Chapter 23 - Nap Time

Kelsey’s POV:


          “I like how this is right next to the water,” I comment as I stand on the floor section of the arena, looking to the side where there’s a huge body of water that surrounds the stage itself, except for the front. Fans were here, who had sound check passes, and were standing in front of the stage as they watched the boys perform.

          “Me too,” Paul says from next to me, crossing his arms over his chest as he looks at the stage, where the boys are running through some songs. “If they ever act up, I can just throw them in the water.”

          I burst into laughter at Paul’s comment, shaking my head. “You dream of doing that, don’t you, Paul?” I ask with a snicker.

          He huffs, shaking his head. “They’re a pain in the arse to deal with, I tell you.”

          “Somehow I don’t find that hard to believe,” I reply with a knowing smile as Niall and Harry start doing some weird dance move as they sing the chorus of Rock Me. Idiots.

          In the middle of the boys’ sound check, I got up and walked towards the entrance of the venue where other fans were standing, looking through the wholes of the gates as they tried to look at the boys. Swiftly, I ducked out of sight as I walked through the tour buses, approaching the gates until I saw two security guards talking to two girls.

          They looked younger than me, about fifteen and ten years of age. I stood quietly off in the side as I watched the younger girl clutch on to the older girl’s leg, as the fifteen year old girl talked urgently to the guard, who didn’t look amused. The girl had tears in her eyes as one of the guards shook their head, and I could faintly hear what she was saying.

          “That’s not fair!”

          The younger girl just clutched on to the girl’s leg, looking confused and I realized they were sisters; both had honey colored blonde hair and green eyes, though the older girl’s eyes were rimmed red because she was crying.

          Biting my bottom lip for a second, I walked out and towards them, frowning at the guards. “What’s going on here?” I asked.

          The girls looked at me, and the older one’s eyes widened, and I guess she recognized me. “These girls claimed that they’ve lost their sound check passes,” one of the guards says. “And we can’t let them in here without passes.”

          “Please,” the girl croaks. “I’m telling you, someone took them from us! We were waiting in line and I had the passes in my bag! But when I got to the front, my bag was unzipped and the tickets were gone.”

          I checked my watch, and realized there was still about half an hour more for the sound check, so I looked at the girls and said, “You two wait here, alright? I’ll be right back.”

          They vigorously nod as I turn on my heel and jog back to where Paul was, who looked at me with raised eyebrows. “Everything okay?” he asks.

          I sighed. “There are two girls outside with the guards,” I begin, “and someone stole their sound check passes. I know they’re not lying, because I can easily tell if someone’s a liar and one of the girls is literally sobbing out there, Paul. Is there anything you could do?”

          Paul looks at the stage and then over my shoulder at the direction from where I had come from. With a sigh, he nods and says, “Come with me.”

          I follow him back towards the gates where the girls are still with the guards. He then says something to the guards and they nod, and he motions for the girls. “Come on, you two,” he says kindly.

          The girls’ eyes widen as the older one wipes her cheeks as they follow Paul inside, and she looks at me. “Thank you so much, Kelsey,” she says gratefully. “You have no idea how much this means to me.”

          I smile at her. “No problem,” I say, “now take your sister and have fun watching those freaks perform.”

          She laughs through her tears as she takes the little girl’s hand and follows Paul down to the stage. By now the boys were talking to the fans, and I headed back into the tour bus. It was extremely hot in New York, seeing as it is the middle of the summer, and I needed to be in the air conditioned bus.

          Sighing as I stepped inside the cool bus, I immediately walked over to the black and red couch and lay down, not wanting to head over to the bunks. I stared up at the high ceiling of the bus, still hearing the voices of the boys because of the large speakers.

          As I lay on the couch, I found myself playing with the ring on my finger. Lifting up my hand, I hover it above my face as I examine the ring. Often at times, I’d find myself playing with the ring, turning it around on my finger without even realizing what I was doing.

          While I examined the ring on my finger, the sunlight streaming through the bus window glistened on the ring, making it literally sparkle. A sigh escapes me as I bring my hand down and cover my now closed eyes, huffing as I listen to the boys singing Last First Kiss.

          A while later, I heard the boys saying goodbye to the fans, though I stayed on my spot on the couch. But I guess Harry was looking for me, because I soon received a text from him.

From: Harry

Hey love, where are you? X

To: Harry

In the tour busss.

          A couple of minutes later, I heard the bus door swing open and then shut, and I lifted my head to see Harry walk in. He had his sunglasses hanging from the neckline of his red T-shirt, and beads of sweat trickling down the side of his face as he approached me.

          I greeted him with a smile which he returned, and lifted my legs before sitting down on the couch and resting my legs on top of his. My head rests on the armrest as I look at him, raising an eyebrow.

          “Tired?” I ask.

          “Just a tiny bit,” Harry replies with a lazy smile settling on his lips, leaning his head against the couch.

          I bring my legs back as I sit up on the couch next to Harry. He lets out a groan as my legs leave his lap, and as I sit properly, Harry drops his head in my lap as he shuts his eyes. I opened my mouth to say something, but I shut my mouth when I saw how peaceful Harry looked.

          The ends of his hair stuck to his forehead because of the fact that he was sweating, and his closed eyes showed me just how long his eyelashes were. Close up, I even noticed the few freckles on his face that I hadn’t noticed before. Smiling to myself, my left hand reached forward and started playing with Harry’s hair, not caring that it was slightly damp from sweat.

          I watched as a slight smile tugged on the corner of Harry’s lip as I curled a lock of his hair around my finger loosely, before letting it spring back into place. Harry shifted a little, before putting his head back down on my lap so I could see his entire face, not just the side profile like before.

          His eyes then opened, and I was almost a bit taken aback at the green of them. They were a sparkling, shining green that I had never seen before, and it just made his eyes even more beautiful than they already were. Harry’s own hand reached up to the back of my neck, before he pulled my head down and brought my face less than an inch from his.

          My hair fell to my side as Harry used the same hand to tuck it behind my ear. His hot breath fanned across my lips as he spoke, “You’re really beautiful.”

          A light chuckle escapes my mouth as I smile, though I couldn’t answer him because he pulled me down fully, making my lips meet his. Our eyes fluttered shut as he kissed me, moving his head to the side a bit to get better access. Harry’s hand stays on the back of my neck, preventing me from moving – not that I want to, anyway.

          When we pull away, I sit up and look down at Harry, who looks sleepy. “You should take a nap,” I tell him.

          “But the show –”

          “Isn’t for another three hours,” I cut him off with a look. “Take a nap; I’ll wake you up forty-five minutes before show time.”

          Harry lets out a sigh as he sits up from the couch and stands up. “Fine,” he gives in, looking down at me. “But if you don’t wake me up, it’ll be your fault that I’m late to the concert.”

          I rolled my eyes, shooing him away. “Have a nice nap.”

          Harry stuck his tongue out, before retrieving to where the bunks were. I watched as he climbed into his bunk and shut the black curtains as I stood up from the couch. Walking towards the door of the bus, I walked off and shut the door behind me, stepping out on the ground of the venue.

          I saw Niall on the stage, talking to Luke and Ashton and Liam off on the side of the stage, talking away on his phone. As I walked, I felt a heavy arm drape on my shoulders and I turned my head to see Louis grinning down at me, blue eyes sparkling.

          “Hi,” I chuckle at the twenty-one year old.

          “Hi, love,” Louis smiles back. “How do you like your time in New York so far?” he asks.

          I smile as the two of us continue to walk. “Good,” I say honestly. “I now understand why people call it the ‘City that never sleeps’.”

          Louis hums. “Ah, traffic during your sleep?” he asks knowingly.

          I throw my head back as I grown. “All night long.”

          He chuckles, shaking his head. “So what’s going on with you and Harry?” Louis suddenly asks. By now we’re just randomly walking around the venue, his arm returning to his side.

          My cheeks heat up but I manage to calmly reply, “Nothing, really. Why do you ask?”

          A knowing smirk graces Louis’ lips. “Because you are all that Harry talks about these days. Plus, you two seem a lot more comfortable together.”

          I stayed silent.

          “And by comfortable, I mean you two steal a snog when no one’s around.”

          My eyes widen as I stop walking, staring at the older boy in shock. “W-What? How did you –?”

          Louis scoffs good naturedly. “Oh, come on, Kelsey. You seriously didn’t think anyone would notice how Harry’s have been red and messy a couple of times – thanks to that lip gloss of yours.”

          Instantly, my left hand reached up and covers my mouth, and Louis’ eyes land on the ring on my finger. He reached out and held my hand, looking down and examining the ring as I stared at him in confusion.     

          “This ring allows you and Harry to do all that stuff,” Louis suddenly speaks, eyes still on the diamond ring. “Trust me when I say this, Kelsey, but Harry really does care about you – more than you can imagine. And I can easily tell that you care about him too – right?” he asks, looking up at me.

          I couldn’t help but smile as I nodded. “Yeah, I do.”

          Louis smiles widely, letting go of my hand. “That’s all I need to know.”


          As promised, I had woken Harry up from his nap forty-five minutes before show time. Though I felt a bit guilty when I saw how relaxed he looked sleeping in his bunk. But it had to be done – or else he’d miss his concert and it would be my fault.

          So now here I was, watching the boys finish up their first concert in Jones Beach. A couple of minutes later, when the confetti busted in the air and the concert ended, I went back to where the boys were, making sure I had my VIP pass around my neck. When I got backstage, everyone was in a rush.

          “Come on, lads, you can shower at the hotel. We have to go now,” Paul was saying. “Traffic will be horrible if we don’t move now.”

          The guys nodded as Harry came over to me, giving me a smile. “You have a piece of confetti in your hair,” he chuckles quietly, reaching forward and burying his hand in the side of my head. He pulled back showed me a piece of red paper, crumpling up in a fist.

          I chuckle. “Thanks.”

          All of us walked out from back stage towards where the two vans were. Zayn, Louis, and Niall got in one while Harry, Liam, and I got in the other. Harry sat in between Liam and I, and I stared out the window as the car started driving. It was going to take a while to get back at the hotel, and since it was already after eleven at night, I felt a bit tired.

          I sunk in my seat, bringing my legs up as I leaned against the door of the car. I crossed my arms over my chest, as if cuddling with myself, as my eyes fluttered shut. “Tired?” I heard Harry’s voice ask.

          I kept my eyes shut. “You may have taken a three our nap, but I haven’t.”


          Harry chuckled. “Good night, love.”