Chapter 1

*Seven Months Later*


Carly’s POV:


            “Hayden, calm yourself, I’ll be there in five,” I laugh into my phone, walking through the LA heat.


            “Well hurry up!” he laughs from his side of the line.


            I roll my eyes and hang up, continuing to walk. Hayden was a really good friend of mine. We met at the local park when I had gone to walk Coco. He’s a really sweet guy. Oh, and did I mention that he’s gay? That’s the cool thing about having him as a friend; I know we’re not gonna fall for each other, and it’s gonna be less drama. Hayden isn’t exactly gay-gay. He likes guys, but doesn’t act the stereo-typical way people think gay guys act. He doesn’t talk in a high pitched voice and walk weirdly. He walks like a normal guy, and his voice is deep as well. He’s about five feet nine inches tall, shaggy dirty blonde hair, and dark green-brownish eyes. His eyes are a unique color, I’ll tell you that.


            Walking into Starbucks, the immediate smell of coffee hits my nose. I grin as I see my friend sitting in the corner, drinking his own coffee with another cup sitting in front of him. I walk towards him, sitting down as I take off my big Gucci glasses.


            Hayden sees me and grins. “Hey there, Superstar,” he says. “I got you your latte.”


            I smile, picking up my drink. “You know me so well,” I say, taking a sip of it.


            Hayden rolls his green-brown eyes. “Of course I do.”


            Hayden is one of those people that I can talk to about anything. Next to Ashley, he’s my best friend. We go shopping together, always go out to lunch or dinner, and he comes to my interviews and photo shoots with me when Ashley can’t make it due to her obligation to school. The fans and media know about Hayden, and at first, they thought that he was my boyfriend. But with the permission from Hayden, I had told everyone that he was in fact just a friend, and that he was gay. He’s open about it – he doesn’t mind people knowing that he fancies guys and not girls. They actually think it’s cool.


            “So, I was thinking...” he trails off.


            I roll my eyes. “Careful! Don’t hurt yourself,” I wink.


            Hayden again rolls his eyes. “Anyway,” he says. “How about we go to the beach tomorrow?”


            I grin, nodding. “Sounds perfect,” I say. “I’m gonna bring Coco.”


            “Great,” he grins. I smile as the two of us sip our drinks, looking out the window as people walk by. “So did you know One Direction is back in town?” Hayden asks.


            My head snaps towards him, eyes widening. “Really?” I ask. “Do you know what for?”


            “I think it’s for the Vanity Fair thing you’re going to,” he says, furrowing his eyebrows slightly. He then looks at me. “Are you gonna see them?”


            I shrug. “Probably,” I say. “I miss those boys.”


            Hayden raises an eyebrow. “What about him?”


            I lick my bottom lip, getting a taste of my latte slightly. “I guess,” I say. “I mean, we’ve both moved on. He’s happy with his girlfriend and I’m happy being single.”


            Hayden looks at me. “No, you’re not,” he argues.


            I sigh. “Hayden,” he cuts me off.


            “Carly, I know you well enough to know that you’re still hurting,” he says, sighing slightly, sounding more serious than he ever is. “But you’re strong enough to pretend that you aren’t hurting.”


            I bite the inside of my cheek. I bring myself to look into his eyes. “You’re right,” I sigh. “But I really have moved on.”


            Hayden groans, putting down his drink. “Why can’t you just admit that you miss Harry?”


            I wince as he mentions his name. I haven’t said his name out loud ever since I last saw him and the rest of the boys. But Hayden was right, which I hated. “Fine, I do,” I admit, groaning as I do so. “But what’s that gonna do? I don’t wanna miss him.”


            Hayden gives me a small, sympathetic smile. “It’s okay if you miss him. It’s totally understandable.”


            I sigh, finishing off my latte. “That’s the thing, Hay,” I say. “I don’t want to miss him. I want to just forget about him, the way he forgot about me.”


            “I’m sure he didn’t forget about you, Carly,” he reassures me. “You’re too pretty to forget,” he adds in a playful tone, sending over a wink.


            I laugh, rolling my eyes. “Thanks, Hayden,” I smile.


            “Any time, Superstar,” he grins. “Now, about the beach...”


            It’s good to know I have friends I can always count on.