Chapter 37 - Abomination Sandwich

Kelsey’s POV:


          My flight back to London was tomorrow at noon, so I only had today left with the boys. We were in Dallas, Texas right now, and it was extremely hot. It was the middle of summer, obviously, so naturally it was really hot.

          I had just stepped out of the shower, a towel wrapped around my wet body as my wet hair let droplets of water fall to the ground. Stepping in front of the mirror, I looked at my reflection, letting out a sigh.

          My hand reached up, my fingers dancing along the skin of my face. I was too pale, my blue eyes were too big, my forehead’s too big and my eyelashes were too short. The longer I stood there, the more I picked out what I considered my flaws. I sometimes found myself doing that; staring at my reflection as I grew to hate myself more and more as each second went by.

          The bathroom door was already a bit open, because just in case Harry wanted to use it, he didn’t have to wait for me to leave. But as I stood staring at myself, the door opened and there stood Harry, looking at me in confusion.

          “Kelsey?” he furrows his eyebrows, “You okay?”

          I look at him from the mirror, his hand on the doorknob as he stares at me, waiting for an answer. “Y-Yeah,” I found myself stuttering, thanking God that I had tied the towel around my body tightly. “I’m okay.”

          Harry quirked an eyebrow, standing straight. “Then how come you don’t sound it?” he questions as he takes a step into the bathroom. “Come on, tell me; what’s wrong, love?”      

          I shrug, grabbing my clothes that rested on the towel rack. “Nothing,” I said. “Now get out, I need to change,” I add tonelessly.

          He stares at me, slightly taken aback at the edge on my voice. But instead of listening to me, Harry walks inside the bathroom before stepping right in front of me. His green eyes searched my face for what seemed like forever, and his hands reached up to cup my face, the cool metal of the rings on his fingers coming in contact with my skin.

          “You expect me to believe that?” Harry asks, an amused smile playing on his lips as his forehead rests against mine. “Tell me, Kelsey.”

          I shrugged once again. “Oh, you know,” I sighed, “just looking at the mirror and cringing at what I see,” I joked.

          Harry’s eyes darkened at my words, the light shade of green losing its usual joyfulness. “Stop,” he spoke, his voice scarily low. “Don’t think that way, please. You’re unbelievably perfect, Kelsey. Don’t think so otherwise.”

          I was surprised at the seriousness that was put into his voice; I didn’t think he’d take my statement so seriously. “Harry, I –”

          “I mean it, Kelsey,” Harry cut me off. “I don’t want you hating yourself when I’m here loving every piece of you.”

          I bit my bottom lip, feeling overwhelmed by his words. Harry – no matter what the media had made him out to be – was a class-A sweetheart. He always made everyone around him feel better, and that’s something I most definitely admired about him.

          A smile grew on my face as I tilted my head up a bit and pressed a kiss on his lips. “Thank you,” I whispered, suddenly feeling better, my lips brushing against his, “I love you.”

          Harry placed his hands on my towel-covered waist, squeezing them slightly. “I love you, too,” he smiled back, dimples coming into view.

          “Now,” I say, my hands on his chest as I begin to push him out. “Get out so I can change.”

          A smirk makes its way on to Harry’s face. “Or I could stay in here and watch you,” he says cheekily.

          “As tempting as that sounds,” I reflect his smirk once he’s all the way out of the bathroom. “It’s gonna be a no,” I add before shutting the bathroom door in his face.

          As I pull on my shorts, I heard Harry’s voice through the door, “Nice Simon Cowell impression!”

          I laugh, wearing my white tank top over my bra. “I try.”

          Once I put on my pink and blue plaid shirt over the tank top, and leave the buttons open, I walk out of the bathroom to find Harry sitting on the edge of the bed. I watch him staring down on the floor at his feet, his lips tilted downward into a frown.

          “What’s wrong?” I ask him as I finish drying my hair with the towel before hanging it on the back of one of the chairs.

          “You’re leaving tomorrow,” Harry says, lifting his head as his eyes meet mine.

          I pull my bottom lip into my mouth as I walk over to him, before swinging my legs and sitting on his lap, straddling him. Harry didn’t seem to mind, his arms sliding around my waist naturally as he hugs me close to him, his eyes shutting as he rests his forehead against my collarbones.

          My hands went to his shoulders as I rested my chin on the top of his head, his curls tickling my neck. “I know,” I sighed, kissing the top of his head. “But hey, just a few more weeks and then you’re done with the North American part of the tour. Then you come back home.”

          Harry lifts his head to look up at me, my hands on either napes of his neck. “You’re right,” he says, a breathtaking smile on his face.

          I chuckle. “Aren’t I always?”

          Harry rolls his green eyes and I look down at him so our noses are touching. “I love you,” he whispers, his minty breath fanning my face.

          Every time he says that, my heart does some weird sort of flip. It’s weird, but I love hearing those words come from his mouth. “I love you,” I repeat, before he captures my lips in a kiss.

          Harry sighs through his nose as he kisses me, his tongue tracing my bottom lip before he deepens the kiss. He then pulls me towards him as he falls on his back on the bed, so I’m on top of him. As we kissed, Harry’s hands slid down to the back of my shorts, and I felt him place his hands in the back pockets of my shorts.

          My own hands went to his hair, gripping his curls in my hands. But of course, a knock on the door interrupted us. “Harry,” Paul’s rough voice called.

          Harry and I pulled apart as he groaned, squeezing his eyes shut. “Yeah?” he calls back, clearly annoyed.

          I chuckled quietly, sitting up on his lower torso as my fingers play with the buttons of his shirt. “It’s time to leave for sound check,” Paul replies.

          “Okay,” Harry says to him before looking up at me, still lying down. “You’re coming, right?”

          I nod, smiling. “Sure.”


          “Michael, get that thing away from me,” I say in a warning tone, backing away from the boy who had recently dyed his hair a pale blond color.

          “Come on, just one bite,” Michael pleads, holding out the grossest thing I have ever seen.

          He was keen on having me try a sandwich that he made out of scrap and bread. And by ‘scrap’, I meant chips, lettuce, cookies, ketchup, and whatever food item he picked up from around the snack table in the dressing room. I wasn’t going to eat that thing even if my life depended on it. Why was I the victim in eating that abomination?

          “No!” I exclaim with a laugh.

          “What’s happening?” another Australian accent spoke, and a bandana wearing Ashton came into view.

          “This one is trying to poison me,” I tell him, and Michael rolls his eyes as Ashton’s eyebrows shot up.

          “She’s being dramatic,” Michael tells his band mate, still holding the plate with the sandwich on it.

          Ashton chuckles in amusement as Luke and Calum run into the dressing room. Calum goes to the snack table while Luke goes into the bathroom. “Michael, you know Harry’s going to kill you if he finds out you’re trying to poison his wife,” Ashton chuckles.

          “Fine,” Michael pouts as I release a sigh of relief. “You try it.”      

          Ashton’s eyes widen as Michael starts walking towards him, holding out the sandwich. “Fuck, no,” Ashton retorts, making me laugh.

          As Michael chased Ashton around the room to get him to eat the sandwich, the door opened and in came all of the other guys. Michael momentarily got distracted by them, and Ashton took that as an opportunity to slap the sandwich right out of Michael’s grip, and my eyes widened.

          It all went in slow motion. The sandwich flew through the air just as Harry walked into the room. Zayn, who was in front of him, ducked out of the way as it came towards them. However, Harry wasn’t paying attention, and the sandwich landed right on top of his head, its contents slipping down his body.

          Everyone burst out laughing as I covered my mouth with my hands, trying to stifle my giggles. Harry stood frozen, still trying to process what just happened. Ashton and Calum were literally rolling on the floor, laughing, and Luke stood in the doorway of the bathroom staring in amusement.

          Michael as well stood frozen, his eyes wide, as the rest of the guys were laughing. Paul then walked into the room with Cal, the boys’ photographer, behind him and they stared at Harry.

          “What’d you do, mate?” Cal asked, raising an eyebrow.

          Harry looked at him and then down at himself, looking at the pieces of cookies and lettuce he was currently sporting. “I don’t…” his eyebrows furrowed in confusion, making him look extremely adorable, “I don’t know what happened…”

          “Sorry, Harry!” Michael exclaimed, “it was Ashton’s fault.”

          Ashton stared at him with wide eyes, and Niall let out a loud laugh. “Who cares whose fault it was? That was sick!”

          “I think I’m gonna be sick,” Harry muttered. “What the hell was in that sandwich?”

          “You don’t wanna know,” I tell him, laughing. “But I must say, the ketchup looks really good on your hair.”

          Harry’s eyes widen as his hand reaches up to touch his hair, and when he feels the ketchup in it, his shoulders slump. “Argh, crap.”

          For the next ten or fifteen minutes or so, Harry was in the bathroom trying to get out scraps of food off of his body. Once he did that, Lou helped him wash the gunk out of his hair. After he was done and wore some new clothes, he walked over to me with a sigh.

          “I still feel disgusting,” he says as I make room for him to sit down next to me on the couch.

          “Well, you were just attacked by Michael’s gross sandwich – I don’t see why not,” I chuckle.

          Calum chuckles, his eyes on his phone as he sits on one of the chairs. “And that’s why Michael isn’t allowed to cook.”


          “I’m sweaty.”

          “Sweaty guys are hot.”

          “Are you calling me hot?”

          “I’m not calling you not hot.”

          “You just lost me there, Kelsey.”

          “That’s what you get for being stupid.”

          Harry looked at me, his eyebrows shooting up in surprise as he pauses from taking off his shirt. “Did you just call me stupid?” he asks, lips curling into a smirk.

          “Maybe,” I shrug as he pulls his shirt off and grabs another one.

          He walks over to me, the shirt in his hands as his face is now mere inches away from mine. I sat on the bed as he stared at me directly in the eye, biting my bottom lip to stop the smile from growing on my face. My eyes were fixed on his, keeping myself from looking down at his bare chest.

          My right hand interlocks with his left as Harry smiles at me, pecking my lips softly, before kissing me harder. “You drive me insane,” Harry spoke in between kisses.

          “It’s a habit of mine,” I mumble into the kiss as he pushes me back on the bed.

          He hovers above me, and like before, I hooked a finger around the chain of his cross necklace and pulled him down towards me, his lips meeting mine. Harry kissed me slowly, deepening the kiss as my hands played with the belt loops of his jeans.


          Harry’s own hands traveled down to the hem of my shirt and lifted it up a bit. At this point, I didn’t care, because believe it or not, I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time.