Chapter 24 - Makeup Shopping & Kisses

Kelsey's POV:  


"I was going to do some makeup shopping in a bit. Do you want to come with me? Tom's going to be watching Lux so it'd just be the two of us," Lou says to me with a smile. 

I return the gesture, nodding my head. "Sounds great," I tell her. "I just need to change." 

Lou nods. "Go ahead; we leave in fifteen minutes." 

I nod and close the hotel room door and walking over to my bag. Harry, who had previously been sleeping, sat up from the bed. His hair was a disheveled mess and the tattoos on his bare chest were on full display. 

"What are you doing?" I heard his hoarse voice ask as I rummaged through my bag. 

"Going out with Lou," I tell him, standing up straight as I hold a pair of white studded denim shorts and a black tie vest with a golden heart on it. 

(Outfit: ) 

"But it's so early," Harry says. 

I turn around to look at him. "It's one thirty in the afternoon," I say pointedly. 

Harry's eyes widen and he looks at the clock, before chuckling sleepily. "Oops." 

I roll my eyes, shaking my head as I walk into the bathroom. I quickly change into those clothes before exiting the bathroom. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I put on my socks and then my blue Converse. I feel Harry watching me as I brush my hair and apply a bit of makeup, before grabbing my bag and phone. 

"I'll see you later," I say as Harry swings his leg over the bed. 

"Wait," he says, making me stop and turn to look at him. I raise my eyebrows as he walks over to me. "Give me a kiss."  

I laugh; but then I hook my right index finger in the chain of one of his necklaces and pull him in, his lips immediately meeting mine. I let go of his chain as I kiss him, and then pull away as I give him a smile. "Bye," I say with a small smile. 

Harry smirks down at me. "Have fun shopping." 

I chuckle as I open the door and walk out, leaving a shirtless Harry in the room. Halfway down the hall, I meet Lou and she grins at me. "Let's go," she says. 

The two of us step into the elevator, and when we're in the lobby, the two of us leave the hotel. Outside, fans are being barricaded by security and barriers and when they see Lou and I, they start screaming and flashes go off. The two of us immediately get inside the black Escalade waiting for us, and the driver zooms off. 

"So we're going to Sephora's in Times Square, and I saw MAC around there as well," Lou says to me. "How does that sound?" 

"Sounds good to me," I smile, nodding in agreement of her plans. 

The drive itself was short, and Lou and I climbed out of the car as she told the driver to meet us back here in about two and a half hours. Lou and I weaved through the people, finally entering Sephora's air conditioned store and walking inside. 

I followed Lou to where the concealer and blush was, and I picked up one that I thought would be good for my own skin tone. "So is this where you shop for the boys' makeup?" I ask with a chuckle. 

"The boys really don't need makeup," she says. "So I mostly spend time on their hair. This makeup, however, is for me," Lou adds with a grin. 

I let out a laugh as I pick up two different shades of pink for blush. "Which one do you think is better for me?" I ask her, holding the little containers up next to my face as Lou turns to look at me. "You know, since you're a professional and all." 

Lou smiles as she looks at me and the shades. "The lighter one," she says with finality, "it's better for your fair complexion." 

I smile as I put the other one down. The two of us look around a bit more, and out of the corner of my eye I see a bunch of photographers taking pictures of Lou and I inside the store through the glass walls. I ignore them, however, and look at the lip gloss and lipsticks that were displayed. 

"Harry told me how you like to draw," Lou suddenly says, and I look at her sideways. "Sketches and such." 

I nod, looking back down at the lip gloss I was holding. "Yeah," I say. "Animals, scenery - that type of stuff. Still life, if you will."  

Lou nods as she looks at me. "Makeup is like art, you know," she says with a smile. "You can pick up a pencil and paint brush and draw the most amazing of things. You can do the same with some eyeliner and lip stick as well." 

I laugh, nodding as I agree with her. She was right, after all. "My mom used to do my makeup for everything," I tell her, and I can see from the corner of my eye as Lou looks at me. "First dates, school dances, things like that. She had a knack for makeup. She was obsessed with doing it and watching all these tutorials." I pause for a moment. "She would've loved to meet you," I added as I looked at Lou, a smile on my face. 

Lou's eyes soften as she smiles back at me, taking my hand in hers and giving it a slight squeeze. "I would've loved to meet her too."  

She lets go of my hand and the two of us continue to rummage through the makeup supplies they have here to sell. A while later, Lou and I were exiting the store, each with bags full of lip gloss, blush, concealer, and eye shadow. We walked through the streets of New York, hearing the loud chatter of all the people in Times Square, distant music playing, and the honking of cars. 

The two of us then walk into MAC, and look at all the different makeup selections they have here. A few minutes later, after buy some items from this store as well, Lou and I are getting back in the car. Two and a half hours well spent on makeup shopping. Lou and I soon enough returned back to the hotel, and we went up to where our floor was. 

"Thanks for the trip, Lou," I told her with a smile. 

"No problem, darling," she grinned. "We must do it again!" 

I chuckle and nod, before bidding her goodbye and turning to my hotel room. Taking the key card out of my bag, I unlocked the door before grabbing my shopping bags and walking into the room. Shutting the door with my leg, I turn to see Harry sitting on the bed, leaning against the headboard, watching some TV. He was now dressed in jeans and his Rolling Stones shirt, though he pulled it off so much better than an average guy would.  

"You know, Sex in the City is a pretty interesting show," Harry says as soon as he sees me enter the room. 

I roll my eyes as I set the bags down. "It's crazy what you'll see in New York," I tell him. "Lou and I saw the Naked Cowboy." 

Harry chuckles as I lay down on the bed, my legs from my knees down dangle off the edge of the bed as my hands rest on my stomach. My eyes shut as I exhale, and Harry asks, "Tired from your makeup shopping?" 

"Yes," I answer in all seriousness. I then opened my eyes and turned my head towards Harry, holding out my hand. "Let me see the remote." 

Harry handed it to me without arguing, and I changed the channel, flipping through. Finally, I landed on my favorite movie and grinned. "Now this is a movie," I say while grinning, sitting up on the bed and crossing my legs as I stare at the TV.  

Harry laughs from behind me. "Tangled? Seriously?" he asks, and I shush him. 

"It's the best, alright," I say, my eyes fixed on the TV.  

He didn't say anything after that. Instead, I felt his arms slip around my waist and hands link together in front of my stomach, and I let out a gasp of surprise as Harry effortlessly pulling me back and on to his lap. My eyes were still on the TV as I felt Harry snuggle his face in the crook of my neck, and his curls tickled my ear and jaw. 

We stayed like that as I watched the movie, or at least tried to. Having Harry hold me like that is quite the distraction. So I tried my best in ignoring him and continued to watch Repunzel froleck around the forest and sing her heart out. Though, Harry was having none of that, as it would seem. 

I felt Harry peppering kisses across my shoulder blade, making my breath slightly hitch. My eyes remained on the TV as the goons in the movie sang out their dreams, and Harry's grip around me tightened a bit. I then felt him kissing where my jaw met my neck, and I bit my bottom lip lightly.  

Keep your eyes on Flynn Ryder and Repunzel running away from the guards, Kelsey. 

But that was soon enough disregarded when Harry suddenly flipped us over. A gasp escapes my lips, not expecting that, as my back comes in contact with the bed with Harry hovering over me. I stare up at him with his green eyes staring right back down at me, his cross necklace dangling right in front of my face.  

Not being able to help myself, I hook my finger around the chain of his necklace, tugging him down a bit. When Harry's close enough, I lean up and kiss him, and he immediately smiles against my lips. His lips taste sweet as I savor the flavor of him, his tongue meeting mine in the middle, and I let go of his necklace as I kiss him. 

My hands slide up from his chest and linked together at the back of his neck, hugging him closer to me. Harry's right arm went down and slid around my waist, pulling my torso up towards his as his tongue explored my mouth. 

In books they say when you kiss the right person, you felt sparks go off and stuff. Well, it's not exactly like that. What it's really like is warmth, actually. Everywhere Harry comes in contact with me, I feel a pleasuring warmth spread through my body, and I love that feeling. Harry's head turns to get better access as our lips move together, and my hands unlink themselves and slide over to cup his face. 

Suddenly, a loud knock on our hotel room door breaks Harry and I apart. "Harry, have to go! We're booked for an interview!" It was Niall, knocking loudly on the door. 

"I'll be right out," Harry calls before looking down at me and resting his forehead against mine. He presses his lips against mine for a last, soft kiss before pulling away. With a smirk, he says, "We'll continue this later." 


Was it bad to say that I was actually looking forward to it?