Chapter 30 - Mama Ross

Kelsey’s POV:


          My eyes peeled open, and they landed on the digital alarm clock by my bedside, reading the numbers 10:24. As I tried to get up, I felt Harry’s heavy arm around me. It was wrapped around my waist, and since my shirt had rid up, Harry’s skin touched my bare one.

          Slowly, I took Harry’s arm off of me and stood up from bed. As I sat on the edge of the bed, I took my phone from the bedside table and turned it on. When it finally did, and my eyes landed on the date and I became rigid.

August 6th

          August sixth. That date was way too familiar, and I knew exactly what today was. I glanced back at Harry, who was sleeping with the side of his face pressed into the couch, snoring softly. Biting down my lower lip, I got up from the bed with my phone still in my hand, and walked out of the room, not bothering to change out of my shirt and shorts.

          I walked into the kitchen and was about to make myself some coffee, until I realized I really didn’t want to eat or drink anything. Instead, I just sat on one of the chairs that was in the kitchen around the glass table, and put my elbows on the table as my head rested in my hands.

          “Kelsey?” Harry’s voice made me lift my head to see him standing in front of me, now wearing shirt, staring at me in concern. “Is everything okay?”

          I roll my lips in my mouth as I sigh. “Yeah, it’s just…”

          “What’s wrong?” Harry frowns, pulling the other chair towards me and sitting down.

          I lean back in my chair as my hands lace together in my lap. I look down at them, feeling tears gather in my eyes. One escapes and runs down my cheek and Harry immediately notices it.

          “Hey, hey.” His voice softens instantly as he scoots closer, taking my hands in one of his big ones and uses the other to tilt my chin up to look at him. “Kelsey, what’s wrong?”

          I sniffle as I look at him. “It’s, uh,” I stutter, “it’s the sixth of August. It’s… It’s my mom’s birthday.”

          Realization dawns on Harry’s face as his lips part. He leans back and runs a hand through his hair, a sigh escaping his parted lips. “Oh, God, Kels,” he murmurs.

          A small smile plays on my lips. “She’d be forty five,” I say. “This would be the first time I’m not celebrating her birthday with her.”

          “I know, love,” Harry says quietly.

          A sigh escapes my lips as I sit up, taking my hands from his and wiping the escaped tears away. “I’m not going to cry about this, not today,” I declare, causing Harry to look at me. “Today’s a happy day. It’s my mom’s birthday. She wouldn’t want me to spend it crying over her.”

          Harry smiles and opens his mouth to say something, but the home phone cuts him off. His smile turns into an apologetic one as he gets up and answers the cordless phone. “Hello?” he listens to whoever is speaking, and his face lights up. “Mum, hi!”

          A smile tugs on my lips as I watch his face light up at the sound of his mother’s voice on the phone. “You are?” Harry raises an eyebrow. “Really? No, that’s great news. Yeah, we’d be happy to have you guys. Alright, sure. Okay, bye, Mum. Love you too.”

          As he hung up the phone, I looked at him. “What did she say?” I ask curiously.

          Harry puts the phone back in its place as he turns to me. “Mum and Gemma are driving down here tomorrow, staying for a couple of days,” he explains. “Is that alright with you?”

          “Of course it’s alright with me,” I smile. “It’ll be nice to see them after such a long time.”

          Harry smiles and nods, before sitting back down in front of me. “Do you… Do you want to do anything today?” he asks hesitantly.

          I bit my bottom lip. What could we do? “I don’t know,” I mumble.

          He stays silent for a moment, before a small smile plays on his lips. “How about the two of us go out? Just for fun; we’ll have lunch somewhere and just explore the city. I realize I haven’t really taken you anywhere; why not do that today?”

          I look at him, my eyes widening a bit. “Really?”

          Harry nods, the smile growing. “Yes,” he says. “Go on, get ready. I’ll cook us up some breakfast.”

          “Oh, I’m not –”

          “It doesn’t matter,” Harry cut me off. “You’re eating whether you like it or not.”

          I let out a chuckle and nodded, before standing up and exiting the kitchen. Once I was up the stairs and in Harry and I’s bedroom, I quickly relieved myself and washed my face, before changing into some casual clothes. I decided on wearing a cute baby blue lace dress I had never worn before, that had a thin brown leather belt around the waist. Along with that, I wore a denim jacket with sleeves to my elbows and brown sandals.

          Once I was ready, I walked back down stairs where I could smell the excellent aroma of French toast. As I walked into the kitchen, I saw Harry’s side profile as he stood over the stove. I walked over to him, and had the sudden urge to hug him. So I did just that.

          Approaching him, I stood by Harry’s side before wrapping my arms around his torso. I felt Harry press a kiss to the top of my head as I buried my face in his side. “The food smells really good,” I murmur.

          “It better taste as good as it smells, then,” Harry chuckles into my hair before I pull away.

          “I’ll get the plates,” I say, untangling my arms from around him.

          Harry nods as I open the cabinet and grab two plates, putting them on the glass table. When Harry had finished with the French toasts, he put them on a plate and brought them over along with two forks. “Breakfast is served,” he grins.

          I chuckle as he sits across from me. The two of us begin eating and as soon as I take the first bite of the toast, I let out a groan of satisfactory. “This is so good,” I comment.

          Harry smiles proudly as we continue eating. When we were done, Harry put the dishes in the dishwasher and said, “I’m going to get dressed quickly. We’ll leave then.”

          I nod as he runs up the stairs, and then I wait for him to return. A couple of minutes later, he emerges black skinny jeans, boots, a grey shirt with a black jacket over it, and his hair was tucked under a dark blue beanie. Once he grabbed the keys and his sunglasses, the two of us left the house and got in his car.

          “We’ll drive towards Hyde Park and I’ll park the car there, then we’ll just walk around from there,” he tells me, and I nod.

          Harry pulls out of the drive way as the security guard closes the main doors. He drives along the road, the radio playing Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. I shut my eyes as I leaned back in my seat, listening to the song. It was my all time favorite, loving the message of it.

          She’s basically saying how the guy’s love broke her. It destroyed her in ways she never imagined love could do, and now she’s wrecked. It was a beautiful song, though the video was a bit explicit.

          A while later, Harry parked the car and the two of us got out and stepped in the cold London air. With both of our sunglasses on, no one really recognized us, so we were just two people in a crowded city. Harry’s hand laced with mine, and he pulled me in the direction of wherever he was taking us. Though, I recognized immediately where we were.

          Big Ben.

          The big clock tower casted a great shadow and I looked up, squinting behind my sunglasses, as I looked at the tall building. “Wow,” I gasp as I look up.

          “I know, right?” Harry grins.

          The two of us then continue walking after taking some pictures, and a while later we were in front of Buckingham Palace. It was huge, with guards in big black hats and red uniforms standing in front of the gates with guns on their backs. People who were walking by stopped to take pictures, which I’m guessing where tourists.

          Harry and I did the same as he as stopped someone and asked them to take a picture of the two of us standing in front of the palace. And a while later, I found Harry and I on one of the pods in the London Eye, looking over the beautiful city.

          “This is ridiculously breath taking,” I say as I stand near the glass, looking over.

          Harry stood next to me, and we paid no attention to the other people that were also in the pod with us. “I know, right?” he says. “I don’t come here that often but, yeah, I love it.”

          When we’re on the top, I take a quick picture of the view and then Harry and I exit the pod when we get to the bottom. As we walk, Harry says, “Come on, let’s grab some lunch.”

          I nod as the two of us start walking and as we do, I pull out my phone to create a tweet I had been meaning to create earlier.

@Kelsey_Ross: Happy birthday, Mom. I love and miss you so much. RIP :)

          My mentions blew up, and I saw the boys’ fans actually being extremely sweet.

-@Kelsey_Ross Happy birthday to your mom!<3

-@Kelsey_Ross rest in peace, Mama Ross

-@Kelsey_Ross happy birthday to your angel!

          Some of the tweets made me tear up right there, because they were all so unbelievably sweet. I put my phone away and continued walking along side Harry, until we stopped in front of a cute looking diner. Harry opened the door for me and we walked inside.

          The two of us sat down and soon enough a waitress came to start us off, and Harry and I ordered some burgers and fries to eat. As we waited for our food, Harry said, “I’ll be right back, gotta go to the loo.”

          I chuckled and nodded as Harry got up and went towards the bathroom. I then took out of my phone and looked at all of the pictures of Harry and I that were taken today by my phone in front of all the places we visited. So I created a quick collage of them and posted them on Instagram.

@Kelsey_Ross: What an amazing day today. Thank you @Harry_Styles for that (:

          Just as our food had arrived, Harry did as well. “So what time are Gemma and Anne arriving?” I ask as he sits down.

          “Probably in the morning,” Harry says as he picks up a fry and eats it. “I’ll have to call and ask, though.”

          I nod and we continue eating. Just when we were about to finish, I speak up. “Thank you for today, Harry,” I tell him. “It was nice, you know, instead of wallowing myself up in the room.”


          Harry smiled at me, his hand reaching over the table to grasp mine and squeezing it. “Really, Kelsey, I’d do anything to make you feel better.”