Chapter 8 - Concert

Kelsey’s POV:


            It was one in the afternoon and I noticed that Harry was still asleep. He had to be up soon to go to sound check and he also had a meet and greet, yet he was still snoring away on the bed. I was already dressed for the day, and I guess I should wake him up before he runs a bit too late.

            Going into the room, I see him buried under the comforter as light snores escape him. I chuckle lightly as I walk over and bend down, pulling the comforter off. “Harry, wake up,” I say, shaking him slightly. He simply mumbles something but doesn’t even open his eyes. “Seriously, you’re going to be late.”

            Harry grumbles some incoherent words and I roll my eyes, realizing that I can’t wake him up the nice and civilized way. I look around for a bit, and then smirk slightly. Bending down once again to be closer to him, I suddenly scream, “Fire! Fire!”

            As expected, Harry shoots up from his bed so fast that he tumbles down to the floor next to me, the blankets bunching up around him as I clutch my stomach and laugh out loud. His expression was wild and alert, looking around until he saw me literally laughing my butt off.

            “Kelsey, what the hell!” Harry yells as he struggles to stand up.

            I’m sitting on the edge of the bed, laughing like there’s no tomorrow as Harry stares down at me. He’s finally free of the blankets as he looks down at my laughing figure, and I notice the corner of his lips tug into a small smile. “S-Sorry,” I said in between laughter. “I c-couldn’t think of a-any other way to w-wake you.”

            Harry shakes his head, chuckling slightly as he runs a hand through his bed hair. “It’s fine,” he says.

            “Now get dressed,” I say, sobering up as I stand up. “You have a sound check.”

            “Yes, mother,” he says, smirking before going to the bathroom.

            I couldn’t help but smile as I exit the room and walk down the stairs. Harry and I had been getting along well over the past couple of days, and I wasn’t always quiet in front of him nor didn’t I stay to myself. I wouldn’t say that we’re the best of friends, but it’s progress and we’re getting there. Harry wants to make this whole thing work, and he understands that I’m going to need some time and he’s willing to wait and give me all the time that I need, which I’m so grateful for.

            As Harry took a shower and got ready, I plopped down on the couch and grabbed the latest book I was reading – For One More Day by Mitch Albom. As I brought my knees up and read, fifteen minutes later I heard footsteps and down came Harry. I look up and give him a small smile which he returns and he asks, “Are you coming to the concert tonight?”

            I divert my attention from my book towards him. “I don’t know, should I?” I ask, quirking an eyebrow.

            Harry smirks, leaning against the wall on his side. “It’d be cool if you did,” he tells me. “Eleanor’s coming.”

            I bite my bottom lip, contemplating the offer. I then nod my head, looking at him. “Sure, I’ll come.”

            Harry grins. “I have an extra ticket and VIP pass in my bedside drawer,” he tells me. “Just grab it and come.”

            I raise an eyebrow, chuckling. “Do you always keep extra passes around?” I question, closing my book and leaning forward as I stare at him.

            The smirk returns to his face, his right dimple denting his cheek. “Nah,” he says. “I was going to ask you earlier to come, so I had the tickets ready.”

            I chuckle, nodding. “Alright, I’ll see you at the O2.”

            Harry smiles and nods, grabbing his car keys. “I’ll send a car for you,” he says. “Bye!”

            “Bye,” I reply as Harry walks out the door. Now, back to my book…


            I had just arrived at the arena, and I had one of the body guards with me to take me to my seat. I was actually very excited for the concert; I saw girls of all ages filing into the arena, freaking out over seeing their favorite boy band. Eleanor had texted me saying she was already at our seats, so I was going to meet her there. Our seats were on the floor but around the middle area, so the view was really good.

            When I got there, I caught the eye of Eleanor as she grinned and waved me over. Once I reached her, she gave me a tight hug. “Are you excited for your first One Direction concert?” she grins.

            I chuckle as we sit down at our seats. “Yeah,” I reply. “But I don’t think I’m quite ready for the screaming girls.”

            Eleanor giggles. “You get used to it,” she assures me.

            I laugh and nod as we wait for the concert to begin. I saw girls all around point towards Eleanor and I, whispering things but I followed Eleanor’s lead and paid no attention. Soon enough, the concert began and we all stood up as the girls began screaming. Another band, by the name of Five Seconds of Summer, opened for them and I quite liked their music. They were all pretty good and Eleanor and I danced along.

            And when they left, that’s when it got a bit crazy. The lights dimmed and the small walls on the stage moved up, revealing five figures standing there. The girls went insane as the boys’ old song, Up All Night began playing. Everyone danced and screamed and sang along as the boys performed on stage and I have to say, they were pretty amazing.

            My eyes were on Harry as he sang, who wore a simple white V-neck and black skinny jeans. I watched as he grinned widely and sang his heart out, doing strange yet adorable dance moves on stage. He would run up the ramp and then slide down throughout the concert. While they were in the middle of performing One Thing, Harry’s eyes wandered over to where Eleanor and I sat and the girls around us went crazy.

            Harry’s eyes then met mine and he smiled at me, and I couldn’t help but smile back. He then went back to singing, and I watched as girls threw all sorts of things on the stage. Phones, tampons – was that a bra?!

            When the concert finally ended and the red and white confetti blew out and the boys disappeared, Eleanor grabbed my arm. “Come on, the boys are waiting for us backstage,” she says.

            I nod as the two of us follow a body guard, pushing through the girls who were walking out of the arena. When we finally got to the backstage, we walked down the hall where people were coming and going from, and then entered the boys’ dressing room. They were sitting on the couches and chairs, panting a bit as sweat ran down their faces. Wow, who knew performing could take that much out of you?

            As we entered the room, Harry looked at me from the couch on where he sat at and smiled. “How’d you like the show?” he asks me.

            I smile and nodded. “It was amazing,” I reply. “I loved it.”

            “Wasn’t that the best concert of your life?” Louis grins widely as Eleanor walks over to him.

            I chuckle as I sit on a chair. “Nah; the Usher concert I went to last year was pretty amazing,” I reply in a teasing tone.

            Louis playfully glares at me as the rest of the boys chuckle. As the boys relax for a bit, I take out my phone and see that I had six missed calls from Logan. I furrowed my eyebrows as I called him back, and he picked up on the second ring. “Hello? Kelsey?” he immediately says in a rushed tone.

            “Logan?” I frown as I stand up and walk out the door, leaving the others stare at me. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

            Logan lets out a sigh of relief. “Yeah, I’m fine,” he replies. “I tried calling you before and when you didn’t pick up, I got a bit worried.”

            “Yeah, I’m sorry about that,” I apologize, standing in the hall as I lean my back on the wall. “I’m at the boys’ concert.”

            “Boys?” Logan asks in a confused tone.

            I shift my weight from one leg to the other. “Yeah, you know, the One Direction guys.”

            “Oh,” Logan replies flatly and I frown at his drop of tone. “Anyway, I wanted to call and tell you that there is a box of your mom’s things we found. Do you want me to ship them over?”

            My breath hitches as he says this and I bite my bottom lip. My mom’s things? Do I want them? The memories are going to be like stabs in the heart, remembering all of those times I had with her. But I think that’s a good thing, to remember my mother as the person she was and not the one she was in her last few days. Gripping my phone tightly, I reply, “Yeah, send them over.”

            “Okay,” he replies. “How are you over there?”

            I couldn’t help but smile slightly. “Really good,” I tell him. “Harry and I have gotten to know each other and we’re becoming good friends.”

            “Good to know.” The way Logan replied, I could tell that there was something bothering him. It concerned me as to why he sounds… almost upset. But why?

            “Logan, are you okay?” I ask him, biting my bottom lip.

            “Yeah, I’m fine,” he says. “Look, I gotta go now. I’ll send the box over tomorrow.”

            “Okay, thanks Logan,” I smile.

            “No problem, Kels,” he says before hanging up.

            I let out a sigh as the call ends, putting my phone back in my pocket. Instead of going back inside, I stay leaning against the wall, my head coming in contact with the brick wall as I look up at the ceiling. Another sigh escapes my lips just as the door opens and out comes Harry. “Hey,” he gives me a small smile. “Everything okay?”


            I nod, returning his smile. And even though I wasn’t sure what was up with Logan, I still answered with a, “Yeah, everything’s great.”