Chapter 50 - Kicks and Skype Calls

Kelsey’s POV:


          “Hey, Kelsey,” Harry cautiously spoke up, causing me to turn from the sink to face him. He was looking down at his phone, a confused look on his face.

          “What’s wrong?” I furrow my eyebrows, drying my hands on my pants.

          Harry looked at me, turning his phone to show me the screen. “Did you know about this?”

          I look at the screen to see some magazine site pulled up. Immediately, my eyes landed on the big, bolded words on the top. ONE DIRECTION’S ZAYN MALIK ENGAGEMENT TO LITTLE MIX’S PERRIE EDWARDS CONFIRMED!

          A gasp escaped my lips when I finished reading, not even reading the article. I looked at Harry, my eyes widening as I ask, “They’re engaged?!”

          Harry arms went in the air. “Apparently,” he exclaims, “hold on, I’ll call Zayn.”

          “Put him on speaker,” I say as Harry nods, dialing Zayn’s number and pressing the speaker button.

          “Hello?” Zayn’s voice asks moments later.

          “You proposed?” Harry and I both shouted into the phone simultaneously.

          Zayn’s deep chuckle rumbled through the speaker of the phone. “Yeah,” he says, “just yesterday.”

          My eyes widened even more as Harry grinned. “And how come none of us knew about it?”

          “I only told Louis,” Zayn says, and was it me, or did he sound nervous? “I needed his help with something, so I kind of just told him. I was about to tell the rest of you, but somehow the media found out before I could.”

          “It’s fine, mate,” Harry laughs, “I’m just really happy for you.”

          “Yeah,” I add on, “at least Harry and I wouldn’t be the only couple that’s married.”

          Zayn and Harry both laughed as Harry asks, “So when’s the wedding?”

          “In a couple of months,” Zayn says, “Perrie’s coming back home soon and we figured it’d be better to put everything together and wed after the tour ends.”

          “The tour ends in November,” Harry says, “so you’re getting married around, what? December? January?”

          “We’re not exactly sure yet,” Zayn replies.

          I smack Harry’s chest lightly. “The two just got engaged, Harry, let them enjoy that,” I say, causing Harry to chuckle.

          After we talk to Zayn a bit more, we then end the call and get back to what we were doing before. As I walk past the calendar, I realize something I had forgotten in the midst of this pregnancy excitement.

Harry was leaving back for tour in two days.


          “This sucks, so much,” Harry mumbled into my hair as he hugged me.

          I let out a breath before inhaling his signature cologne, never getting tired of his familiar smell. My arms were around him as well, holding him close. “I know,” I say, “but this time it won’t be for too long. Your tour’s gonna be over soon.”     

          “Yeah, but,” Harry sighs, pulling away to look down at me, “this time you’re pregnant, Kelsey. I don’t want to leave you alone.”   

          “But I won’t be alone,” I smile up at him. “We’ve got your mom and Gemma coming. I’ll be okay.”

          Typical Harry. He’s worried about me while on tour, and even though I’m assuring him that I’ve got his sister and mother here with me, he’s still worried. A few days after being here, Gemma’s going to fly out to wherever the boys are gonna be so she can tell him that everything’s okay back here. We even made a plan of me joining them on their last show, but nothing’s confirmed yet.

          “I know, but,” he begins but I cut him off.

          “Butts are for sitting,” I interrupt with a laugh, trying to get him to shut up. “I’ll be fine, Harry. Stop worrying.” When he didn’t look convinced or any less concerned, I rolled my eyes and leaned up to kiss him. He responded immediately, moving his lips with mine until I pulled away. “Stop. Worrying.”

          Harry sighed again before kissing me once more. “Fine,” he says when he pulled away, “but make sure you call me if anything happens. And after any ultrasound or doctor appointments you go to, okay?”

           I smile at his words. “Of course,” I say before pulling him for yet another kiss, this one was longer. When we pulled away, I smiled. “Have fun on tour.”

          “Love you,” Harry smiles, picking up his duffel bag.

          I smile as he kisses my forehead. “I love you, too.”

          Not five minutes later, he’s gone. Already feeling lonely, I only prayed for Gemma and Anne to get here faster. Checking the clock, I realized the two of them would be here in less than an hour. So I started cleaning up the little odds and ends, making sure the place was presentable for Anne and Gemma’s arrival.

          Soon enough, the door bell rang and I walked – well, more like waddled – over to the front door. Opening it, I smiled when it revealed the two familiar women. “Oh, my God,” Gemma’s eyes widened as soon as she saw me, “you’ve gotten so big!”

          I laugh as I hug her. “Good to see you, too, Gemma,” I say.

          She laughs as we pull away, Anne immediately engulfing me in another hug. “You’re glowing, love,” she smiles.

          I smile back as I let them into the house, helping them with their bags until they insisted that they got it. As the two of them put their things in the guest rooms, I went in the kitchen and made them some tea. As the water in the kettle is set to boil, Gemma strolls into the kitchen, her blond hair now tied into a braid.

          “Baby girls, huh?” Gemma smiles, dimples that matched Harry’s appearing on her cheeks.

          I smile, nodding. “Yeah,” I smile, “crazy, isn’t it?”

          Gemma nods, smiling as Anne walks in. “Definitely.”

          “Oh, did you guys know that Zayn and Perrie are engaged?” I suddenly ask, a grin spreading on my face.

          Gemma and Anne’s grinned and nod. “I heard about that, just wasn’t sure,” Anne says, “but that’s fantastic!”

          The tea kettle started whistling, and I took out two mugs and poured the water in them, the tea bags already in there. After putting the right amount of milk and sugar in them, I hand them to Anne and Gemma, who took them gratefully.

          “How have you been feeling, Kelsey? Still feeling nauseous?” Anne asks while sitting down on the couch in the living room, sipping her tea.

          “Not that much,” I reply as Gemma and I sit on the other couch. “I think if I smell certain things I get a bit sick. But other than that, not really.”    

          Gemma looks at me. “What type of smells?”

          I shrug. “Candles, I think,” I reply with a chuckle. “The other day, I was lighting this cinnamon candle and as soon as I did, the smell had me throwing up in the bathroom.” I scrunched my face up in disgust.

          “At least it has died down a bit,” Anne says, and I nod in agreement.  

          We then talk about other things, until I ask, “What do you guys want for lunch? I was about to cook but then forgot.”

          “Oh, no, darling, you don’t need to cook anything for lunch,” Anne says, “I’ll go out and just buy something. Tonight, I’ll make you a home cooked meal myself.”

          “You don’t have to, Anne,” I began but she cut me off.

          “Nonsense!” she laughs, “as long as I’m here and you’re pregnant, I’m cooking. Besides, are you really going to say no to your mother-in-law?”

          I bite my lip, chuckling as I say, “All right, all right. You win.”

          Anne grins before standing up. “I’m gonna go buy some takeout food. What are you craving for?”

          Gemma gasps. “Greek food!” she exclaims, causing Anne and I to look at her. “What? Harry took me there once and I’m in love with it.”    

          “Greek food sounds great,” I agree, smiling.

          Anne picks up the Range Rover keys Harry had given me. “Greek food it is. I’ll be back shortly, girls.”

          Once Anne left, Gemma and I continued to talk and then turned on the TV to watch some TV. We were watching some show called Geordie Shore, which I had learned was the British spin-off of the famous Jersey Shore back in America. It was just as stupid and killed just as many brain cells as Jersey Shore did.

          As we watched, I felt something in my stomach. At first I thought it was nothing, but then I felt as if something was hitting me from the inside of my stomach. My eyes widened; a kick.

          “Oh, my God,” I say, my voice barely above a whisper.

          Gemma looked at me, raising an eyebrow. “What?” she asks just as I felt another kick – this time more than one.

          I sat up as I felt it, gripping Gemma’s upper left arm. “They kicked!” I exclaim, looking at my blond sister-in-law with wide blue eyes. “The babies kicked!”

          Gemma’s own eyes widened as she turned her body to face me. “No way!” she exclaims, “Can I feel them?” I chuckle and nod as she puts a hand over my stomach, just as another kick came. “Oh, my God,” Gemma gasps. “That’s so amazing!”

          I can’t help but laugh over our excitement about this. But, yeah, it was pretty exciting to feel the two little babies inside of you kicking. After a while, when they stopped, Gemma and I returned to watching the shows, still buzzing over the fact that we just felt my little babies kicking for the first time ever.

          A couple of minutes later, the door opened and in came Anne, holding bags of takeout food. We greeted her and got up to put the stuff on the dining table, pulling out some plates and utensils.

          As I grabbed a plastic box of chicken Caesar salad that Anne had got, Gemma spoke up. “Mum, Kelsey’s babies just kicked!”

          Anne’s eyes widened at the news, looking at me. “Really?” she asks excitedly as I laugh and nod. “Oh, that’s wonderful! How did it feel?”

          “Weird, to be honest,” I say with a laugh as I began shaking the box to mix up the salad properly. “But so cool.”

          Anne smiles, “it just makes all of this feel real, doesn’t it?”

          I smile and nod, popping the box open. “You have no idea.”

          Several hours later, after eating the left over Greek food we had for dinner, I was in my room changed into my pajamas and reading a book. As I did so, my phone buzzed, and I looked to see I had received a new text from Harry.

From: Harry

Come on Skype? This 24 hour flight will drive me nuts. Xx

          I chuckle as I put my phone down and grab the MacBook that’s on my bedside. Turning it on, I sit cross legged as I put the laptop in front of me and log on to Skype. As soon as I do, Harry is requesting for a video chat and I press accept, right before I see him fill up my screen.

          He’s obviously on the boys’ private jet, the plane’s windows behind him. Harry had ear buds in his ears, and I could hear all of the loud boys in the background. Harry grinned as soon as he saw me, “hi, love.”

          “Hey,” I grin, “how’s the flight?”

          Harry scoffed. “I can’t wait to get off this plane,” he says. “A twenty-four hour flight doesn’t really go well with One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer.”

          I couldn’t help but laugh. “I’ll bet,” I say, and then sit up. “Oh, I have to tell you something?”

          “What?” Harry asks, his eyes going wide with concern. “Is something wrong?”

          “No, no, no, no,” I say quickly, chuckling slightly, “on the contrary, actually.” Harry’s shoulders visibly relax as I smile. “I felt the babies kick.”

          Harry’s green eyes, which still looked vibrant through my computer screen, widened. “No way!” he exclaims, a wide grin spreading on his face.

          “What? What happened?” the familiar voice was of Liam.

          Harry looked away from his phone screen as he looked at the people off screen. “Kelsey just felt the babies kick.”

          Suddenly, the phone was being yanked from Harry’s hands and the headphones had disconnected, and I watched with wide eyes as the other four One Direction boys came on screen, along with Michael and Calum. Niall, who was holding the phone, grinned widely.

          “You felt them kick?” he asks, his accent sounding a bit thicker.

          I laugh, nodding. “Yeah,” I reply, “both of them.”

          “How did it feel?” Michael asks, his electric blue hair standing out.

          “Like the weirdest thing ever,” I tell them and then I hear Harry’s complaints.

          “Come on, guys, let me talk to her,” I heard him say, causing me to chuckle.

          “Hold your horses,” Louis says to him before looking back at me. “Are there, like, tiny feet bulging out of your belly?”

          I responded by giving him a what-the-hell look, as did everyone else. “What?” Louis asks defensively when he noticed all of the looks he was receiving. “It was just a question!”

          I rolled my eyes. “No, Louis, there are no tiny feet bulging out of my stomach.”

          “Idiot,” Calum says, slapping Louis on the back of the head.

          “Oi!” Louis shouted before tackling Calum, the two of them disappearing from the screen.

          “Give me that,” I heard Harry say before the phone was being snatched out of Niall’s hand.

          Harry then returned on screen as he put the ear buds back in his ears, letting out a sigh as he looked at me. “Sorry about them,” he says.

          I chuckle. “Nothing I’m not used to already,” I reply, causing a dimpled smile to appear on Harry’s face.

          Harry then sighs, leaning back on the couch as he looks at me. “I wish I was there to feel the babies kick,” he says quietly.

          I purse my lips into a small, sympathetic smile. “Me, too,” I tell him honestly. “Gem and Anne were pretty excited.”

          Harry smiles, “are you going to join Gemma when she joins me on tour?”

          I let out a laugh. “Harry, you haven’t even been gone a full day and you’re already talking about me visiting you?” I ask. “Do you miss me that much?” I add teasingly.

          “Yes,” Harry replies, chuckling. “I need you to come!” he then added childishly, causing me to roll my eyes.

          “Wait a couple of weeks, Haz,” I say, causing him to pout. “Hey, don’t pout; that doesn’t work on me.”   

          Harry stopped pouting and huffed. “Normally I’d kiss you to convince you of things.”

          I quirk an eyebrow. “So what’re you gonna do?” I ask, “make out with your phone’s camera to convince me?”

          Harry scrunched up his face. “No,” he says, before his face grew serious, “unless it’ll convince you to come.”

          This time I scrunched my face up in disgust. “Ew, no,” I say, chuckling slightly, “that’ll make me not want to come.”

          “What? Me making out with my phone isn’t sexy for you?” Harry asks with a laugh, causing me to laugh as well.

          “In what world would that ever be considered sexy?” I ask, shaking my head as I tried to calm myself of the laughter. Harry was literally the only person in the world who could make me laugh as much as he did.


          Harry and I talked for a while, occasionally getting interrupted by the boys. I ended up lying down on the bed on my left side, my hand holding up my head as I leaned on my elbow, talking to Harry. He clearly sat on the corner of the couch, looking so cute as he held the phone and leaned against the arm rest. And in the end, we eventually fell asleep talking on Skype.