Chapter 29 - Kissing in Play Places

Kelsey’s POV:


          “Holy shit,” I mutter under my breath as I looked up at the big house in front of me.

          It was white and basically a big square that had multiple windows. Outside, there was a brown brick wall with an opening for the cars and a door that looked like a security guard’s place to stand. As Harry parked the car and we got out, he grinned over at me.

          “Come on,” he says.

          I follow him inside, and my eyes widen even more, if that was possible. We entered the living room, that had a purple suede couch with a folded coffee table in front of her, all set upon a carpet that was on a wooden floor. There was a smaller couch for two people by the wall, and two floral chairs across from the purple couch.

          Behind the chairs was a small metallic table that already had pictures of Harry with his family and the boys on it.  There were two other doorways that didn’t have doors, but one lead to the TV room that had two joint brown leather recliners facing a big, flat screen TV. The other opening led to the dining room.

          A carpet was there and one of the walls was a nice green color. The dining table was a wooden oval, with eight chairs, and a modern looking chandelier hanging above it that had a small glass opening to let the sunlight in. Then the doorway that lead to the most beautiful kitchen ever.

          It was simple and modern, all white. A wall fridge, a glass circular table with two chairs, a marble counter on one side and on the other were cabinets everywhere with the sink, and there was already a microwave here.

          “This is beautiful,” I say as I look around in the kitchen.

          Harry walks in behind me, and I turn to see him smiling. “I’m glad you like it.”

          “Like it? I love it,” I reply, walking over to the fridge and opening it. But when I see what’s inside, I turn and give Harry a look. “Seriously? You’ve already got beer stacked in here?”

          Harry sheepishly chuckles. “The guys are gonna be helping us unpack. You know they’re gonna want beer.

          “They’re helping us?” I ask, eyes widening. As Harry nods, I let out a relieved sigh. “Thank God; we’re not gonna be at it for hours, then.”

          Harry chuckles as we exit the kitchen. “I personally like the couch,” he says as he plops down on the purple couch.

          I grin as I look at him, still standing. “I have to hand it to you; you did good.”

          Harry grins proudly and suddenly, I hear the front door open and the loud noises of the rest of the boys, announcing their arrival. “Well that was fast,” Harry says, standing up.

          Soon enough, the four boys come into view, and Zayn lets out a whistle. “Wow,” he says, looking around. “This place is sick!”

          “Amazin’,” Louis agrees and when he looks at the couch, he laughs. “Nice couch.”

          “Oh, the truck with all your boxes is already out waitin’ for ya,” Niall chimes in as he walks into the TV room.

          Harry nods as he stood up and walked towards the door. “Oi, one of you come help me,” he says.

          “I’ll come,” Liam offers, and he and Harry leave the house to go to the parking driveway.

          When they leave, I turn to look at the others, who’re already staring at me expectantly. With a roll of my eyes, I point towards the kitchen. “Beer is in the fridge.”

          They all cheer and run towards it, with Louis sending me a wink. “This is why we love you.”

          I chuckle and shake my head as I hear them raiding the fridge for a simple bottle of beer. They all returned with a beer bottle in each of their hands, sipping it occasionally. “Crazies,” I mutter under my breath.

          “Heard that,” Zayn smirks.

          Soon enough, Harry and Liam return, with Harry carrying a box labeled ‘plates’ and Liam with one labeled ‘books.’ “Jesus,” he says, setting the box down. “Who has this many books?”

          “Me,” I grin widely. “I love reading; is that a sin?”

          He rolls his eyes, smiling as Harry calls for the other guys. “Stop drinking and help with the other boxes.” Putting their bottles down, they all went outside and Harry turned to me. “You too, missy.”

          I huff and follow them all outside as well where the truck was. Walking up behind the boys, I grabbed the box that was labeled ‘Kelsey’s bags.’ How heavy can my bags even be? Good Lord.

          I followed Niall back inside the house while the others were behind us. As we reentered the house, I turned to Harry, my box still in my arms. “Where’s our room?” I ask him.

          Harry sets down the box he was carrying and grabs the box from me. “Here, I got it,” he smiles, “come on.”

          I follow him up the stairs and down the hall, stopping in front of a room. “Nice,” I grin as I walk into the room.

          It was your typical room; a big bed, window with the front view, a bathroom, and a walk in closet as well. Harry set the box down on the bed and he said, “There are a total of four rooms, and three bathrooms. This, obviously, is the master bedroom.”

          I nod as the two of us walk back downstairs, where I see Niall holding a box of plates and drinking beer with his other hands. “Niall!” my eyes widen. “Hold that box carefully!”

          Although my statement backfired, because Niall, in surprise, suddenly let go of the box. My breath hitch for a second, knowing all those plates might break, but since Zayn was the closest to Niall, he caught the box a second before it hit the ground.

          I released a sigh of relief and Niall smiled sheepishly. “Sorry ’bout that,” he apologizes.

          I shake my head at him shamefully, to which he just grins at, causing me to laugh. Tying my hair into a bun, I then took the box that had the kitchen utensils and brought it with me to the kitchen, putting it on the marble top. Grabbing the Swiss knife Harry brought, I cut the tape on the box, opening it up.

          Moving the Styrofoam peanuts away, I took out the box of kitchen utensils. They were placed in wooden boxes, yet Harry still insisted on making sure they were safe and sound. Strange kid.

          There were all in separate boxes, three of them, actually; one for forks, one for knives, one for spoons, and one for tea spoons and those smaller forks. As I took them out one by one, I felt an arm loosely slide around my waist as Harry appeared to my right side, his right hand gripping the beer bottle he was drinking out of.

          “Shouldn’t you be unpacking and not drinking?” I ask him as I take out the box of forks.

          Harry chuckles. “I should be,” he stretches out the word, “but I’d rather take a break.”

          I scoff, rolling my eyes. “Lazy,” I say in a sing song voice.

          “You’re always so mean to me,” he pouts, pulling away from me.

          I smirk at him. “I’m honest.”


          Finally, after a couple of hours later, unpacking was done. All the kitchen stuff was in shelves and drawers, and Harry and I had unpacked our clothes, shoes, and all of our other personal items. It took a while but at the end of the day, we were done.

          Once they had finished helping us unpack, the boys left. It was now nine-thirty in the evening, and Harry and I were lying on the bed, relaxing. “What’re we going to do for dinner?” I ask.

          “Well, since I doubt either of us wants to make anything, why don’t we go out?” Harry suggests.

          I turn my head to look at him. “McDonald’s?” I ask hopefully. “I’m in the mood for a burger.”

          Harry grins widely, dimples popping. “I’ll get the keys.”

          I cheered as I shot up from bed, and then looked down at myself. I was in shorts and a tank top, so I quickly put on a cardigan and my shoes before I open my hair from my bun. Grabbing my phone, I followed Harry out of the room and down the stairs.

          The two of us walked out of the house and went into his car, before he used the car control to open the door and we drove out. It was pretty dark out, the only light coming from the lamp posts on the streets. I sat comfortably in my seat as Harry drove to McDonald’s, leaned back and the heels of my feet resting on the edge of the seat.

          When we got there, Harry parked the car and we got out of the car and entered the fast food joint. There weren’t many people here, so we stood in line behind a couple of other people. As we stood, a couple of people saw us, and even an old lady’s eyes even widened when she saw Harry, causing me to chuckle quietly.

          “What’s so funny?” Harry asks me.

          My chuckles dissolve. “I think that lady over there is a fan of yours,” I tell him quietly.

          Harry glanced at where the lady was, and looked back at me as we took a step forward towards the counter. “Dear Lord,” he mutters, causing me to laugh once again.

          We finally got to the front, and Harry ordered our food. We waited in the side to get it, and once our trays appeared, we each grabbed one and sat down towards the section that was closest to the children’s play place.

          As we ate, Harry asked, “Can we go in the play place after?”

          I stopped mid way from biting my burger, and I looked at Harry, who sat across from me. “You’re kidding, right?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.

          Harry shook his head, his face looking as serious as ever. “I’m actually not,” he says. “I’d love to go back in that place.”  

          I let out a laugh of disbelief. “I don’t think those play places are meant for nineteen year olds,” I tell him as I glance back at the abandoned play place, and then back at Harry.

          “Oh, come on,” Harry pouts. “Please?”

          “We’ll get kicked out,” I tell him pointedly, biting into a French fry.

          “So?” Harry shrugs, sipping his drink. “I’d hate to do so, but I’ll just pull out the ‘I’m famous’ card.”

          I roll my eyes, shaking my head. “Aren’t you humble?” I smirk.

          “Are we going in or not?” Harry asks, bouncing in his seat impatiently.

          I chuckle. “Fine, after eating, though. And if we get in trouble, it’s all on you.”

          Harry gives a single nod. “Agreed.”

          When we’re done eating, Harry and I quickly sneak into the play place. I couldn’t help but laugh as Harry and I take off our shoes, me holding the shoe rack for balance. When we had our shoes off, Harry smirked at me before running towards the green tube slide and climbing it up.

          I looked out the window towards the inside of the McDonald’s dining area, making sure no one was looking at us. “What are you waiting for?” Harry’s voice echoed out from somewhere above me.

          I shake my head in disbelief, before climbing up. Unlike Harry, I took the actual small made up floors that had and climbed up all the way at the top. On my hands and knees, I crawled across a tube that had thick nets as the floor of it.

          “Harry, where the hell are you?” I call out for him, a laugh escaping me as well.

          “You gotta find me!” he called back and I rolled my eyes at his childish behavior.

          I crawled and climbed, looking down the multiple tubes for the curly haired boy. “This is ridiculous,” I mutter, my palms and knees hurting for putting pressure on them.

          Finally, I found the green eyed singer. He was in the little portion that looked like a helicopter on the outside, but had only a wheel inside to move the practice propeller on the outside. I chuckled as he sees me.

          He was sitting as he leaned against the wall, legs brought up and arms on his knees. “I see you’ve found me,” he says as I crawl inside.

          “Yeah,” I chuckle as I sit across from him. “Was all this necessary?”

          “It’s fun,” Harry says softly, smiling a genuine smile. “Sometimes it’s so much better than just being, you know, famous.” I look at him in confusion, silently asking him to elaborate. “Like, I hate that word. Famous. It’s like a high school label, you know? I’d rather just be this weird nineteen year old kid who likes to play in McDonald’s than a guy labeled as a singer.”

          I pull my lower lip in my mouth as my upper set of teeth sink into it. I sat cross legged as I look at him. “Your fans don’t really see you as that, though,” I tell him. “And that’s what should really matter. You’re not some famous person to them; you’re an inspiration.”

          A smile falls on Harry’s lips. “Thanks,” he says finally.

          I return the smile, not saying anything. Harry’s legs then spread out on the floor, and he leans over and grabs my hands in his. Suddenly, he pulls me towards him effortlessly, and I slide across the floor until I’m extremely close to him. I was now in between his spread out legs as he leaned a bit forward and pressed his forehead against mine.

          “You know what to say to make a guy feel better,” he chuckles breathily.

          I smirk slightly. “It’s a gift.”

          Harry rolls his eyes good naturedly, before pressing his lips to mine. I stay sitting cross legged as Harry kisses me, his large hands holding my smaller ones. Though, our kiss was shortened when someone interrupted us from down below.


          “Hey! You two up there! This place is only for kids up to the age of ten! Get out!”