Chapter 18 - Funky Buddha & a Date

Kelsey’s POV:



Harry’s voice called out for me, and I walked out of the kitchen and saw him entering the flat, shutting the door behind him.  “Yeah?” I ask, wiping my wet hands on my shorts.

“We’re all going out to Funky Buddha tonight,” he tells me, dropping his car keys in a glass bowl that was set on a table by the entrance hall of the apartment. “Since we leave to go back on tour in a couple of days, it’s kind of like a goodbye thing. Plus, all the girls are going to be there.”

I bite my bottom lip and nod, putting my hair in a bun. “What time do we leave?” I ask him.

“We’re meeting them at eight,” Harry replies and I nod again, checking my phone for the time. 7:04. Ugh, shit, I had to get ready now. “You might want to get ready,” he added, as if reading my mind.

I nod before turning and going up the stairs. Shutting the door behind me, I sigh as I walk over to the closet and rummage through my clothes, searching for an outfit to wear. Finally, I decided on a strapless purple and blue crop top that had some cool designs on it, and a high waisted silky pink skirt that had a thin brown leather belt on it. I changed into that and put on baby pink heels, before proceeding to do my makeup. When I’m done, I quickly straighten my naturally wavy blonde hair to perfection, and put on some golden bracelets on my wrist. As soon as I finish getting ready, a knock sounded on the door.

“Can I come in?” Harry asks from the other side of the door.

I walk over to the door and unlock it, opening it to reveal Harry. He looks up from his phone and at me, and I watch as his eyes sightly widen. Harry’s eyes trail up from my legs to my face, and I feel a hot blush spread on my cheeks. “You look...” he trails off, looking for the right word and his green eyes suddenly meet my blue ones. “Gorgeous.”

Just as the word falls from his lips, the blush deepens on my cheeks. “Thank you,” I say, opening the door wider and Harry walks inside.

“I’ll just quickly get dressed and we’ll go,” he says and I nod.

As Harry gets ready, I grab a black clutch bag and put my phone and a few other things n there. Harry soon emerges from the bathroom. He was still wearing his jeans and brown boots, but had changed into a black V-neck and was wearing a black blazer over it. Grabbing his phone, he says, “Let’s go.”

I nod and follow him down the stairs and out of the apartment. We got into his Range Rover and Harry started driving. It was quiet in the car for a bit, until Harry turned on the radio and Baby I by Ariana Grande started playing. I smiled, turning it up a bit and looking out the window, mouthing the words. I loved her.

By the end of the song, we had reached Funky Buddha. As we stepped out of the car, cameras surrounded us as well as security gaurds. Harry immediately reached for my hand, and I let him hold it as he pushed through the crowd and made our way towards the entrance of the club. 

It was like any other club; big and open, loud, and crowded. The bass of loud music thumped in my ears as Harry guided me through the sea of people, until we reached what looked like the VIP section of the club. There, all the guys and Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie were seated and drinking, talking amongst themselves. But when Danielle’s eyes landed on me, she grinned and stood up. 

“Kelsey!” The curly haired girl exclaimed, walking over to me. “Geez, you look gorgeous!”

I couldn’t help but smile as I hug her back. “So do you,” I reply.

I greet Eleanor and Perrie as well, and I sit with them as the guys sit together. As I sit down, Eleanor says, “So I heard Louis and Zayn walked in on you and Harry kissing.”

I bow my head in embarrassment as the three girls grin at me widely, a blush creeping on my cheeks. Thank God the boys were drinking and talking, so they couldn’t hear this conversation. I look back at the girls and chuckle feebly. “Uh, yeah, they did,” I admit.

Perrie’s blue eyes widen. “How’d that even happen?” she asks, her Geordie accent thick.

I bite my bottom lip, trying to stop my smile from growing. “I don’t know, honestly,” I tell them. “It just did.”

Eleanor shrugs. “Well, who cares how it happened? You two are already cute together, and if you two really do get together, well that’s even better.”

I let out a laugh and pick up the bottle of beer that was waiting for me to drink out of. As we continued to talk, Danielle says, “Come on, girls, let’s dance.”

The rest of us agree and we get up, walking towards the middle of the dance floor as a Drake song started blaring through the big speakers of the club. We danced in the middle of the sea of people, underneath the colorful strobe lights as our bodies swayed back and forth to the fast beat of the hip hop music.

We danced and laughed along the music, and soon Niall and Louis join our little dance group, holding their bottles of beers. I couldn’t help but laugh as Louis stumbled on his feet, already drunk. The Funky Buddha photographers take multiple pictures of us, no one minding it as we even pose for a few of them.

Soon enough, Drake’s voice fades out and a new, slow song comes on. I smiled as I recognized it as Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Everyone started swaying slowly to the music as Niall started singing along. “When I was in the third grade I thought that I was gay. ‘Cause I could draw, my uncle was, and I kept my room straight.”

He continued rapping along the lyrics, waving around his beer bottle. And as Mary Lambert’s voice for the chorus started playing, I felt a person behind me as arms snaked around my waist, and I turned my head to see Harry, causing a blush to spread across my cheeks. We stayed like that as everyone belted out the lyrics to the rest of the song, continuing the night just like that.

“And I can’t change. Even if I tried, even if I wanted to.  And I can’t change. Even if I tried, even if I wanted to. My love, my love, my love…”


          “So I was wondering,” Harry suddenly spoke up.

          I looked up from my book at the sound of Harry’s somewhat nervous voice. The two of us were in the living room, me reading The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass and Harry watching TV. “Yeah?” I urge him to continue, raising an eyebrow.

          He fiddles with his thumbs, looking nervous. “I was wondering if you, erm, wanted to go out. Like on a, um, date?”

          I felt my heart skip a beat or two as the words escaped his mouth, and I bit down on my lower lip. Looking back at Harry, who sat waiting on the other couch for my reply, I couldn’t help but nod and letting a smile form on my face. “Sure,” I finally answer.

          Harry’s face lit up and flooded with relief visibly. “Great,” he smiles. “You have an hour and a half to get ready.”

          My eyes widen as I close my book. “What?” I ask.

          A smirk formed on Harry’s lips. “I had a feeling you’d say yes,” he winked, causing me to roll my eyes. “I have things planned. Go on, get dressed; casually, though.”

          Rolling my eyes once again, I stand up and head up to my room. “This is way too much of a short notice,” I inform him as I head towards the stairs.

          “Oh, well,” he smirks, and I run my hand through his hair as I walk past him. “Hey!” he yells indignantly, while I just laugh and jog up the stairs.

          Since I had taken a shower earlier, all I had to do was get dressed. Harry had said casual, so I settled on white cropped pants and a light blue sleeveless tie-knotted top with white polka dots that revealed some of my stomach. Along with that, I wore grey Keds.

(Outfit: )

          I applied some light amount of makeup, enough to keep it casual. When I was ready, I stuffed my phone in the pocket of my pants and walked down the stairs. Harry was already waiting for me, a smile on his face. “You look beautiful,” he says as soon as I come in sight.

          I smile at his comment. “Thank you.”

          “Let’s go,” he says, taking my hand in his and leading me out the door.

          As we got into his car and he started driving, I asked, “Where exactly are we going?”

          Harry glanced at me, smirking before pulling on to the main road. “It’s a surprise,” he says. “But you might want to get comfortable; it’s a bit of a drive.”

          “Well in that case,” I say, reaching over and turning on the radio, “I need some music.”

          Harry simply chuckled as Paramore’s music filled the previously silent car. The two of us jam out in the car, belting out the lyrics for Still into You as Harry drives.

          Within twenty minutes to half an hour, we arrived to literally in the middle of nowhere. “Uh, Harry,” I say cautiously as I sit up in my seat, “where exactly are we?”

          Harry smiled knowingly as he kept driving. Suddenly, he parked the car and I looked outside the window, my eyes widening. “Here,” he says.

          “A horse stable?” I ask excitedly, a grin on my face.

          “Yup,” Harry says as he kills the engine of the car, turning to give me a dimpled smile. “I figured we’d ride a few horses and go on a picnic.”

          I smile, biting my bottom lip. He sure knew how to plan a first date. The two of us got out of the car, and I felt tiny rocks crunching under my sneakers. It smelt like horse shit – literally – and I could hear the neighing of the horses. But I didn’t care about the smell because in all honesty, I’ve always loved horseback riding. It was something my mom took me to do when I was a younger girl.

          “Come on,” Harry grins and I follow him down the pathway.

          A middle aged man then walks up to us, and he smiles when he sees Harry. “Ah, Mr. Styles, glad to see you made it,” he smiled.

          “Of course, George. And call me Harry,” Harry smiles, shaking the guy’s hand. “Kelsey, this is George; he runs the stables here.”

          I smile, shaking the guy’s hand. “Nice to meet you.”

          “You too,” George smiled back. “Now come on, let’s get you too on the horses.”

          Harry chuckled as the two of us followed George further into the stables. We finally approach an open area that has a beautiful chestnut colored horse with dark brown hair. It was just roaming around the field, until George went over to get it and brought it over.

          Harry then walks over and holds onto the reigns, before throwing one leg over the horse and climbing on to the saddle. He grins down at me, dimples in view as he holds a hand out for me. “Climb on.”

          Taking a hold of his hand, I put one foot through girth while swinging the other over the horse and plopping on the saddle in front of Harry. He offers me the reigns which I hold on to, and he holds them as well by covering my hands with his own, causing me to smile.

          Harry then tugs on the reigns, and the horse, which George told us is named Dolly, started moving. We went slowly at first, before I took control and used the reigns to make Dolly go faster.

          “Have you done this before?” Harry asks from behind me.

          I nod. “Yeah; when I was little, Mom used to take me whenever she could,” I tell him. “Have you?”       

          “Yeah,” he replies, “my mum used to take me as well.”         

          I smile as Dolly moves faster through the field. “Anything else you and your mom do together?”

          “We play Scrabble,” Harry says, “though I always end up losing.”

          I couldn’t help but let out a laugh at that, shaking my head. “Scrabble is so easy.”

          “Well I’m sorry if I can’t think of making up words. I hate playing board games under pressure.” I laugh once again. “Did you and your mum do much together?”

          I bite my lip as memories flood me, and a small smile graces my lips. “Yeah,” I say. “Every time I was upset, she’d take me out to get ice cream. There was a little ice cream joint around the corner of my house, and we’d always walk together and eat there.”

          It was silent for a few minutes as we rode Dolly through the field. After a few minutes, I ask, “Would you mind if we went a bit faster?”

          “Course not,” Harry replied. “Go right ahead.”

          I grinned as I snapped the reigns, and Dolly set off. We bounced on the back of the horse, holding on tightly as we rode. I couldn’t help but laugh as the wind whipped through my short hair, and I made Dolly make a right turn. So far, this date was pretty fun.


          After our horseback riding venture, Harry and I had returned back to his car and he drove us to where we are right now. It was a quiet and deserted creek. We had a blanket set and a basket full of food that Harry himself had prepared. Turkey sandwiches, some chips and soda.

          The two of us had finished eating our lunch, and were now laying on our backs as we stared up at the blue sky decorated with white clouds. We were talking about the most random things, and about how the boys are going back on tour day after tomorrow.

          “Are you going to be okay?” Harry asked me. “You know, by yourself at the flat?”

          I chuckled as I turned my head to the right to look at him. “I’ll be fine,” I assure him. “I’ll probably just hang out with Eleanor once in a while, and I’ll find some ways to keep myself busy.”

          “I guess,” he sighed, his eyes slightly squinting as he stared up. “I just hate to leave you alone, you know?”

          I sit up, looking down at his laying figure. “I’m not a little girl, Harry,” I chuckle as I lay down on my side, facing him. “It’ll be fine.”

          I watch as Harry bites down his bottom lip, still looking a bit unsure. Chuckling softly, I lean forward and over him to press my lips to his. My hair fell by my face as Harry immediately kissed me back, his hand reaching up and cupping my face. His hands then reached down to my hips, and I pull away for a second as Harry has me sit on his torso, straddling him.


          I lean down to kiss him once again, ending this beautiful date absolutely perfectly.