and other fans soon start coming. Fifteen minutes go by and Ashley and I are still talking to fans as I also sign their stuff. At one point, boy about the age of nine or ten comes up to me. “Hi there, cutie,” I smile at him, leaning over the desk a bit to see him.


            “Hi,” he says back shyly.


            “What’s your name?” Ashley asks him, smiling.


            “Chase,” he mumbles cutely.


            “Well, Chase,” I grin. “Do you have a girlfriend?” He shakes his head and I pout. “Can I be your girlfriend?”


            Chase blushes and I laugh, until it’s time for him to leave. I have conversations with several fans, until it’s time for the album signing to finish. Once we’re done, the fans have been cleared out once I thank them for coming, and Ashley and I turn to the crew.


            “That was amazing!” Dave grins. “We got ton of great footage. This is already going off to a great start.”




            “So we’re currently in my dressing room back stage at the Unicef benefit concert,” I smile at the camera. “And I’m really excited!” I do a little happy dance, grinning and clapping my hands. I brush some strands of hair away from my face as I continue smiling at the camera. “The concert’s raising money for the starving children around the world, using the money to buy food and water for them. A lot of other artists are performing as well. Like Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, and Adele.”


            “Carly,” Ashley says, walking in as the camera turns to her. “The boys are here,” she grins.


            I smile. “Send them in.” Ashley nods and leaves, returning two seconds later with One Direction and Hayden. The camera turns towards them as they walk in, and they all smile at the camera. I put an arm around Harry and Hayden, looking at the camera. “We all know that these guys are One Direction,” I chuckle. “And this guy right here is one of my best friends, Hayden.”


            “So what songs are you performing?” Zayn asks as he and Ashley sit down on the couch.


            “Uh, Round & Round and A Year Without Rain,” I say, brushing my wavy hair.


            Hayden chuckles. “I haven’t been to one of your concerts in a while,” he says, the camera man turning the camera towards whoever is speaking.


            “Well duh,” I roll my eyes, smiling. “You needed to take care of your pregnant sister.”


            Hayden laughs and we all talk for a few minutes as the camera men take footage of all of this. Once it’s time for me to go and perform, I say bye to my friends. “Have fun,” Harry smiles, kissing me cheek.


            I feel myself blush a crimson color, and I force myself to refrain it from showing as I walk out of the dressing room and onto the stage.




            The MTV filming thing went on for about a week, and then it ended. We had gotten so much footage of me doing a lot of things. Performing, meeting up with my friends and fans, and all of these other things. The whole thing isn’t gonna air until about a week, so they can edit footage and make sure if it’s everything they need.


            Right now, it was time for the Vanity Fair party. It was just a party for celebrities. There was food, photo booths, and interviews for celebrities. I was dressed in a long red dress that had a bit of a V-neck and the dress went down to my feet, black heels, red lipstick and dark eyeshadow. I had on gold earrings as well, and my hair was tied into a small bun with my side bangs covering some of my left eye. Once I was dressed, I stepped into the limo and it took me to the event.


            Once I got there, I entered the building with several other celebrities around me. Paparazzi were trying to snap pictures of us through the security barriers, but I had gotten inside the building right on time. I was greeted by a lot of singers and actors, and then I accidently bumped into someone. “Niall!” I grin as I see the blonde boy.


            “Hey there, Carls,” he grins.


            There were some photographers in here, taking pictures of us, and they even snapped a picture of Niall and I together. “Where are the boys?” I ask.


            “Come on,” he smiles.


            He leads me down the gigantic room, until I see the four familiar boys laughing and talking. “Hello, boys,” I sing, walking over to them.


            “Hey, Carly!” Louis grins.


            We all talk for a couple of minutes and Harry smiles down at me. “You look cute,” he compliments.


            “Oh, why thank you,” I chuckle.


            As we talk, Niall disappears off to the food table. Of course. “Hey, let’s go to the photo booth!” Liam suggests.


            We all agree and go over to where the several photo boots are lined up. Once one is vacant, we go in. I sit next to Harry with Liam on his other side, Zayn in front of him, and Louis behind us. We all make silly faces at the camera as several pictures of us are snapped. Once we’re done, we walk out of the booth, letting Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt walk in.


            “You know,” I say to Harry as the two of us sit at a table. “These type of events are getting really boring.”


            Harry chuckles. “I know what you mean,” he sighs. “After a while, they’re all just the same.”


            “Exactly!” I agree. “I wish we could just like, ditch.”


            Harry suddenly gets a mysterious glint in his eyes. He looks at me, a smirk on his face. “Do you want to?”


            My head snaps towards him, eyes widening. “Are you serious?” I ask, flabbergasted.


            Harry nods, standing up. “Come on,” he offers a hand. “Let’s blow this joint.”


            I look at him, raising an eyebrow. “Don’t ever say that again, Harold,” I tell him.


            He rolls his eyes. “Come on,” he urges, his hand still held out for me.


            I bite the inside of my cheek, before grabbing his hand and having him pull me up. At the sudden contact of our hands, I feel a spark, but chose to ignore it. He lets my hand go as we make our way through the crowd. When we’re almost out, I stop him. “Wait, what about the boys?”


            “I’ll text them and let them know we’re fine,” Harry says. “Let’s go!”


            I let out a breath as the two of us sneakily walk out of the building. The paparazzi was on the other side of the entrance, so it was perfectly safe for Harry and I to sneak out. Once we were out, I looked at him. “Where to?”


            Harry thinks for a moment. “Wanna grab some coffee?” he asks.


            I nod. “Sounds great,” I smile.


            As we walk to Starbucks – which was only five minutes away – a breeze passes us, making me shiver. Harry notices this and looks at me, “you cold?”


            I shrug. “A bit.”


            The next thing I know, Harry has taken off his tux jacket and draped it over my shoulders. “There,” he smiles.


            “Won’t you get cold?” I ask him, looking up at him.


            He waves it off, smiling as his dimples come into view. “I’ll be fine.”


            The two of us continue our walk to walk to Starbucks, and once we do, Harry opens the door for me, letting me walk in first. The two of us order our drinks, sitting in the empty cafe. It was eleven at night, so no one was here. As we sat and drank, I say, “Your birthday’s coming up.”


            Harry grins, nodding. “I know. I’m gonna be nineteen!”


            I snort. “Oldie,” I say. He gives me a look and I laugh. “Well, it is gonna be your last year as a teenager!”


            Harry scrunches up his face. “Ugh, thanks for reminding me.”


            I laugh. “Sorry,” I say, sipping my coffee. “So are you gonna have a party?”


            He nods. “Probably,” he says. “It’ll be in London, though. So all of my friends can be there.”


            “That’s nice,” I smile, nodding.


            “And you’re invited,” he adds.


            I look at him, a smile on my face. “Really?” I ask, a bit shocked.


            “Of course,” Harry says, giving a half smile. “You’re my friend, aren’t you? I want you to be there.”


            I smile at him. He can be really sweet some times. “Thanks, Hazza.”


            Harry looks at me, a small smile on his face. “It’s been a while since you’ve called me that.”


            I look up from my cup and into Harry’s green eyes. I bite the inside of my cheek as I can’t help but smile at him. “Well,” I smile, putting my cup on the table and folding my arms on the table. “You’ll always be my Hazza.”