Chapter 46 - Gotta Know

Kelsey’s POV:

          Spa London was one of the best spas in London, according to Harry. Today, for the whole day, Harry had graciously booked an appointment for me to be treated at the spa, along with Eleanor and Danielle joining me, which I thought was fantastic. I think having a spa day was just what I needed.

          As Harry pulled up in front of the spa building, the girls and I unbuckled our seats. “Thanks, Harry,” Eleanor smiles as her and Danielle slide out of the car.

          While I grab my bag, Harry says, “call me when you’re done. I’ll pick you up.”

          I nod, smiling, giving him a brief kiss. “Bye,” I say, opening the car door and stepping out.

          As Harry drove away, the girls and I walked inside the building and towards the front desk. The woman sitting there looked up, giving us a pleasant smile. “Hello, how may I help you?”

          “Hi, we’re booked under the name Styles,” I tell her.

          She nods and looks at her computer screen as she types something, and then says, “yes, we have you right here. Go right down the hall and it’s the first door on your right.”

          “Thank you,” I smile as Eleanor, Danielle and I start walking, following the woman’s directions.

          We entered what looked like a large lounge, cushioned chairs around the room and candles lit up here and there. A woman stood there, wearing all white and gave us a smile, revealing her pearly white teeth. “Good morning, ladies,” she says, “I’m Camille, and I’ll be helping you with your treatments today.”

          The three of us smiled back. “Nice to meet you, Camille,” Danielle says politely, “how are you?”

          “Very well, thank you,” Camille nods appreciatively. “This is the relaxation lounge. You will be in here for about ten to fifteen minutes, just laying down, maybe take a quick nap. While doing so, I’ll have some people come in and give you wonderful foot massages.”

          We nod and each of us lay down on the chair, my bag dropping to my side on the floor as I lean back. We were asked to take our shoes off, so I took off my flats and laid down, Eleanor to my left and Danielle on her other side. As we lay on the chairs, three women came in – two brunettes and one dirty blond haired.

          They greeted us and got right to work, sitting down on a stool in front of each of our chairs and gently starting to massage our feet. I sighed in content; my head leaning back as I shut my eyes. It had been so long since I had properly relaxed, especially since horrible cramps woke me up in the middle of the night.

          So today, I was going to do exactly what Harry wanted me to do; relax.


          Several hours later, after different treatments concerning my body and face, our spa day had sadly came to an end. Harry had picked us up and then dropped Eleanor and Danielle off, before driving back to the house.

          “So how do you feel?” he asks me as we step inside the empty house.

          “Like a million bucks,” I chuckle, dropping my bag on the floor and walking towards the kitchen. Opening the fridge, I took out a can of Sprite and popped it open before taking a sip out of it. Putting the can down on the counter, I walked over to Harry. “Seriously, though, thank you for today. I didn’t know how much I needed some down time until today.”

          Harry smiles down at me, his dimples prominent in his cheeks. “You’re welcome, love,” he says, pressing a kiss so short, he pulled away less than a second later.

          I groaned as he did so. “Seriously?” I quirk an eyebrow, “you call that a kiss?”

          A loud laugh escapes Harry’s mouth, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he smiles widely before leaning down and fully pressing his lips against my own. I sigh through my nose contently, kissing him back as Harry’s right arm slides around my waist and his left hand cups my cheek.

          After we pull away, I open my eyes to find Harry staring down at me with a slight smirk on his face. “Better?” he asks, his eyes searching mine.

          I smile back, cheeks flushed. “Better.”


          As I pulled on my T-shirt, my eyes landed on the mirror right in front of me and they widened drastically. Keeping my shirt halfway up to reveal my stomach, I took a couple of steps closer towards the full-length mirror, making sure my eyes weren’t failing me.

          I bit my bottom lip, grinning widely at the sight. My stomach was noticeably rounder than it normally is, and I let out a breath. A baby bump, you could see the baby bump.

          “What are you doing?” Harry’s voice made me jump, and I turned to see him staring at me from the door.

          I smiled, pulling my shirt down, and say, “the baby bump. You can see my baby bump.”

          “No way,” Harry’s eyes widen, a smile growing on his face as he walks towards me. I nod, chuckling, and he says, “let me see!”

          I lift my shirt up a bit enough to reveal my rounding stomach. I watched as Harry’s right hand rubbed over and around his mouth, before it dropped to his side to reveal his smile.

          “Wow,” he says, his voice came out as a whisper, his tongue poking out to lick his lips. Harry’s green eyes met mine and he asks, “you know what this means, right?”


          I purse my lips, nodding as I pull my shirt down. “The world’s gotta know.”