Still The One (Sequel to Truly Madly Deeply)

“I was so stupid for lettin’ you go, but I know you’re still the one.”


            Carly and Harry. Remember them? The celebrity couple that everyone thought would be together forever, not letting anything knock them down. Well guess what?


            They’re back.


            Carly’s bigger than ever. With having over ten million fans around the world and two albums already out, she’s one of the biggest celebrities in the world. Same goes for One Direction. The British/Irish boy band still have girls head over heels falling in love with them, screaming their names whenever they hear the boys’ songs on the radio.  


            That one member of One Direction, however, has been getting the most attention recently. The curly haired Harry Styles had once upon a time dated Carly McKinley. The two were so in love, until Kate, Harry’s current girlfriend showed up and ruined the whole thing. One Direction and Carly haven’t seen each other in seven months, not really keeping tabs with one another. The boys were busy with their career, while Carly was busy with hers.


            But what happens when they meet up?


            Carly and Harry haven’t spoken, seen, or heard from each other in a couple of months. But when they meet up, what exactly do they feel? Are their feelings indifferent? Does one hate and one love? Do both love? Or do they just hate?