Chapter 13 - Ignore

Kelsey’s POV:


          After rejecting Logan’s call while I was with Harry about two days ago, he kept calling and texting me. However, I was ignoring me. Yes, I know that that’s a bitchy move but it’s time that he gets a taste of his own medicine. He had been ignoring me for the past however many days because he was angry at me for no reason. Yeah, well, I actually do have a reason and that’s that he was being an asshole.   

          We were now in Veronica, Italy and just like Spain, it was gorgeous. Right now, the boys had sound check and the concert was in the same place where the theatrical productions of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet were played out, which was pretty amazing.

          I watched as the boys climbed the stairs to go all the way on top of the stadium to look over at the sea of fans that were outside. Roads had been blocked because there was a gigantic crowd outside, and I could hear them constantly screaming. Standing at the bottom with my arms crossed over my chest, I watched as Harry approached me.

          “Come up there with us,” he says, jutting his chin in the direction of the stairs leading towards the top.

          I chuckle and shake my head, pulling my cardigan closer to me. It was a windy day and all I was wearing were ankle boots, high waisted shorts, and a tank top with a brown cardigan over it; not a smart move on my behalf. “Your fans are going to see me.”

          “So?” Harry shrugs. “Come on, just for a few minutes.”

          Before I could argue, Harry takes my small hand in his larger one and is leading me up the stairs. I bite down on my lower lip; Harry’s warm hand in my cold one instantly sends shockwaves up my arm, which I furrow my eyebrows at. What the hell was that even about?

          By the time we had gotten to the top of the stadium where Liam and Niall already were, waving down at the screaming fans, Harry’s hand was still laced with mine. We walked over to the edge where the barrier was, and I looked down.

          My eyes widened as I did. Literally, hundreds of thousands of screaming girls were waving and screaming up at us, shaking the posters they were holding. “Wow,” I murmur as my hands grip the edge of the barrier.       

          “I know, right?” Liam grins as he waves down. “This is crazy.”

          “Insane, really,” Niall adds with a laugh.

          After a while, we all return back down because the boys had to start sound check soon. As they sang a couple of songs, I sat down in one of the chairs as I watched them, tapping my feet along to the rhythm of each song they sang.

          As the boys sang Up All Night, my phone buzzed and I saw that it was once again, Logan. Sighing, I finally answered it. “Hi,” I say as I press accept.

          “Why the hell have you been ignoring me?” was the first thing that comes out of his mouth. Wow, nice to talk to you, too.

          “Isn’t a nice feeling when your best friend is ignoring you, now is it?” I ask as I grip my phone tightly, clenching my jaw.

          “Look, Kelsey –,”

          I cut him off. “No, Logan,” I snap. “You have been ignoring me for the past couple of days, and I have no idea why! I only ignored your calls so you know what it feels like when your supposed best friend ignores you and you have no idea why.”

          The boys had finished Up All Night and were now singing Loved You First, and Logan asked, “Are you at a concert?”

          “No, I’m at their sound check,” I reply. “Now why’d you call me?”

          “Because you’re my best friend, Kelsey,” Logan sighed. “And I hate not talking to you. I was just a bit pissed before.”

          I shrug, even though he couldn’t see me. “Why?” I ask with a sigh.

          “You’re so far away,” he says. “You’re all over Europe and I’m sitting here in America. I miss you, Kels. It’s weird without my best friend. And now I’m seeing pictures of you all over the Internet with that boy band and your little husband, and –”

          “Whoa, is that what this is about?” I cut him off yet again. “Because I’m with some guys that aren’t you?”

          “You seem pretty close with them –”

          “I’m going to have to, Logan!” I exclaim, shooting up from my seat and walking away from the stage. “I practically live with them now; I can’t go around ignoring like they don’t exist. I’m with them every single day, not to mention I’m married to their band mate. So you have no right to be pissed off at me.”

          “Do you like him?”

          “Of course I like him, why would you –”

          “No, Kelsey. Do you actually like him?”

          I stopped suddenly, my lips parting. Still holding my phone next to my ear, I turn around to face the stage. My eyes immediately went to where Harry was, running a hand through his hair and talking to Zayn with his microphone in hand. As if sensing me looking at him, Harry turned his head and his eyes met mine. A smile formed on his face as he lifted his free hand and sent me a small wave, which I absentmindedly returned with my free hand.

          I turn back around when I heard Logan’s voice. “Well?” he asked impatiently.

          “T-That doesn’t matter, Logan,” I reply hastily. Shit, why couldn’t I tell him no, I don’t like Harry like that?

          “Of course it doesn’t,” Logan muttered. “I’m gonna go.”

          “Logan, wait.”

          But he had already ended the call. I bit my bottom lip, pulling my phone away from my ear as I looked down at my screen. I sighed, licking my lips as I stuff my phone back in the back pocket of my shorts as I returned to where the boys were. They had just finished their sound check and Harry had hopped off the stage and was approaching me.

          “You wanna grab some lunch with the lads and I?” he asks with a smile.

          I purse my lips, before smiling and nodding. “Sure, that’d be great.”


Harry’s POV:

          Kelsey had just gotten into the shower, and I was sitting on the bed and was watching some TV. Thank goodness the hotel television showed some American channels as well.

          Speaking of Kelsey, she had been acting a bit strange since yesterday. She was quiet, as if she was having an inner conflict with herself. I sighed, paying attention to whatever show I was watching until I heard a phone ring. I looked at mine and saw that it wasn’t mine, until my eyes landed on Kelsey’s red iPhone on the edge of the bed. Biting my lip, I pick it up and answer it.

          “Hello?” I ask.

          “Kelsey?” a familiar voice asked confusedly.

          “Ah, no, it’s Harry. Who’s this?”

          “It’s Logan.” The voice had immediately turned into an icy one, and I raised my eyebrows.

          I scratch the back of my head. “Oh, hi,” I say. “Um, Kelsey’s in the shower right now.”

          “Okay, but while I have you on the phone,” Logan suddenly said, “how is she?”

          I furrow my eyebrows, sitting properly on the bed. “She’s good,” I tell him. “She isn’t, uh, as quiet as she used to be.”

          “You mean she’s finally opened up to you guys,” Logan concludes and I nod, suddenly remembering he can’t see me.

          “Yeah,” I say, not knowing what else to say.

          “What do you think of her?” Logan then asks.

          I frowned, not sure of where this conversation was exactly going. “She’s a great girl,” I say carefully. “She’s pretty funny as well.”

          “Yeah, she’s amazing,” Logan murmured, causing my frown to deepen. “Anyway, I, um, have to go. Tell Kelsey I called.”

          “Will do,” I mutter, right before hanging up.

          Something about Logan irked me; I don’t know what. The way he was questioning and commenting about Kelsey, there was a certain tone in his voice that I didn’t like. As I put Kelsey’s phone back down, it hit me like truck.


          Logan fancied Kelsey. And I didn’t like that.