Chapter 25 - Empire State of Mind

Kelsey’s POV:


Harry pressed me up against the wall, his lips hungrily attacking mine into a fierce kiss. His body weighed against mine, hands roaming my body while tongue exploring my mouth. Both of his index fingers were hooked in a belt loop of my shorts, pulling my lower half closer to his own as our lips moved in sync. A throaty groan escaped his mouth as I bit his lower lip lightly, causing me to slightly smirk.

We were panting against each other’s mouths, not really caring. My hands were buried deep in his dark colored hair, our eyes shut as we kissed each other feverishly. Harry’s hands went from my belt loops and moved up a bit, shifting up my shirt. His hands came in contact with my skin, making it burn at the sudden contact, which I found extremely pleasuring.

My own hands went down from his hair to his chest, where I played with buttons of his shirt. One by one, slowly, I started unbuttoning his shirt, feeling his bare chest as I worked my way down. Harry kept his own hands busy as he slid them up the side of my body towards the back, until his fingers met the bra strap. With a flick of his fingers, he clicked it open and it fell to the ground, though I still had on my shirt.

Harry’s hands then went down and rested at the back of my thighs, and I jumped and wrapped my legs around his hips as he held me. As I finally opened all of the buttons of his shirt, he shrugged it off and carried us towards where the bed was. He fell forwards and my back came in contact with the bed as Harry’s lips found mine once again.

He detached himself from my lips and worked his way down, kissing me right under my chin and straight down my throat, until he met my collarbones. Harry kissed right across there, finding my soft spot finally where my neck and shoulder met as he bit down on it slightly. As he did that, I felt one of his hands undoing the button on my shorts and pulling down the zipper, and he slowly pulls down my shorts...

I woke up with a gasp, my eyes widening as I sit up. My palm presses against my forehead as I calm myself down, trying to even my breathing. What the hell was that? Was I seriously dreaming about Harry and I? My mouth suddenly feels dry from all the panting I was doing, and I turned my head to see that Harry was gone.

The boys were done with their second concert in Jones Beach, and then they have a concert at the Izod Center in New Jersey. For once, I was glad Harry wasn’t next to me when I woke up because right now, I was a mess. I’ve never dreamt about anything like that, ever. So seeing that dream kind of just freaked me out a bit.

I sighed, standing up from the bed. Grabbing some clothes, I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. After a ten minute shower, at the most, I stepped out and dried myself before putting on a pair of yellow cropped pants and a red silk top from Forever 21. Using the hair dryer the hotel provided, I dried my hair that was thankfully growing. After at, I just put on some eyeliner and lip balm and deemed myself ready for the day.

Not knowing where the boys were, I checked Twitter to see if I could find out anything. Not surprisingly, I did, learning that the boys were currently at a photo shoot. Since I wasn’t in e mood for breakfast, I used the coffee maker in the room and made myself some, sitting on the bed as I waited for it to be finished. When it was, I started drinking it and turned on the TV, hoping a good show was on.

After I’m done drinking it, I throw the plastic cup away and grab my phone. I mindlessly scroll through Twitter, since I have nothing better to do. Though that was soon stopped when a call from Harry interrupted me from my tweeting. “Hello?” I ask, answering the call.

“Hey, you’re awake,” Harry says, and by the sound of his voice, he was smiling. “Sorry I didn’t leave a note, but we’re at a photo shoot.”

I chuckle. “It’s alright; Twitter told me.”

Harry laughed. “Well, we’re off for the rest of the day after this shoot. You want to do something?”

I sit up. “What do you have in mind?”

“Empire State Building?” he suggests, “Wanna check that out? We’ll go all the way to the top.”

My eyes widen as a grin spreads across my face. “Yes!” I instantly exclaim. “That’d be so cool.”

“Are you already dressed?”


“Good; we’ll be back in ten minutes. We’ll go right away.”

“Okay, see you then.”

“Bye, love.”

I hung up the phone and went to the bathroom, feeling as if my bladder was about to explore. Once I finished peeing, I walked out of the bathroom and decided to watch some TV while I waited for the boys to return. A couple of minutes later, my phone buzzed with a text.

From: Harry

Come down to the lobby. I’m waiting here xx

          Shutting off the TV, I grabbed my bag and walked out of the room, making sure the door locked. Getting in the elevator, I leaned against the wall of it as it moved down, the doors sliding open with a ding to reveal the grand lobby of the hotel.

          I walked out and caught sight of Harry, waiting for me with a security guard named Alberto. Harry smiled when he saw me and I walked over, and he asked, “Ready?”

“Definitely,” I say.

The two of us then walk across the lobby to where the back entrance of the hotel is, where the car was waiting for us. We got in and Alberto got in the passenger seat next to the driver, and the drive to the Empire State Building begins. It was a short drive, however, and we got to the building pretty soon.

Getting out of the car, Harry grabbed my hand and led me inside the building with Alberto following behind us. We stood in line to get our tickets but when we had them, we got into the elevator that took us up to the top.

Walking through a bunch of people, Harry opened the door which greeted us with a strong gust of wind, and I squinted my eyes as the sun suddenly hit our eyes. We stepped out where a bunch of people were looking down and taking pictures, and my eyes widen as we went towards the edge and looked down.

No one seemed to notice that Harry Styles was among them, to our benefit. The wind blew around strongly, whipping mine and Harry’s hair back and forth. I looked down and saw tiny little people and cars in the streets of Manhattan that resembled ants. My mouth gaped in awe; we were so high up, I felt like if I kept staring straight down I’d fall dizzy.

“This is unbelievable,” I chuckle as I look around the view of the city of Manhattan.

“I know, right?” Harry smiled, and then he turned to look at Alberto, handing him something. “Mind taking a picture of us, Al?”

Alberto nodded as he took what Harry was handing him, which was his iPhone. Harry and I stood in front of the gated barriers, and I felt Harry’s left arm slide around my waist and felt his hand rest on my hip.

We smiled at the camera as Alberto took our picture, even though I felt my heart pounding in my chest. I wouldn’t be feeling so on edge if it weren’t for that strange dream I had. It had left me lost and confused as hell, and I hated it.

Once Alberto had taken the picture and handed Harry back his phone, I looked back down. Taking out my own phone, I snapped a picture of the beautiful view. Harry and I stayed there for a while, before deciding it was turning a bit cold and decided to head back down.

We didn’t want to go back to the hotel, and when Harry asked me if I wanted to do some shopping, I gave him a grin. “Can we please go to Forever 21?” I begged, and before Harry had the chance to groan, I said, “Come on, please? I’m going back to London soon and they have the biggest Forever 21 I’ve ever seen!”

Harry took one look at my blue puppy dog eyes, and I knew I had him. “Fine,” he let out a groan. “Come on.”

Harry’s POV:

          Kelsey had managed to drag me to Forever 21, because of those damn wide blue eyes. Plus, she pulled the ‘I’m about to leave soon so please be a doll and take me here’ card and I had to give in. I had taken off my sunglasses, since the women here were more middle-aged than teenagers – which surprised me.

          “Which one do you like better?” Kelsey asked, holding up two similar dresses but one in black and another in light blue.

          I cocked my head to the side as I examined the two dressed. “Blue,” I tell her.

          She smiles as she puts the black one back, and looks around for a bit. Keeping myself busy, I looked at all the clothes for girls and held up a white top that was basically all lace.

          “You should get this,” I say to Kelsey, who turns around to look at me.

          Kelsey looks at the top I’m holding, and smiles. “That’s pretty,” she says, reaching out and holding it. “With a tank top underneath, I’d definitely wear that.”

          I smirked at her. “Or you could just wear a bra underneath.”

          Kelsey pursed her lips as she looked at me. “Shut up,” she says and I let out a laugh. “Come on, let’s go down stairs.”

          I follow her towards the escalators and we go down to the second level. As we reach it, I couldn’t help but smirk. “Ooh, lingerie.”

          Kelsey rolls her blue eyes. “Go to the men’s section, you freak. You might find something you like.”

          “Yes, Mum,” I say, scrunching up my nose as Kelsey shakes her head.

          I walk to where the guy clothes are, though my eyes are trained on Kelsey. I pretended to look through the circular rack of clothes as I watched Kelsey examine a pair of turquoise skinny jeans. Her right arm was draped with different clothes, and I knew she would be trying all of those.

          A while later, Kelsey walked over and said, “I’m going to try these on.”

          “I’ll wait outside your dressing room,” I tell her and she nods.

          I follow her towards the dressing room, and the woman working their counts the number of clothes she has and gives her the plastic piece that says the number six on it. I lean against the wall as Kelsey enters a dressing room.

          A couple of minutes later, she exits her dressing room cubicle and stands in front of it, looking at me. “What do you think?” she asks.

           I look at her, and I feel my mouth go dry. She was dressed in a skirt that was short from the front and long from the back that exposed her long legs, and a cropped tank top that revealed a bit of skin of her stomach.

          Shaking my head lightly, I say, “It’s… It’s great.”      

          Why the hell did my voice just crack?

          Kelsey bit down on her bottom lip, smiling. “Thanks,” she says.

          I smile back, and she goes back into her dressing room. I stand up straight, swallowing the lump of my throat as Kelsey’s cubicle door opens and she exits it, back in her regular clothes. She hands back lady the number tag and a black and white shirt, before walking over to me.

          “I’ll just pay for these and we’ll leave,” Kelsey says, but I grab her elbow before she can walk away.

          “Oh, no you don’t,” I stop her. She looks at me in confusion as I take the clothes from her hands and say, “I’m paying.”

          Kelsey immediately shakes her head, trying to reach back for the clothes but I pull them away from her. “Harry, you don’t have to. Seriously, I’ll pay for them.”

          “I don’t have to. But I do want to,” I tell her with a smile. “Don’t worry about it, babe. It’s on me.”

          She couldn’t argue further, because I was already making my way towards the cash register. Kelsey huffed, knowing she can’t argue with me and followed me. After I paid for them, Kelsey held one bag and I held another and we walked out of the store, ready to go back to the hotel.

          As we’re seated in the car, driving back to the hotel, I ask, “So when do you want to go back to London?”

          Kelsey licked her lips. “They’ve called me in for work in like, five days. So I have to get back before then,” she tells me.

          “Then three days?” I ask her. “That way you can get the jet lag out of the way and be ready for work.”

          Kelsey nods. “Sounds good.”

          Once we’re back at the hotel, Kelsey and I head up to our hotel room and I used my key card and we walked in. We put the yellow Forever 21 bags on top of Kelsey’s suitcase, and I head into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me.

          When I exited the bathroom, I found Kelsey with her shoes off and leaning against the headboard of the bed, her legs brought up and a book rested on her legs with a pencil in her hand. Taking off my own brown boots, I sit on the bed as I look at her.

          “What’s that?” I ask.

          Kelsey looked at me. “My sketchbook,” she replies. My eyebrows shoot up. I remember Kelsey telling me how she liked to draw and sketch, and I asked her if I could ever see any of her drawings. “You wanna… You wanna see one?”

          Her eyebrow is raised as she looks at me with curious blue eyes, and I bit my bottom lip and nodded. “Yeah.”

          A small smile tugs on the corner of her lips as she flips through pages of the book. She finally stops on one, and my eyes widen. “This is my favorite,” she says, handing me the book.

          I take it from her, looking down at the paper in complete awe. The drawing was a beautiful sketch of the Taj Mahal in India, and it was like an exact replica. The details of the drawing were so sharp; it was amazing. I let out a laugh as I look at Kelsey with wide eyes.

          “This is bloody amazing,” I gape at her. “You drew this?”

          Kelsey’s cheeks were tinted a pink color as she nodded. “Yeah,” she replied quietly.

          I look back down at the drawing as my lips part, taking in the details of the work and the whole thing itself. I knew Kelsey could draw – but I never imagined her to be so unbelievably talented!

          As I stared at her art, Kelsey sat next to me, her fingers linked together as her thumbs fiddled with one another; a nervous gesture. “This is amazing,” I tell her with finality. “You’re extremely talented, Kelsey.”

          She smiles a relieved smile as she takes back the sketch book as I hand it to her. “Thanks,” she says. “I don’t really show people my drawings; but I’m glad you liked it.”

          The two of us then just stay on the bed, leaning against the headboard of the bed as the TV plays Fashion Police. We barely pay attention to it, seeing as Kelsey’s drawing something on her book and I’m on my phone. Going on Instagram, I put up the photo of Kelsey and me from the Empire State Building.

@HarryStyles: Empire State Building with @Kelsey_Ross


          Putting my phone down, I watched Fashion Police as Joan Rivers made fun of the latest outfits that celebrities wore. I watched the show for a while, until I felt my eyes suddenly droop, and I found myself falling into a peaceful nap.