Chapter 35 - Blissful Mornings to Terrified Nights

Kelsey’s POV:


          “Can we just stay like this?”

          Harry’s hoarse morning voice brought a smile to my face as we rested on the bed. I was lying on my stomach, my left cheek pressed against the soft mattress of the bed. Harry was lying in the same position to my left, his fingers pattering across the skin of the small of my back, my shirt riding up to let him do so.

          “That’s the plan,” I murmur as I feel his hand flatten against my lower back, before it slid over to the side and rolled under me, pressing against my stomach.

          I let out a laugh when Harry’s arm grips my waist as he pulls me into his side, my back then pressing against his chest; I could feel his abs through the flimsy material of his shirt. I felt his free hand brush away a couple of strands of my hair, before I felt a pair of warm lips on the spot where my neck and jaw met.

          Harry’s legs intertwined with mine under the sheets as his grip around me tightened, a sigh escaping his lips and hitting the back of my neck as he buried his face in the crook of my neck.

          “When are you going back?’ he asks, his voice muffled.

          I chuckle. “Wanna get rid of me already?” I ask teasingly.

          “’Course not,” he replies, tightening his hold on me. “I want you here as long as you can stay.”

          I smile at his words, until a loud knock sounded on the hotel room door. “Harry!” It was Liam. “Get up, mate. We have a radio interview to go to.”    

          Harry let out a groan whilst releasing me, making me laugh as he laid on his back. “Alright,” Harry calls back, “let me just change.”

          I sat up on the bed as Harry got off, my knees brought to my chest as he walks over to his brown leather duffel bag and opens it up. He pulls out a shirt and pulls off the one he was wearing. Once he buttons up his blue plaid shirt, Harry pulls out his skinny jeans and pulls them on.

          He then walks into the bathroom and closes the door behind him, and I soon hear the water of the sink running after a flush of the toilet. I chuckle to myself as I tie my hair into a bun on the top of my head. He then walked back outside and grabbed his cell phone from his bedside table, before putting his knee on the bed and leaning over to me.

          “I’ll see you in about an hour or so,” he smiles before pressing his lips to mine.

          I nod as we pull away. “Have fun at your interview.”

          Harry chuckles as he heads towards the door. “I’ll try,” he winks, before leaving the room.

          Once he’s gone, I throw the blankets off of my body just as my phone starts ringing. Seeing that it was Logan who was calling me, I answered the call. “Hey, Logan,” I greet him.

          “Did you tell him?” Was the first thing he said.

          “Tell who what?” I furrow my eyebrows as I stood up from the bed.

          “Did you tell Harry that you love him?” Logan asks impatiently.

          I almost snort. “No,” I say. “Why would I, Logan?”

          “Um, because you do?” he says as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

          I cock my head to the side as I frown. “Why are you – of all people – so impatient about this?”

          Logan sighs. “Because you’re obviously really happy with him, and I want what’s best for you. And clearly, that’s Harry. Now tell me, when are you going to tell him?!”

          I let out a groan. “Logan, you can’t just expect me to tell Harry something like that. I’m not even sure if I do feel like that about him.”

          “Yes, you do,” Logan says, seriousness creeping into his voice. “Look, Kelsey, I’ve seen the way you talk about him. Plus, I see pictures of you two everywhere, and you both look completely in love. Stop doubting your feelings for him because obviously, it’s true that you do feel that way about him.”

          “Logan, it’s not that easy,” I try to tell him. “I can’t tell Harry that I love him when I’m no one hundred percent sure; I’ll just be lying to the both of us. I’ll tell him when I’m ready and sure.”

          Logan huffs into the receiver, causing me to roll my eyes. “You take the fun out of everything.”

          “Piss off,” I say with a laugh. “I’ll do it whenever I want – you’ll be the first to know.”

          “Good,” he says. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bed. Adios, amigo.”

          “It’s amiga,” I correct him with a chuckle.         

          “Eh, I never did well in Spanish,” Logan says, and I can just picture him carelessly shrugging, causing me to laugh. “Bye, Kelsey.”

          “Bye, Logan,” I sing-song, before ending the call.

          I then walk into the bathroom and turn on the shower, making sure the water is a bit cool. About ten minutes later, when I stepped out of the shower, I quickly changed into a cute purple tunic and a pair of jeans. Drying my hair, I had let it fall into its usual waves.

          It wasn’t until I was applying some eyeliner when my phone beeped with a text.

From: Harry                                

A car is coming to get you in about 10 minutes. I thought we’d be back after the interview, but we have to go straight to the arena. Be ready x

          Gaping at my phone, I rolled my eyes at Harry’s timing. Quickly finishing off my makeup, I slide on a pair of flats and grab my bag before walking out of the hotel room. Stepping into the elevator, I stand next to an elderly couple as the elevator stops, the doors sliding open.

          After letting the couple get off, I entered the lobby and walked outside the main entrance, when a black Escalade soon enough pulled up. Knowing it was for me, I opened the door to the backseat, only for my eyes to widen to see who was already seated there.

          “Eleanor!” I gasped as I slid in, shutting the door behind me.

          “Hey,” Eleanor grins, leaning over and giving me a hug as the driver starts the car up once again.

          “I didn’t know you were here,” I tell her.

          She smiles. “I just flew in; Louis told the driver to pick both of us up and then bring us to the arena.”

          Our conversation continues as we were being driven towards the arena. We get there within fifteen minutes, and Eleanor and I make our way inside. Soon enough, we meet up with Michael and Calum, who take us to where the rest of the guys were.

          When we get into the place where the boys are free to ride their Segways – mainly Niall and Luke – Eleanor and I found ourselves in the middle of a water fight and Louis driving one of those golf carts with Zayn sitting behind him.

          Eleanor and I jumped out of the way as the twenty-one year old nearly ran us over, calling over his shoulder, “Sorry, loves!”

          Eleanor shook her head at her boyfriend’s behavior, causing me to laugh. As the two of us stood there, watching them, I felt a hip bump with mine and I turn my head to the right, finding myself looking at Harry.

          “Hi,” I grin as I see him.

          “Hey,” Harry smiles back, and then looks at the brunette next to me. “Hey, El.”

          “Hi, Harry,” Eleanor says, “Any reason those two are driving those?” she asks, nodding over to Louis and Zayn who were now being chased by a bunch of their security guards.

          Harry shrugs, an arm slinging over my shoulders. “Who knows?” he asks. “They do a lot of crazy things.”

          “True,” Eleanor mumbles, and her eyes widen as Louis was being picked up by one of the guards. “Jesus Christ.”

          Harry and I laugh at her reaction, amusedly watching Zayn running from the other guards. “So we’re having a movie night in Paul’s suite, since he’s going out tonight,” Harry informs us.

          “Cool, what movie?” I ask.

          A grin appears on Harry’s face, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Insidious two.”


          “Do I have to watch it?” I complain as Harry drags me down the hall towards Paul’s room.

          Harry smirks. “Yes,” he says. “Come on, it’ll be fun.”

          I make a fake sobbing sound as Harry knocks on the door, before it opens to reveal a grinning Niall. “Come on in, guys,” he says, opening the door wider and letting us step inside.

          I let Harry drag me towards the couch, where I saw all the guys and Eleanor sitting. I unwillingly sat down next to Harry on one of the couches, Liam on his other side.

          “What’s gotten you in such a sour mood?” Louis asks, raising an eyebrow, looking at me.

          My arms were crossed over my chest, a huff escaping my lips as Harry chuckled. “She doesn’t want to watch Insidious,” he says.

          “It scares me shitless, alright,” I instantly defended myself.

          “Quit bein’ a baby,” Niall speaks in his thick accent as he sits next to Zayn on the floor. “It’ll be fun.”

          I roll my eyes. “Whatever,” I said, not believing him one bit.

          Needless to say, I amused everyone by my screams throughout the whole movie.