Chapter 19 - Shopping & Missing

Kelsey’s POV:


          “Kelseyyyyyy,” someone whispered in a singsong tone in my ear, making me stir in my sleep. “Kelsey, babe.”

          I mumbled something incoherent, blinking my eyes open. Reaching up, I rubbed my eyes as I opened them, immediately seeing Harry leaning over me. When my sleepy vision cleared up, Harry smiled down at me. “What time is it?” I mumbled.

          “It’s six in the morning,” he says and I groan. Harry chuckles and says, “I just wanted to say goodbye. I have to go; my flight leaves in half an hour.”

          “Oh,” I say, a bit more awake as I sit up. “I totally for–”

          “Don’t worry,” he smiles. “I’m leaving right now. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks, alright.”

          I nod, giving him a sleepy smile. “Have a safe flight.”

          He gives me a small smile and leans forward and kisses me softly. I thought it’d just be a peck, but he elongates it and kisses me deeply, not that I mind. When we pull away, Harry gives me a small smile before kissing my forehead and pulling away.

          “Bye, love,” he says quietly.

          I smile back. “Bye; have fun on tour.”

          He nods before picking up a duffel bag and heading towards the bedroom door. When he opened the door, he took one last look at me as he gave me a smile, before walking through it and shutting the door behind him.

          I let out a sigh, my head falling back into the pillow as I stare up at the ceiling. Though soon enough, I found myself falling right back to sleep.


          When I woke up a couple of hours later, I had expected Harry to be downstairs in the living room or something. But then I had come to realization that him and the rest of the boys had left for their North American part of their tour early this morning. When that fact dawned on me, I felt a bit sad, really, because now I’m not going to have those five boys around me.

          After I had showered and gotten dressed for the day, I had made myself some coffee and sat on the couch drinking it while going on Twitter, scrolling through my timeline and my mentions.

          I saw what fans call ‘One Direction update accounts’ tweet pictures of the boys at the airport, being guided by security. I even saw pictures of Harry and I from when we got back from our date at the horse stables and picnic, and even most of the pictures of me with all the guys and girls at Funky Buddha a few nights ago.

          As I put down my phone, my eyes caught sight of a pair of keys and a paper next to it. I recognized them as Harry’s Range Rover’s keys, and I leaned forward and picked up the note besides it.

Left the car keys in case you wanted to use the car :) See you soon, love. – Harry xx

          I smiled as I put the note down, shaking my head as I sip my coffee. As I finish drinking my coffee, my phone rings and I’m a bit surprised when I see that it’s Anne who’s calling me.         

          “Hi, Anne,” I smile as I answer her call.

          “Kelsey!” She sounded happy and joyous, causing my smile to widen. “How are you, darling?”

          “I’m great,” I tell her. “How are you?” I ask, putting my coffee cup down on the table.

          “I’m good as well,” she replies. “I just wanted to talk to you, since I haven’t heard from you in a while. How’s everything doing?” 

          I smile. “Everything’s great, really,” I tell her honestly. “The boys left to go back on tour early this morning, so I’m by myself in the apartment.”

          “Oh, yes! I forgot about that,” Anne exclaims. “Well, how’d you like your time on the tour?”

          “It was amazing,” I grin, tucking my legs underneath myself as I sat on them. “Spain and Italy were my favorite parts, to be honest. It was all just so beautiful.”

          “And Harry?” she asks, “Has he been treating you well?”

          It’s crazy how just the mention of his name can send a blush spreading across my cheeks. I’m only thankful that Anne can’t see that. “Yeah,” I reply. “He’s great.”

          Anne and I talk for a while, until she says, “I have to go now, darling. Robin and I are going out and I have to get dressed.”

          “Alright, no problem,” I say. “Have fun!”

          Anne laughs. “I will; talk to you soon, love.”

          After saying goodbye, I hung up the phone. I then look around the quiet apartment, a sigh escaping from my lips. I’m going to need to find a way to keep myself occupied.


          “I’m so glad you called me,” Eleanor grins as we walk through the mall. “I was in some desperate need for some shopping.”

          I chuckle, shaking my head. “So was I, honestly. I didn’t realize it until we got here,” I tell her.

          I had called Eleanor, knowing she was still in London, and the two of us made a shopping trip. So now here we were, walking through the mall with our shopping bags in hand. So far, we had been to Forever 21, Sephoras and Victoria’s Secret. And now, we were heading inside Nine West.

          “Hey, Eleanor, can I ask you something?” I hesitantly say as we enter the store.

          “Sure,” she sends me a smile. “Go ahead.”

          I bit my bottom lip before asking, “How do you deal with Louis being away from you for such a long time?”        

          Eleanor stops examining the pair of heels in her hands and turns to face me. “It’s hard,” she says in the most serious tone I’ve ever heard her speak in, “because the one person you care about is on the other side of the world. It’s just really difficult.” Eleanor sighed before looking at me, narrowing her hazel eyes. “Why do you ask?”

          My eyes widen as I shake my head. “No reason,” I say a bit too quickly, making Eleanor grow even more suspicious.

          Suddenly her eyes widen as she puts the heels back from where she had picked them up. “No way,” she gasps, “you’re already missing Harry, aren’t you?”

          Well, there’s really no point in hiding anything from her, now is there?

          “Just a tiny bit,” I admit in a mumble, and I swear Eleanor almost had a heart attack.

          “Jesus, what happened between you two?” she asks in a hushed voice as we walk down the aisle of shoes.

          I shrugged, picking up a pair of brown leather boots and observing them. “After our date, things have been… Good,” I tell her. “Better than good, actually. He’s honestly such a nice guy and–”

          “Do you like him?” Eleanor cuts me off, looking at me straight in the eye.

          I couldn’t help but give off a small smile as I nod my head. “Yeah,” I confess. “I do.”

          A wide grin plasters itself across Eleanor’s heart-faced ships as she lets out a small squeal. I look around, giving apologetic smiles to the people who stopped and looked at us before turning back to Eleanor. “Sorry,” she says as she calms herself down. “But seriously, you two are too cute.”

          I roll my eyes, chuckling quietly. “Okay then.”

          “So are you two, like, together?” she asks, looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

          I give her a puzzled look. “Well, uh, we are technically together…”

          “Not like that!” Eleanor laughed. “Like, you know, emotionally?” I give her a what-the-heck look and she lets out a groan. “You know what I mean!”

          I laugh, but then shrug. “I don’t know, honestly,” I say, putting down a pair of flats that I was holding. “It’s never really come up in conversation because of, you know, our current situation.”

          Eleanor hums. “You’re right,” she says, “that’s got to be confusing.”


          I chuckle. “Tell me about it.”