Chapter 44 - Cupcake Parties & Ultrasounds

Kelsey’s POV:


          “So what are you thinking? Girl or boy?” I ask Harry as he nuzzles his face in the crook of my neck, his curls tickling my jaw.     

          The two of us were back in our house in London, a couple of days after finding out about my pregnancy in Cheshire. We were laying on the couch; well, at least Harry was – I was in between his legs with my back against his chest and my head leaning against his left shoulder blade. My legs were brought up as I felt Harry’s left hand was slowly circling my stomach.

          “It doesn’t matter to me,” he mumbles against my skin, his warm breath hitting me comfortingly. “A boy or a girl; either one would be amazing to have.”

          A smile grew on my lips as he spoke. Harry was being unbelievably happy about this, about having his own kid. He had told Paul, Lou, his friends including Ed Sheeran and Nick Grimshaw, and basically the whole One Direction team – or, well, the one’s Harry trusts with his life. Of course, they’re all keeping it a secret.

          When One Direction’s management got the news, they immediately said that there was nothing they could really do about it, seeing as it is Harry’s personal life. So they suggested that we don’t really tell the world about this yet, not until I start showing a bit, anyway – which was perfectly fine with me. I didn’t want the fans sending me more death threats than they already do during the beginning of my pregnancy.

          I had been feeling a bit dizzy and had slight headaches, nothing too major, but had already begun with the morning sickness. It wasn’t like it was every morning, or more so every other morning. As long as I didn’t have to wake up every morning for the sole purpose of throwing up, I was okay.

          So far, I was about two weeks along, and I remember Anne telling me to visit the doctor when I was at least six to eight weeks, unless I had major pains and whatnot. I was also sure that weird cravings would also start in about a month or so, and I didn’t know what to expect. I remembered this one time my mom was telling me about when she was pregnant with me, all she wanted to eat was pepperoni pizza with whipped cream on top. I chuckled at the memory.

          “What’s so funny?” Harry asks, placing a soft kiss right below my ear. When I told him about my mother’s craving, he pulled back and gave me a weird face, causing me to laugh. “That must taste horrible.”

          “Not to a pregnant woman,” I point out, to which he agreed on. “Hey, can we get cupcakes?”

          Harry looks at me, eyebrows furrowing as an amused expression plays on his face. “Cupcakes?” he repeats.

          “Yeah,” I nod, pushing myself off of him and sitting up properly. “I want cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes.”  

          Harry chuckles, shaking his head. “Your wish is my command, love,” he smirks, “let’s go.”

          I grin widely as Harry and I get up from the couch, not bothering to change out of our sweatpants and T-shirt attire. It was lazy Sunday, so why bother changing out of our comfortable clothing?

          Pulling on my shoes, I follow Harry out of the house and into his Range Rover. The two of us then hit the road towards Ms. Cupcake, a cute little cupcake store here in London. As we got out of the car, some people recognized Harry. Paparazzi, I realized, when I saw that they were men holding big, fancy looking cameras.

          “Sometimes I want to break their cameras,” Harry mumbles from next to me, his hand holding my own as we walk towards the doors of the store, “see how they like it.”

          I chuckle under my breath as Harry opens the door, letting me go through first before following my lead. When we walk in, my jaw drops at the sight of the delicious and pretty looking cupcakes that were all on display, waiting to be eaten.

          “We should have a cupcake party,” I blurt out, my eyes looking at all the different pastries they had here.

          Harry looks at me, a smile growing on his face. “I like the way you think,” he says, “we’ll get a bunch of them and I’ll invite the lads over.”

          I grin widely, excited that he took my suggestion seriously. When it was our turn to order, Harry had requested for more than twenty cupcakes, causing the cashier’s eyes to widen – at the number of cupcakes or realizing that he was Harry Styles, I don’t know.

          Since we had a rather more than ordinary number of cupcakes, we stepped off to the side as we waited for our order. While we waited, Harry’s arm went around my shoulders as he pulled me into his side, kissing the side of my head. He also then pulls out his phone to let all the guys know to drop by for the cupcake party.

          Five or ten minutes later, the cashier waved us over and we stepped up. She pushed three big and pink boxes filled with cupcakes towards us, and I grabbed one of them as Harry pulled out his wallet and paid her. After doing that, he grabbed two of the boxes and we bid goodbye before walking out of the store.

          Although as soon as we stepped out, a bunch of photographers came up and started blinding us with flashes. I kept my head down, making sure I didn’t drop the box, and followed Harry towards the Range Rover. Harry opened the trunk and we carefully placed the boxes in there, ignoring the paparazzi surrounding us.

          Once we did that, we got back into the car and Harry started it up, before pulling out the lot and leaving the paparazzi behind. “This is gonna be dangerous,” he murmurs and I turn to look at him in confusion.

          “What’re you talkin’ about?” I ask, furrowing my eyebrows.

          Harry sighs, his grip on the leather steering wheel tightening to the point where his knuckles turned a bit white. “You’re pregnant, Kelsey,” he says, glancing at me, “and what if they suddenly hound you, especially since they don’t know you’re expecting? It’s dangerous for you and the baby.”

          Reaching over, I took his left hand in my right, bringing it up to my lips and placing a kiss on the back of his hand. “We’ll be fine,” I tell him giving him a small smile as my left cheek presses against the back of his hand.

          “You can never be too sure about that, Kelsey,” Harry says, squeezing my hand.

          I knew nothing I could say would make Harry feel better about this, because he was right; we could never be too sure. The paparazzi, especially with One Direction and the people they were associated with can get really crazy. So Harry did have a right to be worried about me and the baby, but I didn’t want him to be scared that every time I stepped out of the house, I’d get ambushed by the paparazzi.

          For the rest of the ride, I held on to Harry’s hand, him not letting go either. When we pulled into the house, I recognized Louis, Liam and Niall’s cars parked in the driveway.

          “They’re probably inside already,” Harry says, killing the engine as we step out of the car.

          Once again, I grab one box of cupcakes while Harry grabs the other two, taking the house keys from him. Walking up to the front door, I unlocked the door and stepped inside, only to find all of the boys along with Eleanor and Perrie.

          “Here, let me get that,” Louis appears, taking the box from my hands.

          “Yeah, sure, help the one who’s only carrying one box,” Harry says sarcastically, kicking the front door close with his foot.

          Zayn chuckles deeply, approaching Harry. “I’ve got it,” he says, taking one of the boxes from Harry.

          As the three boys go into the kitchen to put the cupcakes down, I enter the living room where Eleanor and Perrie immediately spot me. “Kelsey!” Perrie cheers, immediately getting up and running over to me, enveloping me in a big hug. “It’s been so long since I last saw you.”

          “I know,” I reply with a laugh, pulling away. “How’s your new album going?”

          “Brilliant,” the blonde haired, blue eyed girl smiled. “Enough about me, how are you? Now that you’ve got a bun in the oven and all.”

          I couldn’t help but laugh as Eleanor walked over. “Did you go to the doctor yet?”

          I shook my head, telling them what Anne had told me. “That’s so exciting,” Eleanor smiles. “Have you been feeling any weird symptoms?”

          “Morning sickness, that’s all,” I tell them.

          Niall scoffs. “I feel bad for Harry.” Liam reaches over and swats the back of his head while I chuckle. “Oi, I was just kidding!” Niall exclaims, scooting away from Liam.

          Harry, Louis and Zayn then return, each carrying two big plates full of cupcakes. “Jesus; how many did you buy?” Liam asks, his eyes widening as the three boys set them down on the coffee table.

          “A lot,” Harry grins, dimples in view. “Dig in.”

          Everyone then grabbed a cupcake or two before settling down back on the couches or the floor. I had grabbed a chocolate mousse cupcake for myself, biting into it and devouring the delicious taste. Harry, sitting next to me on the couch, chuckled quietly as he looked at me.

          “You’ve got frosting on your nose,” he whispers, his thumb reaching over and wiping off the frosting on the tip of my nose.

          “Thanks,” I blush deeply, sinking down on the couch.

          As we eat our cupcakes, Louis asks, “so whose brilliant idea was it to have a cupcake party?”

          “Mine,” I grin proudly.

          “I praise you,” Louis smiles, raising his red velvet cupcake in appreciation, causing me to giggle. Oh, how I loved cupcake parties.


          Seven weeks of headaches. Seven weeks of morning sickness. Seven weeks of cramps. Pregnancy wasn’t exactly my cup of tea by now.

          I think I’m around Harry too much – I just used a British phrase.

          But now that it had been almost seven weeks, it was time for my first ultrasound. Amazingly, Harry and I had gotten to the hospital without our location being leaked or anyone spotting us. We both wore dark sunglasses and Harry had a beanie on, hiding his signature hair. So far, no one knew about us being here.

          “Kelsey Ross?” a woman entered the room where Harry and I were, me laying down and Harry sitting in the chair. I looked at a woman with long black hair stepping inside, shutting the door behind her. “Hi, I’m Dr. Webs,” she smiles, shaking my hand.

          “Nice to meet you,” I smile.

          “And you’re Harry Styles,” Dr. Webs smiles, shaking Harry’s hand.

          “That’d be me,” Harry smiles back, sitting down.

          Dr. Webs puts the folder down and flips through some of the papers, and then turns to smile at me. “So you’re here for your first ultrasound, right?” she asks and I nod. “How exciting!”

          I chuckle. “It is,” I smile.

          Dr. Webs smiles. “I need you to lay back down now,” she says and I do so. “Lift up your shirt so I can see your stomach.” I do as I’m told. “Now, this gel will be a bit cold, so bear with me here.”

          I nod as she puts on a disposable glove on her right hand. Picking up a jug full of what looked like blue gel, Dr. Webs took off the lid and scooped up some gel.

          “This will be a bit cold,” she warns me and I nod before she spreads it across my stomach.

          I shiver under the touch a bit, goose bumps rising on my skin as the gel is being spread across my stomach. Once Dr. Webs is finished with that, she picks up the transducer probe and turns on the complicated looking machine, before putting the probe on my stomach.

          Harry and I’s gaze go towards the monitor as a grey and black image appears, and I have to almost squint to even find whatever it was that I was looking for.

          “Right there.” It was like Dr. Webs read my mind, pointing towards something black and oval shaped on the screen. “That right there is where your baby is going to start growing. That’s where the fetus will start –”

          She suddenly cut herself off short, gaping at the screen as Harry attentively sat up. “What? What’s wrong?” he asks urgently, staring at her in concern.

          “Nothing’s wrong,” Dr. Webs shakes her head, smiling slightly.

          “Then what?” I ask her, furrowing my eyebrows.

          “Look,” she points to the screen, my gaze returning there.

          Where there was one black oval, there were now two of them, side by side. I furrowed my eyebrows, still in the dark. “What is that?”


          Dr. Webs smiles widely as she looks at both Harry and I. “Kelsey,” she begins, “you’re about seven weeks pregnant with twins.”