Chapter 12 - Moments in Spain

Kelsey’s POV:


          I munched on the Fiber One chocolate brownie that I was eating whilst laying on the bed in my hotel room. I was by myself since the guys had a concert, and I didn’t feel like standing in between thousands of screaming girls. I felt a bit sick today, sore throat, and didn’t have it in me to stand in between screaming fans for nearly two hours.

          The boys should be coming back soon, seeing as it is almost eleven o’ clock at night. Paul, the boys’ tour manager and the sweetest guy ever, had taken me to the doctor’s before the concert and I got some medicine, so the sore throat was dying down a bit but it still hurt when I try to talk or swallow something.

          Is this how fans feel after screaming constantly for two hours after a concert?

          I couldn’t even groan because of that fact that it would hurt my throat. So I simply just buried my face in my pillow, lying on my stomach on the bed as I huffed. As I stayed like that quietly, I heard the door of the hotel room jiggle and footsteps coming inside.

          “Kelsey?” I heard Harry’s voice ask, followed by the sound of the door closing. “Are you feeling any better?”

          I lift my head and roll over to my back and look at him. He was dressed in his usual jeans and a simple shirt with a jacket over, and he was looking at me with concern. I let out a sigh as I sat up, propping myself up using the palms of my hands. “A bit,” I replied and to my surprise, my voice was extremely hoarse.

          Harry’s eyebrows shot up at this, walking over to me as he shrugged off his jacket. “You don’t sound any better,” he says pointedly. “Have you eaten anything?” he adds, sitting on the edge of the bed next to me.

          I shake my head, sitting up properly. “Not really,” I reply. “My throat hurts too much.”

          “You know what you need?” Harry asks with a smile and I raise my eyebrows. “Soup; hot soup.”

          I shake my head, running a hand through my short hair. “I don’t want to eat or drink anything, Harry.”

          “Do you want to get better or not?” I stayed silent, and he grinned. “I’m ordering you some soup.”

          Before I could argue, Harry had picked up the hotel phone and ordered some chicken soup from room service. I gave him a look as he set the phone back down and I just shook my head. “So how was the concert?” I ask – well, more like whisper.

          “Good,” he smiles, undoing the laces of his shoes and taking them off. “I got a bra thrown at me.”

          I let out a laugh, shaking my head. “What else is new?” I ask, knowing the ridiculous things the teenage girls throw on stage in hopes for the boys catching them.

          Harry chuckles as I lay down in bed on my side, looking up at his sitting figure. He looks at me and asks, “Has Logan called you back?”

          Logan, due to our last call, had been avoiding me. There’s only so much I can do to get him to answer me. I’ve texted, called, and even sent messages to him on Skype but he just never replies. “No,” I sigh. “He’s ignoring me.”

          “He’ll come around,” Harry gives me a small, reassuring smile. “He’s your best friend.”

          I forced a small smile. “Yeah.”

          A knock soon enough sounded on the door and Harry got up to get it. He thanked whoever it was on the other side of the door and closed it, and I saw him holding a tray that had a bowl of steaming hot soup. I sat up as he walked over, sitting back down next to me.

          Taking the tray from him, I said, “Thanks,” before dipping the spoon into the bowl.

          Harry smiles at me before standing back up. “I’m gonna go take a shower,” he says and I nod.

          He takes a couple of clothes out from his suitcase before retreating to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. A few seconds later I hear the sound of the water and I continue with my soup. I have to say, it feels pretty good against my hurting throat. Within a few minutes, I’m done with it and put it on my bed side.

          I reach for my phone and press the home button, and sigh when I see that I still have no messages or calls from Logan. Why is he even mad at me? Clenching my jaw, I create a text to him.

To: Logan

Seriously, Logan, you’re overreacting. I haven’t done anything wrong and you ignoring me isn’t going to solve whatever problem there is between us. So when you grow a fucking pair, call me, okay?

          With a sigh, I toss my phone in front of me on the bed and lean back against the headboard. Picking up the remote, I turned on the TV that was in front of me and flipped through the channels.

          A couple of minutes later, the bathroom door swung open and out came Harry. He was wearing sweat pants and a white shirt, a towel in his hand as he dried his wet hair with one hand.

          Since I was tired and it was already a bit late, I shut the TV off and stood up, walking into the bathroom. After brushing my teeth and changing into my pajamas, I walked back into the room and saw Harry already getting ready for the bed.

          We were so used to it; sleeping besides each other, I mean. We just slept like we normally would, and we never touched each other. He had one side of the bed and I had the other, and I always noticed how Harry made sure he never accidently touched me or make me feel uncomfortable.

          He was beyond sweet.

          Getting into the bed next to him, I lay down and pulled the covers on top of my body, since the air conditioning was on full blast in the living room. My V-neck and night shorts could only cover my skin so much, so I buried myself deeper under the covers, pulling them closer to me.

          “Are you cold?”

          I opened my eyes to see Harry looking at me, and even through the darkness I could make out his green eyes. His body was turned to face me, just as mine was, and his arm was above the comforter.

          “A bit,” I mumble, pursing my lips for a second.

          Harry shifted a little, and to my utmost surprise, I felt his arm slide across my waist before he pulled me in, tucking me in his chest. My eyes widened and I had half a mind to push him away. But he was just so warm and comfortable, and he even smelled really nice.

          So I did what any other girl would have done; I snuggled up next to him and shut my eyes, hearing his soft voice whisper, “Better?”

          I smiled against his chest, sleep bulldozing over me. “Much.”


          The next morning, we were on our flight to Spain. My throat was gradually getting better, but I paid more attention to my excitement over the fact that I’m going to Spain. The boys have a day off before a concert in Madrid, and all I wanted to do was explore the place.

          The drive to the hotel itself was beautiful. I was sitting by the door, peering out the window and looked at the sight of Madrid. I literally wanted to jump out of the car and explore the city, and couldn’t wait until I could do so.

          After we checked into the hotel, Harry and I went to our room while the others went to theirs. When we got in, I walked over to the window and looked down at the beautiful city, since we were almost on the top floor. My eyes widened at the sight, looking down at the cars and bicycles that rode by underneath us, and I jumped on the balls of my feet as I looked.  

          “You seem overly excited,” Harry’s voice said.

          I turned around to see him smiling amusedly at me, eyebrows raised. “It’s Spain!” I exclaim. “Excuse me for being excited.”

          Harry laughed as he approached me. “You want to go out?” he questions, “explore the city and stuff?” My eyes widen and I eagerly nod. “I’ll let the security guards know.”

          I laughed along but nodded as Harry left the hotel room to go call someone. I grabbed a coat from my duffel bag and slid it on, walking out of the room as well. I saw Harry down the hall in front of an open door, talking to someone – most likely a security guard – and then grinned. He stepped back as Paul came into view, and the two of them walked over to me.  

          “Let’s go,” Harry says and Paul and I follow him towards the elevator.

          When we got to the lobby, two more bodyguards were waiting for us. “Are we walking or driving?” I ask.

          “Let’s walk,” Harry suggested. “It’s a better way to sight-see, yanno?”

          I nodded, agreeing as Paul shrugs in agreement. The security guards lead us to the back exit where there aren’t any fans crowding it, and we set out for an afternoon in Spain. It was a bit windy out, but the weather was nice. As the three of us – plus the guards – walked, I asked, “Where are we headed to?’

          “Buen Retiro Park,” Harry replies with a smile. “It’s a beautiful park; we went there last time we came here.”

          I chuckle as we continue walking, and I see people stopping and recognizing the boys, pointing and whispering. Most of them were adults and not teenagers, so they weren’t going to come up to the guys and ask for autographs or pictures.

          We soon enough reached the park and I have to say, it was beautiful. It was all green and in the middle was a giant lake where people were on boats just floating around. My lips parted at the sight, eyes slightly widening as Harry chuckles lightly at my reaction.

          “I take it you like it here?” he asks with a raised eyebrow.    

          I nod, closing my mouth. “It’s beautiful,” I comment.

          “You two want to get a boat?” Paul asks, and Harry looks at me for confirmation and I just nod.

          “Sure, that’d be cool,” Harry replies with a smile and Paul nods, saying something to one of the other guards who nods and walks away. Soon enough, I watch as the small canoe is brought up in front of us on the bank of the river, and Harry grins at me. “Come on.”

          I watch as he gets in it and he motions for me to get in as well. Walking over, I sit down properly and Paul then pushes us off the bank until we’re floating freely on the water. Harry picks up an oar and starts rowing as I look around at the tall trees that cover the lake.

          It was quiet; the only sound was of the water hitting the oars and distant sounds of birds chirping and people chattering. I liked it; it was nice and calm and peaceful. Paul and the two security guards were standing on the bank of the lake, talking amongst one another at the same time as they kept an eye on us.

          “I like it here,” I voice my thoughts, looking up at the clear sky. “It’s peaceful.”

          I look back to see Harry smiling, dimples and all. “Me too,” he agrees. “If I lived here, I would’ve come to this park all the time.”

          I return his smile, and suddenly my phone ruins whatever moment we had going on and I sigh. Taking it out, I see that it’s Logan who’s calling me and I furrow my eyebrows. Biting into my lower lip, I press the decline button and put my phone back in my pocket.

          “Who was that?” Harry asks as he rows.


          I shrug, shaking my head. “Someone who I really don’t want to talk to.”