Chapter 45 - Two

Harry’s POV:



          Kelsey and I were having twins. Which meant two. We were having two children. I was beyond excited when Kelsey first told me about her pregnancy, but now knowing that we were actually having twins, well, saying I’m over-the-moon would be an understatement. We were going to be parents of not one, but two beautiful children.

          Once Kelsey and I had left the doctor’s place, we headed back to the house, where we had called my mum and told her about the news. I even had to move the phone away from my ear because of her and Gemma’s constant cheering and Robin’s laughter. I have a crazy family.

          Kelsey had called Logan as well, and the lad had told both of us his congratulations. And then when I told the boys, they kind of freaked out. It was either Zayn or Louis claiming that they would be the favorite uncle by spoiling Kelsey and I’s kids. Liam said that that was impossible, seeing as who the parents of the kids would be; Kelsey and I took pride in that.

          The doctor had told Kelsey that she would start showing around her eleventh or twelfth week, so she had about three and a half more weeks to go. Everything was crazy right now, and it was only barely the first month of Kelsey’s pregnancy. We’d have to first learn the sex of the babies, and then get baby stuff like clothes and bottles and furniture, speaking of which – I also have to plan an unexpected baby room out of one of the guest rooms.

          Walking down the stairs in a pair of grey joggers and one of my old T-shirts was Kelsey, rubbing her head as she blindly walked into the kitchen. “I need an Advil,” she mumbles, pulling out a glass from the cabinet.

          I chuckle quietly, opening up a drawer where we had kept the medicine and took out the small box of pills, before popping one out and handing it to her. “Bad headache?” I ask as she takes it from me.

          “The worst,” she mutters, popping it into her mouth and swallowing it down with some water. Kelsey then looks at me, her blue eyes scrutinizing. “Why is it that girls always have to deal with hard stuff, while the only thing guys have to worry about is not getting hit in the dick?”

          I pursed my lips, swallowing down the loud laugh that was trying to rise up. I covered my mouth with my hands, the metal of the multiple rings on my fingers cooling my lips. Over the course of the few months, I had learned that Kelsey tended to become very funny while cranky, so yes, I did find her statement amusing.

          “God made us that way, love,” I tell her, chuckling slightly.

          Kelsey huffs, crossing her arms over her chest. “Yeah, well, I’ve got a bone to pick with God.”

          It was cute that seeing how long Kelsey had been in England, she had developed a slight accent that I don’t think anyone else noticed – not even her. Her American accent was gradually turning into that of a British one, and she sounded adorable with it.

          “Are you hungry?” I then ask her, “I could make you something if you want.”

          Kelsey bites her bottom lip before saying, “I want a grilled cheese sandwich.”

          I smile. “Coming right up,” I say, kissing her forehead before getting right to work.

          As I made Kelsey’s sandwich, she walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, sitting down on the couch and turning on the TV. About ten minutes later, I put Kelsey’s sandwich on a plate and walked into the living room where she sat on the couch, holding her phone and pursing her lips as she was in a deep thought.

          “A penny for your thoughts?” I ask as she takes the plate from my hand.

          “I was thinking,” she began, putting the plate on her lap as she looked at me. “What if I changed my last name legally to Styles? I’m technically not a Ross anymore, seeing as I’ve been married to you for several months. And I’ll only change it if you’re comfortable with it, otherwise –” she was rambling, but I cut her off by pressing a kiss to her lips, knowing it was the best way to get her to stop talking. And because I felt like kissing her.

          “I think that that’s a wonderful idea,” I smile.

          “Really?” Kelsey asks, smiling as she looked relieved.

          I nod. “What, you thought I’d be angry that my wife wanted to change her last name to Styles?” I chuckle in amusement, which adorably caused Kelsey’s pale cheeks to turn into a cute shade of pink. “I think that it’s fantastic, Kels, and I can’t wait for you to do it.”

          Kelsey grins, her right hand reaching up and pushing back my hair as her eyes meet mine. “You’re adorable,” she states.

          I grin cheekily. “I know,” I reply, causing her to chuckle, “now eat your sandwich; I worked hard on that.”


          “Oh, my God!” I heard Kelsey exclaim, causing me to sit up.

          Getting up from the couch, I jogged up the stairs, down the hall and into our bedroom. In there, I saw several pairs of pants that belonged to Kelsey all over the floor, and Kelsey was rummaging through her drawer of pants, chucking yet another pair on to the floor.

          “What’s wrong?” I ask, furrowing my eyebrows as I step into the room.

          She turns and looks at me, her blue eyes widening. “None of my pants fit me anymore!” she exclaims. “Like, they’re all so tight on me.”

          “That’s because you’re belly’s growing, love,” I chuckle, my eyes on her stomach. It wasn’t that big, but since Kelsey had on a fitted tank top, I could easily tell her small baby bump.

          “Yeah, but I shouldn’t be having to squeeze into my sweatpants already,” Kelsey says.

          “Need I remind you, you’re having two children,” I point out, walking closer to her. “Your stomach may be a bit bigger than the average woman who has one kid.”

          Kelsey let out a sigh of defeat, dropping down the last pair of pants back into her drawer. “What a mess,” she says, looking around at the commotion she had created. “I need to go shopping; maybe some extra, extra large pair of pants.”

          “I’ll do that for you,” I chuckle as I open my own drawer of pants, pulling out my navy blue joggers, “but for now, you can wear mine.”

          “You’re a life saver,” Kelsey says, grabbing the pair from me and changing into them as I begin picking up the clothes from the floor.

          As she walks back out, she helps me pick up the pants. But just as she bends down, she lets out a groan and stands back up. “What’s wrong?” I ask worriedly as she clutches her stomach.

          Kelsey shakes her head. “Just some cramps,” she sighs, “doctor said that it’s normal.”


          “You know what you need?” I ask her as I chuck Kelsey’s black cropped pants back into her drawer. She looks at me, raising her eyebrows unexpectedly. “A spa day, and I’m going to make sure you get just that.”