Chapter 3

Carly’s POV:


            Seeing Harry again felt good, actually. At first, I had thought that it would be a bit awkward and tension-filled between the two of us. Granted, it was awkward in the beginning, but then it soon died down. Harry and I were able to be civiled towards each other and have a normal conversation. Of course, some old memories were playing through my mind as the two of us talked, but I was able to push them towards the back of my mind.


            It was also hilarious when Harry told me he thought that Hayden was my boyfriend. And it was kind of, sort of adorable how Harry was so embarassed when he found out Hayden was in fact gay. When I told Hayden about it, he had burst into fits of laughter. He always found it funny – yet flattering – when people didn’t think he was gay. He confuses me some times.


            Harry looked a bit different, in a good way. His hair had gotten curlier, he got taller, and definitely a bit more muscular. It’s not my fault I was checking him out...


            Right now, I was heading over to the boys’ hotel. Harry had texted me saying that the boys wanted to see me, so I couldn’t say no and agreed to come. I was dressed in a casual red dress with hoop earrings, bronze sandals, and my hair was tied into a a high pony tail with some hair strands coming out. Once out of my car, I walked into the hotel lobby. I forgot to ask Harry their suite number, so I walked up to the receptionist.


            “Hi, I’m looking for One Direction’s hotel suite,” I say, leaning forward on the table.


            “Yeah, you and every other girl in the city,” the obnoxious lady rolled her eyes, not looking up from her computer.       


            I raise my eyebrows, taking off my big sunglasses that hid most of my face. “Can I please have their room number?” I ask again.


            The lady groans. “Look, kid,” she looks up and at my face, when her eyes suddenly widen. “Oh my.. Carly McKinley!” she gasps. “I’m so sorry! I had no idea it was you.”


            I smile at her sweetly. “It’s fine,” I say. “Their room number?”


            “Floor 29, room 302, Presedential suite,” she tells me, apologetic.


            I thank her and walk towards the elevators, pressing the 29 button. Once the elevator doors opened, I stepped out and walked down the hallway to where the boys’ suite was. I knocked on the door, and a few seconds later, the door opened. “Hey, Carly,” Harry grins.


            I smile back. “Hey,” I say, walking in.


            The two of us walk further in and into the living room. There, I saw all of the boys sitting around. “Carly!” Zayn exclaims, coming up and wrapping me in a hug.


            “Hey, Zayn,” I laugh, hugging him back.


            “There’s my girly friend!” Louis says, hugging me next.


            I hug and greet Liam and Niall next, sitting down on the couch in between Zayn and Niall. “How’ve you been?” Niall asks, his Irish accent thicker than ever.


            I look at him. “Did you get more Irish?”


            He laughs, shaking his head. “Don’t think I did.”


            I chuckle. “I’ve been good,” I say. “How have y’all been?”


            “Good,” they all say in unison.


            “We missed you, Carls,” Zayn grins, giving me a one armed hug.


            “I missed you all too,” I smile. “It’s been a while.”


            “Seven months,” Liam muses.


            “You ever thought about coming to London any time soon?” Louis asks me, sitting on the other couch next to Harry.


            I give a one shouldered shrug. “I’m not sure,” I say. “I mean, I know I’m gonna come. But I don’t know when.” I pause for a minute. “Hey, are you guys going to that Vanity Fair party?”


            “Yeah,” Harry nods. “Are you?”


            I nod, smiling. “I guess I’ll see you all there.”


            We all talk for half an hour, catching up on the seven months we had missed out on each other’s lives. At one point, Harry had called me into the kitchen, and I suddenly got a bit nervous. What did he need to talk about?


            I followed him into the kitchen, the door behind us closing. “What’s up?” I ask, trying to keep my breathing even.


            Harry looks at me with his green eyes, licking his pink lips. “I wanted to ask you if...” he trails off. “If we could start over? As friends, I mean,” he quickly adds. “Do you think that can happen?”


            I look at him. He was still set on becoming friends? I bite the inside of my cheek as I look at Harry’s face. He looks worried, as if i was gonna say no. “Harry,” I begin. “I really appreciate how you really want to be friends again.” I take a deep breath. “And I think being friends is a great way to start over.”


            Harry looks at me, his green eyes wide with hope. “Really?” he asks, surprised that I said yes.


            I nod, smiling up at him. “Yeah, I mean,” I shrug. “Being friends can just show how mature we can be, even though we um, went through a rough break up.” I bite my lip as I look at him. “Forgive and forget?”


            Harry nods, grinning as his dimples come into view. “Forgive and forget,” he nods, agreeing.




            “Wait, what? Hold on, Kristen, you gotta speak slower,” I chuckle confusedly into the phone, trying to catch what my manager was saying.


            “MTV wants to do this week long segment with you,” Kristen says from the other line of the phone. “They’re gonna send over a filming crew, and it’s sort of like a week long reality show. They want to see who Carly McKinley is, and what her life is like.”


            My eyes buldge out of my head. “Really?” I exclaim, causing the boys to look at me questioningly. I was still in their hotel room, so yeah.


            Kristen laughs. “Yeah,” she says. “They’re starting from possibly day after tomorrow, with your okay.”


            “Yeah, it’s definitely okay with me,” I laugh. “I can’t wait.”


            “Good!” she says. “I’ll call them up now.”


            “Okay, bye,” I say, and then hang up.


            “What was that about?” Louis asks me as the rest of the boys look over.


            I tell them exactly what Kristen told me, and they all grin. “That sounds great,” Liam grins.


            I nod, smiling. “Yeah,” I say. “She told me that all my friends can be in it, and they most likely want footage of me with fans.”


            “Can we be in it?” Niall wiggles his eyebrows, laughing.


            I shrug, smiling. “Sure.”


            He looks at me, wide eyed. “Wait, you’re serious?”


            I nod, smiling. “Yeah,” I smile. “You guys are my friends, aren’t you? So I’m sure you can be in the video.”


            “Have we ever told you we love you?” Louis laughs.


            “You could say it a bit more,” I chuckle, rolling my eyes.


            “So modest,” Harry rolls his eyes, chucking a piece of pop corn he was eating at me.


            My jaw drops as it hits my nose. “Oh, thanks, Haz,” I roll my eyes.


            The boys all look at me, and then at Harry. “So are you two friends or...?” Louis trails off.


            I grin, taking the popcorn Harry had thrown at me and throw it right back at him. I laugh when he catches it in his mouth and chews on it, sending me a smile. I then turn back to Louis, smiling. “Yeah, we’re friends,” I say. “It’s better to stay friends than hate each other’s guts.”


            Liam grins approvingly. “That sounds like a good, mature idea.”


            “Yeah, well we’re mature people,” Harry smirks.


            I roll my eyes. “Sure you are,” I say.


            Harry puted and I let out a chuckle. Liam was right though – it was a good thing that Harry and I were able to forget about the past and move forward. Even though it hurts like hell to be near him and talk to him like I used to before we started dating, but it’s nice to know that we are grown up enough to not make a bigger mess out of it than it used to be. I mean, just because we’re exes, doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends, does it?


            So much for moving on, Carly.


            I was supposed to have moved on, to not still have feelings for the curly haired boy in front of me. Yet, here I am, looking at him as if he were some sort of God. I have to be stronger than this. I have to be able to forget what happened between Harry and I nine months ago. I have to be able to be his friend without feeling as if someone was stabbing me right in the damn heart.


            But most of all, I have to be able to stop loving him.