Chapter 49 - Miami Heat

Harry’s POV:


          The beautiful view of the beach in Miami was what I loved about our hotel room. I could just look out the window and there’d be the big blue ocean and clean white sand. No wonder Kelsey loved Miami so much – not only did she grow up here, but the place was absolutely beautiful.

          Speaking of beautiful, I looked over to see Kelsey still asleep on the bed, her blonde hair spread out on the pillow under her and her baby bump covered with the blankets on top of her body. I smiled at the sight of her, running a hand through my hair as I pick up the hospital phone and order room service for breakfast.

          I put on a shirt as I waited until there was a knock on the door. I opened it, revealing a man dressed in khaki pants and a dark green shirt, and I opened the door wider so he could push in the cart of food.

          “Thank you,” I smiled as I tipped him before he nodded and left.

          The cart was full of pancakes, French toast, some fruit, orange juice, and what Kelsey had been craving for lately – porridge. Walking over to Kelsey’s side of the bed, I bent down and pushed back some hair that had fallen on her forehead.

          “Kels,” I whisper in her ear, “wake up, babe.”

          Kelsey stirred a bit before her eyes blinked open, letting me see her beautiful blue irises. “Morning,” she mumbled, stretching her arms out as a yawn escaped her lips.

          “Morning,” I reply, smiling down at her. “Come on, room service got us food.”

          She smiled and sat up on the bed, taking the pony tail on her wrist and tying her hair into a messy bun. I pull the cart in front of us as we sit on the edge of the bed, and Kelsey immediately goes for the porridge like I knew she would. I take some orange juice for myself and start digging into the pancakes.

          “So what do you want to do today?” I ask Kelsey.

          We had been here for about two days and were leaving day after tomorrow, so I thought it’d be better if we actually did something before going back to London. I glanced at Kelsey, who put down the half empty bowl of porridge.          

          “I was thinking if we could…” Kelsey began, clearing her throat, “maybe go to the cemetery? I wanna visit my mom’s grave.”

          My eyes soften as Kelsey nibbles on her bottom lip. My right arm wraps around her shoulders as I pull her into my side, pressing a kiss to her temple. “Of course, love,” I say, giving her a small smile. “Do you want to go after breakfast or later?”

          “Could we go after breakfast?” she asks, looking at me, “I feel like the sooner we go the better.”

          I nod, squeezing her arm. “’Course.”

           When we were finished eating, Kelsey and I got ready for the day. Once we did that, we exited the hotel, where a couple of fans stood waiting outside in the doorway. When they saw us, a bunch of them freaked out while several others remained calm. I stopped for pictures and autographs before Kelsey and I walked away, and surprisingly, no one followed.

          “The cemetery’s not that far from here,” she says as we walk. “We can make it.”

          I look at her. “Are you sure you’re okay to walk?” I ask.

          Kelsey chuckles, rolling her eyes. “I’m pregnant; I don’t have broken legs, Harry. I’m fine.”

          I laughed as I wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer as the two of us walked the streets of Miami. It was really hot here, and since I had stupidly decided to wear my skinny jeans, my legs were feeling the wrath of the Miami heat. But the ocean breeze blowing around every now and then managed to cool me down.

          “Wait,” Kelsey stopped, right in front of a flower barn. “Could we, uh, get some flowers?” she asks, looking up at me. “I don’t want to walk in there empty-handed.”

          I smile, nodding. “Of course,” I say as we enter the flower shop. “Which flowers do you want?”

          Kelsey looked around as the intoxicating smell of flowers invaded our noses. She then picked up a small bouquet of white and pink roses. “Mom loved these,” she says, looking at the flowers with a small smile on her face.

          I nod, smiling, as we walk over to the cashier and pay for them. Once getting them, Kelsey and I then continued walking to the cemetery. Kelsey inhaled a sharp breath as we walked inside, her grip on the flowers visibly tightening as she led the way to her mother’s grave.

          Soon enough, we stopped in front of a grave that had Kelsey’s mum’s name and the dates of her birth and death. Simultaneously, Kelsey and I got down on our knees in front of Klara’s grave as she puts down the flowers gently. “Hi, Mom,” Kelsey says, her voice just a bit above a whisper. “Last time I came here, it was a couple of months ago and I was by myself. But look, Harry’s here with me.”

          I smile, “hi, Klara.” I release a breath through my nose. “I know I’ve never visited you, and I’m sorry about that. Everything’s been just a bit crazy.” I glance at Kelsey, who was nibbling on her bottom look and looking at her mother’s tombstone. Looking back, I say, “we all miss you, though.”

          Kelsey smiles. “A lot’s happened since I last visited, Mom,” she speaks. “For one, I’m pregnant, yay!”

          I chuckle softly. “It’s twins,” I add, “we’re going to find out their gender soon.”

          It’s silent for a while, the rustling of the leaves the only sound being able to be heard because of the wind blowing by. “I miss you, Mom,” Kelsey speaks up. “I miss you and I miss Dad. I wish you were here with me.” I bit my bottom lip as I felt Kelsey’s left hand interlock with my right one. She sighed. “I love you, Mom.”


          We left Miami two days later after we visited Klara’s grave, and it was soon enough time for Kelsey’s second ultrasound. The two of us were at the hospital, and soon enough were called inside, letting us know that the doctor was ready for us.

          Kelsey sat down and I sat on hospital chair they had. The door then opened, revealing the familiar Dr. Webs. “Hi there,” she smiles as she closes the door. “How’re you both?”

          “We’re great, thank you,” I smile back, “how are you?”

          “I’m good, thank you,” Dr. Webs smiles and looks at Kelsey. “Ah, we’re finding out the gender today, right?”

          Kelsey grins cutely. “That’s the plan,” she says.

          “How exciting,” Dr. Webs smiles as she puts on her disposable gloves, and takes out the familiar jar of goo.

          Kelsey lays down and lifts up her shirt, revealing her growing belly, and Dr. Webs starts spreading it on Kelsey. When she’s done, she picks up the transducer probe and turns on the machine, before putting the probe on Kelsey’s stomach as an image pops up on the screen.

          It was a murky brown image, with two spherical shapes in the middle. I squinted my eyes as the lights were shut off, staring at the screen. “See that?” Dr. Webs asks as she points to the two circles on the screen with her free hand, “those are the heads of your babies. According to this, your babies are doing just fine.”

          I look at Kelsey, who’s smiling as she stares at the screen, bringing a smile to my face. When I look back at the screen, Dr. Webs speaks up. “Looks like both of these babies are girls,” she says, smiling over at us. “You’re having twin girls.”

          A grin breaks out on my face, feeling my dimples on my cheeks as Kelsey covers her mouth with her hand, smiling widely as her eyes gloss up with tears. “Oh, my God,” she whispers.

          Dr. Webs smiles. “Would you two like a sonogram?” she asks, looking at us, “to show your friends and family?”

          I nod almost immediately. “Yes, please.”

          Dr. Webs nods and turns off the machine, handing Kelsey some rags to wipe off the goo. As Kelsey sits up and I stand up, Dr. Webs says, “I’ll be right back with your sonogram,” before leaving the room.

          Kelsey swings her legs over her large seat and looks up at me, biting down her lip as she smiles. “We’re having baby girls,” she says, a chuckle of disbelief escaping her.

          My arms wrap around her body as I pull her in for a hug, her face pressed up against my chest as I feel her arms wrap around my torso. “This is amazing,” I say.

          Kelsey laughs in my chest, and the door soon opens and we pull away to see Dr. Webs holding up a picture. “Here’s your sonogram,” she says, handing it to me.

          Looking down at it, I see the same thing I saw on the monitor – the heads of her little girls. Kelsey smiles as she sees it, and after a couple of minutes, we leave the hospital. There were paparazzi already waiting for us, which I found ridiculously annoying.

          Wrapping my arm protectively around Kelsey, I led her through the crowd of photographers and into the car. After Kelsey’s safely in the car, I get inside as well and start up the car before driving back to our house.

          As I drove, I glanced to see Kelsey taking out her phone and snapping a picture of the sonogram on her lap before doing something on her phone. When we finally pull into the driveway of our house and I stop the car, my phone buzzes and I take out the car keys from the ignition and pull out my phone, seeing I have a new Twitter notification from Kelsey.

@Kelsey_Styles: Our baby girls, 18 weeks long (: #thisishappening @Harry_Styles insta.gram/KOfisLBV93438

          I smile, looking down at the tweet. Kelsey’s tweet got a bunch of replies, which I ignored, not wanting anything to ruin my happiness at the moment. Putting my phone down, I lean over the console and gently take Kelsey’s chin and pull her close before pressing my lips on top of hers softly.

          I feel Kelsey smile against my lips before she moves hers along into the kiss, before we pull away moments later. Kelsey cocks her head to the side, our faces inches apart. “What was that for?” she asks, chuckling lightly.

          “I just found out I’m having twin baby girls with the girl I’m madly in love with,” I tell her, and smile as I see her cheeks flush cutely. “I think I’m right to be extremely happy.”


          Kelsey smiles, her left hand resting against my cheek as she whispers, “I love you, too,” before pulling me in for another kiss.