Chapter 14 - Decisions

Kelsey’s POV:


          I blinked my eyes open, regretting it as soon as I got blinded by the sun. I sighed as I ran a hand through my short, bed hair as I tried to sit up, but was immediately refrained from doing so. Furrowing my eyebrows, I felt a weight being pressed by my waist and when I looked down, for some reason a blush crept up on my cheeks.

          Harry’s arm was draped over my waist as he slept on his stomach, his face towards me. His hair was covering his closed eyes as quiet snores escaped him. I bit my bottom lip, a smile on my lips as I carefully picked his arm and put it down by his side. When I checked the time, it said 9:13 and I sighed. Today was the boys’ day off, and we were in Denmark. And it has also been about two months since we have been on tour, and it’s safe to say it’s going good.

          Logan has been a weird lately. Ever since Italy, things haven’t been the same between us. If we ever talk, he’s always short with me and feels like he doesn’t want to talk to me. That worries me, because Logan has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. He’s the only part of my old life that I have and I don’t want to lose that.

          Getting up from the bed, I walked over to the bathroom of our hotel room. I was only wearing my shorts and an oversized T-shirt, and I tiredly ran a hand through my hair as I entered the bathroom. Quickly, I washed my face and brushed my teeth before walking back out. Harry was still asleep, and I kept it that way. He deserved every ounce of rest he got.

          Since I didn’t want any breakfast, I returned to my place on the bed, leaning against the headboard. Grabbing my phone from the bedside table, I was about to call Logan until I realized the time difference. Denmark is six hours ahead of Florida, so it’s about two in the morning there.

          So instead I went on Twitter and looked through my mentions that kept scrolling in. Ignoring the few rude tweets, I looked at the nicer ones and couldn’t help but smile. The fans were sweet most of the time, and Harry had told me not to look at the rude ones because to him, none of them were true.

          Suddenly, my phone buzzed and I looked down to see that Louis had texted me.

From: Louis Tomlinson

Kelsey!!! We know that Harry’s probably asleep, but do you want to come down with the others and I for breakfast? We’re going down to the breakfast buffet. I’ll send a text to Harry for him to meet with us if he wakes up later.

          Biting my bottom lip, I quickly text him back.

To: Louis Tomlinson

Sure! Sounds good to me.

From: Louis Tomlinson

Great, I’ll be at your door in 5 xx

          Standing up, I look down at myself and sigh. To cover myself up a bit, I grabbed my long sleeved cardigan that reached my mid thigh and wore it. I took my hair and tied it into a messy bun before grabbing my phone and slipping on a pair of TOMS that Harry had convinced me to buy a couple of days ago. They were extremely comfortable, may I add.

          Soon enough, I hear a quiet knock on the door and I open the door, revealing Louis and Zayn. “Morning, love,” Zayn smiles, which I return. “Liam and Niall are already down at the buffet.”

          I nod as I close the door, and follow them both towards the elevator. They were also still in their pajamas, so I didn’t feel weird. We stepped into the elevator and stood quietly as we went down and the doors finally slid open, revealing the grand lobby.

          Following Louis and Zayn, we went to where the dining hall was where other families were, taking full advantage of the buffet. Grabbing plate, I put some scrambled eggs, toast, fruit, and got a glass of orange juice before following Zayn to a table that already had Niall and Liam sitting at eating.

          “Morning, Kelsey,” Liam grins.       

          “Morning,” I reply with a smile as I slide into the booth next to him with Niall right across from him and Zayn joining in and then Louis sitting next to me.

          A waitress came and asked if we wanted coffee, to which Liam and I agreed to. As we finally got our coffee, a familiar person slid next to Zayn with a plate of his own food. “Looks like Sleeping Beauty’s up,” Niall comments as he takes a sip of his orange juice.

          Harry chuckles lowly. “Yup,” he replies in his hoarse morning voice, picking up a strawberry and taking a bite out of it.

          We all ate until we were done, before getting up and going back to our hotel rooms. When we reached our room, I sighed, and plopped on the bed on my back, my cardigan still on as I heard a chuckle rumble from Harry. “Tired?” he asks.

          I laugh as my left hand lays on my stomach. “I think I ate too much,” I reply with a groan.

          Harry sits on the edge of the bed next to me and asks, “The lads and I are going swimming later. Do you wanna come?”

          I lift my head and look at Harry as if he had just grown a second head. “It’s freezing,” I point out.

          “It’s an indoor pool, Kelsey,” he says. “Plus, it’d be heated so it’s fine.”

          I sighed as I sat up properly. “Fine,” I conclude. “When?”

          “In a couple of hours,” Harry says as he stands up. “I’m going to change.”

          I nod as Harry goes into the bathroom after taking some clothes out of his bags. I decide to do the same as I take out a pair of jeans and a fitted red full sleeved V-neck shirt. As I take my clothes, my phone rings and I see that it’s Logan calling me. I furrow my eyebrows, checking the time and seeing that it’s 11:20, which means it’s about 5:20 in the morning in Florida.

          “Logan?” I frown as I answer his call. “What are you doing up so early?”

          “I have work,” he replies in a groggy voice, “and I just wanted to talk to you.”

          A smile tugged on my lips. “Well aren’t you sweet,” I chuckle as I hold my phone in one hand and my clothes in the other. I suddenly heard the water running in the bathroom, letting me know Harry was taking a shower.        

          “So what’s up with you?” Logan asks while I hear some shuffling going around on his side of the phone.

          “Nothing,” I say, sitting on the bed. “We’re in Denmark right now.”

          “Cool,” he says as I hear a door shut from his side once again. “Where are you going after?”

          I pause for a moment, thinking about the tour. “Norway, I think,” I finally answer. We talk for a while until Harry gets out of the bathroom, dressed in jeans and a red button down shirt that had the first few undone. “Logan, I’ll talk to you later. I have to shower.”

          “Okay,” he sighs. “Love you, Kelsey.”

          I smile. “Love you too, Logan,” I reply before hanging up.

          “Logan again?” Harry asks with a raise of his eyebrows. There was an unsaid emotion in his eyes and a slight bitter tone in his voice, but I shook it away.

          I put my phone down. “Yeah,” I reply. “I’m gonna, uh, shower.”

          Without letting him reply, I shuffle past him and walk into the bathroom. Logan has been acting strange and Harry has been as well for the past couple of days. If only I had an idea why.


          The European part of the tour was almost over. The last show is in Lisbon, Portugal – where we are right now – and then the boys have about two weeks off until they start the North American part of the tour in Mexico. As far as I knew, the boys were heading back to London for their break for some interviews and photo shoots that they have planned over there.

          I wasn’t sure even if I was going to go back to Miami like Logan wants me to. Personally, I wanted to go back to London because in all honesty, I missed the apartment. I had grown accustomed to the apartment Harry and I lived in, and I missed it. But on the other hand, Logan wants me to visit him in Miami but just going there is going to bring up memories.

          Right now we were back stage in Lisbon, and I was playing with the backstage pass around my neck, leaning against the wall in the boys’ big dressing room. Five Seconds of Summer had just gotten off stage, and were currently sweating and hogging the snack table.

          One Direction was getting ready, and Lou Teasdale was using her little brush and brushing it over Harry’s face. I chuckled at the sight and he looked at me, an eyebrow shooting up. “What’s so funny?” he asked as Lou started brushing Liam and Harry walked over to me.

          “You getting makeup put on you,” I say, pushing myself off the wall and standing right in front of him. “It still entertains me.”

          Harry rolls his green eyes, a smirk on his face that revealed a dimple. He was wearing his usual dark blue tight skinny jeans and a simple black V-neck with the half sleeves revealing the tattoos on his forearms. He looked hot, as usual. “Weirdo,” he mumbled, and I smiled.

          “So are you excited for your last show in Europe?” I ask, crossing my arms over my chest.

          He nods and grins widely. “It’s going to be fun, I can tell,” he says.

          “Loudest crowd yet, just lettin’ ya know,” Ashton called out from the snack table as he took a bite out of a cookie.

          Soon enough, it was time for the boys to go on stage. With Lou Teasdale, we went outside and to where the exit was. Fans began screaming loudly as the boys appeared on stage, and began singing immediately. Lou and I watched as the boys perform, and I saw the girls around us were pointing towards us and snapping pictures, but I followed Lou’s lead and ignored them and kept my eyes trained on the guys.

          “So are you going back to London with the guys?” Lou yells over the music and screaming as she looks at me. “Harry said you might be going to Florida.”

          I run my hand through my hair as I shrug. “I’m not sure,” I practically scream. Damn, it was loud. “I still haven’t figured it out, to be honest. It’s hard to decide.”

          “How so?” she asks, raising a blonde eyebrow.

          I bite my bottom lip as the boys started singing Little Things. The arena lit up as fans took out their flashes and waved them back and forth, making the place look beautiful. “My friend, Logan, wants me to come to Florida,” I tell her over the music. “But the thing is, that’s my home town, and after Mom passed away, I don’t know if…”

          “If you can face the place where you grew up with your mum just yet,” Lou finished off for me with a sympathetic smile, and I sigh and nod. Lou lets out a breath as she wraps an arm around my shoulder and rubs my upper arm, smiling. “It’s no rush, Kelsey, I hope you know that. If you’re not comfortable going back just yet, I’m sure Logan will understand. From what I’ve heard, he’s your best friend, he’ll be fine with it.”

          I give her a grateful smile before we look back at the boys. But I was still thinking about Miami. There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to go, but there’s the guilty part that does because I haven’t seen Logan in such a long time. As the boys land on the second stage and start singing One Way or Another, I’m still thinking about this.


          By the end of the concert, I’ve made my decision.