Chapter 2

Carly’s POV:


            “Come on, Coco,” I say, standing up as I finished hooking Coco’s collar with his leash.


            Today Coco and I were going to the beach with Hayden. I had on a hot pink bikini with a dark blue crop top on top that revealed my stomach, denim shorts, and black flip flops. Grabbing my beach bag and cell phone, I put on my sunglasses and head out to my car. I put Coco in the back seat as I get in the front myself, driving to the beach. Coco sat peacefully in the back seat as I drove to the beach, and once I got there, I took her out, held her leash tightly, and the two of us walked towards the beach.


            I set up a blanket for myself, sitting down and taking Coco’s leash off. As I did so, someone sat down next to me, and I turned my head to see that it was Hayden. He had on a simple light green T-shirt and his trunks. “Hey,” he grins.


            “Sup,” I chuckle, finally being able to take off Coco’s leash. He sits down in front of me, his tongue out of his mouth as he pants.


            “How about some frisbee?” Hayden suggests, scratching Coco behind his ear. “You like the sound of that, boy?”


            I grin as I stand up. “Let’s go,” I say. “Come on, baby,” I coo to Coco.


            He lets out a bark as Hayden and I run along the beach with Coco as he chases after us. Hayden takes the frisbee he brought along with him, and tosses it across the beach, seeing it land off far away. “Go get it, Coco!” he exclaims.


            Coco lets out another bark as he chases for the frisbee. I laugh as I see him run, my hair whipping my face as the wind blows around us. The water crashing against the shore around us, wetting our feet. As we wait for Coco to return with the frisbee, Hayden suddenly picks me up, throwing me over his shoulder. “Hayden!” I scream. “Let me down!”


            Hayden lets out a laugh. “If you say so.”


            Before I can do anything, Hayden runs further into the ocean, before dropping me down in the cold water. I resurface, gasping as I rub my hands over my face, getting the water out of my eyes. “Dude!” I shout, laughing.


            “Oops?” he smirks.


            I roll my eyes, pushing him by the chest as I walk out of the water, with him following behind me. “Where’s Coco?” I ask, frowning. “He should be back by now.”


            “Come on,” Hayden says. “Let’s go see.”


            The two of us jog over to the direction where Coco had run off. “Where could he go?” I ask, looking around.


            “There!” Hayden exclaims, pointing into a different direction from where I was looking.


            I look to where            he was pointing, where I saw a guy’s back turned towards us, petting Coco. Coco seemed pretty happy with the man, scratching the back of his ear with his back leg as the guy pet Coco on his head. Hayden and I jog over to them as I tug a strand of wet hair behind my ear.


            “Hey, sorry about my dog,” I apologize as we reach them.


            “It’s fine,” the guy says in a deep, British accent.


            The guy stands up, meeting my gaze, and I suddenly freeze. I think life seriously hates me.


            I let out a deep breath. “Harry.”


Harry’s POV:


            I froze, not being able to speak as I take a look of the tanned beauty in front of me. Her hair seemed a bit lighter because of the sun, but was wet as it fell down her shoulders. She was dressed in a crop top and denim shorts, her flat stomach visible along with her pink bikini strap. Her lips were full and pink, and her dark brown eyes sparkling under the sun. My eyes traveled to the boy next to her, my gaze turning into a glare. He had green-brown eyes and dirty blonde hair, and was a pretty decent looking guy. Which kind of sparked something inside of me.


            “Carly,” I clear my throat. “Um, how are you?”


            To my surprise, Carly smiles at me. “I’m good,” she says. She then looks at the guy besides her. “Harry, this is Hayden. Hayden, this is Harry.”


            Hayden smiles at me, but I can see something cold behind his eyes. Carly says that this Hayden guy is just a friend, but to me it seems like this guy wants to be something more. “Er, nice to meet you, mate,” I say.


            “Likewise,” he replies in his American accent.


            Carly looks down at the dog besides me. “I see you found Coco,” she says with a small smile.


            I grin, looking down at the big dog next to me. “Yeah,” I chuckle. “He’s grown a lot since I last saw him.”


            Carly bites her bottom lip. “Yeah,” she quietly says. She then clears her throat. “So, whatcha doin’ in LA?”


            “Photo shoots, some events we’ve been invited to,” I shrug, putting my hands in the pockets of my swimming trunks.


            “Carls, I’m gonna go get a milk shake,” Hayden suddenly says. “You want anything?”


            Carly shakes her head, smiling at him. “No, thanks,” she says. “Here, take Coco.”


            Hayden nods, smiling. “Come on, Coco,” he says, and Coco follows him down the beach.


            So now it was just Carly and I, left in the middle of the beach. We haven’t seen each other in seven months, and I’ve tried to avoid any news on her when I was in England. The lads and girls would talk about her, but I’d try to just tune them out. I mean, I’m with Kate, so I really don’t need to keep track of what my ex-girlfriend is doing, and I’m pretty sure Carly doesn’t keep track of One Direction; or me, in this case.


            “You look good,” I tell her with a small smile.


            I can’t help but notice the hint of blush that rises in her cheeks, causing me to slightly smirk. Glad to know I still have the effect of making her blush. “Thanks,” she mumbles. “You do too.” She then looks at my arms, smirking slightly. “Been working out?”


            I smirk back. “All day, babe,” I wink.


            Carly lets out a laugh, causing me to smile. I honestly had missed the sound of hearing her laugh. “Your hair got curlier, didn’t it?” she cocks her head to the side, examining my hair.


            I laugh, my hand reaching up and running it through my hair. “Possibly,” I shrug.


            It felt good having a normal conversation with Carly after all of these months. I never told this to anyone, but I was always afraid that if Carly and I ever ran into anyone, the relationship between the two of us would be nothing but hate. But being here, talking to her and laughing,  gives me the slightest bit of hope that the two of us can still be friends. Maybe, just maybe.


            “Where are the other boys?” she asks.


            “At the hotel,” I chuckle. “I came out to just walk around.” Carly nods understandingly. It was quiet for a couple of moments, until I broke it. “I heard your second album went platinum within a few days of it’s release.”


            Carly grins, nodding. “Yeah, it did,” she says. “It’s unreal.”


            “Congrats on that,” I tell her with a smile.


            It’s awkwardly quiet for a few moments, until she broke it this time. “I don’t really see why we’re awkward with each other,” she says with a sigh. “I think both of us are mature enough to let the past go, don’t you think?”


            I look at her, a smile on my face. “Yeah, I think we are,” I say. “So what do you say, McKinley? Can we start this whole friendship over? Now that both of us seeing other people, I think we’re more than capable of doing that.”


            “Yeah – wait, what?” she cuts herself off, looking at me with her wide brown eyes. “You think I’m seeing someone?”


            I look at her, confused. “Well, yeah,” I say. “Isn’t that Hayden guy your like, boyfriend?”


            Carly suddenly bursts out laughing, something I wasn’t expecting. I look at her weirdly, wondering why in the world she was laughing. Once she had calmed down, she ran a hand through her long, wet hair. “Harry, H-Hayden’s g-gay!” she sputters out in between her laughing fit.


            My eyes widen as I look at her, and Carly continues laughing. “Oh, gosh,” I mutter, embarassed. Carly continues laughing as I quickly defend myself, “He doesn’t look gay!”


            Carly’s laughter dies down, dissolving into little giggles. “Oh, geez,” she says, calming down. “That’s funny.”


            I roll my eyes, crossing my arms over my chest. “Hilarious,” I say sarcastically.


            Carly grins at me, shaking her head. “Don’t be so pouty,” she says. She licks her lips and says, “Well, I should get going.”


            I nod. “Me too,” I say.


            Carly smiles at me, revealing her white teeth. “I’ll see you around, Harry,” she says.


            “You most definitely will,” I smile. She turns to walk away, and I watch her as she does. As she walks away, I suddenly call out, “Hey, Carly!” She turns around, waiting for me to continue. “It was real nice seeing you again.”


            “You too, Harry,” she smiles back, before walking away once again.


            So what if I was flirting a bit? It never hurt anyone in doing so.