Chapter 22 - City Lovin’

Kelsey’s POV:


          “I don’t like it, Kelsey,” Harry said over the phone, causing me to sigh.

          “It’s not like I planned for Logan coming, Harry,” I tell him, rubbing the back of my neck as I paced the living room. “Besides, he’ll be gone soon.”

          Harry sighed. “I don’t like the fact that you’re alone with him,” he says. “Who knows what he’ll try,” he adds with a mumble.

          The thing is, I didn’t even tell Harry about Logan coming to London – he found out on Twitter. And the moment he did, he called me to confirm this and to his displeasure, it was. But it didn’t really matter, since I was leaving for New York in three days. Yeah, Logan has been here for three days and it’s been a bit strange.

          Logan and I used to be inseparable and did every single thing together. But ever since Harry came into the picture, Logan has been acting cold towards him and always tried to make him look bad. My eyes widened as I had started realizing something.

          The problem in this whole situation was Logan himself. He never gave Harry a chance, who in turn was just as cold to him because of the way he was being treated. Harry was a nice guy, and he never picked a fight with anyone deliberately. Logan, however, is the opposite – he always had been. He likes picking fights.

          “He won’t try anything, Harry,” I assure him, getting back into the conversation. “I won’t let him.”

          “I trust you not to let him do anything,” Harry sighs. “I just don’t trust him.”

          For some reason, I couldn’t help but smile as I looked down at the floor. Biting down my bottom lip, I raised an eyebrow as I looked out the window. “Harry Styles, are you jealous?” I ask with a laugh.

          I was answered by silence for a couple of seconds, before I heard his voice. “Yes.”

          I didn’t know what I was expecting, but when the word was heard I felt a blush rise on my cheeks. Incredible – half way across the world and Harry still had the effect on making me blush. Leaning against the wall on my side, I chuckled slightly and said, “You don’t need to be.”

          “You’re right,” Harry finally says. “So did you get your ticket for New York yet?”

          “Yeah,” I grin. “I’m so excited.”     

          Harry lets out a laugh. “I can tell,” he says. “When you get here, I’m gonna be taking you to the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty – wherever you want to go.”

          My heart jumped as I licked my bottom lip. “That’s awfully sweet of you, Harry,” I say. “You don’t have to –”

          “I want to,” he cut me off. “It’ll be fun.”

          I chuckle. “Whatever you say, buddy.”


Harry’s POV:

          Knowing Logan was in London while I’m in the United States annoyed me to no ends. I should be the one with Kelsey, not Logan. But she was coming tomorrow, so that calmed me down, though only a little bit.

          Logan knows Kelsey – he’s been a part of her life since the very beginning. Most of her childhood memories and happy times most likely had Logan in them, and that – no matter how much I hated to admit it, even to myself – made me jealous. I was jealous of Logan and Kelsey’s friendship, even though I shouldn’t be.

          Kelsey doesn’t like him; I have to keep reminding myself that so I don’t go off my rocker. She is still annoyed with him for what she did. But the two of them have been best friends for practically ever, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she forgave him soon enough.

          In other words, I’m afraid of their proximity. Logan can charm his way through Kelsey, and I feel like it’s only a matter of time where he can talk Kelsey into forgetting about me. I know we’re married, but that can easily be overruled. If Logan manages to really get to Kelsey, then he might just talk her into getting a divorce.

          And oddly enough, I was terrified of that.

          Over the past few months, I’ve come to realize how much of a sweet, funny, smart, and out-going girl Kelsey really is. She’s everything I want in a girl, and plus, she’s completely gorgeous. She’s not broken; just a little bent over her mother’s death. And I feel like if I really tried, I can tweak her enough to shape her back into the happy person she used to be.

          I may not have known Kelsey all of her life like Logan, but if I had to, I would go through hell and back to get to know her just as good as Logan did – maybe even better, if that was possible.

          “Are you thinking hard, or concentrating on taking a shit?” Louis interrupts my thoughts as he plops down on the tour bus couch next to me, leaning back as he raises an eyebrow.

          I roll my eyes at his words, shaking my head. “Thinking hard,” I tell him, my elbows on my knees as I am leaning forward, running a hand through my hair.

          “About what?” my best mate asks, seeming interested.

          I shrugged. “Kelsey’s coming tomorrow,” I reply, and he smiles.

          “I know,” he says. “Are you going to take her out?”

          I chuckle. “Fingers crossed we don’t get mobbed when we do,” I say.

          Louis lets out a guffaw of a laugh, leaning forward next to me. “We all know that’s not possible. Don’t count on it, mate.”

          I roll my eyes, shoving him as he chuckles. “But you really do care about her, don’t you?” he asks me, his voice taking a serious tone to it.

          I press my lips together as I look straight ahead, my eyes fixed on the TV that rested there. I could see my own dark reflection, sitting there with my hands interlaced and I saw Louis’ reflection as well, leaning forward as he looked at me, waiting for an answer.

          “I do,” I finally answer. “She… She deserves the best she can get.”

          I look back at Louis, and see him furrowing his eyebrows. “And you – what?” he asks, shaking his head as he asks, “You don’t think you can give her the best?”

          I stayed silent.

          Louis’s blue eyes widened. “Wait a minute. You don’t think – you don’t think that Logan can give her the best and you can’t, right? Please tell me you don’t think that.”

          A groan escapes my lips as I stand up, having to balance myself since the bus was moving. “He knows her inside and out, Lou,” I tell him. “All I know about her is her love for drawing and shit. Nowhere as close as to how Logan knows her.”

          Louis shakes his head as he looks up at me, still sitting on the couch. “That doesn’t matter, Harry,” he says. “You can get to know her more when she gets here. And as for that Logan guy – you can’t let him get to you. You have one thing he doesn’t, and that’s Kelsey.”

          “Yeah, but he can easily –”

          “No, he can’t,” Louis interrupts me. “You’re fucking married to her, Harry. Not even Logan can do anything about it.”

          I sighed, my hands rubbing over my face, though I made sure the rings on my finger didn’t rub with my skin. “You’re right,” I finally give in. “You’re right.”

          A pleased smile spreads on Louis’s face. “Of course I am. Now get some sleep – your wife gets here early tomorrow morning.”


          “Come ’ere,” I smile, pulling Kelsey by her hands towards me. She doesn’t even argue, just lets out a laugh that was soon enough silenced by my lips being placed on hers.

          She hums against my lips, her hands lacing with mine as she holds them by our sides, moving her lips with mine. We pull away a minute or so later, and I smile and nudge Kelsey’s nose with mine, causing a smile to grace her lips as well as she looks up at me through her eyelashes with her blue eyes.

          “What was that for?” she asks quietly, her lips brushing with mine as she spoke.

          I couldn’t help but smile. “I’m glad that you’re here.”

          Kelsey had just arrived from London and we had gotten back to our hotel. Fans were at the airport when I had gotten there, and I met with a few of them as I waited for Kelsey’s flight to arrive.

          “I’m glad to be here,” Kelsey says, her pink lips pulling back into a smile as she pulls away, though my grip on her hands tightened as she just laughed.

          “You tired?” I ask, knowing how awful jetlag could be.

          Kelsey cocks her head to the side as she smiles. “Surprisingly, not really,” she says. “I got a good nap on the plane. Plus, I’m in New York City.”

          I let out a laugh. “Oh, right, how silly of me to ask,” I say with a smile. “So is there anything in particular that you want to do?”     

          “Well, first,” she says, “I want to change out of these clothes.”

          “Bathroom’s right there,” I chuckle as I let go of her hands as she walks over to her bag.

          I watch as she gets some clothes out the bag and walks into the bathroom. It was nice having Kelsey around once again, even if she has only been here for about an hour or so. It was currently one in the afternoon, and I was starving. So I decided that Kelsey and I could just go out for lunch.

          The bathroom door swings open and out comes Kelsey. She’s now dressed in high-waisted blue denim shorts, and an off-the-shoulder dark grey half sleeved top that has one shoulder revealing a black bra strap. She still had her Converse on from before, and was balling up her old clothes and putting them back in her bag.

          “You want to grab some lunch?” I ask her.

          “Yes,” she says with a sigh of relief. “I’m hungry.”

          I grin and nod, and the two of us walk out of the hotel room. We both put on our sunglasses and I grab my dark grey beanie before leaving the hotel room. Preston comes with us, since the other guards are with the other lads, who’ve also gone out around the city.

          Once we’re outside of the hotel, there are a bunch of fans waiting for us. When they see Kelsey and I, they start screaming and I look at Kelsey, who nods. Giving a small smile, I walk over to where the girls were and took some pictures with them and made small talk. Though after we were done, I grabbed Kelsey’s hand and we follow Preston away from the hotel.

          “Where are we going to eat?” Kelsey asks as I grip her small hand in my larger one.

          “Are you in the mood for pizza?” I ask her, and she thankfully nods. “I know just the place,” I grin.

          The two of us, along with Preston, walk through the streets of New York City, ignoring the paparazzi nearby that was snapping pictures of us. When we finally reached the pizza joint that was called Joe’s, Kelsey and I walked in with Preston behind us, and we walked up to the counter. They had pizza pies already made displayed out, and when it was our turn to order, Kelsey and I each got two slices of chicken pizza and soda.

          When we had our food, we sat down at a table with our food and Preston sat at one a few tables away. The two of us enjoyed our pizza, aware of the people staring around us. “So when’s your concert?” Kelsey asks.  

          “Tomorrow and the day after at Jones Beach,” I tell her before biting into my pizza. “Are you coming to both?”

          Kelsey shrugs. “I’ll come to both,” she says and I nod.

          We continue with our food until we’re done, and then we grab our soda cups and walk out of the pizza place with Preston. As we walked, I took Kelsey’s hand in mine as the paparazzi approached us with their large cameras in hand.

          “Harry, Harry!”

          “How’s the tour been so far, Harry?”

          “Kelsey, how’s Harry treating you?”

          “Kelsey, is it true you cheated on Harry?”

          At the last bit, Kelsey squeezed my hand as she kept her head down, making my jaw clench. I was going to say something but Preston shot me a look, pushing us forward through the crowd. I squeezed Kelsey’s hand as we walked away from the paparazzi, who backed off as soon as Preston shouted something at them.

          Kelsey looked up and as she did, her eyes squinted as she stared at something ahead of us. “Is that Niall and Josh?” she asks.

          I follow her gaze across Times Square, where I see Niall and Josh in front of the big building and having someone take a picture of them. I nod and we start making our way towards them, walking through the big New York City crowd.

          “Josh!” I shout, catching the older boy’s attention.

          He looks around until his eyes finally land on me, and he grins and waves us over. As Kelsey and I walk over, Niall chuckles. “Wow, small world.”

          Kelsey and I laugh as she takes a sip of her soda. “So what’re you two doing out and about?”

          “We checked out some music stores,” Josh says, “they have some sick guitars and drums here.”

          “Gimme your soda,” Niall says to me, and before I could argue, he snatches it from my hand and sips it through the straw.


          My free hand drops to my side. “Yeah, sure, go ahead.”