Chapter 47 - Maternity Wear

Kelsey’s POV:


          “We are. We are expecting our first child together and honestly, it’s an exciting new chapter in our lives, without trying to sound too cliché.”

          After Harry had made that announcement on BBC Radio 1 with Nick Grimshaw this morning, Twitter kind of exploded. I’d say sixty five percent of the fans were happy, while the other thirty five were extremely angry. But instead of scrolling through the hate tweets, I just looked at the boys’ tweets and a couple of Harry’s friends’ and family members’ tweets.

@EdSheeran: Finally, you announced it! Congrats to my brother @Harry_Styles & his charming wife @Kelsey_Styles!

@NiallOfficial: absolutely crazy how Harry will be the first dad out of the band! But congrats to him and Kelsey! Love u both!

@Real_Liam_Payne: this is sooo exciting! Love you both @Harry_Styles @Kelsey_Styles. What a time to change ur twitter name, Kels!

@Ashton5SOS: AAHHH! My mate @Harry_Styles & @Kelsey_Styles are having little babies!! So so happy for you two! :D xx

@EleanorJCalder: This is wonderful! So happy for you both! Xx @Kelsey_Styles @Harry_Styles

@MrsAnneTwist: You both are going to be such wonderful parents, I’m so proud of you. (: xx @Harry_Styles @Kelsey_Styles

@Michael5SOS: holy fuck @Harry_Styles & @Kelsey_Styles are gonna be parents…. CONGRATS :D

@GemmaAnneStyles: How is it that my little brother got married first AND is expecting his first child before me? Not fair. But I’m happy for you! @Harry_Styles @Kelsey_Styles

          But even though there were many people who were congratulating us, there was still the fair share of hate. People saying how Harry was too young to be a father, that this would ruin One Direction, and even something about Larry Stylinson – which I ignored, sort of. And as I scrolled through my Twitter and refreshed my timeline, a new tweet popped up from Harry.

@Harry_Styles: Thank you everyone for congratulating us. I know Kelsey & I are too young to be parents, but this was truly unexpected. But I can assure you

@Harry_Styles:That this will not affect the band. We have a couple of months until the tour starts once again, & I'll be flying back & forth whenever I 

@Harry_Styles: Have off to be with Kelsey & make sure she's okay. I love all of you & would never stop this amazing journey we're on. Trust me, everything will be fine

          I smiled at Harry’s attempt to calm the fans down, and it was working a bit. I noticed some people tweeting at how it was Harry and I’s personal lives and they had no say in it, and that they supported us; which meant a lot more to me than I thought it would. The last thing I want to do is upset more than fifteen million girls. And as I scrolled through my mentions at the hate I was getting, I landed on a particularly nice and funny tweet.

-While all of you hate on @Kelsey_Styles, in the end she’s the one who’s married to Harry & is having his child. Kelsey wins.

          Laughing to myself, I quickly favorited the tweet and followed the girl on Twitter, applauding her on her tweet. I was surprised at the amount of kind things being said, seeing as there were a lot, but the hate wasn’t that surprising. I knew it was coming – I’d be stupid to think that I wouldn’t get any. Hoping for the best but expecting the worse, I’d say.

          The sound of the front door opening greeted my ears and I stood up, knowing it was Harry. He walked into the living room, wearing his skin tight skinny jeans and a black Nirvana T-shirt.

          “Hey,” he smiles, giving me a quick kiss, “how’s, you know, Twitter?”

          I shrug. “It doesn’t really matter,” I tell him, “I really don’t care what other people say because it’s our lives, you know? We’re the ones who’re having a baby, not them.”         

          Harry’s smile widens, dimples denting his cheeks. “And that’s why I love you,” he says, causing me to smile. “Now, when did the doctor say was your next ultrasound?”

          “Eighteen weeks,” I tell him, and then grin widely. “That’s when we get to find out about the sex of the baby!”

          “You’re getting rounder and rounder each day,” Harry grins, glancing down at my stomach.

          “Shush,” I laugh, slapping his arm. “I’m gonna need new clothes soon.”

          Harry quirks an eyebrow. “We could go now, if you want,” he shrugs. 

          I shook my head. “It’s not a good time to go now,” I tell him, “you just announced on the radio that I’m pregnant. I’d wait a couple of hours before I go out.”

          Harry nods. “So what do you wanna do while we wait?” he asks, his voice deep and raspy. “Eat something, maybe watch a movie?”

          My eyes widen as I grin. “Can we watch Now You See Me?” I plead, “we just got it on DVD!”

          The boy in front of me rolls his jade green eyes. “You just want to watch it because of Dave Franco,” he huffs, turning to walk towards the shelf that contains all of the DVDs.

          I smile innocently. “I can’t help it,” I say, sitting down on the couch as Harry pulls out the movie, “the Franco brothers are really hot.”


          “I think I’m going to need extra large instead of large, Niall.”

          “Are you serious? How big are you gonna get!”

          “Niall, she already doesn’t fit into a large, and she’s a medium! Extra large is barely going to fit her.”

          “Hey, I’m not that big yet!”

          “No, but you’re getting there, love.”

          Going clothes shopping with Harry Styles and Niall Horan was a bad idea. But going clothes shopping while I’m pregnant with Harry Styles and Niall Horan was a total nightmare. Neither of them had a clue on what size clothes I should get, and each time I’d have to tell them to stop making so much noise and attracting attention towards us.

          Idiots. They were complete and utter idiots. “I swear; next time I’m coming shopping with one of the girls,” I mutter as I snatch a pair of sweatpants from Harry and fold them before putting them back where he had taken them from.

          “What, are we not up to your standards?” Harry quirks an eyebrow as Niall snickers.

          I huff. “You both are testing my patience,” I say, “need I remind you I’m a pregnant, hormonal nineteen year old girl and I’m one step closer to ripping your heads off.”

          “You sound more like a pregnant werewolf than a regular nineteen year old girl,” Niall chimes in, and I send him a glare which immediately shuts him up, but not before a laugh escapes him.

          “You guys are such idiots,” I sigh, shaking my head slightly, “this is the last time you’re coming shopping with me.”

          “Come on, we’re not that bad,” Harry pouted, and I rolled my eyes.

          I shook my head once again in mock disappointment and dragged the two boys out of the store. As we walked out, Harry and Niall carrying a couple of my shopping bags, I turned to them.

          “I think you two should go to the food court or something,” I say, “I need to get some, uh, pregnancy underwear for when I get, like, really big.”

          Niall scrunched up his face. “TMI, Kels,” he says and I chuckle slightly.

          “Call me when you’re done,” Harry says, “we’ll meet up somewhere.”

          I nodded as Harry quickly pecked my lips and walked towards the direction of the food court with Niall. Walking over to the store that read Maternity Wear, I walked inside. Immediately, I saw several shirts, pants, dresses and underwear for pregnant women, and I wanted to get them all. Who knew you could look cute while being pregnant?

          Wandering around the store, I looked at all the different types of clothes they had. I observed a couple of different styles and sizes, before grabbing a bunch and going over to the fitting room. Once I had finished trying them all on, I put back the ones I didn’t like or didn’t fit me and grabbed the ones that did.

          As I went towards the cash register, I put the clothes on the counter as the girl behind the counter started checking them out. As she put the last of the clothes into a bag, she quirked a perfectly plucked eyebrow at me.

          “Are these clothes for you?” she questions.      

          “Uh, yeah,” I say, slightly confused.

          The girl, Holly, as it said on her name tag, shook her head in what seemed like disgust. “Aren’t you a bit young to be pregnant?”

          I clench my jaw and raise my left hand. “Yeah, and I’m pretty young to be married, too,” I say and then put my hand down as her eyes widen at the sight of my ring, “but it’s not any of your business, now is it?” I ask, smiling sweetly.

          Begrudgingly, Holly shoves the clothes in the bag and thrusts it over to me. “Have a nice day,” she says through gritted teeth.

          Giving her one last smile, I grab the bags and walk out of the store, rolling my eyes at her rudeness. Since I had gotten several maternity clothes, I decided to go in the direction of the food court while I pulled out my phone and called Harry.

          “Hey,” he instantly answered.

          “Hey, yeah, I’m on my way to the food court,” I inform him.

          “You’re done already?” he asks, a bit surprised that I had finished so quickly.

          I chuckle. “Yup,” I say, “maternity clothes shopping is a lot easier and faster than regular clothes shopping.”

          “Where are you?” Harry asks, “Niall and I are sitting at the tables by McDonald’s.” I walk further towards the food court until I spot the familiar blond and brown curly head.

          Walking towards them, I greet them with a smile and sit down on the spare chair. “Did ya get enough clothes there?” Niall laughs, staring at the bags I had put down on the floor.

          “Only for the first three months,” I joke as Niall chuckles, shaking his head as he stuffs his mouth with fries.

          “Do you want anything to eat?” Harry asks me.

          “I’m craving for a Big Mac,” I confess sheepishly, and Harry chuckles.

          “Alright,” he says before getting up and going towards the McDonald’s court.

          As he walks away, I steal one or two of his French fries and chew on them as Niall turns to me. “So, what’s it like?” he asks, sipping his drink through his straw, “being pregnant and all.”

          I smile. “Well, I do get up in the morning a lot for the sole purpose of throwing up,” I tell him and once again, I have disgusted Niall Horan. “And I get lots of headaches and cramps.”

          “Ouch,” he says, his Irish accent sounding thicker than ever. “How long is that gonna last?”

          I shrug, sighing. “I think the whole morning sickness thing is coming to an end soon, since I didn’t wake up this morning and yesterday needing to, well, you know,” I say, and Niall nods as I spare him the details. “And the cramps are probably gonna last a little longer.”

          “Any weird cravings?” Niall asks, biting into his burger.

          I pause for a moment, thinking as I take another fry off Harry’s tray. “Not really,” I finally say, “though the other day I wanted to put ketchup on my pizza…”

          “Gross,” Niall laughs and I nod in agreement.

          A couple of minutes later, Harry returns with a tray full of a Big Mac, French fries, and a drink. Thanking him, I immediately began eating as Harry sat down next to me, continuing to eat his own lunch. But as he did so, he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as he stared down at his food.


          “I swear, I thought I had more chips than that,” he says confusedly, looking at his French fries. My eyes widen as I innocently sip my drink and Niall starts laughing, only to confuse the green eyed boy a lot more.