Chapter 32 - Comfort Food

Kelsey’s POV:


          I fell on my back on the bed, a laugh escaping my mouth as Harry fell right on top of me, though he kept himself up by his forearms on the bed so he wouldn’t crush me. My hands cupped his cheeks as his lips met mine, both of our mouths curling into smiles.

          Harry’s hands were tucked under me, placed on my back as his lips moved with mine in sync as my hands slid up from his face to the top of his head, gripping his hair in my fists.

          Harry hummed against my lips, both our eyes still closed. “I like kissing you,” he whispers, pulling away slightly.

          I open my eyes, only to meet Harry’s bright green ones. His eyes were such a pretty color; I could stare at them all day, really. “Well, thanks,” I chuckle breathily. “I like kissing you too.”    

          Harry’s smile widens, deepening his dimples. Instead of kissing me back on the lips, Harry peppers kisses down my jaw, kissing me on the part where my jaw and neck met as my eyes flutter shut. His touch sent goose bumps to rise in my arms, and his kisses sent a hoard of elephants storming in my stomach.

          Once again, his lips met mine, and he parted them slightly to deepen the kiss. As his hands lay underneath me on the small of my back, against my bare skin, Harry pecked my lips softly before pulling away.

          “I’m gonna miss being able to do this,” his hoarse voice whispers as he brushes his nose with mine.

          I was confused by what he meant at first, but then I remembered. He and the boys were leaving back for tour in a couple of days. Upon remembering this, I ran my hands through his hair slowly, nails lightly grazing his scalp.

          “Don’t remind me,” I let out a small sigh. “I’m going to be all lonely,” I pouted.

          Harry let out a groan as he dipped his head, pressing his face against my collarbones that were exposed because of the camisole I was wearing. I laughed, tilting my head up to look at the ceiling so it wouldn’t be awkward, his curls tickling my neck.

          “You should come with me,” he says, his lips moving on my skin as he spoke.

          “You know I can’t,” I chuckle, my right index finger curling a strand of Harry’s hair around it as my left hand places itself on the back of his neck.

          Harry lifts his head, and I felt him press a kiss under my chin. “A guy can dream,” he says.

          He then switches our position, so his back is against the bed and I’m on top of him. My legs were lying in between his, while his hands were placed on my hips.

          I liked this; I liked staying close to Harry, to just lay in bed with him and kiss him. He was always keen on cuddling, and that was one of the main things I really liked about him. Whenever his arms were around me, I felt a sense of security, as weird it is to say. I just liked being with him, I guess.

          Anne and Gemma were out shopping in central London today, so it was just Harry and I in the house. When I look at Harry, I saw him pouting and I chuckled. I then sat up, so I was straddling his hips. Harry’s head rested on the pillows as he looked up at me, his hands on my hips as my palms were pressed on his torso.

          “Stop pouting,” I jokingly scold him. “You don’t leave for another couple of days.”

          “Yeah, but still,” he sighs.

          “You know what we should do?” I suddenly ask, and Harry raises his eyebrows. “Before all of you guys go, we should do a little get together. All of you boys and the girls,” I suggest.

          “That’s a great idea,” Harry grins widely.

          I grin. “I know.”


          Anne and Gemma had left about two days later, and the boys were leaving for tour tomorrow, sadly. Today we were having a little party thing at Harry and I’s house before the boys left tomorrow. They all were coming, obviously, along with Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie and the guys’ band themselves.

          Harry had taken it upon himself to bring some Chinese take-out, while Liam and Danielle were bringing Nando’s. We were a group of twelve hungry people, so we were going to need a lot of food, and they were all to arrive pretty soon.

          The whole thing was very casual, so I was dressed in black tights with a long top that stopped around my mid-thighs. My hair was down in its waves, not bothering to do anything special with it.

          As I fixed one of the couch pillows, I heard the front door shut and I walked towards it to see Harry walking in, carrying numerous plastic bags of Chinese food.

          “Oh, let me help,” I chuckle as I walk over, grabbing two bags from him.

          “Thanks,” he says as the two of us walk over to the kitchen. “This still won’t be enough food for everyone.”

          I let out a laugh as we take out the boxes of food from the bags. “That’s why Liam and Dani are bringing Nando’s, and I made some sandwiches while you were gone. Ooh, and chocolate mousse as well.”

          Harry’s green eyes widen as he looks at me. “You made chocolate mousse?”

          I grin and nod. “You bet I did.”

          “You, my love, are an angel sent from heaven,” Harry grins while he pecks my cheek and walks out of the kitchen. “I’m off taking a shower!”

          I smile at his words, crumpling up the plastic bags and putting them away. When I was done pulling out the boxes, I heard the doorbell ring, so I went over to open the door. There stood Eleanor, Louis and Niall, all grinning from ear to ear.

          “Welcome, welcome,” I say dramatically, causing them to laugh. “Come on in,” I subside with a laugh.

          The three of them entered the house, and Louis sniffed the air. “I smell Chinese,” he said in a singsong voice.

          “Harry just brought it,” I chuckle, shutting the door as we all enter the living room. “He’s up in the shower; should be down any minute.”

          As they all sat down, the doorbell rang again and I said, “Be right back,” before walking back towards the door. Opening it, it revealed Liam, Danielle, Josh, and Sandy.

          A couple of minutes later, Dan and Jon showed up and Harry was out of the shower. We all sat around in the living room and chilled, having numerous conversations. It was actually really fun, just having all of the guys and girls around and just getting along.

          Soon it was time to eat, and we had brought all the food out. Instead of eating it in the dining room like normal human beings, we all just filled our plates with food and retreated back to the living room as Zayn put World War Z in the DVD player.

          I sat comfortably on the smaller couch with Harry next to me, my plate containing some Chinese low mien and a piece of Perri-Perri chicken. Weird combination, but I didn’t care. It beats Niall’s plate that had each of everything.

          Slowly, as all of us finished eating, I swiftly slipped away and went into the kitchen. In little bowls, I put some chocolate mousse and a spoon in them, still having a lot left over which I put in the fridge. Putting the bowls on a tray, I picked it up and walked back to where everyone was, and Perrie looked over at me.

          “What’s that?” she asks, sitting up slightly from Zayn’s lap.

          “I made chocolate mousse,” I smile.

          Literally, everyone jumps from their seats and runs over, grabbing a bowl. As Danielle takes a bite, she lets out a moan. “Oh my goodness, Kelsey, this is delicious!”

          “I have to agree,” Josh smiles. “It’s really good.”

          I smile, proud of my creation as I put the tray down and grab my own bowl. “It’s comfort food,” I say as I sit down back next to Harry. “Well, at least for me.”

          “How come?” Jon asks as he takes another bite.

          I swallow a bite of my own spoonful of chocolate mousse. “When I was little, and was upset, my mom would always make it for me. She made it the best, though, and gave me the recipe when I turned seventeen. I’ve been trying to perfect in making it ever since,” I finish off with a laugh.

          “Well, you’ve surely perfected it, love,” Harry says, pecking my cheek, causing a small blush to appear on my cheeks.

          Several hours later and three bowls of chocolate mousse for Louis, everyone slowly started to leave. As Zayn and Perrie, the last people to leave, left, I started tidying up the place by putting the dirty dishes in the sink – and there were a lot.

          “No, no, no, no,” Harry suddenly appeared behind me, taking my hand in his and pulling me away from the sink.

          I let out a laugh as his chest bumped with mine, and I placed a hand on his chest to keep my balance. “What?” I laughed.

          “Come to bed,” he says sleepily, nuzzling his face in the crook of my neck. “I’m sleepy.”

          “Then go to sleep,” I tell him. “I have dishes to clean, Harry.”

          “Do it tomorrow,” Harry replies, his curls tickling my jaw. “Please, I’m leaving tomorrow morning. Just come to bed with me.” He pulled away at the last part, leaning his forehead against mine as he spoke, leaning in teasingly as if he were going to kiss me.

          I glanced at his full, pink lips before looking back into his eyes. With a groan, I pulled away. “Alright, fine,” I sigh. “Let’s go.”

          Harry grinned widely, victoriously, causing his dimples to pop as he gripped my hand. “Yes!” he cheered, before pulling me up the stairs.

          I followed him with a laugh, almost tripping on my own feet. When we finally get into the bedroom, I say, “I call the bathroom first,” before grabbing my pajamas and walking in.

          Shutting the door behind me, I quickly brush my teeth and get into my shorts and V-neck pajamas, and walk back out only to see Harry already in bed. He was pulling the covers over his bare chest and boxer covered legs. Chuckling, I walked over to him and got in the bed next to him, pulling the covers over myself.

          Teasingly, on purpose, I stayed on my side of the bed, as far away from Harry as possible without falling off. He, of course, took notice of this as he turned his head to stare at me through the darkness; the only light coming was from the window from the outside world.

          “Come here,” he emphasized the word, his accent thick.

          I smiled to myself, knowing it was annoying him slightly. “No,” I say. “I’m good on my side,” I add, putting my hands over the cover.

          Harry was silent for a moment or so, before I heard him groan, making me giggle to myself. Although that was cut off by me squealing when I felt Harry’s arms snaking around my waist and pulling me to his side, and his legs tangling themselves with my own.

          My back was pressed up against Harry’s chest, his arms around me and his hands locked with each of my own, pressed against my stomach comfortably. “I win.”

          His voice sent light shivers down my spine, and I soon found myself falling asleep, growing sleepier and sleepier as each second ticked by. Soon, I was dead asleep in the comfort of my bed, with Harry’s arms wrapped around me and his even breath against my bare neck.


          Too bad in the morning, he’d be gone.