Chapter 42 - Guess Who

Kelsey’s POV:


          A couple of hours after Harry left back for London, I found myself sitting on the plastic garden chairs in the backyard with Gemma, my hair free from its previous wet bun, letting my blond waves fall around my shoulders. Gemma was in her sweatpants and an old band tee, fortunately not making me look like a bum while sitting next to her in my sweatshirt and yoga pants.

          “You know,” Gemma spoke up, causing me to turn my head to the left and look at her, “I never really got to talk to you about all of this.”

          “What do you mean?” I ask, staring at her in confusion.

          “Like,” she struggled, sitting up properly in the chair to face me, “how you’re dealing with all of this. I know it’s been several months and you’ve kind of adjusted to Harry life style, but between you and I – how are you, really?”

          My lower lip tugged into my mouth, my upper front teeth biting down on the skin just below my lip. I realized Gemma was right, that in the many months that all this had been bestowed upon us, I never really got to talk to someone who was actually my sister-in-law.

          I chuckle drily, looking down on my lap where my hands were, my feet resting on the edge of the seat as my legs were pulled up to my chest. “Sometimes I forget that Harry and I are married,” I confess, “it’s not until I look down at my left finger when I realize that we’re more than just dating.”

          Gemma’s eyes go towards my left hand, where I noticed I was playing with the ring on my finger. “You’re not the only one who forgets, Kelsey,” she chuckles quietly, turning her head to look straight ahead. “Even I forget that my little brother is married – I mean, here I am, twenty-two years old, and my nineteen year old brother is married. It’s a bit sad on my part,” she finishes off with a chuckle, and I smile a small smile.

          “Yeah,” I mutter. “All this kind of just happened unexpectedly, you know? Finding out my mom had cancer, then telling me I was getting married – and to a world-wide phenomenon, nonetheless. And then when she died, I kind of just felt alone, you know? Losing someone so close is like a slap in the face. And your brother, being the sweet guy he is, just kind of made everything better.” I hadn’t realized I was smiling until the end of talking, looking at Gemma who gave me a dimpled smile that was an almost replica of Harry’s.

          “People don’t give Harry the credit that he deserves, and that’s what annoys me so much about the media,” Gemma says, a hand running through her hair. “I’m not saying this just because I’m his sister, but Harry’s genuinely a nice guy. Everyone’s always judging him while he and the lads are just doing what they do best and enjoying their lives. My brother gets more bullshit than he needs to, but he still smiles through it all. And obviously, as an older sister, I don’t want to go online to see so many people saying false crap about him.”

          I nod, completely agreeing with everything that Gemma was saying. “I know what you mean,” I tell her. “After my mum died, I was a mess, but Harry went out of his way to make me feel like myself again – even if he didn’t know what I was like before all this happened.”

          Gemma smiles, “if Harry’s married to anyone, I’m glad it’s you.”

          The statement itself made me blush as I bashfully mumbled thanks to Gemma, having us soon fall into a comfortable silence. The two of us then proceeded to talk about other things, like how Gemma’s about to finish off university and how things are going between her and her boyfriend, Liam Crowe. We talked for what seemed like hours, until Anne had called us inside for dinner.

          Dinner, fortunately for me, wasn’t as awkward as I had expected it to be without Harry. The four of us just chatted while we ate, laughing and talking. I realized I didn’t need Harry to be around his family, because they were all so easy to get along with and were all around good people.

          After dinner, I went back to Harry’s old bedroom once I had finished helping Anne with the dishes. I was currently lying down in Harry’s old, boyish bedroom, surrounded by some of his older posters of cars, bands and of course, girls. Although as if he knew I was thinking about him, my phone rang, and I smiled when I saw that it was Harry who was calling me.

          “Hey,” I grin, answering his call.

          “Hi, love,” Harry replies, his voice sounding deeper and lower on the phone. “What’s up?”

          “We just finished eating dinner,” I tell him. “What about you?”

          “Yeah, I finished eating some food as well,” he says. “It feels so weird being at the house without you,” he admits.

          I let out a laugh, looking around his room. “It’s even weirder for me since I’m in the bedroom you grew up in without you,” I tell him. “You were such a boy.”

          Harry lets out a laugh. “What, am I not a boy now?”

          “You’re in a boy band,” I say teasingly, knowing he understood what I was saying.   

          “Moving on,” he says, causing me to laugh.

          Both of us continued talking then, not wanting to end the call. And at the end of the night, both of us fell asleep while on the phone, the call disconnecting somewhere in the middle of our sleep.


          My eyes blinked open the next morning, and they suddenly widened when I felt something acidic and hot rise up my throat. Throwing off the blanket, I covered my mouth with my hand and bolted for the bathroom in Harry’s room. Throwing the door open, I bent down in front of the toilet, before throwing up the contents of what seemed like last night’s dinner.

          I groaned once I finished doing that, my mouth tasting raw and my throat burning. Flushing down the grossness that was in the toilet, I stood up and turned on the water tap, washing my mouth and brushing my teeth. What the actual hell? Why did I throw up? I couldn’t think of anything bad that I had eaten, so saying that I ate something to cause this wasn’t the answer.

          As I walked out of the bathroom, I striking pain went through my head, causing me to tightly shut my eyes and hold my head in my right hand. I felt dizzy, and extremely tired; but maybe that was because I just woke up.

          Suddenly, a knock sounded on the door, followed by Gemma’s voice. “Kelsey? You in there?”

          I walk over to the door, opening it to reveal Harry’s older sister in her pajamas and hair tied into a messy bun. “Hey,” I say sleepily.

          Gemma stares at me in worry. “Are you okay?” she asks, “I think I heard you throwing up…”

          “Yeah, sorry,” I apologize, feeling bad for waking her up instantly. “I don’t know what happened; everything just kind of came up.”

          “Does your stomach hurt? Headaches?” Gemma questions, eyebrows shooting up.

          I nodded slowly, “yeah,” I tell her, “and I’m feeling a bit dizzy as well.”

          Gemma’s lower lip tugged into her mouth as she looked like she was thinking, before she says, “get dressed, love. We’re going to the pharmacy.”

          “What, why?” I ask, furrowing my eyebrows in confusion.

          “Trust me,” Gemma says, giving me a small smile, “get dressed.”

          I sighed, but nodded anyway as Gemma gave me a smile before walking down the hallway and into her room. Shutting the door, I quickly pull on navy blue sweatpants along with a simple dark green V-neck. I put on my Florida University sweatshirt over it. Brushing my hair a bit, I grab my phone and bag and walk out of the room.

          “Ready?” I turn to see Gemma step out of her room, staring at me questioningly.

          I nod. “Yeah,” I say.

          I then follow Gemma down the stairs, passing Robin in the kitchen. “Where are you two heading off to?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.

          “Just getting some things from the store,” Gemma tells him, smiling, “we’ll be back shortly.”

          Robin nods, not asking anything else, and Gemma drags me out of the house. Getting into Anne’s car, Gemma starts up the car and backs out of the driveway before she drives down the road. As Gemma makes a right turn, I turn my head to look at her.

          “Why are we going to the pharmacy?” I ask her.

          “Judging by your symptoms,” Gemma spoke as she pulled into the parking lot of the local pharmacy, “I think I may know what’s going on with you. But I’m just taking precautionary measures.”

          I stare at her in confusion, but couldn’t ask her anything because she had stopped the car and was getting out of it. Sighing, I took off my seatbelt and followed her towards the sliding doors of the pharmacy, shoving my hands in the pockets of my sweatshirt to keep them warm against the harsh cold.

          We walk into the pharmacy and Gemma says, “I’ll be back.”

          I nod absentmindedly as she walks away, and I look around the pharmacy. Different medicines, shampoos, conditioners and other items were lined up on shelves and aisles, and I mindlessly just walked around and looked at the different items.

          I was well aware that I looked really bad; especially since the minute I woke up I decided to throw up everything I had eaten the night before. But I didn’t really worry about my state of appearance at the moment.

          As I looked at the different designed duct tape they had here, a couple of minutes later I heard Gemma speaking. “Let’s go, Kels.”

          I turn around to see her holding a white bag that had the name of the store in big red letters. I nodded, following her out of the pharmacy and back into the car. As we sat inside and shut the door, Gemma handed me the bag and I reached inside and pulled out a rectangular box. Turning it over, my eyes widened when I saw what was inside.

          “Pregnancy tests?!”

          “Mhm,” Gemma nods as she starts driving.

          My lips part in shock as I look down at the multiple boxes, the picture of a pregnancy test staring back at me. “I – why, though? I’m not – I’m not pregnant,” I stammer out, my blue eyes widening.

          “How do you know that?” Gemma glances at me, eyebrows raised as she looks back at the road. “Kelsey, you threw up this morning and you told me you had a headache and felt dizzy. Those are early symptoms of pregnancy.”

          I try to keep myself calm as I grip the boxes tightly, almost squeezing them as I look out the window, gnawing my bottom lip. The last time Harry and I slept together was almost a week or so ago, when we first got to Cheshire. And now, doing the math, my eyes widen as I realize yet another thing.

          “Gemma,” I say quietly, my voice wavering.

          “What?” she asks worriedly, glancing at me before returning her attention back to the road.

          I look at her even though she can’t look at me. “My period’s almost a week late.”

          Gemma’s eyes widen at the news just as we pull in front of the house. “Come on,” she says as she throws open the door.

          I hurriedly follow her inside the house, running up the stairs behind her, no sign of Anne or Robin. We walked inside Harry’s room as I ripped open one of the box. Gemma motioned for me to go into the bathroom, and I did so, shutting the door behind me. Taking the tests, I did what I had to do before resting the three different tests on the counter of the sink. Reading each box, I saw that it said it takes about five to seven minutes for the results to come up, and I let out a breath.

          I opened the door and saw Gemma waiting for me on the edge of the bed. “It’ll take about five minutes,” I say shakily, nervousness creeping into my voice.

          Gemma nods, standing up as she walks over to me. “You don’t need to be scared, Kelsey,” she says after a while.

          “Are you kidding?” I ask with a short laugh. “I’m only nineteen, Gemma. I can’t be pregnant! And Harry, oh, my God. What’s he going to think? He’s going to be so angry.”

          “Angry?” Gemma chuckles and shakes her head. “Oh, sweetie, no. Harry’s going to be anything but angry.”

          “But his career –”

          “Doesn’t control his life,” Gemma cuts me off, giving me a small smile. “He got married to you, Kelsey. And, I mean, by now people can see how in love you two are – even if this was all an arranged marriage in the first place. And hello! Married couples do have babies. If you’re pregnant, it won’t be bad. Plus, Mum would be thrilled.”

          “This won’t work out, though, Gemma,” I tell her desperately. “He’s going to be back on tour in, like, two or three months. How am I going to manage? This isn’t how or when I wanted to get pregnant.”

          “It’s okay, Kelsey,” Gemma gives me a small, reassuring smile as she squeezes my hands. “Don’t start thinking that Harry’s going to hate. Hell, don’t start thinking about the fans reactions because I know that’s where your mind’s headed. In the end, this is your life and Harry’s life. All that should matter is how you and Harry feel. Because I know for a fact that I’m more than excited to be an aunt.”

          I give her a small smile, letting her know that I appreciated all that she was saying. When my eyes land on the digital clock, I let out a ragged breath. “It’s been over five minutes.”

          Gemma nods, releasing my hands. “Do you want to check or do you want me to?”

          I bit my bottom lip. “Could you do it?” I plead, “I don’t think I have it in me.”

          She nods, smiling, before walking into the bathroom. I wait impatiently while sitting on the bed, wanting Gemma to come out already. And when she did, I sprung up from the bed. “Well? What does it say?” I ask anxiously.


          Gemma licked her pink lips, staring at me with a small smile on her face. “Guess who’s going to be a mum…”