Chapter 16 - Stolen Kisses

Kelsey’s POV:


          “Kelsey!” I heard Logan’s voice over the loud noise at the airport.

          Turning, I saw Logan waving over at me, and I grinned. Dragging my suitcase behind me, I walked over to him and stopped as I gave him a tight hug. “Logan!” I exclaim as we pull away, smiling. “Did you get taller?”

          “Maybe you just got shorter,” he grinned and I rolled my eyes. “Here, give me your bag,” he added, taking the suitcase from me.

          I was finally in Miami now and Logan had come to pick me up. It was late in the evening and I was wide awake, whereas Logan probably wanted to go to sleep soon enough. I was gonna be staying at Logan’s house with his parents, who were kind enough to offer me a place to stay.

          Logan and I were now in the car, driving back to his place. “So how was the tour?” he asked as he took a left turn on to the high way. “See any interesting places?”

          I laugh, nodding. “We went to Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden – so many beautiful places. Oh, Logan you would’ve loved it.”

          “I’m sure I would’ve,” he muttered. “So how are things with you and Harry?”

          I bit my tongue. I contemplated on whether or not I should tell him about how Harry and I had kissed – twice, but then I decided not to tell him. At least, not yet. I need to register that through my own head first as well. “Things are good,” I finally say. “He’s a great guy.”

          Logan nods and in a couple of minutes, we pull up in front of his house. Walking up to the front door as he pulls along my suitcase, the door flies open and reveals Julia, Logan’s mother.

          “Kelsey!” she grins as she pulls me in for a hug. “It’s so good to see you. Oh, you look so beautiful! Europe’s been so good to you.”

          I smile as she pulls me into the house. It looks just as it did the last time I saw it; big and beautiful with beige walls and modern looking furniture. In the living room was Fletcher, Logan’s dad. “Kelsey,” he smiles, standing up as he hugs me. “Good to see you, sweetheart.”

          “You too,” I smile as we pull away.

          “I’m putting your bag in the guest room,” Logan says, before pulling the suitcase down the hall.

          “How are you, darling?” Julia smiles as we sit down on the couch. “How’s life like in London?”

          “Great,” I smile. “London is beautiful and the people there are so nice.”

          Fletcher smiled. “How’s that husband of yours?” he raises an eyebrow. “Isn’t giving you a hard time, right?”

          I let out a laugh. “No, he’s great,” I reply with a smile. “He’s an amazing guy, really.”

          “Do you like him? You know, like that?” Julia nudges her shoulder with mine, and I blush.

          I shrug. “I don’t know,” I say. “He’s a great guy, but I’m not sure. It’s a bit hard to tell at the moment.”

          “Well, you can take your time,” Fletcher chuckles. “I mean, he is your husband after all.”


          The past few days in Miami have been great. I have been here for three days and had four days left before I returned to London. Today, Logan and his parents all had work, so I was in the house by myself. But Julia had left her car and keys for me, in case I wanted to go out somewhere, so I took that to my own advantage. Getting out of my pajamas, I changed clothes and drove out.

          The drive was short, and when I reached my destination, I sighed as I stepped out of the car and shut the door behind me. Licking my lips, I walked as the cobblestones slightly crunched against my Converse. I walked through the black, rusty gates as the hot Miami wind blue by.

          I walked down the pathway, weaving my way through the grave stones. Finally, I saw the one stone that I needed to see, and I sat down in front of it, not caring about the dirt underneath me. “Hi, Mom,” I breathed out.

          I looked at tomb stone, biting into my lower lip as I read over the words engraved on to it, running a hand through my hair.

Klara Abigail Ross

August 6th 1968 – February 25th 2013

Mother to Kelsey Ross, a friend to all

          I sat on my butt, pulling my legs up to my chest and wrapping my arms around them, hugging them tightly. “Sorry I didn’t bring you anything. I kind of just came here. Spur of the moment kind of thing, I guess,” I sighed. “I miss you, Mom. A lot. Things have been… Different, ever since you left.”

          I let out a breathy smile as I look at the stone. “I know you’re probably wondering what life has been like ever since you left us,” I say. “For one thing, living in London is great. Remember the guy you made me marry?” I ask with a chuckle, shaking my head. “Turns out, he’s actually a great guy. Him and his band took me on the European part of their tour. It was amazing. I went to Spain and Italy and Sweden and Ireland – it was amazing, Mom. I just wish you were with me today.

          “Harry and I kissed,” I tell her. “I know I said that he wasn’t the most ideal guy to marry, but he’s just so sweet, Mom. He’s helped me through your death and I… Oh God, Mom. I think I may like him.”


          “How was that?” Harry asked, “Visiting your mum, I mean.”

          I sighed, lying on the bed with my left hand on my stomach and my right hand gripping my phone next to my ear. “Strange,” I reply. “It was the first time that I did and I wasn’t exactly planning on going there.”

          “It’s good that you did, Kelsey,” Harry said. “Your mum would have wanted to see you.”

          “Yeah, I guess,” I reply. “So what’s up?”

          He chuckled. “Nothing, really,” he says. “The lads and I had a photo shoot yesterday and today we have a bunch of interviews. You’re coming back when? In three days?”

          I nod, then remembered he couldn’t see me. “Yeah,” I reply. “Why, miss me already?” I tease.

          Harry let out a rich laugh, bringing a smile to my lips. “Believe it or not, yes. I need my wifey back.”

          I scoff. “Don’t ever say the word ‘wifey’ again, please.”

          “Why? Does it sound too husband-y?” Harry asks, a curious tone in his voice and I couldn’t help but laugh.

          “Freak,” I say, rolling my eyes. “I have to go, now. I’ll talk to you later.”

          “Alright,” Harry replies. “See you soon, Kels.”

          “Yeah, bye, Harry,” I say before hanging up.

Harry’s POV:      

          “We’re not watching Iron Man again,” Zayn says as the lads and I get comfortable on Louis’ couch. “We’ve seen that, like, fifty times.”

          “Quit exaggerating,” Liam rolls his eyes. “If you don’t wanna watch that, then what?”

          “We should watch that new Tom Cruise movie I just got on DVD,” Louis speaks up. “Oblivion.”

          Since none of us have seen that movie, we agree and Niall puts it in the DVD player. Him and Zayn sit on one couch while Louis and I sit on the other and Liam sits on the floor in front of Zayn. I shoved my phone in my pocket and Louis looked at me.

          “Was that Kelsey?” he asks as Liam shuts off the lights.

          I nod. “She visited her mum’s grave today,” I tell him and his eyebrows shoot up.

          “How was that?”

          “Okay, I guess. She didn’t cry much but it was strange for her.”

          “I bet. It’s been a while since she’s been back there.”

          I sighed. “I know.”

          After that we kept our mouths shut and watched the movie. I hadn’t told the guys yet about the fact that I kissed Kelsey – twice, actually. The whole thing is still processing through my mind.

          I don’t know why I did it, but at the moment, it felt like the thing to do. The two of us were so close, and she was so small in front of me. It was an in-the-moment type of thing, so I just went in for the kiss.

          What surprised me, actually, was the fact that Kelsey actually kissed me back. I don’t regret the kiss – not one bit – it was actually pretty nice. And in all honesty, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal that Kelsey and I kissed. I mean, she is my wife, so…

          As we watched the movie, I found myself thinking about Kelsey, oddly enough. I wondered how she was doing back in her home town that she hasn’t been to in about five months. But something that bothered me was that friend of hers, Logan. He was snappy with me on the phone and I was more than positive that he didn’t like me.

          I leaned against the arm rest of the couch, my elbow propped on it as I rested my chin on the palm of my hand. I tried to focus on the movie but I kept thinking about Kelsey for some reason. I let out a sigh, rubbing a hand over my face as I released another breath. This is going to be a long day.

Kelsey’s POV:

          Tomorrow I was going back to London, and in all honesty I was pretty happy to be going back. To me, London was my new home now. I was so used to the cool weather as opposed to Miami’s warmth, and it was also weird not hearing the familiar British accents around me – you know, minus Niall’s Irish accent.

          Miami is where I grew up and where I was born, but living in a whole new country is something way cooler and a great experience. And I was a bit bashful to admit that, yes; I do kind of miss Harry.

          I miss how he was always so caring for me. He knows how hard it was for me to lose my mother, and yet he still put up with my moodiness. He tried – and succeeded – in making me feel like I belong, which had been one of the main problems for me when I had moved to London. He really is a great guy, and now I can understand why millions of girls are in love with him.

          Right now, Logan’s parents were out getting Chinese takeout for dinner, leaving just the two of us at home. As I exited the hallway bathroom, I walked into the living room where Logan was sitting on the couch and watching the Big Bang Theory and then I sat down right next to him.

          “When are your parents coming back?” I ask him. “I’m starving.”

          Logan chuckled. “They should be here soon,” he asks, checking the watch on his wrist. “Hold your horses.”

          I rolled my eyes, keeping the fixed on the TV. From the corner of my eye, I could see Logan staring at me. For the first couple of seconds, I didn’t say anything. But when I was about to, Logan beat me to it. “Hey, Kelsey?”


          Just as I turned my head to look at him, I felt a pair of cold lips on top of my own. My eyes widened like saucers, staring at the guy in front of me. Logan, my best friend for who knows how long, was actually kissing me. My body went rigid for a couple of seconds, frozen in shock as he kissed me and I remained immobile.

          Finally, gaining back consciousness, I put my hands on Logan’s chest. He took this as encouragement, though, as he tried to part my lips with his own. That soon ended when I pushed him back, his own eyes snapping open. “Kelsey…”

          I didn’t say anything. Instead, I got up from the couch and ran down the hall, ignoring Logan’s calls. When I got to my room, I slammed the door shut, locking it. My breathing was heavy as I slid down to the floor, my back against the door. What the hell just happened?

          My best friend kissed me. Logan actually kissed me and unlike Harry’s kisses, I didn’t like Logan’s. He was too much of a brother to me for me to actually like his kiss. As I sat, I lifted my hand and wiped my lips with the back of my hand, swallowing down the lump that was forming in my throat.

          “K-Kelsey.” Logan’s stuttering voice was right outside my door, and I bit my lip harshly. “Please, open the door.”

          My first thought was not to say anything, but I released a breath. “Just leave me alone, Logan,” I say, looking up at the white ceiling. “Please,” I add quietly.

          Silence greeted me at first, until Logan replied with an, “Okay.”

          I heard his retreating footsteps, and I released another breath that I didn’t know I was holding. Standing on my feet, I walked over to the bed and plopped down on it, looking up. Why had Logan kissed me? What in the world was running through his mind? I’m married, for Christ’s sake!

          Okay, maybe the whole marriage thing is a bad excuse, but it’s true. Legally, I’m in a more than committed relationship with Harry. So in a way, I technically just cheated on him. The thought of that made my stomach twist in an unpleasant way and I pursed my lips while shutting my eyes tightly. This just got so screwed up. And the worst part? I actually feel guilty – and it’s not even my fault!

          I stayed lying on the bed like that for a good fifteen minutes or so, until a knock sounded on my door. I was about to tell Logan to go away, but he spoke before I could say anything. “Kelsey.” It was Julia. “Come out, dear. Dinner’s here.”

          Sighing, I pushed myself off the bed and walked over, unlocking the door and opening it to reveal a smiling Julia. Forcing a smile back, I followed her down the hall and into the dining room where Fletcher and Logan already where, opening up the boxes of noodles and rice and chicken.

          I ignored Logan’s gaze, sitting on the other side of the table from him as I grabbed a box of noodles and a fork – no way was I using chop sticks. As we ate, Fletcher asked me, “So Kelsey, are you ready to head back to England tomorrow?”

          I smile and nod, looking at him and not at the boy sitting next to him. “Yeah,” I say. “It’s weird, but I miss London.”

          “It’s not weird at all, sweetie,” Julia smiles. “You’ve grown accustomed to your surroundings there. And I’m sure you’d want to get back to that boy of yours.”

          I chuckle and nod, and I could see Logan clenching his fork so tightly, his knuckles began turning a pale white color. “Yeah, I talked to him earlier. He’s just enjoying his day off before he goes back on the tour.”

          “Where are they going to be touring now?” Fletcher asks, putting a piece of chicken in his mouth.

          “North America,” I answer. “That’s going to be about four months long, I think. They get breaks in the middle so they fly back to visit family and stuff.”

          “You’re going to be by yourself then?” Julia raises an eyebrow. “Or are you joining them again?”

          I shook my head, sipping my glass of Pepsi. “Oh, no, I’m staying in London. I think I’ve had my fair share of travelling,” I chuckle, and the two adults laugh.

          All the while, Logan was sitting quietly and eating his dinner. I didn’t want to talk to him either, so it was perfectly fine with me. When I was done eating, I stood up and threw my empty box of noodles in the garbage. “I’m gonna start packing,” I tell them. “My flight’s early in the morning.”


          They nod and I turn around and walk back into my room, preparing myself for my awaited flight back to London, not being able to wait till I get out of here.